ReBrick Most Viewed Bookmarks most viewed videos and photos on ReBrick from the past week.ReBrick@LEGO.comMost Viewed Ideas - Eve and Wall-E <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>These are my little versions of Walle-E and Eve, I hope you like it. 2015-08-19T16:44:54Z ElvenHorse<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The time of the Immortals is a distant memory now. The earth has returned and a gentler people roam the lands. Old things are re-purposed. 2015-08-18T23:21:12Z® Sherlock: 221B Baker Street<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A collaboration between the amazing Hacim Bricks and myself. A few months ago I was approached by the Canadian National Exhibition to do a piece for their Sherlock Exhibit. Luckily Micah and I both happened to be huge fans of the BBC Series so we ended up doing a collab together! Enjoy! Catch the interview with Beyond the Brick here. Logo. Sherlock, and all related names, images, etc. are property of the British Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved. Also thanks to my friend Yehezkel for letting me borrow his camera for the photos ^_^2015-08-19T06:26:14Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>TETSUJIN 282015-08-11T18:43:09Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY PROTim Lydy2015-08-27T05:31:14Z's Mer Chariot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Shaggy's Mer Chariot by Paddy Bricksplitter 2015-08-25T10:13:12Z Ideas - Star Wars UCS X34 Landspeeder <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> & Robin Blockhead<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY seb toutouille2015-08-20T06:59:04Z Day: White House Scene<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Micro Independence Day scene2015-08-24T09:17:51Z Shop grocery store<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Grocery store2015-08-25T21:10:56Z Suit pt.2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The future of foot wear.2015-08-21T12:57:53Z Rank challenge- <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Joel Tyer 2015-08-21T16:43:28Z Valley Theme Park<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Happy Valley Theme Park by Brother Steven.2015-08-13T17:05:03Z Wall.E!!!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Do not under estimate the power of the dark side.2015-08-22T10:46:31Z Radio<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Kosmas Santosa2015-04-28T20:18:14Z | Lego | Dioramas | Little Shop Of Horrors<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Feed Me!2015-08-26T20:43:47Z Ayanami<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Rei Ayanami by nobu_tary 2015-08-25T10:12:12Z's GoKARroT<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cute race care2015-08-25T01:26:49Z ZOO <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Matt G-ria2015-08-25T16:51:03Z!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> Basic version 2015-08-28T04:45:41Z™<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Anakin doesn't stand a chance! Done by GeekyTom for teh FBTB Podracer Challenge.2011-04-06T14:39:02Z When Ready!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ready set2015-08-25T04:25:18Z Ma.K Snowman<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>MAK Snowman.2015-08-18T23:16:13Z models from Mixels series 7<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Alternate models from Mixels series 7 by takamichi irie 2015-08-21T12:03:59Z furniture<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO furniture.2015-08-25T21:12:17Z FE 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great2014-10-29T14:40:00Z Car<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a Flying Car I’ve made.2015-08-28T07:17:29Z House - Architecture <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Didier B2015-08-25T17:38:20Z FB: A Duel in the Woods <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Micah the Fire-breathing Hobbit 2015-08-21T16:40:25Z Fox<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Red Fox2015-08-31T11:24:53Z Skeletor and his A-T-C-A-T<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Star Wars He-man mash up.2015-08-23T16:19:18Z 145 of 365: Creeper Jeeper<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Does it go kaboom? LEGO 365: Jar Jar Having A Bad Year2015-08-19T22:39:05Z the Dog<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dexter the Dog by Wami Delthorn 2015-08-24T02:12:54Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Model by Takamichi Irie Photo by Will Galbraith2015-07-30T16:14:09Z Tit<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great Tit.2015-08-26T11:51:19Z Gun 2000<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ray Gun!2015-08-18T23:29:13Z, the lava dragon <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Deus "Big D." Otiosus 2015-08-21T16:40:54Z Imperial Base on Dantooine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cool and huge Base on Dantooine2015-08-21T06:01:37Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Comic Character2014-11-04T15:37:35Zä of the Valley of the Wind<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Anime characters2015-08-27T09:57:39Z Kaneda's Bike<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>KANEDA!2014-12-16T18:05:43Z Man & Duplo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY seb toutouille2015-08-21T06:14:09Z Phantom Coupe<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Rolls Royce2015-08-25T03:15:53Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mammoth Mecha2015-08-27T16:47:22Z it really works...<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> You always wanted to know how an analogue camera really works? Here you are! I saw a foto of a brillant paper version of such a "camera dollhouse" but couldn't find the owner. So credits to anonymous! I decided to build an own version with the Agfa Clack. 2015-08-26T08:05:10Z Candy Machine (M&M Edition) Instructions Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build a M&M candy machine.2014-07-05T14:11:41Z Isle (Main)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>First of 4 builds for my LOM UC; also my entry for the Historica Husbandry mini-challenge in GOH. I've been wanting to do blue landscaping for a while (one-day builds don't count :P) so I quite like how this turned out. Enjoy!2015-08-25T08:19:26Z Man Hall of Armor - Angle 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Tony's Star lab2015-08-31T15:35:41Z The Subtleties of Baccarat - Flashman and the Tiger<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> Flashman aged: 68 - 69 Years: 1890 - 1891 *Notes At nearly 70 (an older slightly greying) Flashman, has been dragged along to Tranby Croft a country house near Hull by his wife Elspeth. For once Flashman doesn’t get into too much trouble but does happen to be an observer in a scandal around a games of baccarat that would cause problems for the future King of England, H.R.H Prince Albert Edward. Knowing how the Prince has an eye for the ladies and how his own wife is probably as much a deviant as himself, Flashy keeps a close eye on Bertie. The scandal started during a house party in September 1890 that the Prince attended, when Sir William Gordon-Cumming, a decorated lieutenant colonel in the Scots Guards, was accused of cheating. Confronted Gordon-Cumming was pressured into signing a document that declared he would never play cards again, in exchange for the silence of the guests. However the secret was not kept for long, and when the case eventually came to court the Prince was called as a witness, the first time the heir to the throne had been compelled to appear in court since 1411. While Gordon-Cumming lost the case public opinion was on his side, and the prince was at his most unpopular for several years afterwards. 2015-08-24T14:24:49Z Watch Out!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very accurate Rolex watch by Tim Schwalfenberg. 2015-08-07T14:52:44Z Bebop Swordfish II<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>362014-11-06T08:46:17Z to Work<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Get to Work by Tim Schwalfenberg 2015-08-27T09:58:45Z Camp Site <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Severus A 2015-08-25T09:29:29Z - Voltron<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>MOC - Voltron by d' Qiu Brick 2015-08-26T06:44:43Z Grayskull<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Castle Grayskull2015-08-31T11:27:46Z Dino F2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Red ferrari2015-08-31T15:34:02Z 'em up<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lighter.2015-08-10T12:18:43Z Improvements...<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The feminine touch. 2015-08-12T11:51:28Z Capuchin<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>White-Headed Capuchin by AnActionfigure 2015-08-28T05:38:31Z Gallery - k-on_-ritsu-3.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>moc2015-08-27T02:34:40Z Book of Nightmares<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here is a little built for the LUGEST "Black & What" gallery. I choose tan to get the dark feeling out of the black.2015-08-26T22:33:08Z and Helen<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> How it all started... Only one build to go, but tomorrow afternoon and I have to go back to the military for the last two days and after that I leave for vacations. Means not much time left... I'll give my best! 2015-08-19T17:59:48Z (Alternate Model from Mixels series 5)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Owl (Alternate Model from Mixels series 5)2015-08-24T06:40:03Z of dog<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Beware of dog2015-03-19T20:48:58Z" investigating the back of the refrig"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY mike m.2015-08-13T05:03:04Z 149 of 365: Enter the Panda<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fragrance of the foot. LEGO 365: Jar Jar Having A Bad Year2015-08-19T22:34:08Z 2014 | DoubleBrick: Российское сообщество энтузиастов LEGO!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Our LEGO city 2014. Built with the son of 8 years about two weeks. All photos are here "Sirius"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Yacht "Sirius" Finally with "water" added.2015-08-24T06:36:52Z Top 10 Best LEGO Sets Of All Time <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Not sure if I agree with all of these, but interesting nonetheless.2012-02-04T01:35:41Z Davidson Custom 'Ratted' Bagger in Lego 1/10<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I love Harley Davidsons, especially the tricked out baggers. I have made a few of them as scale models, mostly heavily chromed and customized. After my last build I had some special chromed parts lying around for another bike, and decided to make a fresh one, but in a different style. I saw some nice new customs with special fairings, big front wheel, and low and agressive stand. I replicated this style into this bike, and it has a more ratted apeal, not being totally ratted. Hope you like it! It was build in 4 weeks, using a combination of retro-chromed parts, classic Lego parts and fresh ones.2015-08-24T06:35:13Z Five is Alive<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Number 52015-09-01T05:37:14Z Wars #1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>422014-11-07T10:42:20Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Character from the movie Monster's INC2015-08-24T09:27:20Z 157 of 365: Damsel in Distress<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Unchain me, you fiend. Will someone save Jar-Jar in the nick of time? LEGO 365: Jar Jar Having A Bad Year2015-08-19T21:01:58Z Graphic Design Office - Modular Townhouse<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Graphic office interior2015-08-30T21:31:34Z Floating Temple of Quetzalcoatl<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> Yeah! Always wanted to build a floating rock! This is an entry into the CBC War contest. Category final duel and sub cat. historical. Mark the base is truly just a weird irregular, but its serves for a floating rock ;) . This is based off the attack which Cortez and his men made on the nearby temple, his men were vastly outnumbered by the way. As you can see Cortez is dueling with a powerful priest. Btw, be sure to check out the interiors (one & two)! Hope you enjoy (the extremely tough angles :P )! 