ReBrick Most Viewed Bookmarks most viewed videos and photos on ReBrick from the past week.ReBrick@LEGO.comMost Viewed 10.14.28<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Meet Junior, the newest member of my Folklore, Myth, and Superstition series. Don't let his genial disposition fool you, he's quite the little hellraiser.2013-04-10T06:30:28Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Top of the tree construction2012-12-23T18:08:03Z Ideas - REVENGE - Frigate class shuttle (Galaxy Command) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Spaceship2014-10-20T17:12:33Z steampunk typewriter HQ<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very well built.2014-10-20T05:00:31Z fake box cover for Geisel Library in the style of the "LEGO Architecture" series.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very nice.2014-10-22T14:23:56Z Disney&#8217;s Frozen Olaf MOC | Brick Fanatics<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Olaf from Frozen2013-12-31T16:09:52Z Top 10 Best LEGO Sets Of All Time <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Not sure if I agree with all of these, but interesting nonetheless.2012-02-04T01:35:41Z compound view from the fountain<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dojo compound taken in another angle2014-10-24T19:41:06Z 635484426518652797-4d36cdbf-051b-4477-81 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>parts in a modular Eiffel Tower (relates to the actual construction of the Eiffel Tower)2014-10-13T02:23:50Z 2014 | DoubleBrick: Российское сообщество энтузиастов LEGO!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Our LEGO city 2014. Built with the son of 8 years about two weeks. All photos are here 10463902_10203998981876347_7125242800101215458_n.jpg - subir imagenes - Casimages<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mario Bros Box2014-06-28T17:26:50Z To Build: LEGO Ghostbusters Slimer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Step-by-step instructions on how to make Slimer from Ghostbusters. By Nightly News at Nine2014-08-04T21:23:15Z busy night.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Love the lighting. 2014-10-06T19:29:09Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Tyler Clites on Flickr.2014-10-22T02:13:15Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>YokozunaBOT is a robot to use in Sumo Competitions. It can be a hard competitor and it´s ready to be improved with several upgrades. The Robots will be used to the sumo competition for the first time in Arte em Peças - LEGO8R) Fan Event in Paredes de Coura, Portugal 2012-05-13T17:07:53Z Droid R4-D7 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A design for our latest Newsletter! Enjoy!2014-10-07T14:12:12Z Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by @fgr622014-10-07T15:39:40Z Apocalypse - The Living Dead Attack<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>ZOMBIES!2014-10-16T16:23:38Z 635484426518652797-4d36cdbf-051b-4477-81 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My recreation of the Eiffel Tower using LEGO bricks from the LEGO Architecture Studio.2014-10-13T02:13:36Z 7.5 x 9-foot Greek Legopolis took 10 months to build<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very cool Greek city diorama2014-10-17T11:57:48Z CHIMA showcase<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Another brilliant creation by Olive Seon. A really gorgeous Chima showcase.2013-01-10T13:20:40Z Tyger ( 01 )<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>yger ( 01 ) Here it is, with all its colors. Let me know if you like it....2014-10-23T22:17:51Z The Hobbit in 72 Seconds<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is going by the book, not the movie2014-10-15T21:09:23Z – a symbol of hope and wishes coming true.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>“With a perfect puff of blissful white Our secret wishes, each one took flight As they floated through the air Our dreams went too, without a care Now, as they gently float through summer breeze All they do is make me sneeze!” Except from "Dandelion Wish" by Donna Jones LEGO Elements used (base not included in the parts list) 2 travis bricks 1 bright green hose 4 palm leaves 10 flower stalks 9 white flower heads2014-10-22T06:25:33Z the Blue<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Tim Schwalf Lukas the Blue2014-10-21T16:00:20Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Creation in 2014 Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek Denmark2014-10-17T12:19:04Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Alien2014-10-23T00:47:41Z | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toa Gali Nuva revamped/ remastered.#Bionicle2015 2014-10-07T03:41:14Z everybody<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A cute mouse face that looks like it stepped right out of a cartoon! Built by Black Zack.2014-10-13T19:29:26Z Refuge 16<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Winter is here with a very nice rendered snow.2014-10-08T07:16:43Z Gallery - img_1068.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Faerie Drake by brickshelf user Deus-Otiosus2014-10-21T12:25:29Z Mustafar<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice ligths.2014-10-17T07:04:04Z Trooper<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Lego Movie Panda mistakes a Scout Trooper for another Panda. Did anyone else notice how similar these figs look?2014-10-15T18:20:05Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Zombie Turkey2014-10-16T15:28:37Z - Master of Claw<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Nick V on Flickr.2014-10-22T01:48:27Z Candy Machine (M&M Edition) Instructions Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build a M&M candy machine.2014-07-05T14:11:41Z Green Arrow - 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>[Nexus™] Nexusverse Green Arrow - 12014-10-22T12:37:04Z Silberrȕcken 8 – Gorilla A.I Mech<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Kosmas Santosa on Flickr. Wow!!2014-10-17T02:52:08Z III: Spies in Low Places<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Shield-and-Sword Bricks Chapter III: Spies in Low Places2014-10-22T12:37:56Z | Lego | Dioramas | Red Shogun Army<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ready to do battle2014-10-24T13:53:54Z Main Building, Hong Kong<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by Jared Chan2014-08-22T04:41:59Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Creation in 2014 Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek Denmark2014-10-17T12:23:02Z family<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I love this miniland scene , it is real2014-10-22T02:07:28Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Details and photos of the other at the blog. Videogames LEGO® Video Games - Community - Gallery - Details <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dark Death was a Dark Hunter, but disobeyed the Shadowed One and is now on the run as a mercenary. He is equipped with twin flamethrowers, thick armor, and a pair of flip-up heavy machine guns. (Made by Caleb K., 1/2 of Krauchunas7)2014-01-07T20:39:05Z | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toa Nuva Revamped and Remastered. The most renowned toa team has returned, and this time they look bigger and badder than ever.Combining hero factory pieces with Bionicle technic parts, we have created a Bionicle masterpiece. enjoy. 2014-10-07T03:59:39Z Gallery - gozos07b-01b.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by lantlant2014-10-24T11:37:26Z[CHIMA 限SETS]五碗水煮埋一碗 - 科幻太空 - HKLUG 香港樂高迷用戶組討論區 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awesome idea~ Super robot transformed from 5 sets of Chima Legend Beast (by Macchow)2014-01-16T03:43:53Z Utrecht Fan Zone | Community Team Blog<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictures from LEGOWORLD Utrecht are posted on the Community Team blog, including this awesome Steampunk Unikitty. 