ReBrick Most Viewed Bookmarks most viewed videos and photos on ReBrick from the past week.ReBrick@LEGO.comMost Viewed® - Korean LEGO User Community<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Yes, this is LEGO! By Hayarobi2014-08-13T09:28:50Z Assemble! (Micro-Mood Scale) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Earth's tiniest heroes! A micro scale version of the Avengers.2014-05-17T15:24:35Z Council of Elrond<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lovely MOC of a well-known scene from the Fellowship of the Ring.2013-08-07T17:38:44Z of the Dead - Zombie Creation: Arc de Triomphe<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Arc de Triomphe by CaptainSpaulding2014-07-04T06:34:16Z® - Korean LEGO User Community<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Technic Koenigsegg Agera R ( NO2 system ) RC. There's almost a complete building instruction on the webpage. Also check out 2014-08-13T09:43:15Z Top 10 Best LEGO Sets Of All Time <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Not sure if I agree with all of these, but interesting nonetheless.2012-02-04T01:35:41Z Mata Band - Episode3<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toa Mata Band, aka as the World’s first LEGO robotic band, covers Depeche Mode’s Everything Counts2014-08-14T09:06:23Z Terrian Impetum Pod (OT-IP)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Omni Terrian Impetum Pod (OT-IP) What started of as a skeptical experiment quickly turned into one of the most terrifying forces of the modern world. The Omni Terrian Impetum Pod was first pitched to The Federation by Gearworks Defense Co. as a mobile artillery platform. GDC was licensed to build 4 of the OT-IP which were used in the beginning of the Federation/Secessionist war, and quickly became a permanent fixture on the battlefield.2014-08-15T12:31:04Z Martin DB5 — BrickNerd - Your place for all things LEGO and the LEGO fan community<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>ASTON MARTIN DB52014-08-10T15:06:36Z Gallery - 9154599496_e00ea01663_c.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> Legend of the Galactic Heroes spaceship by brickshelf user LemonBoy2014-08-14T18:58:38Z am Groot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I am Groot I hope I didn't beat someone else to the punch with this. I just really wanted a baby Groot for my desk.2014-08-11T19:28:25Z Paratroopa<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Koopa Paratroopa Only one of our favorite enemy minions. And since it was recently World cup season... :D2014-07-19T08:25:27Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Cam M. on Flickr. 2014-08-14T00:50:43Z Gallery - dscn1904.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A gift to a little friend who was going to Disney for their Halloween vacation. Lots of fun stuff in the display2014-08-13T18:47:33Z life<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Riccardo Zangelmi: "It does not matter the shell that you wear, the important thing is what you carry inside…"2014-08-13T08:56:20Z 2014 | DoubleBrick: Российское сообщество энтузиастов LEGO!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Our LEGO city 2014. Built with the son of 8 years about two weeks. All photos are here says hello<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A really well built giant squid! Great design and use of parts! Built by Matt De Lanoy.2014-08-13T15:15:08Z's Classic Cantina Redux<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a remake of my earlier build: <a href=""></a> Been wanting to do an update to this for a while now, as I was limited to 300 something parts when I made that for a contest. 2014-08-12T20:42:34Z Magnet Factory<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An amazing build that took 4 years to create2014-08-12T06:23:58Z® - Korean LEGO User Community<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Marvel Avengers helicarrier2014-08-13T10:35:00Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great mix of Star Wars n Steam Punk2014-08-08T11:43:33Z CHIMA showcase<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Another brilliant creation by Olive Seon. A really gorgeous Chima showcase.2013-01-10T13:20:40Z 2000GT<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toyota 2000GT by sauseiji2014-08-14T11:55:38Z MOC Chi Skinnet<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Chima MOC Chi Skinnet2014-08-15T12:32:33Z | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cute LEGO Kitten model built by ArzLan. Nice SNOT building and detail!2014-08-14T17:43:38Z® - Korean LEGO User Community<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Military Museum with great details both outside and inside. By Fenomeno2014-08-13T10:48:12Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Science Fiction Art Inspired Star fighter2014-08-11T20:35:54Z meets Hana-chan<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Domo-kun meets Hana-chan2014-08-15T12:36:57Z Moon Base Observatory<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mia, Stephanie and Emma explore the night sky from their lunar observatory. Assist Mia chart the sky. Open the telescope dome and rotate the telescope 360 degrees. Emma is just arriving through the airlock. She has two friends she made on a previous expedition excited to have her home. Stephanie is busy examining rocks brought back by Emma. Her robotic dog keeps her company and reminds her that she needs to eat and drink as well as investigate. Detailed pictures of the inside on my Flickr Album: Thank you!2014-07-29T23:52:00Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Ryan H. on Flickr.2014-08-14T00:48:01Z Gallery - img_5765.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mirage-101 Car by brickshelf user vsync2014-08-15T11:43:06Z X-Men VS The Brotherhood<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Steelex709 VS: X-Men VS The Brotherhood2014-08-15T09:44:12Z Is Not A Plan<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Rocket Raccoon model, from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy2014-08-04T22:30:12Z® - Korean LEGO User Community<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dakar Rally truck by bigcrown2014-08-13T10:37:50Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Looney Tunes characters. Big and "realistic" :)2014-08-11T09:09:05Z Fumikitty (Steampunk Unikitty): A LEGO&reg; creation by Saequis the Mage : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Haha, great idea! Build by Saequis the Mage2014-08-11T16:47:56Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Carrousel, with variable up and down zone.2014-08-12T14:35:05Z Hinde <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is my interpretation of Sir Francis Drakes flagship Golden Hinde in minifig scale.2011-12-16T17:43:08Z Videogames LEGO® Video Games - Community - Gallery - Details <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dark Death was a Dark Hunter, but disobeyed the Shadowed One and is now on the run as a mercenary. He is equipped with twin flamethrowers, thick armor, and a pair of flip-up heavy machine guns. (Made by Caleb K., 1/2 of Krauchunas7)2014-01-07T20:39:05Z Gallery - 20140211-204549__cimg7949.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Battling the red dragon by Drachenjagd2014-02-16T18:42:42Z Shell Ferrari Collection<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Shell Ferrari Collection by _drdesignz_ on Flickr.2013-05-01T03:13:41Z Wrangler Rubicon | DoubleBrick: Российское сообщество энтузиастов LEGO!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Jeep Wranler as car for James Bond on vacations.2011-12-02T11:33:24Z boat | Lego Ships | Pinterest<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Amazing Vietnamese fishing boat2014-08-12T08:48:04Z Friendly Starfighter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Even Friends need to defend themselves!!! ...but don't let this little ship fool you, as it really packs a punch!2014-08-06T01:35:24Z Custom Minifig Ching Dynasty Chinese Warrior Trans Green Armour (E56)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Custom Minifig Ching Dynasty Chinese Warrior Trans Green Armour (E56)2012-02-12T08:10:18Z Gallery - i01.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1968 Ford Mustang by brickshelf user vkyppwnsall2014-08-11T13:08:55Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>YokozunaBOT is a robot to use in Sumo Competitions. It can be a hard competitor and it´s ready to be improved with several upgrades. The Robots will be used to the sumo competition for the first time in Arte em Peças - LEGO8R) Fan Event in Paredes de Coura, Portugal 2012-05-13T17:07:53Z Gallery - 0001.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lamborghini Gallardo by brickshelf user steez2014-08-14T18:59:59Z!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Superheroes to the rescue!2014-08-08T11:36:07Z MOC: Mini Cooper<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very realistic copy of the Mini Cooper...2011-02-20T08:23:40Z by Anthony Powell on lego art | Pinterest<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Container Ship2014-08-12T07:29:04Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Nick Vas. I personally own this awesome creation!2014-08-12T06:38:55Z Gallery - img_1496.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I'd prefer british racing green, but red doesn't suit it bad Build by nexus72014-08-11T17:16:08Z 10.14.28<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Meet Junior, the newest member of my Folklore, Myth, and Superstition series. Don't let his genial disposition fool you, he's quite the little hellraiser.2013-04-10T06:30:28Z | My Unikitty Mech MOC with ice cream club, candy shield and roller boots. No o... | Webstagram<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Unikitty mecha is unstoppable...and adorable! 2014-01-30T15:52:19Z Low Rider<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very cool looking car! Built by Peteris Sprogis.2014-08-14T17:49:54Z Crown's Castle siege<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The royal city is under attack! All the evil in the LEGO universe is attacking the Blue Crown's castle. 2014-08-09T08:49:11Z Angry Bird "Mini" - Instructions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The fantastically skilled builder Iain Heath also known as Ochre Jelly shared this free building instructions for a mini Angry Bird. Follow the link to check out his Flickr or go to his inspiring blog thelivingbrick.com2012-02-22T08:43:04Z in Space: Sickbay<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Lego friends are exploring space. On their recently completed spaceship there is also an excellent and up to date sickbay for friends and extraterrestrial races in need. It is entered through an air lock and contains two biobeds, an operation room, a laboratory, a small greenhouse for some herbage and medical plants and, of course, a decompression chamber.2014-07-27T22:30:28Z Are Some of the Most Amazing Lego Projects Ever Built | Raw File | WIRED<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Haunted House2014-08-12T08:41:14Z to Build a Lego Star Wars Speeder (BEST DESIGN!!!)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A cool tutorial on How to Build a LEGO Star Wars Speeder Bike!2011-03-28T23:06:53Z Dodge Charger: A LEGO&reg; creation by Marcus Paul : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This Charger is worth to be bookmarked just because it's not orange. But of course this is not the only reason. Build by Marcus Paul2014-08-11T17:38:49Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr. ReBrick visiting NALUGs layout in the Fort Mall in Fort Saskatchewan. He may have arrived hobo style.2014-07-27T21:26:03Zレゴブロックでピカチュウ<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cute little Pikachu from Pokemon2012-02-06T11:16:49Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Train Station2012-06-04T20:53:00Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Top of the tree construction2012-12-23T18:08:03Z Attacks!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very obvious use for the seed part but I just couldn't resist and it gave me an excuse to build a UFO. Call me lazy but they are Trans-Clear Bubble Helmets after all!2014-08-14T18:20:38Z - Dalek Instructions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build a lego dalek2012-01-21T00:54:52Z Model of Alberta Legislature Building<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Largest group effort for NALUG. More photos at: Technic Wing Body Truck<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Japanese Wing Body Truck2013-08-08T08:19:36Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Seahorse by mike nieves 2012-11-18T21:38:30Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Steampunk version of the Star Wars Snowspeeder.2014-08-09T07:28:43Z Many small MOCs : a LEGO&reg; creation by Henrik Hoexbroe : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A lovely built commercial fishing boat2014-08-12T07:22:04Z Viking (LEGO sistervessel of the FAIRPLAY-33)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Konajra2014-08-12T07:32:39Z Indomitable War Machine!