2015-08-19T18:03:00Z Dream Kitchen-09<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kitchen. Where there is no housekeeper in the room, animals are playing wild.2013-06-17T05:15:55Z Ideas - Indominus Rex <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Indominus Rex BY senteosan2015-06-21T16:27:51Z Aventador LP700-4 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 by Piotr Terlecki 2012-12-09T15:17:58Z "The Wraith"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kravath "The Wraith" by Omar Gonzalez2015-08-19T06:50:42Z Vintner<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Townhouse with shop 2015-08-30T21:37:09Z; CUUSOO | Lamborghini Aventador<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lamborghini Aventador by Chris-Teng 2013-08-19T20:16:07Z Me Minions - 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Despicable Me Minions by Daan Vanden Bosch 2015-08-14T08:22:16Z Norwegian Sailor - D.A.2 - Tequilatron attack submarine <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Pico van Grootveld2015-08-21T16:41:40Z Fury<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>High above the the skies like a tear-shaped comet rages the Drakkadian Fury, which is only seen during every morning and sunset, as if it is chasing after the sun. Just as it's name goes, the dragon has a hot temper and is always impatient. The dragon can only be captured and trained by the Drakkadian tribe, which lives high in the mountains.2014-11-10T19:40:41Z Message<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>During the summer of 1977, against a backdrop of city wide blackouts, fiscal collapse and a dwindling population the controversial Dino PD officers were first deployed in the city's decaying south side. This radical step was welcomed by the city's elite but was met with increased violent resistance from the numerous street gangs such as the infamous "Savage Studs".2015-08-21T17:31:07Zä of the Valley of the Wind characters<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind characters by Eero Okkonen2015-08-17T19:42:08Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Top of the tree construction2012-12-23T18:08:03Z Dave's Very Dirty Diner<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>10 minutes before the Health inspection and things aren't going too well !2015-08-17T06:35:25Z Bat-Team<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na... BATMAN! And the crew, Robin and Batgirl! 2015-08-19T17:05:53Z Gallery - jrbh1.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> by felixisgr8 on brickshelf2015-08-30T19:35:27Z[MOC] New Holland T8.420 Tractor - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms &amp; Model Team - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>New Holland T8.420 Tractor2014-12-07T18:30:53Z 208 of 365: Honk If You Like This<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Maybe not good to have big ears. LEGO 365: Jar Jar Having A Bad Year2015-08-18T12:43:12Z space blockhead<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY seb toutouille2015-08-17T11:56:27Z! Pit-ing! Pi-tayyng!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pi-ting! Pit-ing! Pi-tayyng! by Tim Lydy.2015-08-02T16:42:49Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>buggy des sables2015-08-14T10:16:13Z, the lava dragon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> This MOC is a few months older than the upload date indicates, the reason for that is taht it was held back to not be uploaded in a period while I would be inactive and also to keep my photostream active while building my large project. Inspiration is mixed, partially Deathwing of World of WArcraft, part Bogardan Hellkite from MAgic the Gathering and of course a bit of Heroes of Might and Magic 2 thrown into the mix for good measure. Obviously this is not a recreation of any of the inspiration material, but I enjoy sharing a part of my thought process with these MOCs. Also I wanted to use those window pieces for wings for about two years or more. Light features present, surprisingly stabile. Poseability almost null, due to chaos-neck-technique (no apparent pattern for disguising the travis-clip-T spine). P.S.: this was supposed to be a quickie for Mike Doyle's Beautiful LEGO 3 contest-thing, as a response to my faerie dragon being chosen. At the time I wanted to show that the faerie dragon itself was not really built with the maximum of my ability and I wanted to submit a better dragon whichwas supposed to be built after this one. In the end, I did not even start building that other dragon and this one stretched into a month-long project turning out better and more difficult than initially expected. 2015-08-19T18:05:27Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Don't expose him to sunlight. Don't get him wet. And never, ever feed him after midnight.2015-08-10T12:27:07Z Sorn Sabatoge<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Space base2015-08-19T11:32:01Z All!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Met were one of the earliest police forces to introduce a Mechanized Constabulary division.2015-08-18T23:06:48Z gooseneck lowboy &#34;Trailer Tr4 MkII&#34; w. instructions - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms &amp; Model Team - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Detachable gooseneck lowboy "Trailer Tr4 MkII"2014-12-02T15:40:55Z Fighter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY nobu_tary2015-08-20T09:00:23Z Majesty's Submersible Atlantica | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"The first submersible vessel to cross the Atlantic without recourse to surface passage, the Atlantica became a potent symbol of Imperial naval power." by Rod Gillies2014-06-20T18:39:13Z Gallery - fight3.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>fighters by felixisgr8 on brickshelf2015-08-30T19:32:34Z Sniper-7<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>JUNGLE SNIPER2015-08-14T18:59:24Zöldr (Star Vikings)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A large-scale defense cannon for the Star Vikings collaboration at BrickCon 2014. There is internal gearing to lock the cannon's elevation-of-fire, controlled by rotating the rear lower-left cone heat sink unit. The landscape technique was inspired by Blake Foster's M:Tron Magnet Factory.2015-08-11T06:47:23Z Dodge Charger Custom (The Fast And The Furious) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1970 Dodge Charger Custom by welliAR Wellinger2012-12-01T17:30:18Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Frankenstein by Tim Schwalfenberg 2015-08-12T10:09:04Z Angry Bird "Mini" - Instructions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The fantastically skilled builder Iain Heath also known as Ochre Jelly shared this free building instructions for a mini Angry Bird. Follow the link to check out his Flickr or go to his inspiring blog thelivingbrick.com2012-02-22T08:43:04Z to build a really fast LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Is this the fastest LEGO MINDSTORMS robot out there? Model made by BluetoothKiwi from NZ.2011-05-31T10:28:32Z of the Condemned<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cart of the Condemned by Milán Bikics 2015-08-14T08:23:52Z Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (selling LDD instructions): A LEGO&reg; creation by Rick S. : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bugatti Veyron 16.4 by Rick S. 2012-12-03T20:47:06Z Ideas - Porsche 917 K 1971 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The 1971 Le Mans winner: Helmut Marko and Gijs Van Lennep Porsche 917K chassis 053 2015-08-10T20:42:44Z Stego<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Love this if you do too vote here Falcon Interceptor (MAD MAX)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ford Falcon Interceptor (MAD MAX)2014-10-27T13:37:53Z - Dalek Instructions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build a lego dalek2012-01-21T00:54:52Z GALACTICA == <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A spectacular creation by Garry King of the Battlestar Galactica!2012-11-27T19:39:35Z avenger<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY seb toutouille2015-08-30T17:38:13Z of Owls 4<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Court of Owls is one of the first Arcs in the New 52 Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo and by far on e of my favorite new "villains", This particular scene did not take place in any comic that I have seen, but enough was left open during the Night of the Owls to imagine many other altercations taking place!2015-09-01T07:57:51Z Wars: A New Hip<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Star Wars: A New Hip by Matt De Lanoy 2015-08-14T06:44:31Z Island - Skara Kikos<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>hey told me there would be skulls! Geez, what a misplaced name..." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Be sure to check out my Timelapse video :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A creation inspired by one of my all time favorites. when I look back I wound up copying the layout as well as the idea, but I think my difference in style more than makes up for the similarities, plus the world can never have to many skull islands I tried out tons of new things in this build, even so far as ordering a bunch of ninja turtle torsos, so I can stick little green hands everywhere for added effect to the foliage. I have a few closeups of neat things here:2015-09-01T11:08:15Z!!! #Gabrielideas #Minionscube #MOC<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Minions! Cube dudes!2015-08-28T08:48:05Z 2015<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This version mixing classic Makuta with the new 2015 Makuta entry to the Battle for the Golden Mask contest.2014-11-26T21:18:28Z AMERICAIN<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>camion americain2015-08-26T09:14:06Z 000 briques sur les mers / attack of the giant squid<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>20 000 briques sur les mers / attack of the giant squid Build for "A l'abordage" contest in BrickPirate french board.2015-09-01T07:49:35Z Burger 'n Fries!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>fast food by C. McVeigh2014-08-21T20:51:50Z to Build a Lego Star Wars Speeder (BEST DESIGN!!!)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A cool tutorial on How to Build a LEGO Star Wars Speeder Bike!2011-03-28T23:06:53Z Veneno <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>2014 black Lamborghini Veneno2015-08-05T22:42:14Z Table<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This one kinda got away from me a bit. I wanted to do a simple table setting using the salt and pepper idea. Then I built the ketchup/mustard, and wondered 'what next?'