2014-10-23T17:43:38Z | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toa Tahu Nuva revamped/remastered thats right..Its Toa Tahu!2014-10-07T03:47:45Z | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toa Pohatu Nuva revamped/Remastered. The way we all imagine our favorite toa of stone.2014-10-07T03:44:19Z | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toa Nuva Kopaka revamped/remastered cool. calm. awesome2014-10-07T03:53:58Z Sónico<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Doctor Who - Sonic screwdriver2014-10-14T12:39:00Z LEGO Tokyo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toa Onua Nuva revamped/remastered 2014-10-07T03:50:30Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>These were built back in 2012 when I add an itch to get back into model-making. I think the inspiration was a combination of Kow Yokoyama, Gerry Anderson and Japanese motorcycle design. I seem to get obsessed with any sort of modular construction system and lego was the obvious choice. Thankfully the part and colour selection is enormous today. Back in the 80s all I seemed to have were black, grey and blue bricks!2014-01-23T19:58:10Z Bionicle - Imgur<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>i want the golden mask =) click on the image to see the others ;)2014-10-22T22:45:28Z Fantasy: Miqo'te<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Mike Nieves on Flickr.2014-10-17T02:50:27Z the night skies [Turmoi]<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Under the night skies [Turmoi]2014-10-16T07:28:57Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I can buy monthernoard now...2014-10-22T02:10:55Z BBQ<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is one way to cook your wiener - though maybe not the safest?2013-09-26T21:08:16Z | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toa Nuva Lewa revamped/remastered2014-10-07T03:52:01Z Stargate Destiny<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Just coming out of hyperspace.2014-10-21T05:01:22Z | My Unikitty Mech MOC with ice cream club, candy shield and roller boots. No o... | Webstagram<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Unikitty mecha is unstoppable...and adorable! 2014-01-30T15:52:19Z Haunted Saloon - Overview<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Ryan Hafer2014-10-14T16:18:55Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Portal 22014-10-16T16:00:11Z Bright Classic<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Light Bright Classic This is the version of Light Bright I grew up with. I found mine recently in the garage and there are still a few unused sheets of paper, the bulb still works and I have a ton of pegs. I see a Light Bright evening in the near future for me!2014-10-16T15:37:01Z Fan Weekend<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Captured from 2014 Lego Fan weekend2014-10-16T13:25:47Z and friends<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>WALL-E and friends2014-10-23T00:56:13Z to build a really fast LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Is this the fastest LEGO MINDSTORMS robot out there? Model made by BluetoothKiwi from NZ.2011-05-31T10:28:32Z LEGO Creations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here is an entry for the Fight for the Golden Mask bionicle contest. His name is Vortex, he is heavily armored, and is very powerful. His only weakness is his speed, since his large amount of armor weighs him down.2014-10-22T14:37:30Z plus Star Wars plus humor = love | Star Wars | Pinterest<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Wet floor!!!2014-06-29T19:08:19Z Of The Damned<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Luke Watkins Hutchinson2014-10-14T16:03:39Z Gallery - dsc.0008.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>PHANTASM by brickshelf user ouf2014-10-21T12:32:42Z Pumpkin's Castle<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Burning Brick2014-10-14T15:59:38Z City Powerplant <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This powerplant has two seperate ways to create energy. A diesel powerplant and a steam turbine. The power will be distributed by the powerlines. There's also a controlroom with solar energy.2012-02-09T21:44:18Z to Build a Lego Star Wars Speeder (BEST DESIGN!!!)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A cool tutorial on How to Build a LEGO Star Wars Speeder Bike!2011-03-28T23:06:53Z Fan Weekend<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>captured from Lego fan weekend2014-10-16T14:08:26Z hudák på Twitter: &quot;when the stripes don&#39;t go your rebuild. part 1 #Lego #OpArt #StripedWater @StevePurnell1;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>working on photographer Steve Purnell's Striped Water picture.2014-10-20T20:10:00Z Close-up<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Burning Brick2014-10-14T16:10:26Z Town House<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I wanted something big and imposing for a village I'm building for the kids (though no touching yet :)) pretty pleased with how it turned out. Not so pleased with my photography skills :(. Stair case took hours. Can't decide if it is too tall, would appreciate constructive critics. 2012-01-19T19:19:57Z Merriam - LEGO Artist: Falkor the Luckdragon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>“Never give up, and good luck will always find you.” nice scales !2014-09-27T12:36:31Z the Kayelinth - Imgur<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The dragon Makuta, sealed for thousands of years, has awakened and started a rampage on the island of Tury Nui 2014-10-20T14:30:55Z Lenfald LC XVI - Stonewald Docks<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ready to discover new lands.2014-10-20T06:43:15Z Wars - Republic Battle Cruiser June I - MOC (My own creation) - Die Community für Erwachsene LEGO® Fans<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Republic Battle Cruiser June I 2014-10-18T19:01:10Z STARWARS 75015 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid™<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dawwww...2014-10-18T08:57:48Z Idea - 9GAG<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Too cool!2014-10-03T08:47:41Z Angry Bird "Mini" - Instructions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The fantastically skilled builder Iain Heath also known as Ochre Jelly shared this free building instructions for a mini Angry Bird. Follow the link to check out his Flickr or go to his inspiring blog thelivingbrick.com2012-02-22T08:43:04Z Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (selling LDD instructions): A LEGO&reg; creation by Rick S. : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bugatti Veyron 16.4 by Rick S. 2012-12-03T20:47:06Z Ideas - Skull Cove. RedBeard&#39;s Return! <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Classic Redbeard Pirates re-imagined in a LEGO Ideas Skull Island set. 2014-10-20T19:50:30Z動漫節樂高拼砌比賽,經典電影由我砌 入圍結果 - 分享園地 - 人仔倉討論區(Minifigs Forum) - Powered by Discuz!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kung Fu Panda creation by Chiukeung2013-08-01T21:08:36Z Gallery - cimg5687.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Robot made with pieces of the 31005 set2014-10-15T11:22:06Z Technic Wing Body Truck<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Japanese Wing Body Truck2013-08-08T08:19:36Z #2 - Ice <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How cute :)2014-10-26T07:31:18Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Seahorse by mike nieves 2012-11-18T21:38:30Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr.Rebrick and Nice Murray House in Hong Kong, By Wilfred Lui2014-09-26T09:05:13Z Deathkiron - Imgur<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Once a small, scorpion like, parasitic creature, mutated by attempting to absorb the power of the mask of creation, Deathkiron has awoken after a long slumber after the Toa arrived to Okoto. With four arms, four legs, large winga given to him by the mask of creation, and a powerful stinger tail that can absorb mask energy and life energy, even the Lord of Skull Spiders fears him! His goal is to become so strong that he will be able to take down deities!2014-10-23T23:59:56Z Amsterdam 01<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Amsterdam build in LEGO by my mother and me for Klodsfest in April 2011 in Vejle, Denmark. We got the idea in the autumn 2010 when we was on holiday in the Netherlands.2012-01-03T19:58:48Z Mustang Shelby GT500 '14 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 '14 by Sheepo's Garage2014-01-14T20:37:31Z!ty lego EV3 Mindstorms biped robot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Menno style! ;-) This is my second EV3 one set MOC. It's build within the inventory of the brand new Lego Mindstorms EV3 31313 set. It's not an official model. EV3n!ty is able to detect obstacles plus edges of tables, so it should be my first model which doesn't fall of tables during events. :-)2013-09-01T18:25:43Z Fan Weekend<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>captured from 2014 lego fan weekend2014-10-16T15:20:14Z sea barracuda miniature<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Souvenirs, souvenirs ... (in french)2014-10-16T06:58:46Z Fallout Enclave Vertibird: A LEGO&reg; creation by Justin Saber-Scorpion Stebbins : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I guess in all edges of time and space there is the need of transportation vehicles. Build by Justin Saber-Scorpion Stebbins2014-08-11T17:29:04Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Captured from 2014 Lego fan weekend2014-10-16T13:59:29Z Dark Road<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Luke Watkins Hutchinson2014-10-14T16:05:43Z LTM 11200 9.1 Lego<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Liebherr LTM 11200 9.1 Lego2013-04-23T21:09:10Z 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Little Shop Of Horrors2014-10-16T15:26:54Z - - H�bergement d'images gratuit<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Volavox The Medusor2014-10-22T16:38:38Z Wars - Executor - Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>the underside of the star destroyer...great lights....2012-08-07T19:19:26Z 4999 Vestas Wind Turbin (by creatree)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>MINI 4999 Vestas Wind Turbin (by CREATREE) 2014-04-23T07:30:24Z House 05<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Tyler2014-10-14T16:02:04Z Lenfald FB - Back from the Dead<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Gust Sil LoR- Lenfald FB - Back from the Dead2014-10-16T08:32:23Z Gallery - keiji-01.