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Nick Vas2014-08-12T06:43:49Z[CHIMA 限SETS]五碗水煮埋一碗 - 科幻太空 - HKLUG 香港樂高迷用戶組討論區 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awesome idea~ Super robot transformed from 5 sets of Chima Legend Beast (by Macchow)2014-01-16T03:43:53Z Are My Pants! - Lord Business' Evil Lair 70809 Redesign<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My redesign of Lord Business' Evil Lair, Set # 70809 for the Be The Special building challenge. Click LIKE to show your support for Lord Business, for PANTS!, for TAKOS Tuesday!…. (or be put to sleep..)… Honey? Where are my pants?2014-02-15T05:47:13Z Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (selling LDD instructions): A LEGO&reg; creation by Rick S. : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bugatti Veyron 16.4 by Rick S. 2012-12-03T20:47:06Z Build A LEGO Couch (Sofa) Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> How-To Build a LEGO Couch/Sofa Tutorial2012-11-08T23:58:31Z Many small MOCs : a LEGO&reg; creation by Henrik Hoexbroe : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A beautifully built shrimp boat2014-08-12T07:20:48Z Lego Sculpture &#8211; Fubiz™<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>WOW!2014-08-12T08:32:35Z Retro Speeder: A LEGO&reg; creation by Ska 2D2 : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Really nice shape Build by SKA 2D22014-08-11T16:41:00Z explorer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dolphin explorer became extremely useful in researching of the utmost ends of the galaxy2014-07-31T18:54:05Z's astrochicken henhouse<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Astrochicken are cute, lovely and giant creatures. They represent a valuable resource for the Alpha Colony's farm, on planet XS-B2, and Stephanie is tasked with feeding and caring for them. Every day she takes a crate of fodder and jump in her exo-suit, which protects her from the dangerous atmosphere. She loves spending some time to feed and cuddle the creatures.2014-07-08T08:25:21Z Pluto Class Transporter (Classic Space): A LEGO&reg; creation by David Alexander Smith : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Is it just me, or does it look like a flying phonebox? Anyway, it still looks nice. Build by David Alexander Smith2014-08-11T16:49:23Z Lego Church!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Huge!2014-08-12T08:34:44Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Polar Bear Cub & Dolphin2013-09-23T16:19:32Z Dame<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>MOC Architecture. Great build, I really like the spire2010-10-13T14:15:22Z and Jörmungandr - 4 (Main)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Nick Vas2014-08-12T06:40:48Z Highly Unexpected Occurence<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>What is this planet? nice concept2014-08-12T03:11:37Z Gallery - 1.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great models need great photos. Like this one for instance. Build by vkyppwnsall2014-08-11T17:08:06Z 10463902_10203998981876347_7125242800101215458_n.jpg - subir imagenes - Casimages<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mario Bros Box2014-06-28T17:26:50Z Cycle Chase Alternate Build<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here's an alternate build for The Lego Movie Super Cycle Chase. I've included a picture of the original set. See if you can pick out what parts came from where. Also you can see which parts I left in tact, for example most Emitt's arms and sides came from the original build, and Lucy's robot uses the original back of the truck for the chest piece. I thought this was a great set to use for the alternate build because each car fit the color scheme of the minifigure. It was just a matter of mechanizing it. Hope you like it. If you think it's AWESOME, please hit the "like" button! Thanks!2014-03-29T17:40:23Z Technic 42009 L full RC<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fully remote controlled modification of 42009. Brilliant!2013-07-28T08:25:49Z Minifig wall display system - using Ikea Ribba frame<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here are my instructions for creating a minifig display case from an Ikea picture frame. Full instructions at: Jointed Play Figures: Disney 2012 Lego<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awesome Dragon2014-08-12T08:44:48Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Probability Machine by Wayne Hussey2014-08-12T08:16:01Z Build A LEGO Vending Machine Tutorial (WhacoLab)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here is how to make a fun cool looking LEGO Vending machine tutorial.2012-11-08T23:43:47Z; CUUSOO | Minion from Despicable Me<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>cool2012-09-15T22:38:47Z MOC: Space-Ship-Yamato<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Wow, Check out this MOC Yamato!2010-10-13T12:36:24Z LEGO&#174; Model of the Day: When DUPLO and BIONICLE Combine...<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice creation with DUPLO bricks and BIONICLE.2012-02-24T08:16:52Z 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Aposematism Ignored by Ryan Rubino2014-08-12T07:53:49Z Super Cycle<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Benny's custom Super Cycle by flickr user Summo132014-08-13T17:57:19Z Model of High Level Bridge in Edmonton<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr.ReBrick is getting ready for his illegal bungee jump of NALUGs scale model of Edmonton's High Level Bridge2014-07-27T21:59:37Z Ford Mustang GT500<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1976 Mustang2014-08-02T19:42:22Z Fury - Additional Views<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Nick Vas2014-08-12T06:44:52Z Raccoon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Chris McVeigh Brick Sketch #312014-08-11T12:34:19Z Gallery - 1b.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>AUDI R8 6 speed and reverse sequential gearbox inspiration on Sheepo gearbox caster and camber angles brakes handbrake retractile clutch spoiler totally rc 2014-07-10T17:43:44Z Chronist - Das deutsche BIONICLE-Netzwerk<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> A German news platform and forum site about BIONICLE and HERO Factory.2011-11-29T21:10:56Z 944 turbo (951) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Porsche 944 turbo by jason bungee 2012-12-23T20:12:08Z 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Predator and Prey Battle of the Leviathans by Ryan Rubino2014-08-12T07:57:42Z Copper 3.0 (7 wide)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Decided to widen the Mini Cooper to 7 wide as the 6 wide seemed a bit narrow/tall. Let me know if it's an improvement. Personally I like the positioning of the grill on the 6 wide better, but the width to height looks better on the 7 wide.2014-08-01T14:36:38Z's European Village<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Small section of Laszlo's village, for more see: FH16 + Kempf trailer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Volvo FH16 700 by Jakeof_2012-12-08T22:57:27Z for MINDSTORMS NXT Tutorial 1 - Your first program<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to create a simple program using LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. Topics include the functions palette, context help and auto-wiring.2011-01-19T17:48:35Z Moc Modular 50s Cinema 001<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Inspired on 1940s & 1950s Lisboa, Portugal cinemas.2012-06-28T11:13:50Z San Diego Comic Con 2014<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>San Diego Comic Con 2014 has begun, so to celebrate, here is my mosaic of the San Diego Comic Con logo.2014-08-01T15:15:05Z Man - Mark III Suit<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>After a years work, it's finally here. Unfortunately it didn't turn out as sleek or as clean as I had hoped, but then I chose to sacrifice looks for functionality. It is an action figure, after all!2014-08-10T16:11:31Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Jellyfish. Spocks ship by Adrian Drake2014-08-12T08:12:25Z in Legoland, Billund (2006)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Beautiful Creation at Legoland Billund2014-08-12T07:18:26Z A Victorian Bountyhunter: A LEGO&reg; creation by Legopard � : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Yes, more Steampunk stuff Build by Legopard2014-08-11T17:35:08Z furniture<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Birgburg on Flickr.2013-06-03T15:28:01Z Catfish<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Catfish Friends Star fighter FSF-CF012014-08-15T12:34:05Z[MOC] Steampunk AT-AT: The All Terrain Aristocratic Traveler - LEGO Star Wars - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Marvelous Steampunk AT-AT2014-08-15T19:49:25Z machines<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Konajra2014-08-12T07:42:58Z Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 by Sheepo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>FORD MUSTANG SHELBY GT5002014-07-11T14:32:48Z; CUUSOO | Legend of Zelda: King of Red Lions Play Set<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by flailx, it's Link and his trusty boat, the King of Red Lions! A proposition for an actual set, this features two Chu-chus, a collapsible tree, and a treasure chest! Please support it on LEGO CUUSOO!2013-06-05T14:27:51Z[MOC] Anakin&#39;s Jedi Interceptor with Hyperspace Ring - LEGO Star Wars - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Swan Dutchman 2013-04-19T20:17:21Z LTM 11200 and Mercedes Actros SLT with Nooteboom boom trailer.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This has to be one of the best LEGO mobile crane MOC that I have ever seen.2013-09-24T16:31:53Z Mindstorms EV3Bike Powered by leJOS & Java<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A self balancing bike, built using the Mindstorms EV3 kit and the EV3 Gyro. The bike is controlled by a Java program written using leJOS.2013-09-09T23:28:06Z Disney&#8217;s Frozen Olaf MOC | Brick Fanatics<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Olaf from Frozen2013-12-31T16:09:52Z Bionicle: More Than G.I.-Cyber-Joe? | GeekDad |<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>2011-02-11T11:11:18Z AVENTADOR <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hey everyone, this is my Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4. The car features: - V12 engine -AWD with 3 differentials -5 + R AWD transmission -Clutch -Pushrod suspension -Steering -Scissor doors with dumped shock absorbers -Retractive spoiler -Opening hood -Opening trunk This car was quite a challenge for me, it took a lot of work to get everything right, I try to be very perfectionist when it comes to shape and proportions of the body, but finally I got it; and I think the car looks awesome. Many functions this time, my favorites are the scissor doors and the pushrod suspension since I have never done those before. I’m also very pleased with my new compact AWD 5 + R gearbox with clutch and differential incorporated, it works very well. And this time I added a little video for you to watch…. Enjoy !!!!2014-06-29T11:19:24Z 495HF syncrude-14<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Konajra2014-08-12T07:44:30Z 4100xpc__1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Konajra2014-08-12T07:46:02Z and Prey<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Orion Pax2014-08-12T07:49:36Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Another view of my Bionicle Komodo Dragon2014-08-12T08:06:01Z Are Some of the Most Amazing Lego Projects Ever Built | Raw File | WIRED<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Iron Man!2014-08-12T08:36:39Z Fire (9 pics)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Looks like its real!2014-08-12T08:38:55Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Neverland island. By 2 much caffeine2014-08-05T15:02:03Z Baseball Stadiums | clusterflock<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Camden Yards2013-05-21T14:12:08Z muckin' about with boats.