. Then the condiment tray, then the table... I had to stop at the floor or I'd be working on the diner's kitchen by now. ;)2015-09-01T07:38:26Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>ptero by Vlad Tirila 2015-07-22T06:44:49Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Donkey by AnActionfigure 2015-09-01T09:42:43Z Legends of Chima Water Park<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park This is a "Brick Built Map" of the newest attraction at the LEGOLAND California Resort which opens May 25th!2014-05-24T06:54:19Z 7.1 002<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>T-REX2015-07-28T11:41:17Z Atlantis<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY Eero Okkonen2015-08-30T17:37:10Z MOC: Space-Ship-Yamato<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Wow, Check out this MOC Yamato!2010-10-13T12:36:24Z Industries 'Glaive' Unmanned Fighter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>DBG Industries 'Glaive' Unmanned Fighter by Josiah 2015-08-11T04:57:27Z Build a LEGO Sports Car (Convertible) Tutorial (WhacoLab)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>!/WhacoLab this is a fun easy to Build LEGO Sports Car I Hope that you enjoy it as much as i do! PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS, QUESTIONS AND OTHER IDEAS for more HowTos SUBSCRIBE And TELL FRIENDS2012-11-08T23:34:21Z toooo hot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>coooool :) by Matt the Lanoy2015-08-28T16:38:00Z 188 of 365: X-Wing Nemo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Targeting the exhaust port opening in the rear side. LEGO 365: Jar Jar Having A Bad Year The fish was from the opening ceremony polybag speed build at Brickfete this year.2015-08-18T13:02:23Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Extended the graveyard part of my previous build.2015-09-01T07:40:38Z Mustang Shelby GT500 '14 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 '14 by Sheepo's Garage2014-01-14T20:37:31Z Duel<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Jack Sprarrow duel2015-08-19T11:26:32Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>INCREDIBLE use of parts! 2013-08-22T13:28:16Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Entry for the Rebrick movie competition. (Music from Freeplay Music) Car rebuilt into dinosaur (I only added 3 pieces) If you like it, then like it! =D2013-04-22T09:42:19Z Shaker House 4<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My Lego replica of a Georgian-style home in Shaker Heights, Ohio.2015-08-13T08:22:25Z - Jakarta Brick City 2015<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The three-wheeled vehicle produced in India that is widely used in Jakarta. It serves as a popular public mode of transportation for short to intermediate distances with the passenger capacity of two persons. It has the characteristic of being very loud and has the tendency to make sudden turns due to its lack of a functioning turn signal (the driver uses hand signals instead).2015-08-19T06:23:43Z喂喂~縮縮腳先好嗎? Hey... Your feet please~ #LEGO #MOC #LEGOmochk #MyLEGOCreation #Hongkong #HK #FF #expired #busybee #Iwillbeagoodboy #housekeeping #clean #vacuumcleaner<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By me~2015-08-29T18:02:44Z unsuccessful Hunt<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by TMM!2013-04-11T01:39:30Z The West Was Won<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Many historians state that the continued expansion of the western frontier was driven by two main factors.The Acquisition of land and the widespread utilization and domestication of Dinosaurs.2015-07-26T23:16:15Z's Big Misteak<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> It was a normal day at the farm.... My Ninteenth build in my Iron Builder against Matt De Lanoy using the Metallic Silver Barbell 2015-08-17T13:36:30Z Dragon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The fearsome Frost Dragon will destroy all in it's path! It was created out of pieces from Stormer XL and the new Kopaka set, as well as some pieces from my own figure and extras. And yes, the wings actually do flap. I used the new gearbox pieces from new Kopaka and new Pohatu to make the wings move. It's really cool to see it, and it works great. Hope you guys like it!2015-02-17T22:55:50Z LTM 11200 9.1 Lego<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Liebherr LTM 11200 9.1 Lego2013-04-23T21:09:10Z Vespa Scooter <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very cute and awesomely designed Vespa Scooter.I love it!2014-03-31T06:27:05Z Gables Dome<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sweet job on the dome of this LDD design by RedCoKid2013-02-28T05:58:57Z Woodman's Aerial Excursions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Take an excursion aloft aboard Captain Woodman's astonishing aerial conveyance! Departures hourly. (Captain Woodman accepts no liability in the unfortunate event of injury incurred due to unavoidable plummeting.) - I've spent a lot of time building for a couple of sekrit projex in the last wee while. This is the first thing in ages I've built just for myself. I love that Friends balloon - properly love it. Almost as much as I love the CrazBrick's top hat. Good work Guy!2015-08-07T11:55:43Z Technic Wing Body Truck<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Japanese Wing Body Truck2013-08-08T08:19:36Z ♥ LEGO - Google+ - Despicable Me - Minion #despicableme #minions …<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Despicable Me - Minion2013-08-27T17:40:19Z[C-MODEL] 42009 Flatbed Tow Truck - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms &amp; Model Team - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>C-Model for 42009 Crane MkII - Flatbed Tow Truck2014-11-24T07:25:00Z Custom LEGO City update June 2014!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A city built by Jangbricks.2014-07-07T12:18:02Z Robot 8 - 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Simple Robot by Daan Vanden Bosch 2015-08-14T08:20:43Z Gallery - sts_011.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sheep2015-01-07T17:59:54Z Town House<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I wanted something big and imposing for a village I'm building for the kids (though no touching yet :)) pretty pleased with how it turned out. Not so pleased with my photography skills :(. Stair case took hours. Can't decide if it is too tall, would appreciate constructive critics. 2012-01-19T19:19:57Z Herbie<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mad Herbie by Calvin Sun 2015-08-14T08:18:00Z Instructions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sweet set of instruction for a battle mech.2012-03-14T06:10:01Z of Hugman &mdash; Nathan Sawaya &mdash; The Art of the Brick<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Hugman likes to give hugs. He hugs sign poles. He hugs park benches. He hugs bike racks. He hugs fence posts. He hugs almost anything he can fit his arms around."2012-07-23T12:14:29Z經典電影由我砌 - 03. 侏羅紀公園(Jurassic Park) - 分享園地 - 人仔倉討論區(Minifigs Forum) - Powered by Discuz!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Superb.2013-02-05T12:49:59Z Wrangler Rubicon | DoubleBrick: Российское сообщество энтузиастов LEGO!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Jeep Wranler as car for James Bond on vacations.2011-12-02T11:33:24Z rebuild<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO31032 rebuild2015-08-07T05:20:58Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A steampunk dirigible! 2012-08-01T14:25:13Z Fan Instructions Page 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Page two of instructions to make a simple LEGO Technic fan. 2015-08-04T15:06:39Z Classic Castle dot Com Featured MOC Archive<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Battle of San Juan Hill2015-08-18T11:03:13Z Glade<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>War has returned to Nocturnus...2015-09-01T07:52:29Z Mini Modulars - MOC: "Haunted House"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Inspired by the official LEGO Set 10228 I created my version of a haunted house model as an addition to the LEGO mini modulars.2012-09-28T22:32:26Z AMERICAIN 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>camion americain2015-08-26T09:15:04Z Maintenance Diorama - Third quarter view<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hangar Maintenance Diorama - Third quarter view My Hangar Maintenance diorama scene featuring AMS H-18 Hotten Imperator Mark II. Enter the Hotten's Hangar. This hangar was first implant a few months ago during the gundam docking event in Singapore. I have always wanted to build one Hangar scene for a long time. Most of the parts are taken from my moc starwar diorama that I've submitted for the Legoland Malaysia event - May the 4th be with you. I start to build the design with the Base first based on the acyclic box that I've purchased. I did always look out for acrylic box that suit my mecha pose but ideally always look our for the based dimension and the height factors. From there I begin to work the basic outline parts of the wall which I did used many parts which is a wall panel 1x6x6 dark blue grey. There's a lot of design restrictions especially the wall hieght because it challenges your creativity to work within existing space given. I didn't custom made the acyclic box I just buy the existing one. Details is the very last thing to add on. The pipes, slopes and single cone always help with the details. Tiles work the best for the floor. As for color I always work on dark blue grey and light blue grey color but actually there's no rule for that to follow. I only added on bright color like yellow on small scale against it. Things like this need a good references from the Web. The process took me fours days to work. And this is the one of the occasion that I never do a rough sketches idea on the paper. I just work the design based on my own visual in my head. I build it straight away literally. But for the beginner I'd suggest to look for a design references from other moc diorama or existing plastic model hangar like from gundam series. Remember do not copy excatly the excatky the same existing one... just look for a guide for inspiration and channel it into your own moc. Moc originality. Doesn't have to be accurate in the first attempt. Design always evolve. So don't push yourself too hard when you want to build in first attempt. Hope my tips would help and inspire other Mocers to build more of this. A mecha won't be complete without a diorama scene.2015-08-18T12:45:25Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice coloring by TMM2013-04-06T19:11:43Z Disney&#8217;s Frozen Olaf MOC | Brick Fanatics<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Olaf from Frozen2013-12-31T16:09:52Z it, Chewie!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> I don't know if this is 'life size' or not, but I think it's fairly close. This is my twenty-second build in my Iron Builder round against Tim. The required piece is the Metallic Silver Barbell. 