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sengoku Basara2014-02-17T11:15:13Z Ideas - Aquamarine World アクアマリンワールド <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Discover the wonderful ocean planet with Mila, Eric, and Dr.Awanai Kurage (telekinesis Alien Jellyfish). Build, explore, and learn different types of strange marine lifeforms using Aquasub the “Sea Coral 07” I just submitted a cute little project I made on LEGO IDEAS. This one called “Aquamarine World.” A colorful underwater sea adventures with a submarine. Take a look and what do you think and support? -Thank You.2014-10-07T00:20:54Z Ideas - REVENGE - Frigate class shuttle (Galaxy Command) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>space ship2014-10-20T17:13:58Z Baseball Stadiums | clusterflock<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Camden Yards2013-05-21T14:12:08Z closed<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Entry for THE LEGO® BATMAN™ 75TH ANNIVERSARY BUILDING COMPETITION2014-10-03T10:25:18Z - Additional Views<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I am speechless2014-10-22T08:04:02Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> imgur: the simple image sharer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Villain entry for "LEGO® BIONICLE® BATTLE FOR THE GOLD MASK COMPETITION"2014-10-20T18:01:25Z Sweet Groan<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Winner of best in Show at the Sydney Brick Show 2013.2013-04-28T02:59:48Z[MOC] Ropa EuroTiger 8V-4 XL Sugarbeet Harvester - LEGO Technic, Mindstorms &amp; Model Team - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Selfpropelled Sugarbeet harvester. 11 motors, 2 servos, 4 battery boxes, 8 remote controlled functions, 3 manual functions. Weight 8,4 kg, Lenght 94 cm, height 38 cm, Width 29 cm. 2013-12-01T11:57:52Z; CUUSOO | X-men: The School for Gifted Mutants<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>X-Mansion2014-02-01T20:05:21Z Motorized Tractor 8284<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Do you get tired from towing your LEGO tractor? Then you have to watch my motorized tractor 8284! More info at - Dalek Instructions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build a lego dalek2012-01-21T00:54:52Z GBC module : Ball Factory ver.2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Best ball-handling in GBC module ever!2012-03-24T15:06:17Z"That makes one sweat"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is my entry for the 4th Dr. Brick building contest: "Wrong ways of the Jedi 16x16x32".2014-10-14T10:24:30Z® - Korean LEGO User Community<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Technic Koenigsegg Agera R ( NO2 system ) RC. There's almost a complete building instruction on the webpage. Also check out 2014-08-13T09:43:15Z files on this wiki - BIONICLE Comedy Central Wiki<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The title needs to be changed T_T [:P] Anyway, this is my entry for the Battle for the Golden Mask contest: Name: Cronicrull Species: Botar's species (unnamed) Affiliates: Dark Hunters Distinguishing Features: Spiked wings, flaming eyes, giant sabre, massive claws, trail of dead toa behind him...2014-10-21T10:21:04Z Gallery - 001.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Entry for the LEGO BIONICLE "Battle for the gold mask" contest! "Velonese, the Demon King. Full gallery here: Mindstorms EV3Bike Powered by leJOS & Java<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A self balancing bike, built using the Mindstorms EV3 kit and the EV3 Gyro. The bike is controlled by a Java program written using leJOS.2013-09-09T23:28:06Z Line<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I like this production line.2014-10-16T15:40:44Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here is the complete version. This is the angle I wanted the face to be seen at.2014-10-14T17:14:45Z Pictures, Bionicle Images, Bionicle Photos, Bionicle Videos - Image - TinyPic - bezp&#x0142;atny hosting obraz&oacute;w, udost&#x0119;pnianie zdj&#x0119;&#x0107; i hosting film&oacute;w wideo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My creation for LEGO® BIONICLE® BATTLE FOR THE GOLD MASK COMPETITION.2014-10-23T20:38:09Z Technic 42009 L full RC<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fully remote controlled modification of 42009. Brilliant!2013-07-28T08:25:49Z layout - orcs only :-) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Orc castle is far away from the wild evil elves and humans. They live peacefully behind the secure castle walls....of course when not attacking the neighbors. My idea was to show that the nice orc who lives in harmony and free with no evil lords are allways misunderstood and misused in movies. hehe My children helped me dismantling and sorting.... a lot of bribe for that to happen. best regards Brian (cyber)2014-10-23T10:35:22Z MT-400 Mining Truck<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The MT-400 is a mining-truck of a new generation. The largest of its family, it can haul 400 US-tons with 3862hp coming from 4 engines while resting safely atop 28 wheels. It features all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. Several of these trucks can also forma haul-train together, linked via cable and controlled by a single operator, greatly reducing operational cost. The whole truck itself is a modular design, made for reliability, safety and stability. Components can be switched out rapidly. When dumping off its load, the whole cargo-bed rotates 90 degrees to the side, so the truck does not need to back up to any edges, it can just stop parallel to them. Once empty, a third of the axles is lifted to slow down tire-wear. As for the build itself: I recently came across the website of by accident. And there are some vehicles that lend themselves to being turned into lego models very well. (The Toyota Fj Cruiser comes to mind.) This fit into that category rather well. It also was a chance to use lime-green on a large scale. The model features suspension on all axle-assemblies as well as the axles themselves. Modular features are included as well, like the engine-compartments, which can be slid into place quickly. Unfortunately, LDD doesn't alow for a lot of trying out, so there is no steering-mechanism for the wheels. However, should I ever build this IRL, I will try to incorporate power-functions. Enjoy! PS: Longest Render-time ever. This thing took over 20 hours to get done.2013-02-19T01:01:28Z Minifig wall display system - using Ikea Ribba frame<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here are my instructions for creating a minifig display case from an Ikea picture frame. Full instructions at: (by mokunina)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Olaf of Frozen (by mokunina)2014-10-15T06:45:38Z for MINDSTORMS NXT Tutorial 1 - Your first program<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to create a simple program using LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. Topics include the functions palette, context help and auto-wiring.2011-01-19T17:48:35Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dr. Peisan had made this vignette. he took two weeks for design and packing in the #FRG_CUBE . The original FRG_CUBE is by Kami_si.2014-10-23T06:10:51Z My LEGO - UCS - Star Wars - Venator (Primus Redesign) : a LEGO&reg; creation by Bob Kos : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Star Wars(tm) - Venator Class - Star Destroyer - This is My LEGO "Ultimate Collector Series" Venator I made (Based on the Primus one with my own mods). It is over 28" Long x 14" Wide x 10.5" Tall & Weighs over 6 lbs. It is more than 3500 peices, with a mini Republic Frigate that can fit inside the Shuttle Bay!2012-12-19T02:25:13Z Meadow (Main)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Beautiful! It's rare to see such a detailed landscape. 