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Just muckin' about with boats.2014-08-15T12:30:21Z RAY GUN - Life Size - Call of Duty<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A Life Size Ray Gun built Completely from LEGO Elements! 2011-12-21T04:20:43Z; CUUSOO | 1:8 Scale Classic American Hot Rod<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I spent the last six months designing and building this Lego hot rod. The suicide doors are motorized and can be opened by turning the engine and shifting gears. The supercharger is an E-motor that turns the engine. The steering, transmission, differential, and suspension are also all functional. The car is 100% Lego. I've submitted it to Cuusoo hoping the concept will eventually become an official Lego set: 2012-09-14T18:22:28Z Wars - Executor - Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>the underside of the star destroyer...great lights....2012-08-07T19:19:26Z Friendly Starfighter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Even Star fighter's need regular maintenance. This one is going to be getting a full tune-up!2014-08-06T01:38:21Z hot rod - Lucky 13 MOC<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego technic black hot rod.2014-08-12T08:33:02Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Konajra2014-08-12T07:41:21Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Konajra2014-08-12T07:34:36Z by Anthony Powell on lego art | Pinterest<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Lego Frauenkirche Dresden (Church Of Our Lady), Germany"2014-08-12T07:27:44Z by Anthony Powell on lego art | Pinterest<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Taz!2014-08-12T07:25:11Z Porsches, Porsches, PORSCHES!: A LEGO&reg; creation by Henrik Hoexbroe : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice colour combination Build by Henrik Hoexbroe2014-08-11T17:42:31Z to<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Porsche 959 past and present. There are several years between these creations.2014-08-11T17:54:30Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Photo from Joshua Christenson2014-07-13T01:57:45Z Scooter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Friends Space Scooter TUTORIAL | How To Build a Drum set<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build / make a Lego drum set with: drums, kick drum, and cymbals tutorial. LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:!/WhacoLab CHECK OUT MY BLOG: Google+:; CUUSOO | Lord of the Rings Set: Minas Tirith<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Project for a minas tirith set.2013-03-03T12:04:42Z[CCCX Castle] Burg Lyndwørmsfald - LEGO Historic Themes - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Burg Lyndwørmsfald Made by Kumpelkante " In an age long forgotten a brave hero (insert silly fantasy-name here) fought a mighty Wyvern (called Lindwurm in German) and finally killed the beast near a waterfall. To pay tribute to that hero a castle was built on the rock that stood in the midst of the waterfall" Interesting story, interesting castle with interesting waterfall, and interesting presentation In one word: interesting :) 2013-07-04T20:35:53Z - Gallery - Galleries <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Universe! 2014-08-15T14:43:01Z 8109 RC modification<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Remote controlled 8109 Flatbed truck. instructions available at 14_BrickCon 2013_Seattle WA_10_04-06_2013 350<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Keithlug2014-08-12T07:52:10Z To Endor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Endor Starwars. By 2 Much Caffeine2014-08-05T15:12:30Z on Mars Rocket <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My take on a Lego Universe rocket.2014-08-10T01:16:48Z Team in Plasma Refinery<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>First one for exploration series2014-08-07T20:04:44Z :DART:<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Short Range Recon Star Fighter May be cute but packs a punch with 2 Kryon Laser's mounted underneath...2014-07-28T15:43:20Z CARTWHEEL3R (Short Edit)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>CARTWHEEL3R is a simple EV3 LEGO MINDSTORMS robot, made to celebrate the official release of 31313 today! It was done with parts from 31313 kit plus two additional 12t double bevel gears, for the version without the EV3 logo. The logo was ofc built with some extra parts. :D If you enjoyed it, just press the "Like" button! ;)2013-09-01T14:17:14Z Road Warrior (Mad Max Interceptor) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Road Warrior (Mad Max Interceptor) by Marcus Paul 2013-02-21T18:20:53Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built in June 2012. It wasn't my intention to build something based on a ladybird, it kind of just happened. I originally had different legs (that would have been fully pose-able), but they weren't strong enough to support the models weight. These legs don't really move (other than back and forward), but I like them a lot. I always was a Leg man! If you want to see more pictures, click here: This photo is the first taken using a light tent and decent lights after being given them by my good mate Ninbendo for Christmas (please check out his photo-stream I hope these uploads are better than my previous efforts! Any constructive criticism/tips would be welcome.2013-02-27T08:32:53Z Tractor MOC (Case IH Magnum) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Case IH Magnum by Jonas H 2013-01-22T11:35:18Z LEGO Movie - Building Crane (Red & white version)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The LEGO Movie - Building Crane (Red & white version)2014-01-28T04:11:30Z Lego Navy Ship -<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>As the title states, an awesome aircraft carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman!2011-06-30T16:21:59Z Motorized Tractor 8284<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Do you get tired from towing your LEGO tractor? Then you have to watch my motorized tractor 8284! More info at Veyron 16.4 - Group Shot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bugatti Veyron 16.4 by lego9112012-12-03T21:02:55Z Gallery - a003.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hong Kong NWFB Dennis E50D by brickshelf user Legokinsfolk2014-08-09T10:26:52Z Stephanie's Cool Corvette: A LEGO&reg; creation by Marcus Paul : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>To drive cool cars is not a boys privilege Build by Marcus Paul2014-08-11T17:40:26Z Mazda RX-7 (SA22C): A LEGO&reg; creation by John Pike : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>It's a long time ago, that I've seen this beauty in real life. Build by John Pike2014-08-11T17:33:01Z Gallery - miku_6_.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LIfe size Miku Hatsune2014-08-14T11:13:32Z Space<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is my submission for the Friends in Space Building Challenge. In the picture you can see that the friends are planting flowers and using a sparkle gun to make every planet beautiful. On the left is the end of there space station! (my flickr account is hound dog3)2014-07-02T19:26:43Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Super Mario character Bowser2014-07-01T10:51:38Z Audi R8 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Audi R8 by Axion 225 2012-12-07T18:35:34Z•E_instruction<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>WALL•E instruction2012-11-18T10:49:37Z hugs<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>If they only knew what was to come...2013-01-08T14:57:37Z base on Teth <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Clone wars battle scene2012-09-20T13:36:54Z - Batman Collection<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Batman Collection2011-04-13T16:37:19Z 14001 Olaf Set Image (Disney Frozen)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A packaging spoof that was fun to make in Photoshop; I really, really wish that the LEGO Group was capitalizing on Frozen right now. (And I don't want a Friends version; minifigures are more customizable, posable, durable, and detailed than minidolls anyway and can use the same decorative hair accessories!) Anyway, enough ranting... This image was not produced, endorsed, or otherwise approved by the LEGO Group or the Walt Disney Company. Thanks for looking!2014-04-25T17:19:52Z Megatron - A Lego Mini Transformer by BWTMT Brickworks<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fully Transforming Mini Megatron Transformer! Enjoy!2014-08-12T11:54:33Z Grand Budapest Hotel In Lego &#8211; Fubiz™<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ryan Ziegelbauers Grand Budapest Hotel.2014-08-12T09:01:42Z Cinderella Glass Slipper<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>It is designed for my love ,but she is angry to wear it...2014-08-12T03:14:41Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictures from our recent visit to LEGOLAND - Billund2014-08-10T19:13:32Z Black Gate<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Negociation in front of the Black Door of the Mordor.2014-08-07T06:05:07Z Gallery - alfa_romeo_disco_volante_2012_02.png<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Alfa Romeo Disco Volante 2012 by brickshelf user lego9112014-08-01T10:35:58Z; CUUSOO | X-men: The School for Gifted Mutants<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cyclops and the Inside of the X-Mansion2014-02-01T20:07:02Z LEGO ED-209 from Robocop<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great parts usage! ED-209 by ninbendo!2013-03-07T15:15:58Z ♥ LEGO - Google+ - Skywalker Family Fun - Swimming with dolphins #LEGO …<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Skywalker Family Fun - Swimming with dolphins2013-08-24T12:26:21Z State Building<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>his LEGO sculpture of the Empire State Building is on display at the top of the real Empire State Building.2011-02-11T18:36:41Z Amsterdam 01<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Amsterdam build in LEGO by my mother and me for Klodsfest in April 2011 in Vejle, Denmark. We got the idea in the autumn 2010 when we was on holiday in the Netherlands.2012-01-03T19:58:48Z Prime , A G1 Lego Transformers Creation<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego G1 Ultimate Version designed by me! Enjoy! 2012-08-04T14:41:15Z Rises<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Who doesn't love a Cthulhu? If you like this little guy, click "like" up next to the photo. (Also this may help you to avoid being the Cthulhu's next meal. And that's more than polite for a Cthulhu.)2012-07-04T04:46:02Z Acceleration Combat Armor <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>.2012-12-11T16:24:34Z IRON MAN MARK VII ARMOR <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>All I can say is WOW! Iron Man MOC by M McCooey!2012-12-19T04:34:35Z Dodge Charger Custom (The Fast And The Furious) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1970 Dodge Charger Custom by welliAR Wellinger2012-12-01T17:30:18Z Bee (White Tailed) - Bombus lucorum<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A beautiful Bumble Bee . by Detomaso772014-08-05T15:54:13Z Maarten<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Konajra2014-08-12T07:37:21Z biped robot Lego mindstorms<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This my first MOC (my own creation) made within the content of the upcoming Lego Mindstorms 31313 EV3 set.2013-08-24T21:29:20Z F-16 // fighter moc aircraft jet lego airplane falcon wip fighting <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>F-16 // fighter moc aircraft jet lego airplane falcon wip fighting2013-09-01T15:58:33Z, a MINDSTORMS EV3 brick sorter (updated video)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built from a single 31313 EV3 MINDSTORMS set, this robot sorts 2x4 LEGO bricks according to their color. Building instructions and program are available! Enjoy...2013-09-05T08:18:21Z Catch 'Em All<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built in lieu of the release of Pokemon X and Y.2013-10-11T02:06:51Z Firm - Modular Building <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> :02013-12-21T22:19:45Z 240 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Volvo 240 by Senator Chinchilla . 