2015-09-01T06:56:07Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hardsuit2013-08-07T07:33:07Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Scooter on Holiday 2015-09-01T07:37:21Z Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Hard Top: A LEGO&reg; creation by Egor Karshiev : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Hard Top by Egor Karshiev2014-12-18T10:08:38Z Invites Kids To Build A Life-Size Car Made Of LEGO - PSFK<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Schoolchildren helped build a life-size replica of the new BMW i8 at the LEGO Kids Fest 2012 in Munich.2012-04-26T07:56:58Z 229 of 365: The Hungry Mixel<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>That doesn't look a healthy snack. LEGO 365: Jar Jar Having A Bad Year2015-08-18T12:25:00Z The Empire&#39;s Finest Hour - LEGO Star Wars - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by I Scream Clone 2013-01-07T15:37:07Z Rover project by J&ouml;rg Roth<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This project was inspired by the mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. The robot should have to following properties: - It should have 6 wheels, 4 of them steered. - The maximum number of wheels should be motorized. - A maximum of sensors should capture the environment. - A sensor arm should move out to scan objects. - The robot should receive commands from an operator terminal via Bluetooth. Whereas the first commands from the operator terminal were simple (e.g. "drive right curve 50cm with radius 30cm"), more complex commands should be possible later. As in the Mars scenario where operators cannot wait for each simple command to be executed (due to long radio transmission times), the robot is required to execute complex commands autonomously.2012-02-10T19:34:35Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cesar2014-11-02T14:51:51Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Magma ! 2015-08-21T16:39:51Z | My Unikitty Mech MOC with ice cream club, candy shield and roller boots. No o... | Webstagram<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Unikitty mecha is unstoppable...and adorable! 2014-01-30T15:52:19Z's LEGO collection<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Attention please, it's extraordinary!2015-08-20T12:53:18Z F-16 // fighter moc aircraft jet lego airplane falcon wip fighting <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>F-16 // fighter moc aircraft jet lego airplane falcon wip fighting2013-09-01T15:58:33Z | Future Ramblings<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Steampunk2013-07-03T14:35:21Z Hawk SHD-2H (Revised) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>mechtastic!2014-03-31T11:30:50Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>tough2014-11-05T16:36:25Z the Gunns<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Meet the Gunns by Karf Oohlu 2015-07-19T05:24:05Z A1 BARBATUS Mark 14<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>ATA A1 BARBATUS Mark 14 ATA A1 BARBATUS MARK 1.. an experimental six legged mecha which carried a baggage of missiles and gatling guns for its deadly destruction in urban warfare. Don't let the size fools you cause it's able to crawl any obstacles and the last thing you know you're his next target.2015-08-12T12:30:47Z Wars - Executor - Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>the underside of the star destroyer...great lights....2012-08-07T19:19:26Z Corner Variation - a Corner Cafe <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Matt Koba2015-08-25T17:42:34Z Technic 42009 L full RC<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fully remote controlled modification of 42009. Brilliant!2013-07-28T08:25:49Z Nissan Skyline GTR R34: A LEGO&reg; creation by Phil Flipson : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>2 fast, 2 furious! Do I have to write more? No! Build by Phil Flipson2014-07-29T19:04:38Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>GrandImperialOrnothopter by MadLEGOman 2015-07-14T10:13:39Z Motorized Tractor 8284<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Do you get tired from towing your LEGO tractor? Then you have to watch my motorized tractor 8284! More info at &amp; M-O <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>.2012-10-01T14:30:10Z Dreadnaught Mech: A LEGO&reg; creation by Daniel Tefol : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A Steampunk Mecha Creation. This model is built almost completely SNOT. Only the feet and the spine are built normally. The mech is equipped with a grasping hand and a chaingun. Smokestacks reside behind the cockpit. This is actually the second mech I've built, the first being too unstable to stand.2013-08-14T00:31:47Z World &#8211; Copenhagen 2012 &#8211; Minifig (1)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO World Copenhagen 2012 - Miniworld See more photos at Remember to like page and also click Facebook like on http://www.lekgodt.no2012-02-16T21:32:52Z Loom Machine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A LEGO machine that can make you a scarf? yes please! :32013-02-11T18:33:27Z Fire Rover<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A Fire Dept. Land Rover rescue vehicle, by Gilcelio [gilchagas]2012-12-31T09:24:04Z; CUUSOO | Jurassic Park / Dino - Raptor Pen<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Raptor Pen from Jurassic Park, by richo. Beware of velociraptors. Please support the project on LEGO CUUSOO!2013-08-10T02:17:29Z VW Golf MKI update + Cabriolet + Caddy <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Sam the First2015-08-21T16:37:50Z Acceleration Combat Armor <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>.2012-12-11T16:24:34Z RC Ford Mustang Shelby GT500<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>mustang 2015-08-22T18:48:47Z of LEGO Scale Modeling | No Starch Press<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"The book is a compendium of hyper-realistic LEGO projects intended to stir your inner creative soul into experimenting on your own...we now desperately want for more LEGO." by Dennis Glaasker and Dennis Bosman2015-08-24T14:22:29Z Hemi Cuda (Plymouth Barracuda)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Retro car2015-08-21T12:11:37Z Chevy Corvette<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My Moc2014-11-05T21:38:01Z Raptor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awsome fighterplane!2010-10-13T12:49:00Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>mwt by legorobo:waka 2015-07-15T06:37:44Z port<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>micro port by Dark-Alamez2015-08-11T05:02:07Z Head<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Knife Head2014-11-06T22:55:17Z Ideas - Shaun the Sheep <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Shaun the Sheep on Lego Ideas.2015-08-21T09:23:35Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Who wouldn't want to live here. Created by baronsat2012-09-05T10:21:11Z Ghostbuster<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Ghostbuster by LEGO Will 2015-07-23T08:46:29Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>ensileuse2015-08-26T09:10:29Z Lego Navy Ship -<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>As the title states, an awesome aircraft carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman!2011-06-30T16:21:59Z Gallery - cimg3449.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Microcity farm2014-10-28T17:03:00Z Boxer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Calloused Boxer.2015-08-20T11:25:50Z Miłośników Klocków LEGO Zbudujmy to! - Zobacz wątek - Napad na bank - Bank robbery<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bank Robbery.2013-10-27T19:47:13Z DE POMPIER<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>camion de pompier2015-08-26T09:11:52Z[C-MODEL] 42008 Delivery Truck - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms &amp; Model Team - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>42008 C-Model Delivery Truck2014-12-04T08:25:35Z[MOC] Airport Crash Tender - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms &amp; Model Team - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Airport Crash Tender2015-04-20T17:13:02Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>402014-11-07T10:39:52Z Road Warrior (Mad Max Interceptor) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Road Warrior (Mad Max Interceptor) by Marcus Paul 2013-02-21T18:20:53Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>nice emmett ride2015-08-28T08:44:51Z Hoverboard<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Aurora; a hoverboard inspired by 'VNV Nation - Automatic'.2015-07-14T18:36:43Z class <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Stephan Schumann2015-08-21T16:29:01Z MOC: Nebulon-B Medical Frigate | Eurobricks Star Wars Forum Blog<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Impressive!!2015-08-24T07:47:54Z of Warcraft squad - Illidan Stormrage<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Really nice fantasy customised minifig, based on the World of Warcraft game. By Minh Pham (Flickr user Tuminio)2014-02-18T06:19:40Z Base, Eastern Poland 1943.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kris_Kelvin done this perfectly detailed diorama. Awesome color scheme in the buildings. It worth the effort to check the other photos in his flickr account.2012-11-19T15:04:10Z MOC - Now and Then<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Now and Then2015-08-13T07:57:47Z Lion Castle<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Pocky Lu Castle/Kingdom theme collectors do not have to wait till Nexo Knights to catch some awesome castle adventure with this Blue Lion Castle (Lionguard)! The Lego Blue Lion Castle was inspired by the famous Hohenzollern Castle, located on the top of Berg Mount Hohenzollern in Germany. The iconic Hohenzollern Castle shares the blue and gray design, and overall floor plan with the Blue Lion Castle. 2015-08-19T03:03:05Z Town Talk: Gradient Grandeur - LEGO Town, Architecture, Building Tips, Inspiration Ideas, and more! <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Gradient road2014-03-16T13:45:57Z Minifig wall display system - using Ikea Ribba frame<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here are my instructions for creating a minifig display case from an Ikea picture frame. Full instructions at: Mech Suit : a LEGO&reg; creation by Cole Brickman : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>mech suit2014-04-17T14:51:29Z Gallery - Building instructions of the legendary Kaneda Bike from the motion picture AKIRA - Our book in now available through email -<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kaneda's bike book by ARVO2014-07-08T17:23:29Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hunter and prey, brickosaurs.2015-06-04T17:28:36Z RAY GUN - Life Size - Call of Duty<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A Life Size Ray Gun built Completely from LEGO Elements! 