2012-08-22T08:25:29Z Medieval Greek and Roman Creations - Saber-Scorpion's Lair - Personal Website of Justin R. Stebbins<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Roman and Gladiator2012-11-07T02:41:35Z Ideas - The Secret of Monkey Island - Stan of Stan&#39;s Previously Owned Vessels <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Stan is an eccentric salesman characterised by his over the top arm gestures and big mouth. Stan's Previously Owned Vessels was the name of the business operated by him, located on Melee Island, in The Secret of Monkey Island, which this set is inspired. He is one of the most frequently recurring characters in the Monkey Island Series, having made appearances in all five games.2014-10-27T09:46:18Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr. Rebrick is wearing a MS suit2014-09-26T09:07:05Z E28 ///M5 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BMW E28 M5 by Patrick Starr 2014-10-10T20:26:12Z Robot Line Tracking<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The EV3 Robot tracks a black line.2014-01-21T13:18:13Z MOC: Mini Cooper<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very realistic copy of the Mini Cooper...2011-02-20T08:23:40Z; CUUSOO | 1:8 Scale Classic American Hot Rod<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I spent the last six months designing and building this Lego hot rod. The suicide doors are motorized and can be opened by turning the engine and shifting gears. The supercharger is an E-motor that turns the engine. The steering, transmission, differential, and suspension are also all functional. The car is 100% Lego. I've submitted it to Cuusoo hoping the concept will eventually become an official Lego set: 2012-09-14T18:22:28Z[CCCX Castle] Burg Lyndwørmsfald - LEGO Historic Themes - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Burg Lyndwørmsfald Made by Kumpelkante " In an age long forgotten a brave hero (insert silly fantasy-name here) fought a mighty Wyvern (called Lindwurm in German) and finally killed the beast near a waterfall. To pay tribute to that hero a castle was built on the rock that stood in the midst of the waterfall" Interesting story, interesting castle with interesting waterfall, and interesting presentation In one word: interesting :) 2013-07-04T20:35:53Z Toa, Kredar by ToaTom on deviantART<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Of course, Dark Toa aren't canon, but he could be anything really.2014-10-20T19:51:16Z Gallery - exodus.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Entry for the LEGO BIONICLE "Battle for the gold mask" contest. "Exodus" Full gallery here:, sewing and ironing~<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kniting, sewing and ironing~ Garment was a major source of income for Hong Kong families in 1970s2014-10-11T19:38:25Z 360° Milling Machine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>t is a new version of my LEGO 3D Milling Machine. It was developed to participate in the WRO 2011 - Abu Dhabi in the "LEGO Robotics Experts" area. There is a lot of improvements, but the most important is that it is running leJOS with a linked PC. Now there is no more file size restrictions. All the data is in the computer that sends small amount of coordinates to the NXT every loop.2012-10-18T14:15:28Z Countach LP400 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lamborghini Countach LP400 by Harry Gravett 2014-10-10T20:34:35Z Mario LEGO Big Size | TheContaminated - Cool Pictures, Weird Pictures, Funny Pictures<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Building Mario from pixels to real life2011-06-30T01:13:10Z MOC: Space-Ship-Yamato<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Wow, Check out this MOC Yamato!2010-10-13T12:36:24Z Custom LEGO City update June 2014!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A city built by Jangbricks.2014-07-07T12:18:02Z Build A LEGO Vending Machine Tutorial (WhacoLab)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here is how to make a fun cool looking LEGO Vending machine tutorial.2012-11-08T23:43:47Z 71007 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 12 - Special LEGO Themes - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Eurobricks comprehensive review of Minifigure Series 12, with a special guest! 2014-09-03T13:28:14Z Falcon Interceptor (MAD MAX)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ford Falcon Interceptor (MAD MAX)2014-10-27T13:37:53Z Mystery Men - With Herkimer Battle Jitney<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>mystery men2012-07-30T20:47:38Z Mindstorms NXT 5-axis Robot S750 Demo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>NXT 5-axis Robot by akiyuky2012-09-21T15:36:40Z Build A LEGO Couch (Sofa) Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> How-To Build a LEGO Couch/Sofa Tutorial2012-11-08T23:58:31Z'm a bob-omb maker!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I just hope they don't all explode at the same time! Built by Matt De Lanoy.2014-10-08T15:30:49Z biped robot Lego mindstorms<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This my first MOC (my own creation) made within the content of the upcoming Lego Mindstorms 31313 EV3 set.2013-08-24T21:29:20Z (1:1) &amp; Scabbard <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Gandalfs sword2013-02-22T12:36:17Z Gallery - 100_1927.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Entry for the LEGO BIONICLE "Battle for the gold mask" contest. "Ismaire, the Shadowslayer". Full gallery here: Cottage<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>So beautiful !2014-10-16T06:44:50Z Skyline 2000 GT-R KPGC10 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R by Davanchi M. 2014-10-10T19:48:54Z Wrangler Rubicon | DoubleBrick: Российское сообщество энтузиастов LEGO!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Jeep Wranler as car for James Bond on vacations.2011-12-02T11:33:24Z 14001 Olaf Set Image (Disney Frozen)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A packaging spoof that was fun to make in Photoshop; I really, really wish that the LEGO Group was capitalizing on Frozen right now. (And I don't want a Friends version; minifigures are more customizable, posable, durable, and detailed than minidolls anyway and can use the same decorative hair accessories!) Anyway, enough ranting... This image was not produced, endorsed, or otherwise approved by the LEGO Group or the Walt Disney Company. Thanks for looking!2014-04-25T17:19:52Z - Batman Collection<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Batman Collection2011-04-13T16:37:19Z; CUUSOO | X-men: The School for Gifted Mutants<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cyclops and the Inside of the X-Mansion2014-02-01T20:07:02Z回到未來 III - 經典電影由我砌作品 No. 12 - 分享園地 - 人仔倉討論區(Minifigs Forum) - Powered by Discuz!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by PrinceWilliam2013-02-05T12:52:00Z Dragon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>spikey & fun! great use of the gold snakes.2012-02-27T06:39:20Z METALstrike 1107: More Shots<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Infernum ~ PROJECT METALstrike 1107: More Shots2014-10-08T10:02:32Z camera pics 445<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Beautiful English Mansion , Manor house. The detail is amazing. Check out the other photos in his stream. I would have to say this is one of the most impressive Lego houses I have ever seen.2014-02-02T00:28:26Z Theme park<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>lego fun theme park diorama2014-08-30T16:57:43Z Assassin's Creed III<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>So excited for AC32012-08-22T10:44:52Z MOC: Apple Square University<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>48x48 stud modular building. Pictured at bottom, from left to right: Clinician, Post-doc research fellow, Board of regents chairman Mr. VIP, Grad students 1 & 2, Dr P. Investigator. At top, from left to right: University police, Animal rights activist.2012-08-31T06:46:28Z Are My Pants! - Lord Business' Evil Lair 70809 Redesign<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My redesign of Lord Business' Evil Lair, Set # 70809 for the Be The Special building challenge. Click LIKE to show your support for Lord Business, for PANTS!, for TAKOS Tuesday!…. (or be put to sleep..)