2012-12-01T17:52:56Z Endor: Battle for the Shield Generator - LEGO Star Wars - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by I Scream Clone 2013-01-07T15:33:42Z 250 GTO 05<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This LEGO creation was the one that gave me the most fun building it. It unites two things that I love - The Ferrari 250 GTO and the movie Vanilla Sky. This car is a representation of the one that appears in the movie driven by Tom Cruise. It’s all build out of Lego parts… even the stickers are Lego. ? And, yeah, it’s a black Ferrari! Not red! Isn’t it a beauty? Info:<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>;s pretty awesome! Lego Pokemon! on Twitpic<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Yeah, that IS pretty awesome2012-04-23T07:06:55Z Star Wars MOC Spotlight: You Too Can Build An Awesome Snowspeeder | From Bricks To Bothans<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>See how to built this great model - follow the link!2011-06-08T19:49:45Z Sculpts Life-Size LEGO Batman - Technabob<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>13 year-old Evan Bacon's life-size LEGO Batman sculpture2011-11-30T16:53:54Z Pust Steamtrawler<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Konajra2014-08-12T07:36:13Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictures from our recent visit to LEGOLAND - Billund2014-08-10T19:26:22Z good Sentinel is a dead one!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I wasn't satisfied with the size of the Sentinel issued by Lego... This is to me more accurate. And it could be larger than that...2014-08-10T16:13:27Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictures from our recent visit to LEGOLAND - Billund2014-08-10T19:09:06Z, 100, 100th Picture on Flickr!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This was inspired by Chris McVeigh's (Powerpig) brick sketches:2014-08-01T14:52:56Z's Model of Corner Gas<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr. ReBrick is crashing the set of Corner Gas (a Canadian cult favourite) See other photos for wider view of the very accurate model.2014-07-27T21:57:34Z X / LEGO Ultra Agents Semi Concept Truck.... shhhh!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Super cool futurustic truck by VolumeX.2014-04-01T03:23:16Z Arrow 09<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A wondefull brick build fully articulated Green Arrow by Icare.2014-07-04T05:56:50Z Mustang Shelby GT500 '14 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 '14 by Sheepo's Garage2014-01-14T20:37:31Z; CUUSOO | X-men: The School for Gifted Mutants<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>X-Mansion2014-02-01T20:05:21Z Subaru Impreza WRX STI 22B <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Subaru Impreza WRX STI 22B by Alexander Paschoaletto 2014-02-10T17:55:29Z; CUUSOO | Bugatti Veyron Cabrio<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Buggati Veyron Cabrio project on CUUSOO by Hajdekr.2013-10-20T21:16:48Z's Create<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lovely creation and execution! Very original!2013-11-17T12:18:53Z GBC Marble Run<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Allowing gravity to do its job, check out what Akiyuki achieved in this awesome like roller coaster GBC module! These balls go really fast without step out from the tracks!2013-02-15T10:19:38Z Mario LEGO Big Size | TheContaminated - Cool Pictures, Weird Pictures, Funny Pictures<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Building Mario from pixels to real life2011-06-30T01:13:10Z Photo of the Day: LEGO Pac-Man | Blog | Wirebot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Today is PAC-MAN´s birthday. So why not celebrate this with a great bookmark. 2012-05-22T22:02:29Z Base, Eastern Poland 1943.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kris_Kelvin done this perfectly detailed diorama. Awesome color scheme in the buildings. It worth the effort to check the other photos in his flickr account.2012-11-19T15:04:10Z Easy DIY Lego minifigurine display case with RIBBA - IKEA Hackers<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>hacked for minifigs :))2014-05-13T20:12:08Z' Rocket Booster Factory<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr. ReBrick is accompanying the solid fuel rocket booster form the factory.2014-07-27T22:51:38Z Gallery - a2.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Trial truck 8x8 zis with 2 XL motors and 2 axles steering test axles one of them suspension independent and the others rigid axles failed by Jorgeopesi.2014-07-21T16:52:10Z[MOC] WeirdCab HotRod IR/RC - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms &amp; Model Team - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hot Rod2014-07-13T16:03:24Z Gallery - ford_galaxie_1960_starliner_01.png<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ford Galaxy 1960 Starliner by brickshelf user lego9112014-07-28T21:54:52Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictures from our recent visit to LEGOLAND - Billund2014-08-10T19:09:49Z MP4/6 (1)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Nathanael L. McLaren MP4/6 (1)2014-08-09T05:22:34Z Viper [MegaMOC 2014]<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dodge Viper "racing trim"2014-08-07T14:39:28Z Beaches in Toronto, ON, Canada<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mel F. The Beaches in Toronto, ON, Canada2014-08-07T14:57:13Z TECHNICからくり部屋 生物的なGBCモジュールを作りました<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Six heads GBC2014-08-06T18:43:06Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Remind me some Harry Potter's sets, but remains a great bank for modular cities :)2014-08-11T09:10:50Z 11th Doctor's T.A.R.D.I.S. season 7B (V2): A LEGO&reg; creation by Rogue Timelord : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Keep calm an call the Doctor! Build by Rogue Timelord2014-08-11T17:25:11Z Porsche 959: A LEGO&reg; creation by Bing-Bong Brothers : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Supercar of the 80's Build by Bing-Bong Brothers2014-08-11T17:27:05Z Wurđíz<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Castle Wurdíz2014-08-11T18:10:42Z bison<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Konajra2014-08-12T07:39:56Z Gallery - flash3.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Flash the fire Dalmatian 2014-08-12T20:39:15Z 100 - CS Exoframe - Lego Classic Space Custom by BWTMT Brickworks<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Classic Space meets ball joints!! Enjoy! 2014-08-15T00:35:57Z dress, herbivore styling<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Bare back evening dress with fruit decoration." By birgburg.2014-08-12T21:45:17Z® - Korean LEGO User Community<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Gargoyle statue from the I, Frankenstein movie2014-08-13T11:03:21Z the original Chima's<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>What a funny comparison done by Legoagogo2013-02-09T20:05:40Z LTM 11200 9.1 Lego<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Liebherr LTM 11200 9.1 Lego2013-04-23T21:09:10Z Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Messerschmitt BF 109 g-62013-09-18T05:12:28Z Lancaster Bomber Mk I - 'G for George'<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Famous WWII Lancaster Bomber from RAAF SQDN 4602013-07-12T00:15:15Z Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3: IN LEGO<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Dark Knight Rises Movie Trailer By ParanickFilmz, Jedimastersoda, and Adviceversas. Movie (2012) HD. The original Media is property of Warner Brothers and DC Comics, which we have no affiliation with. Also, LEGO too. Follow Me: Jedimastersoda's Channel: Adviceversas Channel: Tags: the dark knight rises "dark knight rises" tdkr dark knight rises official dark knight rises trailer dark knight rises trailer 3 "dark knight" christian bale anne hathaway tom hardy Marion Cotillard Joseph Gordon-Levitt Michael Caine Gary Oldman Morgan Freeman Christopher Nolan batman 3 dark knight 2012 batman returns batman 2012 trailer batman trailer tdkr trailer catwoman action gotham city bane selina kyle bruce wayne warner bros warner brothers lego trailer 2 HD Lego animation stopmotion Movie Stop Motion2012-12-12T11:59:52Z Assassin's Creed III<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>So excited for AC32012-08-22T10:44:52Z Ford Mustang Mach I<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Made buy Dohoon Kim on Flickr... He is an excellent builder.2011-07-07T01:00:48Z NXT ATM Machine with Change Maker<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>You can build your own bank at home! This ATM not only dispenses money when you add your [RFID] card, but you can also deposit money when you need it. Accepts major cards...2011-03-21T15:49:18Z Buildings &laquo;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great MOC trainstation. I think it's very vivid!2010-10-13T12:19:57Z NIKE Sport shoes (for child) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Is the pair of sport shoes fit you? Enjoy!2011-12-26T14:56:16Z | Project | How to make a quadruped walking robot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO NanoDog A quadrupedal walking robot made with Lego Crazy Action Contraptions. It can be controlled from Scratch with a NanoBoardAG as a WeDo. Video: For more information: Gallery - img_0233.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mitsubishi a6m2 zero type 21 airplane by brickshelf user Papobrick2014-08-13T11:31:15Z TECHNICからくり部屋 レゴ 全自動リフトアーム選別機をつくりました<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Liftarm sorter by akiyuky2014-08-06T18:40:28Z!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I thought Unikitty was against darkness! Built by Mel F. "Build for Brickworld and Brickfete 2014 for the 75th Anniversary of Batman! This statue is the same size as my other kitties, at about 2.5-3 feet."2014-08-05T20:46:15Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My next build for the Iron Builder. A heavily armored dinosaur who was knocking down enemies with his tail and crushing their bones.2014-08-05T10:30:03Z Fury<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A minifig-scale diorama featuring two top fuel dragsters waiting at the starting line.2014-08-05T10:42:04Z Durin left<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Eleven outpost2014-08-05T11:25:01Z in Blue<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Captured from Lego Gathering2014-08-09T02:06:57Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Captured from Lego gathering2014-08-09T02:07:55Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictures from our recent visit to LEGOLAND - Billund2014-08-10T19:10:57Z Battle of St. Lucia<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Who will come out victorious in the Battle of St. Lucia?2014-08-03T13:54:29Z Gallery - b2.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Small caterpillar challenger RC2014-07-12T15:34:29Z Gallery - e3.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Porsche 911 1 XL motor and 1 servo for a 4WD RC 911 turbo s with a 7 speed and reverse manual gearbox2014-07-10T17:36:54Z Titanfall Atlas Titan<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Titanfall2014-04-01T05:09:22Z"We Can Make a Bat-submarine… (Patent Pending)": LEGO Movie Submarine Side View<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Yeah, that submarine. Working from the digital image found over at The Brick Fan, (Thanks Allen!) I discovered that many of the elements used do not exist in some of the colors used, no longer exist, or may never exist! My version is designed as a cutaway so we can see the passengers as they witness the Fall of Cloud Cuckoo Land.2014-03-12T05:56:24Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hardsuit2013-08-07T07:33:07Z[MOC] Ropa EuroTiger 8V-4 XL Sugarbeet Harvester - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms &amp; Model Team - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Selfpropelled Sugarbeet harvester. 11 motors, 2 servos, 4 battery boxes, 8 remote controlled functions, 3 manual functions. Weight 8,4 kg, Lenght 94 cm, height 38 cm, Width 29 cm. 2013-12-01T11:57:52Z Loom Machine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A LEGO machine that can make you a scarf? yes please! :32013-02-11T18:33:27Z; CUUSOO | Assault on Wayne Manor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Title Page update for the "Assault on Wayne Manor" project2013-12-09T01:22:45Z tribute to the new Super Mario Land 3D! I can&#039;t wait ... on Twitpic<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A few Mario figures. This is the first of two types of Bob-ombs I've made.2012-01-20T21:37:59Z BUNNY &amp; DAFFY DUCK <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Looney Tunes2011-12-06T18:19:40Z Build a LEGO Sports Car (Convertible) Tutorial (WhacoLab)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>!