2011-12-21T04:20:43Z MOC: Mini Cooper<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very realistic copy of the Mini Cooper...2011-02-20T08:23:40Z Brig<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Imperial ship 2015-08-10T12:02:44Z[Frame Humanoid Beta] GIGAS_Phase 3<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Master Lu's Masterpiece2014-11-04T17:10:52Z Build A LEGO Couch (Sofa) Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> How-To Build a LEGO Couch/Sofa Tutorial2012-11-08T23:58:31Z 1.1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A-Frame by my friend Anjo2015-08-28T08:32:04Z - - H�bergement d'images gratuit<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LTM 11200-9.1 aux couleurs de MEDIACO2015-08-14T05:56:27Z for MINDSTORMS NXT Tutorial 1 - Your first program<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to create a simple program using LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. Topics include the functions palette, context help and auto-wiring.2011-01-19T17:48:35Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Exchange Something I did for a friend... Mixed technique.2014-10-31T19:15:00Z 10220 T1 Bus Wohnwagen Camper Trailer 12<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Custom VW T1 Camper Trailer by LA-Design20122014-01-03T09:09:14Z biped robot Lego mindstorms<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This my first MOC (my own creation) made within the content of the upcoming Lego Mindstorms 31313 EV3 set.2013-08-24T21:29:20Z & Dragons<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Lauchlan Toal on Flickr.2014-10-28T01:17:20Z Modular <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Chris K2015-08-25T17:41:12Z Mindstorms EV3Bike Powered by leJOS & Java<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A self balancing bike, built using the Mindstorms EV3 kit and the EV3 Gyro. The bike is controlled by a Java program written using leJOS.2013-09-09T23:28:06Z Build A LEGO Vending Machine Tutorial (WhacoLab)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here is how to make a fun cool looking LEGO Vending machine tutorial.2012-11-08T23:43:47Z Super Diesel (1)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Produced from 1956-1963. .Powered by an air-cooled 4 stroke, 2466 cc, 3 cylinder diesel engine. I'll admit it's far from perfect, I couldn't build the mudguards at this scale, and battle droid arms don't exist in red, so the drawbar is incomplete. But anyway - Here it is.2015-08-24T11:09:57Z 02<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>MOC by someone The summer is about and the vacation? You spend your holidays in a place like this?2015-07-16T01:12:10Z클리앙 소모임 > 레고당 > 벨로시 랩터<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> Velociraptor2014-02-20T04:51:57Z of Thrones LEGO Sets Coming in Time For Christmas<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>April is coming...2012-10-31T16:55:07Z Battle Of Helm's Deep <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Caleb Walker 2015-08-21T16:30:15Z Moc Modular Pip Corner 000<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Modular 32x32 corner made for "Arte em Peças 3" event by Comunidade 09372012-06-28T11:10:03Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Now this is a McD meals I would be interested in getting my hands on2015-08-21T11:28:58Z the Beat<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>DJ by Tim Schwalfenberg. 2015-08-12T13:52:18Z Tractor MOC (Case IH Magnum) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Case IH Magnum by Jonas H 2013-01-22T11:35:18Z T.rex<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I love Lego I love Dino's I love this !2014-01-28T17:30:06Z Wedding Cake: A Facebook Hit! | Cakes in West Sussex for weddings and other celebrations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I just thought I'd share this Lego themed Wedding Cake that I made. What do you think? I'd really appreciate some likes on facebook: thank you!2013-04-26T15:15:09Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The man of steel having a bad day.2015-08-06T13:33:16Z Castle<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Magnificent Scary Castle by flickr user Ichthuz.2012-12-01T06:58:33Z To Make Lego DINOSAUR T-REX - 10664 LEGO® Bricks and More Creative Tower Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Let's build Lego Dinosaur-Tyrannosaurus with 10664 LEGO® Creative Tower.2015-03-28T20:56:17Z orders<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Legonardo (David Hensel) is an old friend of mine. Well, old friend, but a very young and talented builder, who has grown immensely in last few years...check out his mocs:2014-11-05T17:46:18Z!ty lego EV3 Mindstorms biped robot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Menno style! ;-) This is my second EV3 one set MOC. It's build within the inventory of the brand new Lego Mindstorms EV3 31313 set. It's not an official model. EV3n!ty is able to detect obstacles plus edges of tables, so it should be my first model which doesn't fall of tables during events. :-)2013-09-01T18:25:43Z of LEGO Design | No Starch Press<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The most impressive LEGO models often take careful planning (and lots of pieces), but with some inspiration, a little imagination, and a number of tried-and-true techniques, you too can turn bricks into a masterpiece.2015-08-24T14:15:48Z GBC module : Ball Factory ver.2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Best ball-handling in GBC module ever!2012-03-24T15:06:17Z Changing Seasons - Spring <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Peter Szabo2015-08-25T17:39:28Z Technic Tractor Truck - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms &amp; Model Team - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Tractor Truck2015-03-31T08:35:38Z guide to building a medieval village - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Intersting guide to build medieval creations. Made by Derfel Cardarn.2011-10-10T12:23:05Z to Build a Lego Candy Dispenser - Frugal Fun For Boys<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I need to build this LEGO candy dispenser asap2015-08-21T11:47:07Z Dragon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>spikey & fun! great use of the gold snakes.2012-02-27T06:39:20Z[MOC] Anakin&#39;s Jedi Interceptor with Hyperspace Ring - LEGO Star Wars - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Swan Dutchman 2013-04-19T20:17:21Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Milk & cookies2014-11-04T13:03:32Z base on Teth <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Clone wars battle scene2012-09-20T13:36:54Z One:1 (Updated Photos) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Koenigsegg One:1 (Updated Photos) Builder Allan2015-08-31T10:11:11Z Fairlane Drag Racer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ford Fairlane Drag Racer by Senator Chinchilla 2015-08-14T06:45:27Z GBC Marble Run<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Allowing gravity to do its job, check out what Akiyuki achieved in this awesome like roller coaster GBC module! These balls go really fast without step out from the tracks!2013-02-15T10:19:38Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The usual suspects2014-10-28T14:25:57Z Mustang.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Excelent WW2 work by psiaki!2012-01-31T08:26:06Z Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Wall-E2015-08-26T12:01:48Z Discover and save creative ideas<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>lego instructions2015-05-01T05:44:10Z Siege of Troy<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> The first of three builds for the Colossal Battle Contest 2015. I will post my whole entry in the group once I have finished and photographed the other two builds (for the category "Odyssey"). 2015-08-18T20:14:58Z Viper Lacoste - (4)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>532014-11-10T09:08:04Z Rover<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Neo-classic space rover for Unikitty.2015-08-20T11:39:24Z 1600 GT <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Harry Gravett2015-08-21T16:32:41Z 930 Revised<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Porsche 9302013-06-06T18:57:37Z Technic Ferrari 250 GTO <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ferrari 250 GTO by Ming Thein 2013-01-11T23:59:59Z Club<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Leisure Club Flickr: Leisure Club Website: SoarBrick Ebay: Instructions on Ebay2015-08-19T12:18:39Z parlor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>It seems like everyone is getting tattooed these days.2015-06-12T09:10:01Z SLR Stirling Moss Edition<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built for the Autos Aus Deutschland challenge over at LUGNuts is this exclusive 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss Edition. Its a symbiotic partnership between Mercedes-Benz and the British Mclaren group and was to signify the very last of the SLR line. Topping at 220 MPH, this extreme roadster has no proper windshield and can be completely closed off to protect against theft and the elements. Only 75 were ever produced and none were ever intended to be sold in the US...although at least one was snuck into the states. Enjoy.2013-02-21T21:52:20Z 30,500 Piece LEGO Star Wars Ship - Geekologie<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>2011-02-11T11:13:26Z Sea Killer and Bongo Submarine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>a most awesome MOC by Matt De Lanoy2012-02-11T05:05:44Z DE POMPIER 1930<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>CAMION DE POMPIER 19302015-08-26T09:12:57Z trail in the forest/mountains<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Cyndi Bourne for the Brick Roundup convention in Calgary!2013-02-06T02:21:04Z Hammer vs. Mjolnir<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kinetic Hammer!2015-08-28T08:40:37Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>lmp 12015-08-26T09:04:26Z 4 002<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Island house.2015-08-24T09:21:01Z GT Concept Racer - 2015 Gulf Racing<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ford GT Concept Racer - 2015 Gulf Racing by Peter Blackert.2015-08-02T03:06:54Z to Build a LEGO Arcade Machine Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A really cool and easy Lego arcade machine tutorial anyone can build! LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:!/WhacoLab CHECK OUT MY BLOG: Google+:'69 Dodge Charger <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>'69 Dodge Charger 2012-12-01T17:18:05Z &raquo; Blog Archive &raquo; Brickworld 2008 Review<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Brickworld 2008 Review2013-08-30T05:36:22Z the Sheep<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Shaun disguised as a shark to scare away the farmer from the pool. From the episode "If you can't stand the heat". Shaun on LEGO ideas: says Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn&#8217;t a lovely blue and tan? | The Brothers Brick | LEGO Blog<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I must say I really like this build and the blue is quite eye catching. By w9gfo.2011-08-22T16:58:22Z Adventures of Marco Polo - Mediterranean Sea<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> The Adventures of Marco Polo - Mediterranean Sea English Marko, father Nikola and uncle Mate crossing Mediterranean Sea, but currently there is no wind.2015-08-14T18:24:39Z rebuild<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO31034 rebuild2015-08-06T12:33:35Z (The Dilemma) copy<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>On alien planet2015-08-21T12:04:25Z Gallardo LP560-4 RS<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 RS by Lego Motors on flickr!2012-05-08T12:04:10Z Battle Machine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>For the "Be the Special competition" Rebuilt using the 70723 Thunder Raider set. It uses the Earth Mech's feet and lasers cannons / sword thingies to land on, it flies using the treads and wheels as propellers. There is even room for a Techno-Blade in the back. The Nindroids should fear this mighty flying machine!2014-03-11T23:02:43Z Ideas - SUPERHEROES SUITS: Captain America <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by Brickrick.2015-02-28T04:19:13Z custom Lego box : a gift for Christmas ? <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Wow, what a nice creation!2014-10-26T06:54:31Z To Build: LEGO Ghostbusters Slimer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Step-by-step instructions on how to make Slimer from Ghostbusters. By Nightly News at Nine2014-08-04T21:23:15Z | Lego | MOC | Endor Capture<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Rebel commandos infiltrate the shield generator installation via the back door of the control bunker. 2013-01-20T00:26:14Z ship <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By fiastarta fiastarta2015-08-21T16:37:14Z Gallery - cimg3425.