… Honey? Where are my pants?2014-02-15T05:47:13Z MOC: Crixus, The Dragon Of Atero<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>See more photos through the link.2014-10-10T14:24:47Z"We Can Make a Bat-submarine… (Patent Pending)": LEGO Movie Submarine Side View<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Yeah, that submarine. Working from the digital image found over at The Brick Fan, (Thanks Allen!) I discovered that many of the elements used do not exist in some of the colors used, no longer exist, or may never exist! My version is designed as a cutaway so we can see the passengers as they witness the Fall of Cloud Cuckoo Land.2014-03-12T05:56:24Z for Men<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>this is legomen2014-10-15T09:12:06Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Can you spot Mr.Rebrick ? The Paradisa-sytle MOC is built by Wilfred Lui2014-09-26T09:12:42Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Anyone who has seen The Lego Movie will know that Unikitty has a secret power deep inside, much like Bruce Banner.2014-10-15T18:22:19Z Coach<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Jordan Schwartz2014-10-14T15:56:07Z, a MINDSTORMS EV3 brick sorter (updated video)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built from a single 31313 EV3 MINDSTORMS set, this robot sorts 2x4 LEGO bricks according to their color. Building instructions and program are available! Enjoy...2013-09-05T08:18:21Z Cycle Chase Alternate Build<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here's an alternate build for The Lego Movie Super Cycle Chase. I've included a picture of the original set. See if you can pick out what parts came from where. Also you can see which parts I left in tact, for example most Emitt's arms and sides came from the original build, and Lucy's robot uses the original back of the truck for the chest piece. I thought this was a great set to use for the alternate build because each car fit the color scheme of the minifigure. It was just a matter of mechanizing it. Hope you like it. If you think it's AWESOME, please hit the "like" button! Thanks!2014-03-29T17:40:23Z Lego HISHE<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Everything is Batman! Everything is cool when you're Batman..."2014-05-01T19:55:53Z Subaru Wrx STI <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Subaru Wrx STI by Alexander Paschoaletto 2014-10-10T20:09:02Z House<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Joshua Christenson2014-10-14T16:12:04Z 458 Italia <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ferrari 458 Italia by Lego Builders 2014-10-10T20:17:37Z - Dinner<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A typical dinner scene. Dinner with family was highly valued by Hong Kongers. Food was so-so, furniture was basic, TV was a new invention. Watching TV drama was a big pastime for everyone in 1970s.2014-10-11T19:41:01Z Is Not A Plan<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Rocket Raccoon model, from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy2014-08-04T22:30:12Z GBC Marble Run<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Allowing gravity to do its job, check out what Akiyuki achieved in this awesome like roller coaster GBC module! These balls go really fast without step out from the tracks!2013-02-15T10:19:38Z® Pokémon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I'm not ashamed to admit that I have been a Pokémon fan ever since I got the red cartridge for Christmas around 1998. I had the bug and it's been following me ever since. I remember setting my VCR to record the new episodes of the animated series while I was away at school and rushing home to catch up with Ash's latest adventure. If you have to know, yes, Charizard was and still is my all time favorite Pokémon with Mewtwo a close second. I have a larger LEGO® Pokémon themed project in the works right now, but after putting together the minifigs I had to post! Everything here is technically purist, in that it's all 100% LEGO® elements with no custom pieces or decals, but I did have to use a little Photoshop magic. :) HELP MAKE THIS A REALITY! VOTE NOW TO HELP MAKE THIS AN ACTUAL LEGO® SET: 2012-04-03T18:12:24Z TUTORIAL | How To Build a Drum set<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build / make a Lego drum set with: drums, kick drum, and cymbals tutorial. LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:!/WhacoLab CHECK OUT MY BLOG: Google+: Cuckoo City<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lobot accidentally goes to Cloud Cuckoo Land instead of Cloud City.2014-10-15T18:20:45Z Map of Europe<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictorial Map of Europe2014-09-09T22:08:59Z - Master of Vine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kulgai - Master of Vine Kulgai has a twisted sense of humour and logic, perhaps because his body is 50% reconstructed plant-life. Though the other heroes rarely understand the root of his actions, they trust him to get the team out of sticky situations. Primary Colour: Green Element: Plant-life Favourite Environment: A pot filled with slightly moist topsoil Masks: Two Masks of Jungle (always carry a backup!) Powers: Plant control and manipulation Primary Weapon: Antique shield that he stole from an archive display. The archive knows he has it and has sent return requests, but he has no intention of returning it. Secondary Weapon: Chipped dagger, also antique. Signature moves: Jungle Parry and Flower Dance. Key Traits: Insane but very adaptable, afraid of Fikou tree spiders and large herbivores. 2014-10-23T14:21:40Z World bilder (2)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Western theme from LEGO World...2012-01-21T17:50:49Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr.Rebrick and Cat House by our FFOLS - roro2014-09-26T09:01:03Z F12 Berlinetta <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ferrari F12 Berlinetta by Alexander Paschoaletto 2014-10-10T19:55:13Z Star Wars MOC Spotlight: You Too Can Build An Awesome Snowspeeder | From Bricks To Bothans<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>See how to built this great model - follow the link!2011-06-08T19:49:45Z Hurac�n <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lamborghini Huracán by Alexander Paschoaletto 2014-10-10T20:03:50Z 911 63&#8242; &laquo; Nico71&#039;s Creations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My first supercar, based on 8145 inventory with some other parts. It’s equiped with independant suspensions, steering with HOG, fake boxer 6 engine and opened bonnet and doors.2014-10-12T10:47:08Z geek | Lego au bureau et ailleurs...<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>2011-03-07T14:22:31Z[MOC] Anakin&#39;s Jedi Interceptor with Hyperspace Ring - LEGO Star Wars - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Swan Dutchman 2013-04-19T20:17:21Z Veyron 16.4 - Group Shot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bugatti Veyron 16.4 by lego9112012-12-03T21:02:55Z Madness: Terrace Apartments / Barbershop - LEGO Town - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Myko 2013-01-21T02:18:25Z Silberrȕcken 8 – Gorilla A.I Mech<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awesome !2014-10-16T06:40:28Z hugs<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>If they only knew what was to come...2013-01-08T14:57:37Z R8 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Audi R8 by Henrik Hoexbroe2014-10-10T18:41:40Z technic Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 by Kasper Hansen2012-12-09T14:52:52Z Village: Inn - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Winner of the Winter Village contest on Eurobricks. Very nice and well-deserved win.2012-02-15T12:07:42Z It Yourself: Gingerbread House<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very cute little house you can build yourself! Be sure to check out Chris's website for more models. 2012-11-07T18:11:33Z; CUUSOO | Batman: Killer Croc&#039;s Lair<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Killer Croc's Lair was created by BrickQueen. It features the Batsub, three minifigures, two crocodiles, and one skeleton. The pipe leads into the inner part of the lair. 2013-06-22T13:58:12Z stencil<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Does it really matter who made it?2012-01-07T03:43:33Z Rises<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Who doesn't love a Cthulhu? If you like this little guy, click "like" up next to the photo. (Also this may help you to avoid being the Cthulhu's next meal. And that's more than polite for a Cthulhu.)2012-07-04T04:46:02Z; CUUSOO | X-men: The School for Gifted Mutants<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Xavier's Office and Shadowcat. If you get the comic book reference you get a no-prize!2014-02-01T20:14:17Z MOC: Akrida<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Dave Foreman AKA Thirdeye88!2014-09-30T20:08:46Z Land Cruiser Prado 150. Studless 1:9.5 scale model. | DoubleBrick: Российское сообщество энтузиастов LEGO!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Impressive Technic model of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Detailed images and a long description on the website. I used Google translate to understand the text.2012-10-30T14:33:42Z•E_instruction<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>WALL•E instruction2012-11-18T10:49:37Z Steam Engine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A micro scale steam engine rendered in LEGO form. I've always thought the Technic Competition Cannon looked like the boiler from a steam engine. In 2005 I decided to make it happen and this was the result. PDF instructions, parts list and LDraw file can be found at There are quite a few friction based connections, but they are all pretty solid with the old version of the cannon. Unfortunately the piece was redesigned a few years ago, and although the connections still mostly work with the new version, the main wheels are quite loose and there are some odd looking gaps in a couple of places. 