/WhacoLab this is a fun easy to Build LEGO Sports Car I Hope that you enjoy it as much as i do! PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS, QUESTIONS AND OTHER IDEAS for more HowTos SUBSCRIBE And TELL FRIENDS2012-11-08T23:34:21Z 360° Milling Machine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>t is a new version of my LEGO 3D Milling Machine. It was developed to participate in the WRO 2011 - Abu Dhabi in the "LEGO Robotics Experts" area. There is a lot of improvements, but the most important is that it is running leJOS with a linked PC. Now there is no more file size restrictions. All the data is in the computer that sends small amount of coordinates to the NXT every loop.2012-10-18T14:15:28Z Mario Sculpture<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is one of the best Super Mario builds I've seen. It's almost like this little guy is real!(RealNESs! ;o) 2012-06-14T07:25:30Z Minifig Series 6 - Habitat<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Habitats! Cool idea.2012-03-04T05:53:28Z Semi Detached House 1940's<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A modular building of an Art Deco style built in Britain in mass estates between the 1920s to the 1950s. It has many period interior details from that time.2012-03-21T21:34:12Z Poppins<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>created by Nick V Brickthing2014-05-11T09:08:35Z Gallery - 4.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pagani Huayra2014-07-10T17:39:45Z Gallery - a7.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mercedes Sls with 7 speed gearbox and reverse2014-07-10T17:45:10Z[MINI] Heli-Launcher - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms &amp; Model Team - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Heli launcher2014-07-13T10:07:40Z Custom LEGO City update June 2014!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A city built by Jangbricks.2014-07-07T12:18:02Z Candy Machine (M&M Edition) Instructions Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build a M&M candy machine.2014-07-05T14:11:41Z Park Friends 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Welcome to the backstreets of the Friends world!2014-08-04T17:05:23Z Batman Forever 75 Aniversary<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BATMOVIL BATMAN FOREVER 75 ANIVERSARY2014-08-07T14:47:48Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Scania Truck 22014-08-07T19:09:58Z ME BUILD! | LEGO Research Institute Female Minifigures<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>iJustine builds a new LEGO set.2014-08-08T19:58:17Z Tirith Section<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Imagine the whole city at that scale ...2014-08-06T06:43:58Z Deep Cutaway 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>original point of view of the Helms' Deep fortification.2014-08-06T06:57:05Z of Durin<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Pate-Keetongu!2014-07-24T12:30:48Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A descriptive video on the eRally, an NXT racecar. More information is available on my MINDSTORMS Community page.2014-08-13T15:24:24Z Estates<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>" - I heard these old houses are sometimes haunted. Is that true? - Oh no sir, no such thing here. You are lucky to have the opportunity to buy this house, the previous owner would never have sold the house if he didn't suffer a gruesome death."2014-08-14T03:26:20Z Store 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Beautiful modular Lego Store!2014-08-12T09:13:01Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictures from our recent visit to LEGOLAND - Billund2014-08-10T19:24:40Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictures from our recent visit to LEGOLAND - Billund2014-08-10T19:25:08Z"Micro" Manager v.2.0<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Food Policy!2014-02-14T13:46:19Z Citroen 2CV Charleston By Nico71<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Citroen 2CV Charleston by Nico71 2013-09-07T16:24:13Z a MINDSTORMS EV3 robot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>TURTL3: my first EV3 MOC. It uses the parts from set 31313, with the addition of 4 Knob Wheels. I wanted to do a walking robot, and used the same mechanism I tried on a previous MOC, but using 4 legs instead of 8. This means that TURTL3 doesn't really lift its legs off the floor, and rather glides along it. Still, as long as the gears don't skip (which happens all the time), it actually works well on smooth surfaces. Besides walking, its head can retract, like turtles do. Like turtles, it retracts its head when in fear, and unlike turtles (ninja variants notwithstanding), shakes it when laughing. From the first time I saw the EV3 Infrared sensor, I thought the printed "eyes" looked a bit too aggressive, so I made sure I'd mount the IR sensor upside down for a more "cute" appearance. TURTL3 can do two separate things: it roams around the floor, and when it detects an obstacle, it cringes, backs away quickly, turns around, and resumes exploring. Alternatively, it can move towards the remote control beacon and, when near enough, stops and laughs.2013-09-30T19:53:54Z; CUUSOO | Chibi Lego builds ( CHIBO&#039;S ) STAR WARS - General Grievous, Droideka (Destroyer Droid) and Battle Droid.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Chibi droid builds... they're actually quite large. Though, technically Grievous is a cyborg, not a droid... These were built by DarthKy. More pictures can be found on the LEGO CUUSOO project page; please support it there!2013-07-25T00:27:15Z; CUUSOO | Stark Tower<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An amazing model, based off of the Iron Man comics. It's huge, over 100 bricks high, and is incredibly detailed. It was built by C3Brix. More pictures are available on the LEGO CUUSOO project page, and don't forget to support the project!2013-07-13T17:41:47Z LUGPol :: Zobacz temat - [MOC] Black &amp; White<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Volvo FH 20132013-07-17T20:22:20Z Instructions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sweet set of instruction for a battle mech.2012-03-14T06:10:01Z - Brickipedia, the LEGO Wiki<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Marvel Ultrabuilds 2012-07-04T21:51:27Z World bilder (2)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Western theme from LEGO World...2012-01-21T17:50:49Z Raptor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awsome fighterplane!2010-10-13T12:49:00Z Thunderbird 2 - The Mole emerges<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is the model I created for the Brickish Association show in Swindon in 2009. I am big fan of Gerry Anderson and particularly his seriesThunderbirds. TB2 has always been my favourite.2011-09-19T20:00:15Z Speeder Bike Chase - LEGO Star Wars - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by I Scream Clone 2013-01-07T15:38:18Z GALACTICA == <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A spectacular creation by Garry King of the Battlestar Galactica!2012-11-27T19:39:35Z James Bond 007 Lotus Esprit S1 Submarine: A LEGO&reg; creation by Dan the Man : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>James Bond 007 Lotus Esprit S1 Submarine by Dan the Man 2012-12-07T19:15:45Z Lego Technic Bugatti Veyron 16.4: A LEGO&reg; creation by Ming Thein : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Technic Bugatti Veyron 16.4 by Ming Thein 2012-12-03T20:35:06Z VW T1 'The Magic Bus': A LEGO&reg; creation by Yann (XY EZ) : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>It might be just another copy of the campervan, but it is a brillant one! Build by Yann (XY EZ)2014-08-11T17:31:44Z Gallery - 1180_0.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1180 Peachtree in Midtown Atlanta by brickshelf user Ersh7772014-08-13T11:37:15Z Middle-Earth: Bag End<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Micro Middle-Earth: Bag End2014-07-22T07:05:14Z MEMO R1: The Paths of the Dead: A LEGO&reg; creation by J-rod Smith : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a very good build from a young builder. The creation here is for the annual MEMO (Middle Earth MocOlympics) competition on If you follow the link it will eventually take you to all the entries in this competition as well as instructions on how to enter.2014-07-23T06:42:27Z Starship BFF<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A high speed space craft for one, the Oliviatech OS1-BFF - codenamed the BFF - was designed to explore the outer limits of space. With the wings folded all the way back, it can reach speeds up to half the speed of light. Unfortunately Mia had become addicted to the craft during its development, and wasted no time in hijacking it as soon as it was completed.2014-07-27T18:42:22Z Gallery - 11.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Happy Mardi Gras!2014-07-14T17:41:14Z Gallery - a1.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pegaso truck RC with 3 axles steering and 1 XL motor by Jorgeopesi2014-07-21T16:37:53Z F40 [MegaMOC 2014]<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>FERRARI F402014-08-07T14:37:31Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Silver samurai? Chrome Knight? Whoever he may be, he's got a very shiny exo suit. Dragons beware. :) As always with chrome bits, he looks a tad better in person.2014-08-09T06:48:02Z Santa’s Workshop<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Upcoming LEGO Christmas set!2014-08-09T16:26:26Z Steamworks and Magick Obscura<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Inspired by and old rpg Arcanum, meant to represent the way the shops are split in the game, one dealing with magic the other with technology.2014-08-04T20:27:33Z Gallery - dscn3123.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>High speed dozer with 2 pneumatic valves2014-07-12T15:44:21Z Landrover<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awesome WRC LandRover model2013-08-23T15:39:14Z's Garage: Caterham Seven<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>All functions controlled by PF, 5+R speeds secuential gearbox with auto clutch, complete real suspension, all wheels disc brakes and more!. For more info visit www.sheepo.es2013-08-29T14:39:16Z Prince And The Pauper...and the porpoise.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Derfel's being Derfel as usual, cranking out astonishing castle builds like nobody's business. His endless collection of thatch roof techniques is quite impressive.2013-12-05T01:14:40Z crab's pincer den<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>When you're a LEGO pirate, life's a party that never stops. 2013-11-22T21:08:57Z | Lego | MOC | Yodas Legacy<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Entry to TFOSW.2013-01-22T18:34:36Z Truck 5 (Custom Peterbilt 379) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Peterbilt 379 by 2LegoOrNot2Lego Ingmar Spijkhoven 2013-01-22T17:30:58Z Madness: Terrace Apartments / Barbershop - LEGO Town - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Myko 2013-01-21T02:18:25Z Hunger Games Figures<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I've been working on these for the last month or so and finally got them all done. There are a few custom parts: Bow, Laser cut jackets, "sleeves" on Katniss and Peetas arms, black line on reaping card. Nice representation done by customBRICKS2013-01-27T11:16:50Z mutant ninja turtles : The beginning<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cowabunga dude, not sure if this new revamped TMNT's even say that anymore but they did in my day. And I remember collapsing after school on the sofa watching the cartoon, now all Lego have to do is build a danger mouse set and my childhood tv hero collection is complete, " heroes in a hard shell " ahhhh the memory's ...2013-02-17T01:59:38Z Man Repulsion Arm Prototype.