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Microcity square and building2014-10-28T17:00:40Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>mod 81092015-08-26T08:55:08Z - Motors Lykan Hypersport <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By "Smokie Smoke"2015-07-10T13:43:32Z LEGO ED-209 from Robocop<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great parts usage! ED-209 by ninbendo!2013-03-07T15:15:58Z Journey: Intervention<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Journey: Intervention by A Plastic Infinity2014-11-10T18:44:41Z - Draygon Castle (Main)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Draygon Castle2014-11-05T04:58:29Z Technic Grader <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Technic Grader2015-04-23T06:55:32Z" U are not Alone "<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>matrix2015-08-10T21:34:23Z Ronaldo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Completely haind-painted, this is my new Cristiano Ronaldo figure!2013-01-27T17:41:57Z Technic VIP Transporter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Eurobricks [TC7] contest model - top-class bus for VIPs transportation. It can transform to a pillbox with machineguns, rocket launchers, battle thorns, double sextuple quick-firing anti-aircraft gun and double-barreled railgun for heavy-armored vehicles destroying.2015-08-13T18:06:46Z Department of Lego City - Home<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fie Department of Lego City2012-12-23T14:40:47Z Wars Landspeeder LEGO "Ideas" Project<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Ideas Promo Video for the X34 Landspeeder Project: legos - Dump A Day<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Amazing Batman build2015-08-21T11:39:13Z's (Nanobot's) House <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Scott Bertaut2015-08-25T17:43:24Z Chewbacca (8inch)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>star wars wookie2015-08-22T11:10:56Z 10 Class Multipurpose Support Carrier "Safekeeper"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Transport spaceship2015-08-21T12:10:16Z | Lego | MOC | Yodas Legacy<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Entry to TFOSW.2013-01-22T18:34:36Z"...SIGH..."<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Why so sad?"2015-08-18T23:36:20Z Truck<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>RC Rally Truck based on a MAN rally truck, fully operational. 6 studs wide, IR controlled with remote control unit. by bigboy998992015-08-25T17:52:28Z Guldur<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sauron's Fortress.2015-08-18T23:33:29Z Joker<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Brick built Joker.2015-08-27T11:11:02Z Lancaster Bomber Mk I - 'G for George'<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Famous WWII Lancaster Bomber from RAAF SQDN 4602013-07-12T00:15:15Z Golf Mk 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by MortalSwordsman2013-03-07T10:30:35Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Poke’mecha #034 Nidoking Type: Poison/Ground Nidoking, the Drill Pokemon. Ever since the first Pokemon games came out Nidoking has been one of my favorites, so building him was both fun and difficult. Originally I planned on making him two years ago after my first line of Poke'mechs, but Lego didn't have a large selection of purple pieces, so he just sat in my room collecting dust.. Anyway, I'm back. More Poke’mechs coming soon!2015-07-23T06:46:29Z John Deere 9R<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>TRACTEUR JOHN DEERE 9R2015-08-26T07:44:47Z Veyron 16.4 - Group Shot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bugatti Veyron 16.4 by lego9112012-12-03T21:02:55Z Thunderbird 2 - The Mole emerges<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is the model I created for the Brickish Association show in Swindon in 2009. I am big fan of Gerry Anderson and particularly his seriesThunderbirds. TB2 has always been my favourite.2011-09-19T20:00:15Z K100 Milk combo - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms &amp; Model Team - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kenworth K100 Milk Combo2015-03-31T08:37:27Z Duel <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By P. Andrei 2015-08-21T16:28:17Z The Chase Continues<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> This guy just can't seem to take a hint! I'll catch him this time! ---------------------------- My fourth build for ABS Builder Challenge 1.3 The seed part is the dark pink coffee cup. I used it for the mushroom-like plants, the center of the large plants, and on the back of the black speeder. This was also built for the Colossal Battle Contest I'll be combining this build with my other build, Frigate Raid, and possibly one more build for the Odyssey category. Enjoy! Soli Deo gloria! 2015-08-16T06:13:50Z Gallery - 000.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bionicle bike by Johnny-Dai.2014-04-09T14:47:19Z Massey Ferguson 8130: A LEGO&reg; creation by Riley Duff : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Massey Ferguson 8130 by Riley Duff 2015-05-05T07:27:36Z star wars custom minifig base | Custom LEGO Minifigures<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego star wars custom minifig base2014-06-26T16:47:55Z America (WWII)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY randompanda_06112015-08-20T09:01:44Z London Bus<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Shine Yu2015-08-18T00:58:41Z TUTORIAL | How To Build a Drum set<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build / make a Lego drum set with: drums, kick drum, and cymbals tutorial. LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:!/WhacoLab CHECK OUT MY BLOG: Google+:[MOC] Mos Espa Podrace - Layout from Fanwelt Cologne 2012 - LEGO Star Wars - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Sir von Lego2012-11-29T02:00:36Z of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Programming | No Starch Press<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>With its colorful, block-based interface, The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 programming language is designed to allow anyone to program intelligent robots, but its powerful features can be intimidating at first. The Art of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Programming is a full-color, beginner-friendly guide designed to bridge that gap.2015-08-24T14:16:43Z RA 300 1967<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Nico712015-06-21T02:43:15Z Porsche<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Porsche 935/76 Turbo Porsche 956/962 Rothmans Porsche Carrera GTS Porsche 911 GT3 RS VW T1 Parts Bulli - Martini International Racing Ruf CTR Yellowbird Flying Lizard - Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Porsche-Diesel Super Manthey-Racing Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Porsche 917-4.5 Kurzheck-Coupé Porsche 911 GT1 Porsche 936/77 Porsche 935/78 Porsche 911 GT3 Hybrid Porsche 804 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet Porsche 908/02 Steve McQueen Porsche 961 Rothmans 2013-02-11T21:49:25Z TGS 8x4 Tow Truck<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fully functional model of MAN TGS 8x4 Tow Truck. Seven motorized and six pneumatic functions.2014-11-06T18:51:41Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>In the lab2015-08-21T12:06:54Z FNAF: Springtrap<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO FNAF: Springtrap2015-04-27T22:07:36Z Tropical Paradise<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My entry for the 2013 MOCathalon, category 'Tropical Paradise'. My tropical paradise is somewhere secluded, somewhere to get away from it all. You can keep your tropical beaches - the sand gets everywhere, and who wants to lie around on a beach all day? Not me, I'd prefer a place to explore, and find the perfect spot... a tropical forest. Full set here.2013-03-26T19:25:03Z Jordans by Too Yoo (, via THEINSPIRATION.COM | Things | Pinterest<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Just blaze #fire #red #firered #jordan52015-08-17T21:53:36Z To the Guily Eyebik<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Monumenture To the Guily Eyebik by Cade Roster 2015-07-23T07:59:59Z Batmobile<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Eddy Plu2015-08-04T11:21:06Z 138 of 365: Pay Toll Road<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ensure gate is not malfunctioning before proceeding. LEGO 365: Jar Jar Having A Bad Year2015-08-19T22:50:54Z Lego Fan Weekend 2012<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Finished bookends build by Deborah Higdon2012-10-03T13:44:16Z the flag on Iwo Jima<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>2011-06-30T00:18:09Z Shopping MALL! 10,000 pcs, 17 shops, 2 stories, custom MOC!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A huge mall built by Jangbricks.2014-07-07T12:13:56Z 42023 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>mod 420232015-08-26T08:58:09Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>man2015-08-26T09:01:22Z 8109 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>mod 81092015-08-26T09:00:19Z NXT ATM Machine with Change Maker<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>You can build your own bank at home! This ATM not only dispenses money when you add your [RFID] card, but you can also deposit money when you need it. Accepts major cards...2011-03-21T15:49:18Z Arkham Asylum by Ryan Evans<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>From Brickvention 2014.... I think?2014-03-16T23:36:24Z Nameless <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Joseph Olson2015-08-21T16:36:32Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Proudlove uses a Bram-sphere to recreate the loveable game character, Q-Bert.2012-12-05T14:05:13Z World bilder (2)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Western theme from LEGO World...2012-01-21T17:50:49Z 42009<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>mod 420092015-08-26T08:59:05Z Are My Pants! - Lord Business' Evil Lair 70809 Redesign<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My redesign of Lord Business' Evil Lair, Set # 70809 for the Be The Special building challenge. Click LIKE to show your support for Lord Business, for PANTS!, for TAKOS Tuesday!…. (or be put to sleep..)… Honey? Where are my pants?2014-02-15T05:47:13Z Jordans by Too Yoo (, via THEINSPIRATION.COM | Things | Pinterest<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." - Marcus Aurelius2015-08-17T21:56:43Z Village: Music Store - LEGO Town - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Music Store2014-12-27T12:23:36Z MISSILE BOAT ++ <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Mihe Stonee 2015-08-21T16:29:41Z Madness: Terrace Apartments / Barbershop - LEGO Town - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Myko 2013-01-21T02:18:25Z[Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 0 Main<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sushi Bar2015-07-15T21:25:25Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Light Mech2015-08-25T01:22:33Z MBC: Hart Wood Farm <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Ben Ehre 2015-08-21T16:34:27Z MOC: Pumpkin Factory<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Builder has designed a number of buildings that may work with modular series2012-03-24T15:39:33Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LTM 112002015-08-17T18:22:01Z A Hobbit Halloween<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Even hobbits like to dress up and scare their friends on Halloween....but that's not always the best idea. People like Aragorn take things a bit seriously. And there are REAL spooks in the forest too...2012-10-25T03:04:40Z Gallery - 10.