71 pieces 15 x 3 x 5 studs2013-03-06T09:30:04Z's Create<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lovely creation and execution! Very original!2013-11-17T12:18:53Z Steamer Genni-Anne At Sea<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Johnny Thunder and Jack Raines take the adventure on the high-seas with the Steamer Genni-Anne! With a full modular design and multiple decks the ship can carry all the gear and loot the adventurers collect!2012-03-21T15:14:27Z; CUUSOO | Monopoly Board Game with Pieces<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by Est.1949 .2013-12-17T22:26:48Z Science "Testing Assistant"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My take on a more rigid type of robots. The idea was from the aesthetic of Portal 2 droids, with a bit more of a deadly twist. To add some creativity, I decided to mount a modified portal gun on it's right shoulder. Gallery: Kitchen Utensils<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I build this MOC together with my mother for LEGO World 2011 in Copenhagen.2012-01-03T19:53:54Z Starcraft 2 Siege Tank - Remote Control<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a Lego version of a Siege Tank from the popular video game Starcraft 2. It is motorized and remote controlled. 2012-01-19T16:21:12Z Man Repulsion Arm Prototype.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"My entry for the Wearable LEGO category in the Mocathalon. Since I know there's going to be a lot of sunglasses and guns, I figured I'd go with something a bit cooler. ;) The chest Arc Reactor is held on using eight Lego magnets, so no velcro or tape included. And before anybody asks, NO I DO NOT LIFT. SO DON'T BOTHER. Reference image."2013-03-10T13:10:50Z in the Bottle<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I've never seen a train in a bottle! Built by Bangoo H.2014-10-13T19:08:50Z PDER DE MATASTAR<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>NADI PODRA CUANDO TENGA LA MASCRA2014-10-23T06:51:24Z Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 by Sheepo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>FORD MUSTANG SHELBY GT5002014-07-11T14:32:48Z GALACTICA == <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A spectacular creation by Garry King of the Battlestar Galactica!2012-11-27T19:39:35Z; CUUSOO | Minion from Despicable Me<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>cool2012-09-15T22:38:47Z | Lego | MOC | Trespass Finale<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Clone Wars Episode Trespass2013-04-10T02:36:25Z robot team<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Andrea Chiapella Getter robot team 2014-10-08T09:52:25Z House<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Book House2014-09-27T17:48:32Z Hospital/Hospital Abandonado<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Abandoned Hospital2014-10-14T12:50:43Z 250 GTO 05<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This LEGO creation was the one that gave me the most fun building it. It unites two things that I love - The Ferrari 250 GTO and the movie Vanilla Sky. This car is a representation of the one that appears in the movie driven by Tom Cruise. It’s all build out of Lego parts… even the stickers are Lego. ? And, yeah, it’s a black Ferrari! Not red! Isn’t it a beauty? Info: Ideas - Aquamarine World アクアマリンワールド <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Discover the wonderful ocean planet with Mila, Eric, and Dr.Awanai Kurage (telekinesis Alien Jellyfish). Build, explore, and learn different types of strange marine lifeforms using Aquasub the “Sea Coral 07” I just submitted a cute little project I made on LEGO IDEAS. This one called “Aquamarine World.” A colorful underwater sea adventures with a submarine. Take a look and what do you think and support? -Thank You2014-10-07T01:04:28Z Truck 5 (Custom Peterbilt 379) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Peterbilt 379 by 2LegoOrNot2Lego Ingmar Spijkhoven 2013-01-22T17:30:58Z | Project | How to make a quadruped walking robot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO NanoDog A quadrupedal walking robot made with Lego Crazy Action Contraptions. It can be controlled from Scratch with a NanoBoardAG as a WeDo. Video: For more information: Lancaster Bomber Mk I - 'G for George'<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Famous WWII Lancaster Bomber from RAAF SQDN 4602013-07-12T00:15:15Z F-16 // fighter moc aircraft jet lego airplane falcon wip fighting <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>F-16 // fighter moc aircraft jet lego airplane falcon wip fighting2013-09-01T15:58:33Z; CUUSOO | Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is an amazing model by bking on LEGO CUUSOO. Certainly detailed, and well translated into LEGO form. Beam me up, Scottie! :)2013-02-13T20:09:59Z of the Dead - Zombie Creation: Arc de Triomphe<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Arc de Triomphe by CaptainSpaulding2014-07-04T06:34:16Z Ronaldo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Completely haind-painted, this is my new Cristiano Ronaldo figure!2013-01-27T17:41:57Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Battle for the Golden Mask! Cretch is a Pirate from an island west of Okoto, he has come to the Island to search for the golden masks of power. Weapons- duel function mechanical arm with a blade and cannon, and a large anchor that he uses for combat, it also functions as a key for his ship.2014-10-23T16:17:07Z FH16 + Kempf trailer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Volvo FH16 700 by Jakeof_2012-12-08T22:57:27Z R8 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Audi R8 by Alexander Paschoaletto 2014-10-10T18:20:50Z Nissan Skyline GTR R34: A LEGO&reg; creation by Phil Flipson : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>2 fast, 2 furious! Do I have to write more? No! Build by Phil Flipson2014-07-29T19:04:38Z GT-R race car chassis <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ford GT-R race car chassis by Tyler Reid 2012-12-07T23:03:47Z Build a LEGO Refrigerator (Fridge) with a Freezer Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build a Lego fridge with freezer LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:!/WhacoLab CHECK OUT MY BLOG: Google+: here is a simple tutorial of how to build a LEGO Frigerator With a Freezer dont forget to check out my other LEGO How-tos/Tutorials! And Subscribe!2012-11-08T23:50:47Z Warrior on Battle Rancor!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice tatoo!!2014-07-24T02:47:33Z; CUUSOO | U.S. Capitol Building, Microscale LEGO Architecture<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>It's the United States Capitol building. Great microbuild. Please support the project on LEGO CUUSOO! :)2013-08-27T00:18:45Z Ideas - Aquamarine World アクアマリンワールド <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Discover the wonderful ocean planet with Mila, Eric, and Dr.Awanai Kurage (telekinesis Alien Jellyfish). Build, explore, and learn different types of strange marine lifeforms using Aquasub the “Sea Coral 07” I just submitted a cute little project I made on LEGO IDEAS. This one called “Aquamarine World.” A colorful underwater sea adventures with a submarine. Take a look and what do you think and support? -Thank You.2014-10-07T00:53:11Z Gallery - 0001.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lamborghini Gallardo by brickshelf user steez2014-08-14T18:59:59Z A Steampunk Sci Fi Alien Lego Landscape &raquo;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Too often I see fanboys build amazing tributes to the imagination of others — but this rejects the original thing that made science fiction fandom so cool: It’s the idea that the fanboys who grow up reading something become the authors of the next generation of new things. So I was very happy to come across an original Lego creation called Containment which is the handy work of Tyler Clites (Legohaulic) and Nannan Zhang (Nannan Z.).2013-08-30T05:16:41Z Screwdriver<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> Sonic Screwdriver A quick build from earlier today, in the theme of my recent Doctor Who stuff. Here it is with a hand for size comparison. 