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"My entry for the Wearable LEGO category in the Mocathalon. Since I know there's going to be a lot of sunglasses and guns, I figured I'd go with something a bit cooler. ;) The chest Arc Reactor is held on using eight Lego magnets, so no velcro or tape included. And before anybody asks, NO I DO NOT LIFT. SO DON'T BOTHER. Reference image."2013-03-10T13:10:50Z Man 3 Trailer #1: IN LEGO<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An AWESOME LEGO Iron Man 3 Trailer!!!!!2013-04-27T19:27:39Z and Demise<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cool color heightens the action in this build by Mattius Xavier2013-04-16T22:40:23Z; CUUSOO | Narrow Gauge Steam Engine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Inspired by the little shunting engine from LEGO's own City set, 4204 'The Mine'. This adorable little engine is just 5 studs wide, and can run on rails at just 4-studs wide. This engine would slip right into any LEGO City, and opens up the doorway to a whole network of 4-stud wide engines that accompany your full scale LEGO Railway! The Little Engine, named 'Lord Basil' adorns the colours of 'The Kingdom and Cuusoo Railway', Dark Red and Pearl Gold which ooze the elegance and luxury needed to entice passengers to ride this miniature railway. It's loosely based on the iconic miniature engine 'Talyllyn', which still runs today, high in the hills of West Wales on The Talyllyn Railway, the worlds first preserved railway. A LEGO set produced to honour this fact would be a fantastic tribute to a railway that began a tradition of preserving history for generations the world over to enjoy and experience. The actual engine on which it is based is also famous, as it's the inspiration for the character of 'Skarloey' from 'Thomas & Friends", and the Little Engines series of books by Rev. W. Awdry. The carriages are also based on stock running on the Talyllyn Railway. For more information on the railway and the engine on which it's based, check out the Talyllyn Railway website.2013-03-28T20:42:12Z 44016 Jaw Beast vs Stormer - LEGO Action Figures - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>2014 HF set. Sorry, I'll get a picture of the minifigure in another gallery2013-12-09T14:33:07Z 10220 T1 Bus Wohnwagen Camper Trailer 12<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Custom VW T1 Camper Trailer by LA-Design20122014-01-03T09:09:14Z R8 LMS <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Audi R8 LMS by Mattyy 666 2012-12-07T18:04:23Z[CCY's MOC] - LEGO Adventure Time <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>:32012-12-02T01:44:01Z My LEGO - UCS - Star Wars - Venator (Primus Redesign) : a LEGO&reg; creation by Bob Kos : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Star Wars(tm) - Venator Class - Star Destroyer - This is My LEGO "Ultimate Collector Series" Venator I made (Based on the Primus one with my own mods). It is over 28" Long x 14" Wide x 10.5" Tall & Weighs over 6 lbs. It is more than 3500 peices, with a mini Republic Frigate that can fit inside the Shuttle Bay!2012-12-19T02:25:13Z guide to building a medieval village - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Intersting guide to build medieval creations. Made by Derfel Cardarn.2011-10-10T12:23:05Z Samus<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Flat Samus model from Metroid series.2012-01-21T00:40:29Z Chain Chomp<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bow2012-01-30T03:35:37Z Z's Contemporary Retreat <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ultra modern house2012-07-06T16:32:32Z Flying Cloud 25' <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>UCS Travel Trailer2012-07-06T16:39:31Z Dark Knight Rises Trailer 2: IN LEGO<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Dark Knight Rises Movie Trailer By ParanickFilmz. Thanks to Adviceversas for the mouth animation and JediMasterSoda for the CGI. Movie (2012) HD. The original Media is property of Warner Brothers and DC Comics, which we have no affiliation with.2012-03-17T05:08:43Z Eliminator 1933 Ford 80's Hot Rod<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>ZZ-Top Eliminator 1933 Ford 80's Hot Rod2012-10-09T20:36:46Z Haunted House <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This looks like just a Victorian house at first...and then... "They're creepy and they're kookey. Mysterious and spookey. They're altogether together ookey. ... The Addams Family!" 2012-09-27T19:18:55Z of the Rings<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>balrog2012-10-08T15:30:57Z; CUUSOO | Chanel inspired Lego Bag<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>you've seen the lego inspired chanel bag, now support the chanel inspired lego bag!!!2012-11-14T14:09:37Z suspension #1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very cool MOC by DeltaForceGuy on flickr2012-08-23T01:37:16Z 9<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Wolf 2012-08-23T22:47:48Z Gyarados Is All the Rage - Dorkly Post<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>pokemon2014-06-11T19:45:34Z - 2014-06-15 09.47.47.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Friends shuttle2014-06-15T07:57:17Z to Build a Lego Warhead Candy Machine‏<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build a Lego Warhead candy machine.2014-07-05T14:18:18Z's Garage: AXR 400 Crossbone<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>AXR 400 CROSSBONE by sheepo2014-06-28T19:43:47Z PF Steam Locomotive 01<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very colorful steam locomotive that uses "a regular train motor instead of a technic motor". Built by Matthias.2014-06-30T01:33:58Z's BFF<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Emma's Bipedal Finite-response autonomous-Figure (BFF) 2014-06-24T04:01:36Z Sonic & Tails<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>sonic!2014-04-06T17:12:36Z MicroFighter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY Kristi2014-03-09T13:49:42Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?" Just a little something I made. I'm very satisfied with how he came out. The only details I couldn't capture were his snaggle-tooth and third lizard claw, but they wouldn't be that noticeable at this scale anyway. There are two customized parts in this build, the leg and torso making up the blue wing. They were originally Alien Conquest ADU minifig bits but I removed the print...sorry Lego. :P That string helps him to stand up-he can do so without it, but not for very long as the flex tube within him will begin to unflex and he'll fall over. It helps preserve my sanity. 2014-04-01T03:32:53Z Tanks - East vs West<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The year is 2199, and the last great battle was abruptly stopped by both sides. It became imminently clear that any further escalation would result in total destruction of the planet. Hence, the leaders met and agreed to a cease fire. The result was an uneasy truce where the lands were divided and borders clearly defined. The armistice physically separated the Technologist's from the Naturalist's, much like the old Berlin Wall. The war has had a heavy toll and few survivors are left on either side. Those who survived were left with vast territories to protect. The Think Tanks were re-purposed and now vigilantly patrol the borders and ensure no treaty violations occur. 2014-03-26T16:14:29Z Lightning - Front<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I made this for VehiJuly 2014 Building Challenge. I love classic cars, but somehow I really love when I first saw the Sentinel made by r a p h y (Raphael Granas) which is a 4 studs wide car. I said to myself, one day I’m gonna make the minifig version based on that, so it can fits for my city layout. So with this month’s building challenge is VehiJuly, so it’s the best time to try to make it, so here it is, I named it the White Lightning :)2014-08-01T14:23:27Z Avengers Age of Ultron<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>San Diego Comic Con 2014 has begun, so to celebrate, here is my mosaic of the Avengers Age of Ultron logo.2014-08-01T15:12:28Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictures from our recent visit to LEGOLAND - Billund2014-08-10T19:15:31Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Steampunk version of the Star Wars Skyhopper.2014-08-07T05:59:52Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Volvo truck 22014-08-07T19:11:45Z To Build: LEGO Ghostbusters Slimer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Step-by-step instructions on how to make Slimer from Ghostbusters. By Nightly News at Nine2014-08-04T21:23:15Z[CONCOURS 11] Le commencement d'un Empire<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>MOC built by wolf297 for the 11-th Star Wars contest of the TechLUG forum featuring lightsaber duel vignette. 2014-08-05T12:36:37Z Fighter Comparison<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A microscale hanger for microscales fighters.2014-08-05T12:53:18Z Gallery - 001.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Muscle Car by brickshelf user bmollema2014-07-25T14:56:42Z Gallery - bbladis1.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by brickshelf user pate-possu2014-08-13T11:33:26Z York Base<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Petar Jurkovic on Flickr.2014-08-14T00:40:26Z Barbecue Grill<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>lego barbecue for summer2014-08-11T20:43:09Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictures from our recent visit to LEGOLAND - Billund2014-08-10T19:23:30Z Exo-Weltur: A LEGO&reg; creation by gene 3S : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The best use of these minifigure tool Build by Gene 3S2014-08-11T16:54:49Z; CUUSOO | Monopoly Board Game with Pieces<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by Est.1949 .2013-12-17T22:26:48Z Wesołych Świąt!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Merry Christmas from 2013-12-26T16:12:49Z Pendulum Clock<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>source : 2014-01-02T04:37:31Z Empire Builder<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Gorgerous steampunk train by Felix - Mountain_King2014-02-20T18:49:17Z Man's Trash is Another Man's Six-legged Plunger Mech<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The garbage men are rallying together to save LEGO world from annihilation. So they have turned their Garbage Truck into a six-legged plunger shooting walker thing. Please vote for us if you enjoyed this video!2013-04-12T15:07:37Z Formula 1 Racing Car (Lego 2556)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ferrari Formula 1 Racing Car (Lego 2556) by _drdesignz_ on Flickr.2013-05-01T03:17:11Z Skillet Awake and Alive Music Video with lyrics HD<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A well-animated LEGO music video - Skillet's "Awake and Alive"! This brickfilm was made by Chad Ice.2013-06-07T00:27:35Z Mini <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Maxi Mini by Nick Barrett 2013-02-23T14:17:36Z Monster&#39;s LEGO Marvin the Martian &#171; LegoPeople<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> 2013-02-01T00:39:34Z of Superheroes<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>[MOD/MOC] Modularized superhero buildings2013-10-22T08:41:01Z unexpected encounter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Chicken walker meets Chicken man.2013-10-23T19:52:00Z Unexpected Encounter...<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Friends AT-RT patrol come across an Ewok riding a Tauntaun!2013-10-16T03:34:45Z featuring LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>MindCub3r is a new LEGO® Rubik's Cube® solver that can be built from a single MINDSTORMS® EV3 set Item: 31313. MindCub3r is more efficient than previous versions of MindCuber that were created with MINDSTORMS NXT. It is currently able to solve the Rubik's Cube puzzle in an average of about 24 moves in 1 min 50 secs.2013-09-01T07:54:40Z ♥ LEGO - Google+ - Despicable Me - Minion #despicableme #minions …<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Despicable Me - Minion2013-08-27T17:40:19Z Me Minions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Despicable Me Minions2013-08-18T09:19:19Z; CUUSOO | Chibi Lego builds ( CHIBO&#039;S ) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Super articulated chibi Ninja Turtles. 2013-08-18T00:37:23Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Edoras, the capital city of the failing Rohan. The Golden Hall of Meduseld.remains a reminder of the splendor of the kings of old. In this dire time four riders make their way up the rocky path to seek counsul with the failing Theoden... Rohan my lord is ready to fall...2013-08-10T03:57:52Z Big Rig & Trailer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Friends Party Float "Beach Party" Semi & Trailer Combo. This is an old-school float the way it was done when I was 10 years old! *Don't ask me how long ago that was. Lets just say at that time having a CB Radio was wayy cool! 2013-06-25T05:17:10Z Optimus Prime in Lego<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The goal was to create an Optimus Prime Transformer that can actually transform from a truck into a robot and back without moving or removing any bricks. I have based the truck on the Peterbilt 379 model. The proportions of both the truck and the robot are as they should be. The robot has moving arms and legs, can turn its hip and can keep its balance on its own! Naturally the truck can drive as well. The pictures show the steps to transform the truck into a robot as well as several other close ups. Pictures showing the entire transformation can be found here: 2014-08-15T17:04:03Z Avatar the Last Airbender<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Had to have one for avatar!2012-08-21T12:18:39Z Build a LEGO Refrigerator (Fridge) with a Freezer Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build a Lego fridge with freezer LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:!