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>moc2015-08-21T04:25:36Z, a MINDSTORMS EV3 brick sorter (updated video)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built from a single 31313 EV3 MINDSTORMS set, this robot sorts 2x4 LEGO bricks according to their color. Building instructions and program are available! Enjoy...2013-09-05T08:18:21Z Malibu Mansion<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ironman Malibu Mansion2014-07-08T07:33:12Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BB-8 by LEGO Will 2015-07-23T08:45:37Z FH with flat bed trailer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>You like it? Then please support my Tiny Trucks on Cuusoo: Gallery - radiant-kestrel-06.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Radiant Kestrel zachmoe on brickshelf 2015-07-19T10:31:45Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is EVAN, an amazing robot from the New MINDSTORMS Generation EV3. Fantastic work from LEGO Mindstorm and Education team!2013-02-05T16:32:21Z P4<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>PEUGEOT P42015-08-26T07:50:59Z•E_instruction<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>WALL•E instruction2012-11-18T10:49:37Z 4: SHIPtember Poster Shot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hope that this inspires the NASA.2014-10-01T06:55:38Z custom model : Imperial Shuttle - LEGO Star Wars - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Baronsat 2013-04-19T20:24:17Z Style Gull Wing Sports Car <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A 4WD Mercedes 300SL style sports car featuring a 4-speed transmission, full independent suspension, and front wheel steering. Mechanical Specifications: Propulsion: 2 x XL Motors Steering: 1 x M Motor Drive Type: 4WD Transmission: 4-speed remote control with 1 x M Motor Weight: 2 kg Height: 12 cm high Length: 49 cm long This car was built as an upgraded version to my Bentley style sports car, the transmission being the primary reason behind building it. I recently noticed that it is possible to rearrange the gears in the standard 4 speed transmission as so that the shifting pattern is different. Rather than having: 1 3 |-| 2 4 This new shifting sequence is: 1 2 |-| 3 4 Which is much more conducive to being motorized. The shifting mechanism which I used to shift the gears in the new configuration is shown (perhaps not clearly) in the photo of the underside. As it is unclear from the photo, I can give a brief explanation. The motor was connected to 2 camshafts, 2L in length and offset from each other by 90 degrees. The ends of those camshafts were connected by another rigid beam assembly to 3L bars which were attached to the axle holes on the transmission switches. For every 90 degree rotation of the cams, the transmission advanced by 1 gear. The problem with the transmission I used was that the motor was not a stepper motor and was connected via a relatively low (8:1) gear ratio to the camshaft. This made it difficult to directly select any one of the gears, and the transmission had to be shifted withing view of the camshaft. The car itself performed quite well, with soft suspension and good acceleration due to the XL motors and 4WD. The steering system occasionally skipped teeth due to the crammed nature of its design (shown in the photo below), but it took significant torque to make it do so. Combining studless and studfull to create the body turned out well aesthetically (with the exception of the back...) and was an interesting challenge to create, retaining the retro look of the Mercedes 300SL which it was modeled from. I will reuse the transmission in the future with some sort of stepper motor, and perhaps use the gull wing doors as well, which allow for a more consistent look in the car's body. I also enjoyed the 4WD in a sports car such as this, and will return to that with a faster large-scale vehicle. 2015-08-08T20:21:01Z Village: Inn - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Winner of the Winter Village contest on Eurobricks. Very nice and well-deserved win.2012-02-15T12:07:42Z Borkent på Twitter: &quot;New pictures, please support on;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>support picture2015-08-21T16:09:39Z America vs the Winter Soldier<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Who will win? Cap or the Winter Soldier?2014-03-10T18:02:05Z Audi R8 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Audi R8 by Axion 225 2012-12-07T18:35:34Z® Pokémon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I'm not ashamed to admit that I have been a Pokémon fan ever since I got the red cartridge for Christmas around 1998. I had the bug and it's been following me ever since. I remember setting my VCR to record the new episodes of the animated series while I was away at school and rushing home to catch up with Ash's latest adventure. If you have to know, yes, Charizard was and still is my all time favorite Pokémon with Mewtwo a close second. I have a larger LEGO® Pokémon themed project in the works right now, but after putting together the minifigs I had to post! Everything here is technically purist, in that it's all 100% LEGO® elements with no custom pieces or decals, but I did have to use a little Photoshop magic. :) HELP MAKE THIS A REALITY! VOTE NOW TO HELP MAKE THIS AN ACTUAL LEGO® SET: 2012-04-03T18:12:24Z[MOC] Bumper Cars - Carrinhos de choque - Comunidade de f&atilde;s de LEGO em Portugal<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Motorized bumper cars. No modified parts or glue inside :)2011-12-17T03:20:02Z CHIMA showcase<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Another brilliant creation by Olive Seon. A really gorgeous Chima showcase.2013-01-10T13:20:40Z Industries Current Works<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mech2015-08-25T03:05:04Z MK.III Clone Wars Edition <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By droid hunter2015-08-15T00:07:57Z 45 ca<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>oleopel 45 ca2015-08-26T08:54:09Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>etf2015-08-26T09:09:24Z Gallery - x-wing_t-70_v1_34-dl-ar-dr.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Episode VII new X-Wing2015-08-25T06:55:26Z's Apartment Building<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>What started out a backdrop for a brickfilm turned into a full replica of Emmet's apartment building from The LEGO Movie. It was recreated using the movie and the video game. The top floor, per the movie, borrowed heavily from the City Hall set. The roof if based on Edgeofpanic's LDD rendering. The signs are custom printed and tie the whole thing together.2015-08-24T05:37:28Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awesome Halloween-themed transforming mecha build.2013-10-31T19:20:43Z Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 by Sheepo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>FORD MUSTANG SHELBY GT5002014-07-11T14:32:48Z Found Love<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Magneto x Avengers2015-08-24T10:36:55Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>legohaulic's awesome x-wing2013-09-09T23:48:09Z Statue of Liberty Architecture Style (how to build...movielink) build by supermariolego and me<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is my Creation with help of supermariolego.... we try to build a Statue of Liberty "Architecture Styled" stand for the series 6 minifigure2012-03-28T05:16:49Z LEGO Star Wars: Separatist outpost attack. (with lights) : A LEGO&reg; creation by TX-008 1998 : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hi there, this is my first LEGO Star Wars MOC I’ve uploaded here on rebrick and I think I’ll upload some of my older LEGO Star Wars MOCs too!2012-12-08T20:46:37Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kingler by Stormbringer. 2015-07-27T08:02:54Z Temples | A Modular Life<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>lego pretty girls2015-07-26T14:18:58Z Surfer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hot, hot, sizzling summer!2015-07-28T13:48:10Z technic Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 by Kasper Hansen2012-12-09T14:52:52Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>MOC_shop_092014-10-31T19:06:41Z cobra snake<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BIONICLE COBRA SNAKE2015-08-24T09:32:24Z fighter mecha-1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>TIE fighter mecha2015-08-17T21:43:19Z and Umi<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cuteness! Anime x Lego2015-07-18T01:16:16Z Falcon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The battle over Endor from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi has been recreated by Blake Baer from a very unique perspective, the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. 2015-07-20T14:55:14Z Ideas - Gee Bee Z Super Sportster Airplane <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Please click the image to go to LEGO Ideas and support the project. It needs 10,000 supporters to be considered as an official LEGO set.2014-11-05T06:00:49Z 1.1 and sample poses<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>More A-Frame hardsuits2015-08-28T08:38:51Z Robot: torso<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>robot2014-11-06T07:33:40Zía de los Muertos<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Day of the Dead in Mexico By Antony Lau2015-07-28T06:35:50Z Gallery - dsc03050.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Liebherr Crawler crane HS 855 HD Scale 1:132012-07-05T22:37:16Z &raquo; Ford GT40<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ford GT40, by Sariel2012-01-17T14:04:09Z Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG : A LEGO&reg; creation by Thomas Eckert : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Technic Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG supercar, complete with gullwing doors! Created by Thomas Eckert.2012-05-14T21:54:31Z Ford Woody<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1951 Ford Woody.2015-08-27T11:13:46Z Chewbacca (8inch)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Chewbacca 2015-08-22T09:48:09Z Man 3 Trailer #1: IN LEGO<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An AWESOME LEGO Iron Man 3 Trailer!!!!!2013-04-27T19:27:39Z Style 4x4 Truck <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A 4x4 truck featuring all-wheel steering, full independent suspension, and a 2-speed gearbox. Mechanical Specifications: Propulsion: 2 x XL Motors Steering: All-wheel, 1 x Servo Motor Drive Type: 4WD Transmission: 2-speed remote control with 1 x M Motor and 1 x Large Linear Actuator Weight: 1.8 kg Height: 19 cm high Length: 47 cm long This car was built as a response to my recent acquiring of the 9398 4 x 4 Crawler, a good set, but lacking in some aspects. The aesthetics were off, it lacked a transmission, and it was too darn slow. Those problems I tried to remedy in this vehicle. I chose XL motors over L motors because of the increased power. I have found while building that the L motors are better suited than the XL motors for a vehicle in which the motors are being geared up, however; when the gear ratio remains constant or is reduced, the XL motors perform much better, at the cost of increased size. The drivetrain consisted of hard coupled XL motors geared down 1.67:1 before being fed through Sariel's heavy duty 2-speed linear transmission. In his vehicles and on his excellent site, he advises shifting the motors and leaving the transmission block itself fixed (resulting in a fixed transmission output); I took the opposite