2012-06-18T19:14:57Z 8109 RC modification<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Remote controlled 8109 Flatbed truck. instructions available at base on Teth <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Clone wars battle scene2012-09-20T13:36:54Z Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG : A LEGO&reg; creation by Thomas Eckert : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Technic Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG supercar, complete with gullwing doors! Created by Thomas Eckert.2012-05-14T21:54:31Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Creation in 2014 Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek Denmark2014-10-12T14:55:32Z MOC: Pumpkin Factory<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Builder has designed a number of buildings that may work with modular series2012-03-24T15:39:33Z Cars Made of Lego | Sooth Brush<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>There are several very nice designs of classic cars in Minifigure scale on this site.2011-11-19T10:33:04Z 02 13 Lego Valentine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awww2013-01-28T20:44:50Z - Heritage and succession<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Family - Heritage and succession Hong Kongers valued family. Pictured here is a mother with 3 infants, the Hong Kong Government promoted birth planning with 2 children per family in the 1970s. The cabinet on the right is for ancestral worship.2014-10-11T19:39:53Z The Elder Wand<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My wand2014-10-13T03:10:15Z Transformation Redux<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Werewolf Transformation Redux2013-04-25T15:11:07Z Pictures, Bionicle Images, Bionicle Photos, Bionicle Videos - Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing &amp; Video Hosting<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Entry Bionicle W/ HF parts. Hope to win :D2014-10-22T05:04:17Z NIKE Sport shoes (for child) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Is the pair of sport shoes fit you? Enjoy!2011-12-26T14:56:16Z and Demise<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cool color heightens the action in this build by Mattius Xavier2013-04-16T22:40:23Z 8) Dal Xoth<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dal Xoth2014-10-24T09:09:15Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Battle for the Golden Mask! Ko-Kojin is a massive Ice Behemoth that roams the Icecaps and tundra of Okoto, and the only one on the island. Standing 35 feet tall, he easily stands above most creatures of the island, towering over even the mighty Onua, and despite his size, he's actually very small for an Ice Behemoth, with others of his species standing 65-70 feet tall! He has been attacking the villages in the ice area of Okoto for a while now destroying everything with his massive fists. He is armed with magic bracers that increase his strength with every victory in single combat, he has gone so long without a loss that his arms have grown out of his armor.2014-10-24T16:37:12Z Prime , A G1 Lego Transformers Creation<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego G1 Ultimate Version designed by me! Enjoy! 2012-08-04T14:41:15Z of Thrones LEGO Sets Coming in Time For Christmas<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>April is coming...2012-10-31T16:55:07Z - LEGO MOC - Steampunk styled "Scarlet Sails"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Steampunk styled "Scarlet Sails"2014-09-24T09:04:42Z LTM 11200 and Mercedes Actros SLT with Nooteboom boom trailer.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This has to be one of the best LEGO mobile crane MOC that I have ever seen.2013-09-24T16:31:53Z in the Bottle<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A LEGO ship in a bottle on a LEGO base. Too bad the bottle isn't made of LEGO bricks! Built by Bangoo H.2014-10-13T19:08:07Z Police Station<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Front image of my MOC, Modular Police Station. See my flickr account for more photos of this--it's the same username as my ReBrick.2012-08-13T02:16:20Z Miłośników Klocków LEGO Zbudujmy to! - Zobacz wątek - Napad na bank - Bank robbery<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bank Robbery.2013-10-27T19:47:13Z Firm - Modular Building <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> :02013-12-21T22:19:45Z White Mamba - a Hybrid Wing-Body design with flexible wings<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The White Mamba - a Hybrid Wing-Body design with flexible wings This design was prepared for the „Inventing Our Future of Flight” competition. For moge images please visit: - Protector of Magic<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Gakuri lives a peaceful nomadic life as a druid. She travels around the world with her loyal companion "Swamp Master" collecting interesting herbs and tales." Built by Nick V.2014-10-10T00:08:43Z F40<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ferrari F40 Supercar2014-09-27T17:32:00Z House 2012<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Me holding my Candy House MOC in front of its big brother at Times Square, Hong Kong for LEGO Christmas Village 2012.2014-09-12T18:29:43Z LUGPol :: Zobacz temat - [MOC] Black &amp; White<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Volvo FH 20132013-07-17T20:22:20Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Creation in 2014 Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek Denmark2014-10-12T10:04:50Z MindCuber &#8220;Rubix Cube Solver for the Lego Mindstorm&#8221; (Building Instructions &amp; Program Available) | OneMindStorm<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Originally designed by David Gilday, OneMindstorm built the MindCuber to test out and compare it with the other Lego Mindstorm Rubix Cube Solvers. The MindCuber is the best Rubix Cube Solver we have ever seen. When we first began to build this robot, we thought it wouldn’t work, such as the Tilted Twister by Hans Andersson it never worked the robot couldn’t detect the colors correctly. But, the MindCuber worked, it is better than the One Armed Wonder which we demoed earlier. This solver doesn’t require a computer and it can complete its task with a color sensor. We give this robot a 10 out of 10. David Gilday did a wonderful job creating this amazing robot. You can download building instructions and program from our site: Disk (HARDnuary 2014)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Kosmas Santosa2014-03-22T18:13:09Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hummer by Sariel . 2014-10-10T20:05:54Z Three of Book II<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Just perfect !2014-10-13T08:32:06Z 3<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Mr.Attacki2013-04-11T08:47:09Z Lego Navy Ship -<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>As the title states, an awesome aircraft carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman!2011-06-30T16:21:59Z® Hero Factory - Stop Motion Film 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>See More at 2014-10-15T21:23:30Z rear view<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dojo rear view showing hanging garden2014-10-24T19:44:45Z MOC Wayne's Manor 003<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Finally the WIP turned a MOC! Based on Wollaton Hall aka Wayne's Manor Wollaton Hall was built between 1580 and 1588 for Sir Francis Willoughby and is believed to be designed by the Elizabethan architect, Robert Smythson, who was the architect of Hardwick Hall. The style is Elizabethan with early Jacobean elements. The floor plan has been said to derive from Serlio's drawing (in Book III of his Five Books of Architecture) of Giuliano da Majano's Villa Poggio Reale near Naples of the late fifteenth century, with elevations derived from Hans Vredeman de Vries. The architectural historian Mark Girouard has suggested that the design is in fact derived from Nikolaus de Lyra's reconstruction, and Josephus's description, of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem, with a more direct inspiration being the mid-sixteenth century Mount Edgcumbe in Cornwall, which Smythson knew. The building is of Ancaster stone from Lincolnshire, and is said to have been paid for with coal from the Wollaton pits owned by Willoughby. Cassandra Willoughby, Duchess of Chandos recorded in 1702 that the master masons, and some of the statuary, were brought from Italy. The decorative but ludicrous gondola mooring rings carved in stone on the exterior walls offer some evidence of this, as do other architectural features. There are also obvious French and Dutch influences. The building consists of a high central hall, surrounded by four towers. Unfortunately, a fire caused damage to Smythson's interior decoration of some of the ground floor rooms, but little structural damage occurred. Remodelling was carried out by Wyattville in 1801 and continued intermittently until the 1830s. The gallery of the main hall contains Nottinghamshire's oldest pipe organ, thought to date from the end of the seventeenth century, possibly by the builder Gerard Smith. It is still blown by hand. Paintings on the ceilings and one wall are attributed to Verrio or his assistant Laguerre. Directly over the main hall is a 'prospect room', from which there are extensive views of the Park. Beneath the hall are many cellars and passages, and a well and associated reservoir tank, in which some accounts report that an admiral of the Willoughby family took a daily bath. The Willoughbys were noted for the number of explorers they produced, most famously Sir Hugh Willoughby who died in the Arctic in 1554 attempting a North East passage