/WhacoLab CHECK OUT MY BLOG: Google+: here is a simple tutorial of how to build a LEGO Frigerator With a Freezer dont forget to check out my other LEGO How-tos/Tutorials! And Subscribe!2012-11-08T23:50:47Z 250 GT Berlinetta SWB<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB by LEGO Bro on Flickr 2012-11-06T06:13:21Z Motorized Kenworth Road Train<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I came across this on youtube and had to share it. I haven't made it but respect to the person who did!2012-10-05T11:50:54Z Inside Information: A LEGO&reg; creation by Blake Baer : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Smaug's treasure cave.2012-09-25T18:42:21Z Human Soldiers - No.3 - Big daddy from Bioshock 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Big Daddy as a LEGO Minifigure. 2012-10-17T08:29:17Z Plus 8 01<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>If you like the car.... Please support it on Cuusoo: Star Trench<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awesome details in the trench dio.2012-05-23T03:42:34Z's Play: "Hero Factory: Breakout" with Kahinuva - Part 01<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The first part of a Let's Play of the game "Hero Factory: Breakout" done by Kahinuva. This Let's Play goes through the game when it first came out, examining the bugs, errors, flaws, strengths, points, and generally the entire game as a whole.2012-02-22T15:10:16Z Steel ATOM out of Legos<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is Atom from the movie real steel. This is one of the most detailed models I've built, also look for Zeus soon. 2012-02-14T16:25:58Z Starbot Smooth<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great instructions on how to build this robot.2011-08-11T14:15:44Z Mouse<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The builder Polywen was building a Lowell sphere but turned the MOC into Mickey Mouse instead :-D I like it.2011-06-06T13:09:44Z"Angry Birds" Touch Down in Lego Land<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>:)2011-01-18T09:57:02Z 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Tasmanian Devil by Anni Diment2010-12-14T01:58:27Z technic Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 by Kasper Hansen2012-12-09T14:52:52Z scale train <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An impressive microscale train by Henning Birkeland!2013-01-04T01:29:14Z Presidents<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Presented here is a video of the 44 U.S. Presidents in Lego Minifigure format. The video is a little long at 7:00 minutes, but it goes by pretty quickly. 2012-11-28T02:26:28Z Mercedes-Benz Actros 1841 - II - serie <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mercedes-Benz Actros 1841 by Francesco Pezzali 2012-12-08T20:26:40Z[DIY] 如何利用IKEA RIBBA 畫架 改做成LEGO人仔展示台 [8倍速快鏡-1080P HD]<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>CK has taken the video to show how to build a LEGO minifigures display wall from a IKEA Ribba frame. It can hosts up to 135 minifigures. This HD video is playback with 8X fast forward speed2012-12-07T06:10:21Z M3 GT2 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BMW M3 GT2 by Mattyy 666 2013-01-12T17:50:07Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictures from our recent visit to LEGOLAND - Billund2014-08-10T19:25:45Z New Series<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Steelex709 VS: New Series2014-08-15T09:45:02Z Gallery - a.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Tatra 813 with 2 speed gearbox by Jorgeopesi.2014-07-21T16:45:25Z Station<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A Lunar Space Station for the Friends made for the "Friends in Space" Competition. :) Click the picture or go the URL to see a close up of different parts. please vote and support if you like it! :)2014-07-21T20:45:04Z Gallery - phantasm200.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>New cool model from Crowkillers.2014-07-15T11:18:47Z Friends In Space — Lunar Lab<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Please click the image to see all 10 images & descriptions in model... and please VOTE for my model in the building challenge!2014-07-15T12:49:45Z's cottage<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fisherman's cottage2014-07-15T23:38:11Z Choo Choo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Clouds can often resemble different shapes, but a cloud that is a locomotive? Impressive! Built by adventuresinlego.2014-07-16T15:02:01Z Star Wars: Death Star Hangar<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego death star hangar in microscale. By 2 Much Caffeine2014-08-05T15:10:26Z Gallery - dsc06443_1024.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ferrari F40 Gulf2014-08-05T10:01:09Z 2 - X-34 Landspeeder (Empress of India) 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Steampunk landspeeder : so funny.2014-08-06T07:20:02Z à compteur mécanique<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fully functional mechanical flipper by ExiTeD.2014-08-06T09:24:14Z Gallery - 12.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mad Max by brickshelf user infinitesd2014-08-06T11:39:31Z Palace<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Pascal. "The Crystal Palace is located in the center of Crystal Tokyo in the Silver Millennium."2014-08-07T15:28:01Z Workshop<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Watch my Steam Workshop in motion! The Steam Workshop was displayed at BrickFair VA 2014, and Nominated for "Best Steampunk"!2014-08-07T18:32:42Z Morgul<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The main door of Minas Morgul.2014-08-07T06:03:21Z, Porsche, PORSCHE! [MegaMOC 2014]<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Porsche 9112014-08-07T14:33:50Z Gallery - dsc00001.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Liebherr LTM 11200 Mobile Crane by brickshelf user LegoTobi2014-08-09T10:25:13Z Oogway<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Master Oogway2014-08-09T13:52:10Z Mini 21108 Ghost busters: A LEGO&reg; creation by DAMBAEK C : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>You think the new Ecto-1 is too big? No problem, here comes his small brother. Build by Dambaek C2014-07-29T19:00:17Z X-Wing: A LEGO&reg; creation by Justin Davies : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Incom T-65B X-Wing.2014-03-20T01:05:06Z 42025 motorized RC<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>motorized RC of 42025 2014-02-24T07:34:33Z May and his full-size Lego house nobody wants | Mail Online<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Working sink in James May's awesome Lego house2014-02-28T11:08:17ZŻubr A80 + Zremb D-81<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY Karwik2014-03-03T17:56:29Z Gallery - cover2.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is an old MOC modular building of mine from 2011, and is part of my rodeo drive shops project from 2009 to 2012.2014-04-11T20:29:40Z NIKE AIR MAX x DR.Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nike Air...2014-05-04T07:13:13Z's Garage: Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 '14<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>FORD MUSTANG SHELBY GT500 '14 by sheepo2014-06-28T19:46:20Z Gallery - c6.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A bulldozer komatsu D575 with 8 functions 3 pair of pneumatics 2 independent ones tracks with 8 mobile boogies tensor suspension and 2 pumps totally RC2014-07-12T15:40:00Z Punch: Lego Adventure Time<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Daddy, why did you eat my fries? 2014-07-08T13:49:03Z moc 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Friends Star Cruiser2014-06-17T10:20:36Z intercepter [MAD MAX]<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO MAD MAX2014-05-23T12:50:05Z LUGPol :: Zobacz temat - [MOC] ZI� 131 6x6<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>ZIL 131 6x6 truck trial car in lovely lime color.2013-06-27T13:20:33Z Lego &#8211; Day 163 &#8211; Gandalf the Washed<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Balrog?!? No, a Balrog had nothing to do with it….. THIS is how ‘Gandalf the Grey’ really became ‘Gandalf the White’2013-06-16T11:10:31Z!ty lego EV3 Mindstorms biped robot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Menno style! ;-) This is my second EV3 one set MOC. It's build within the inventory of the brand new Lego Mindstorms EV3 31313 set. It's not an official model. EV3n!ty is able to detect obstacles plus edges of tables, so it should be my first model which doesn't fall of tables during events. :-)2013-09-01T18:25:43Z me<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The character of the kid's movie, Gru, and one of his minions2013-09-15T19:46:02Z & Hobbes<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Accessing Your Fondest Childhood Memories2013-11-15T02:23:08Z Porsche<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Porsche 935/76 Turbo Porsche 956/962 Rothmans Porsche Carrera GTS Porsche 911 GT3 RS VW T1 Parts Bulli - Martini International Racing Ruf CTR Yellowbird Flying Lizard - Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Porsche-Diesel Super Manthey-Racing Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Porsche 917-4.5 Kurzheck-Coupé Porsche 911 GT1 Porsche 936/77 Porsche 935/78 Porsche 911 GT3 Hybrid Porsche 804 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet Porsche 908/02 Steve McQueen Porsche 961 Rothmans 2013-02-11T21:49:25Z Ninjago 2013<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Ninjago 20132013-02-09T15:43:48Z 3<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Mr.Attacki2013-04-11T08:47:09Z Airplane King Air 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Want to see this produced and others like it? Check out My project is at Description -to scale with width of minifigs (1 peg ~= 8 inches or 20 cm). This allows seating side-by-side with narrow isle. -retractable landing gear, lock up and down -airfoil shaped inner wing -accurate and customizable antenna -static wicks -accurate cockpit/flightdeck: duel control yolks, instruments, radio panel, cuircuit breakers, fuel gauges, throttle quadrant, centre console, overhead light controls and electrical gauges. -kitchenette, fold down tables, cups -rear lavatory -cargo net -safety equipment: fire goggles, oxygen masks, extinguishers -support equipment: chocks, engine plugs, wing broom, aircraft documents -custom seating: as with the real plane, the kitchenette is removable and club seating or commuter seating is available. Seating is available for up to 14 passengers with one crew member, which is what the actual aircraft is certified for (one passenger would sit in the cockpit, the plane is certified for single pilot operation). -med-bed included with detatcheable stretcher for medivac operations -fuel vents, fuel caps -accurate lighting -emergency escape window -overhead lights and air vents -detailed door with steps -optional winglets, belly pod, wing lockers, aerial survey antenna, tip tanks History: I first started the layout for this project back in spring of 2011. In the fall of 2011 I put things on hold, as I was focusing on my career. In the spring of 2012 I got my first commercial aviation job on a King Air 200. I wanted a model to commemorate the event, but could only find expensive wooden models online, and one plastic model of a military variation. Therefor, I turned back to Lego for a model that wouldn't just collect dust, but rather the kids could enjoy as well. I didn't finish the model until November 2012 and to my great frustration and disappointment, Lego Design by Me had already been cancelled the February before. Not to be discouraged I used the opportunity to fine-tune the design over the next few weeks. Starting in December 2012, I made orders through Replacement Part Service and through Pick a Brick. To get some discontinued or rarer pieces I made orders through BrickLink. I finally finished building the model