approach for this vehicle. The motors were firmly integrated into the chassis and the transmission block was shifted by an M motor with a 3:1 slip-gear reduction into a large linear actuator (I dislike the loud and disruptive built-in large linear actuator clutch). This required me to use extendable axles, one on each side to equalize the movement. That was a mistake. When used in conjunction with notoriously torque sensitive universal connectors, the drivetrain was too weak to handle any major obstacles, thus the car had to be kept to relatively flat ground. When driven that way, however, it performed admirably, having considerable speed on high gear (1:1 final drive) and enough torque to handle small obstacles with ease on low gear (2.78:1). The model was good, but it is a testament against using weak parts such as universal connectors and extendable axles in a vehicle where the drivetrain is not protected by gearing down (a.k.a. portal axles). I will revisit the realm of independent suspension trucks in the future, with independent portal axles and AWD rather than 4WD. 2015-08-08T20:19:08Z #2 - Ice <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How cute :)2014-10-26T07:31:18Z intercepter [MAD MAX]<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO MAD MAX2014-05-23T12:50:05Z Night to Remember<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My twenty-fifth build in my Iron Builder against Matt De Lanoy using the Metallic Silver Barbell2015-08-24T14:22:03Z GALACTIC FLEET <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Damon Corso2015-08-21T16:31:51Z 140 of 365: Train Coupling Danger<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO coupler magnets can be very strong. Watch your sensitive body parts. LEGO 365: Jar Jar Having A Bad Year2015-08-19T22:48:22Z Discover and save creative ideas<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>lego instructions2015-05-01T05:45:02Z Cottage<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Just brilliant and detailed. Love the shapes of the house.2014-11-07T15:30:46Z Ideas - Water Lily <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here's the lastest rendering of the LEGO Ideas Water Lily project! It has a slightly new petal configuration. Check out the updates on the project for more info!2015-08-07T15:42:31Z 42028<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>mod 420282015-08-26T08:56:02Z Gallery - fordgt_lemans_01.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Arvo Brothers present their latest LEGO vehicle, a Ford GT Le Mans.2012-06-16T23:56:43Z Powersuit X <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Pico van Grootveld2015-08-21T16:39:01Z[MOC] Heavy duty tractor truck - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms &amp; Model Team - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Heavy Duty Tractor Truck2015-03-31T08:33:40Z Swarmspawn<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Not sure what it is, but it's awesome!2013-10-20T15:53:25Z remember when comics were 30 cents<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Yester-year.....Nuff said.2014-11-04T04:58:06Z Gallery - door_resized.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>moc2015-07-27T08:06:28Z Dodge Charger with bigger wheels<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>made by -derjoe- on flickr very impressive work in this scale. Dimension are perfecrt !2013-07-07T16:08:52Z Air Jordan V “Grape” built entirely of LEGOs: Fan Made<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built from 696 LEGO pieces- the Jordan V "Grape" was the first Air Jordan to include translucent rubber soles and fit-enhancing lacelocks. What’s your favorite Jordan of all time? Tell us in the comments!2015-08-18T14:55:47Z Vignette<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Arrested2015-08-25T02:43:21Z of the Brick | No Starch Press<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nathan Sawaya is renowned for his incredible, sometimes surreal, sculptures and portraits—all made from LEGO bricks.2015-08-24T14:23:20Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Volvo FMX an Ford Mustang Shelby gt5002015-08-22T19:17:40Z Man's Trash is Another Man's Six-legged Plunger Mech<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The garbage men are rallying together to save LEGO world from annihilation. So they have turned their Garbage Truck into a six-legged plunger shooting walker thing. Please vote for us if you enjoyed this video!2013-04-12T15:07:37Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Modulars wink emoticon by Brickmaster LUG (S.Korea) 2015-08-27T01:01:06Z Corvette C7.R Racer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Racer by Peter Blackert.2015-08-02T02:59:54Z rosea<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Build #3 for Round 1.3 of the ABS Builder Challenge. Element of the round: the pink coffee mug2015-08-10T06:05:28Z'Vantage' medium armored transport<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>'Vantage' medium armored transport. Steering for the front, and some articulation all round.2015-08-12T11:55:32Z II | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lets face it, Hero Factory was a bit of a wash with us older fans, but it's nice to see that it did inspire this really cool MOC. Eero says it's not a HF MOC but part of his collaborative series he's been doing for as long as I've been following him Klannon. So go check that out. There's always a fascinating story to be told on his blog. 2015-06-19T23:28:16Z Hair Day.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Her hair would not relax, so she set it to the max. Built by Brother Steven. 2015-08-06T13:13:06Z LUGPol :: Zobacz temat - [MOC] Black &amp; White<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Volvo FH 20132013-07-17T20:22:20Z geek | Lego au bureau et ailleurs...<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>2011-03-07T14:22:31Z hand<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Dave Voltaggio. Seen at Brickfair 2013.2013-10-01T04:38:03Z 8x2 Recovery Truck Mk II - Bricksafe <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>12 functions powered by a single Power Functions L-motor2015-08-26T00:53:02Z Falls<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Crystal Falls2015-02-27T13:11:38Z - All machines<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Arcade - All Machines2015-08-14T06:35:54Z Build a LEGO Refrigerator (Fridge) with a Freezer Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build a Lego fridge with freezer LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:!/WhacoLab CHECK OUT MY BLOG: Google+: here is a simple tutorial of how to build a LEGO Frigerator With a Freezer dont forget to check out my other LEGO How-tos/Tutorials! And Subscribe!2012-11-08T23:50:47Z Far Cry 3 buggy mk2: A LEGO&reg; creation by Ryen Air : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Far Cry 3 buggy mk2 by Ryen Air 2014-12-18T10:06:50Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This guy looks dangerous! His head can move, and his mouth can even open and close!2012-04-11T14:16:55Z Fan Instructions page 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Build your own Technic fan with just a few simple elements! 2015-08-04T15:05:25Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>lr 17502015-08-26T09:02:36Z - R3 - PEW PEW!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pew Pew! by Burglarhobbit.2015-08-05T19:05:44Z Style Sports Car <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A relatively small scale Bentley Style sports car, featuring RWD, front-wheel steering, and a 4-speed remote-controlled gearbox. Mechanical Specifications: Propulsion: 2 x L Motors Steering: 1 x Servo Motor Drive Type: RWD Transmission: 4-speed remote control with 2 x M Motor Weight: 1.5 kg. Length: 42 cm. This is my first notable car featuring all the proper aspects of a Lego Supercar. I still don't technically consider it to be a supercar because of the transmission system, however. The transmission system was simply Sariel's 4-speed Enzo gearbox with two added M motors to switch gears. This meant that (because of the lack of a self-centering device) the two indicator switches had to be continually watched before and during the overly-complicated process of changing gears, as so that the two transmission driving rings were not engaged at the same time. The gearbox itself actually worked quite well, and the rear of the model ended up being quite compact. The drivetrain was simple: two hard-coupled L Motors, transmission, 16 tooth gear coupling, and straight into the differential. This simple drivetrain ensured that the motors actually would stall before any gear-skipping ensued. The steering system was dead-simple as well, as is necessary when using the Servo Motor. Overall, the car performed quite well, with the exception of the gearbox (which probably would have been better off as a manual transmission). It was moderately fast and handled well for a car of it's scale, both attributes being helped by the light weight of the car. The body, while almost entirely studless, still ended up looking okay but was relatively weak, and the chassis could have used reinforcement. I will revisit the gearbox in the future, however, just not with the same switching mechanism. 2015-08-08T20:17:16Z platform<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Space Crafts2015-07-29T11:47:15Z Forest Abode <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By BrickBuilder7622 2015-08-21T16:35:35Z W 110 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mercedes-Benz W 110 by Michael Jasper2012-12-08T20:50:03Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Great B.W.2015-08-21T02:25:09Z of Life. (main)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dragansruth river by Brother Steven.2012-09-03T09:10:00Z 2.0 Fuel Transporter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Octan 2.0 Fuel Transporter2013-10-01T20:45:47Z Screwdriver<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My sixth build in my Iron Builder against Matt Delanoy using the Metallic Silver Barbell (and I am now officially in love with this piece)2015-08-05T06:41:53Z Viper ACR race car 1/9 scale <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dodge Viper ACR race car 1/9 scale by Tyler Reid 2012-12-01T22:42:10Z : Le forum francophone sur les jouets Lego. &bull; Afficher le sujet - [c][MOD] 10214 Tower Bridge : Modular style<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great MOD done by Mr_No using the parts from the 10214 Tower Bridge. Check the other photos for details. Awesome idea and work.2012-12-08T13:34:29Z house - Bricktown<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This MOC is a victorian house. This kind of house can be seen in San Francisco.2015-08-27T11:00:54Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Rollercoaster2015-02-25T14:33:50Z - Shell Pump Station v2 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Erlangga B2015-08-25T16:37:24Z CARTWHEEL3R (Short Edit)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>CARTWHEEL3R is a simple EV3 LEGO MINDSTORMS robot, made to celebrate the official release of 31313 today! It was done with parts from 31313 kit plus two additional 12t double bevel gears, for the version without the EV3 logo. The logo was ofc built with some extra parts. :D If you enjoyed it, just press the "Like" button! ;)2013-09-01T14:17:14Z Baldwin&#x27;s Trophy Truck | More at | By: SarielLego | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sariel is a genius 2015-06-09T00:01:01Z Gallery - dsc01430.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is my DAF-Truck scale 1:13.2012-07-05T23:13:13Z