middle of March, 2013. I started looking at a way to share my creation with the world in February, which is when I came across Cuusoo. I would like to bring the creative fun of Lego together with intrigue of aviation. My Dream: I would like to see people proudly displaying this model, or watching little children create their own adventures with this set. I would like to introduce the fascination of aviation to the next generation. The Big Challenge: The most difficult task with this project was balancing playability with detail. I wanted enough detail that a pilot could proudly display this on their desk, without it looking like just a toy. BUT I also wanted a toy that my children could play with. I wanted a model so detailed that a person could pretend to do a walk-around (pre-flight inspection) with a minifig while actually seeing details on the actual airplane. The plane is made to be highly customizable, and comes with a variety of passengers and cargo, as well as supporting personel and equipment. Compromises: Because the model is a balance between form and function, compromises had to be made. For example, the windows are not round on the sides, but rather are square. (The Beechcraft 99 does have square windows, as it is unpressurized, but the rest of the King Air family has circular windows). I could have put in the preshaped aircraft windows, but these would not fit in nicely with the side walls, which are designed so that minifigs could be placed inside with room for an isle. The preshaped windows are also a little smaller. I wanted minifigs to be visible through the windows, the smaller windows did not per2013-03-28T22:44:28Z ReBrick Film Competition<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Enter the contest with your own brick film! 2013-03-21T13:58:15Z HULKBUSTER Iron Man<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Tuminio on Flickr.2013-03-21T23:01:18Z, Astro ASTROOOOOOO unikitty!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Space Unikitty!2014-02-05T05:50:13Z Uni-kitty.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>After seeing the multitudes of large scale Uni-kitty's at the advanced premieres of The Lego Movie, the lack of Angry Kitty was a bit disappointing to me. So, that problem is now rectified, and I have a large Angry Kitty on my shelf.2014-02-05T12:31:36Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Mindstorms Robotic Humanoid hand.2013-01-04T22:24:25Z MOC: Pumpkin Factory<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Modular Building with a Power Functions Elevator.2012-12-10T15:02:02Z The Sea-Gate of Dalmanutha <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>.2012-12-19T18:53:40Z Series #1: How To Build A Mini Lego Helicopter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This fan, LEGOParadise, has an entire Mini building series that he has posted on YouTube. 2011-03-31T20:12:31Z says Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn&#8217;t a lovely blue and tan? | The Brothers Brick | LEGO Blog<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I must say I really like this build and the blue is quite eye catching. By w9gfo.2011-08-22T16:58:22Z Town House<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I wanted something big and imposing for a village I'm building for the kids (though no touching yet :)) pretty pleased with how it turned out. Not so pleased with my photography skills :(. Stair case took hours. Can't decide if it is too tall, would appreciate constructive critics. 2012-01-19T19:19:57Z - Ramones<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A LEGO version of the cover for the Ramones self titled debut album.2012-01-19T21:45:23Z Town<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This creation by Dave DeGobbi is just IMPRESSIVE!2011-12-12T15:56:58Z Davidson FLH1340 Custom In Lego (1:10)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a custom Harley Davidson FLH 1340 with late model Streetglide style rear, and chomed out engine with big twin exhausts. Besides the big scale trucks i really like custom bikes and cars,so it was time to build a scale 1:10 bike again. 2011-12-15T15:22:51Z Gallery - 3.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I just love classic sport cars2011-12-17T15:40:23Z PacMan: A LEGO&reg; creation by Rene Hoffmeister : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built just for fun2012-05-14T20:21:52Z is the winner? :D<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is my recent LEGO creation for Rebrick Building Challenge. If you like it , please give me a "like". i'm appreciate for your every single support. :D Thanks Chiukeung2012-06-24T19:47:35Z Paint Roller<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>One day...2012-03-15T16:50:16Z Minecraft <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Minecraft concepts by Chris D.2012-03-24T08:22:20Z Modern Noprat - LEGO® Modern Home Design Competition - Dwell <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A prefect dream house for California beachside. I like the details on the built in garage and interior. 2012-04-10T15:15:35Z Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtle Party Wagon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Being a fan of Turtles as a kid I got inspired to build the "Turtle party wagon" toy from 1988 in Lego. Two kids playing with their "Turtles party wagon" toy and their Turtles figures, when the "real" Turtles van comes!2012-10-09T09:09:05Z 4<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>MineCraft: Dirt,Red Stone, Iron Ore, Coal, Gold Ore, Lapis Luzi (Note: I did not build this or any other creation I posted named MineCraft #(Example: MineCraft 4)2012-08-23T22:58:48Z Police Station<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Front image of my MOC, Modular Police Station. See my flickr account for more photos of this--it's the same username as my ReBrick.2012-08-13T02:16:20Z of the Rings - The Battle in Moria Balin�s Tomb <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>two sets built to one bigger2012-07-14T03:39:14Z, the March Hare, and the Mad Hatter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Yes!! Love seeing Alice in Wonderland in brick. The hare is a little scary tho lol2012-09-13T20:25:19Z Gallery - a.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ferrari Testarossa with a 12 cilynder engine RC gearbox with 5 speeds and reverse and pneumatic ligths2014-07-10T17:48:33Z Ford F-350 XLT Pickup Truck<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Ford F-350 XLT Pickup Truck2014-07-11T14:27:44Z Candy Machine - SMARTIES Edition‏<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build a Lego smarties candy machine.2014-07-05T14:14:48Z Floodtown<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Project Floodtown, something apocalyptic from Julandrius, 2014-06-24T22:47:47Z Mustang Shelby GT500<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Mustang is one of the most famous cars in the world since 1964 with its first generation. One year after the Mustang was released, Ford wanted a enhanced version of its car for run at the same level of its rivals in the US races. To design this car Ford hired the driver and car designer Carroll Shelby (1923-2012).2014-06-28T13:43:02Z; CUUSOO | Giant Joker robot ...<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> =============================================== Please, can you support this project at : ================================================ Straight out of Lego Batman film, here is an adaptation of a giant Kryptonite-powered robot created by Lex and Joker, and controlled by Luthor. The Joker robot has appeared in Lego Batman: The Videogame (2008), and Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (2012) and in its animated adaptation. ---------------------------------- ITS DESIGN---------------------------------------------- One hundred hours and 3256 Lego bricks later (before an optimization of the number of bricks), according to an idea suggested by Kiseng and Carpediem, I am pleased to finally be able to present this interpretation of the robot to scale 60%, which measures: 66 studs (55.5 centimeters) high, 39 studs (31.5 centimeters) wide and 26 studs (21 centimeters) thick. The head is adjustable to up and down and left and right. Jaw is adjustable up and down and tilts to the side for a large amplitude of expression. The bust rotates 360 ° at the waist. In the back , there is a door that opens up to be able to enter in the cockpit when the reactors were rotated 90 ° outwards . The shoulders and elbows are adjustable in two directions. The hand is adjustable in two directions at the wrist , and the four fingers have twelve joints , five in all three directions and seven in one direction ( similar to those of a human hand with only four fingers !) . The hips are adjustable in two directions, the knees in one direction with three joints for rigidity, the ankle is moving in three directions through an articulation and a joint and foot have three joints each to be able to better adapt to the ground by moving downwardly. That's it, if you like this model, and if it gets quite a lot of supporters, I will propose a simplified and more economical version, with the scale 20%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enjoy it and do not forget to share, retweet and support this project Cheers ;o) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ITS HISTORY-------------------------------------------- Lex Luthor is running for president, but his poll figures are terrible. He learns that the Joker knows how to produce more Kryptonite, and can make a gas that makes people love him, which will help Luthor win the election and defeat Superman. He breaks the Joker out of Arkham Asylum and promises him the use of Luthor's De-Constructor weapon to defeat Batman by dismantling all his gadgets and vehicles. And as they leave,Joker uses the De-Constructor to break Harley Quinn,Poison Ivy,Penguin,Two-Face,Bane,Catwoman, and Riddler out. The election day, Superman and Batman visit the LexCorp building, and are attacked by Luthor in a giant Kyrptonite-powered Joker robot. The villains describe their plan to the heroes as they defeat them, and then leave. However, Batman and Superman had switched costumes to learn Lex and Joker's plan. The two then switch back costumes and chase down the robot, but fail; since the Kryptonite drained Superman's powers and Batman doesn't have a vehicle, the two are forced to take a bus to City Hall. Later, outside City Hall, Lex makes a speech in front of a huge crowd and then has Joker use the Joker robot to spray the crowd with Joker Gas. Lex then finds out that the Joker Gas has caused the crowd to start cheering for Joker to be president and realizes Joker tricked him. Joker's handiwork is visible from space, alerting The Justice League, who arrive to help Batman, Robin, and Superman. After a prolonged battle, the League traps the Joker robot. Cyborg and Batman open up the robot's chest with explosions, and The Flash loads the Kryptonite into Wonder Woman's invisible jet,which shuts down the robot2014-03-27T10:27:17Z 1890s - the Djurgården Bridge!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Beautiful build by Gabriel.2014-03-26T13:04:40Z Renault AG1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1910 Renault AG1 So, I have a bit of a tradition of building cars, usually 1930's cars. This time, I decided to challenge myself with a different sort of car. Since we are now in the centenary of the Great War, I thought of building something from that era, and no vehcile is better associated with the first months of the war as the Parisian taxi, namely, the model AG1, built by Renault wich took part in the famous battle of the Marne, earning it the nickname of "Taxi de la Marne". The story: Kingpin<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Marvel’s king of crime: the gargantuan Wilson Fisk; otherwise known as the criminal Kingpin. This bald baddie is a constant foe of Daredevil, but has also clashed with the Punisher and Spider-Man. I’m in the big-fig-building grove apparently—and Marvel apparently! Kingpin started construction in a very similar manner to my recent Blob build, but soon took on a life of his own. He’s slightly taller than Blob (Both are just a smidge taller than an official Hulk bigfig if you’re wondering), but far more bulky—ergo I need to redesign my Blob! Kingpin’s curves are also far more successful (I actually would like to add more!) however his arms and neck don’t have as much articulation. I love how this figure turned out, and he’ll definitely be showing up in some builds soon. Build time: 3 hours2014-08-01T15:54:16Z