to Cathay. Willoughby's Land is named after him. In 1881, the house was still owned by the head of the Willoughby family, Digby Willoughby, 9th Baron Middleton, but by then it was "too near the smoke and busy activity of a large manufacturing town... now only removed from the borough by a narrow slip of country", so that the previous head of the family, Henry Willoughby, 8th Baron Middleton, had begun to let the house to tenants and in 1881 it was vacant. The hall reopened in April 2007 after being closed for refurbishment. The prospect room at the top of the house, and the kitchens in the basement, were opened up for the public to visit, though this must be done on one of the escorted tours. The latter can be booked on the day, last about an hour, and a small charge is made. In 2011, key scenes from the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises, were filmed there. The hall was featured as the latest Wayne Manor.2012-12-03T12:35:57Z; CUUSOO | Mori Detective Agency (Detective Conan)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Detective Conan as Cuusoo project2013-04-30T21:43:59Z Rim<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awesome built by MOKO2014-01-08T08:08:15Z Agera R <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Koenigsegg Agera R by Davanchi M. 2014-10-10T20:01:21Z Steer Loader<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>PF Skid Steer Loader2013-06-14T21:27:01Z!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Need I say more?2014-10-11T19:42:20Z Mustang 1969 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ford Mustang 1969 by Beni Henzen 2014-10-10T19:39:57Z Miniland Dr Evil<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Ryan McNaught2014-08-24T21:01:23Z Buildings &laquo;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great MOC trainstation. I think it's very vivid!2010-10-13T12:19:57Z 2013 MOC for OP,KS Store<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very nice haunted house and excellent tree design! Built by utinni.2014-09-22T19:16:12Z Mindstorms Sudoku Solver<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An NXT sudoku solver. The tiltedtwister site has a nice explanation, along with building and programming instructions.2011-03-09T03:45:07Z經典電影由我砌 - 03. 侏羅紀公園(Jurassic Park) - 分享園地 - 人仔倉討論區(Minifigs Forum) - Powered by Discuz!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Superb.2013-02-05T12:49:59Z RAY GUN - Life Size - Call of Duty<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A Life Size Ray Gun built Completely from LEGO Elements! 2011-12-21T04:20:43Z Bookends<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Some perfectly executed Minecraft bookends.2013-06-10T20:59:17Z LEGO ED-209 from Robocop<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great parts usage! ED-209 by ninbendo!2013-03-07T15:15:58Z Dark Knight Rises Trailer 2: IN LEGO<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Dark Knight Rises Movie Trailer By ParanickFilmz. Thanks to Adviceversas for the mouth animation and JediMasterSoda for the CGI. Movie (2012) HD. The original Media is property of Warner Brothers and DC Comics, which we have no affiliation with.2012-03-17T05:08:43Z attacking Laketown<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Smaug attacking Laketown2013-03-15T23:47:40Z Gallery - bs-christmas-museum-01.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Christmas Museum by brickshelf user Azur2014-10-14T12:51:10Z'57 Chevy Nomad <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>'57 Chevy Nomad by Nate Andrews2014-10-10T18:18:10Z Mammoth - Special LEGO Themes - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Sir Nadroj2014-01-07T11:53:48Z Swan <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Riccardo Zangelmi2014-10-14T17:28:30Z® Hero Factory - Stop Motion Film 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>See More at經典電影由我砌 - 01 木馬屠城 - 分享園地 - 人仔倉討論區(Minifigs Forum) - Powered by Discuz!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Jared chan.2013-02-05T12:39:07Z steer loader<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Caterpillar "232B" Skid Steer Loader by RichardJBrown2012-12-19T19:54:24Z furniture<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Birgburg on Flickr.2013-06-03T15:28:01Z Store<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I built a Record Store :)2013-10-25T07:24:15Z Confined Space: Spaceship Lego Goodness!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An impressive starship if ever I saw one.Not sure who created it, but they are very talented builders. May be from an old Anime 20 plus years ago.2014-01-17T08:15:28Z Man 3 Trailer #1: IN LEGO<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An AWESOME LEGO Iron Man 3 Trailer!!!!!2013-04-27T19:27:39Z Hunger Games Figures<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I've been working on these for the last month or so and finally got them all done. There are a few custom parts: Bow, Laser cut jackets, "sleeves" on Katniss and Peetas arms, black line on reaping card. Nice representation done by customBRICKS2013-01-27T11:16:50Z MP4-12C <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>McLaren MP4-12C by Dikkie Klijn 2014-10-10T20:30:03Z Lego International Hotel: Anastasia Astoria 2 | Lurvely<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>International Hotel: Anastasia Astoria 22014-08-16T17:33:33Z Unit<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Love the new Ghostbusters set.2014-06-07T01:25:58Z Minecraft : 21105 "The Village" & 21106 "The Nether" - Full Analysis!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>a sneak peek and review of the new lego minecrafft sets.2013-07-30T18:14:56Z Signs<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>JBIronWorks Ominous Signs2014-10-12T06:59:26Z of Clans - Archer Tower Lvl. 8<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I have been playing Clash of Clans for a couple of months now, and when I saw this Archer Tower it put a smile on my face. The accuracy is just spot on. Great job by Mereel Skirata2014-04-29T14:37:24Z Villas<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This vacation apartment block was originally built as part of a large display called "Bricksboro Beach". Built by euphonica.2014-10-08T15:36:08Z Beta One<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is the LEGO Friends Beta One Space Exploration Base. A fun play set loosely based on the classic LEGO space sets from the 80's. Emma and Olivia are exploring an alien planet with their animal fiends in style, with a rocket to get them back home to Heartlake for supper. The Monorail connects the living area Pod with the Science/ Kitchen Pod. The Rocket Star Jumper piloted by Nibbles the rabbit, and is made to look like a jumping figure. The MOC is hinged to save space (pun), and give access to certain play features (like the Green house). I had fun building it and enjoyed the challenge.2014-08-28T00:16:38Z Trailer: IN LEGO<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The incredible INTERSTELLAR Movie Trailer . . . remade IN LEGO! Made by CBL Animation.2014-09-13T01:03:25Z City Pet Taxi Service<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very funny !2014-09-22T08:27:36Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Jeep Hurricane by Nathanël Kuipers2011-04-15T01:45:12Z imgur: the simple image sharer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Head Shaman ---------------- A twisted minded formerly-matoran who hungered for power and knowledge has found his way of achieveing his goal when he found a magic skull -- which transformed into a magical staff upon contact and transformed the matoran into the Shaman he is now. The Head Shaman, as his name suggests, is endlessly hunting heads of beasts and warriors and absorbs their knowledge into his own, making him stronger and smarter.2014-10-22T19:38:18Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hardsuit2013-08-07T07:33:07Z and Atreyu in the Swamp of Sadness<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Carl Merriam2014-01-10T03:03:57Z friends 41015 conversion<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Conversion of 41015 friends boat to spaceship for Building Challenge. Background image by Sweetie187 ( in creative commons license.2014-06-29T14:58:28Z Man Repulsion Arm Prototype. <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cool and useful! by Evan B (Lego Junkie)2013-03-11T02:44:36Z to Build a LEGO Arcade Machine Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A really cool and easy Lego arcade machine tutorial anyone can build! LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:!/WhacoLab CHECK OUT MY BLOG: Google+: Shrieking Shack<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by _Matn2014-10-14T15:54:36Z 288 GTO <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ferrari 288 GTO by Dennis B 2014-10-10T18:49:20Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr. Rebrick and Mr & Mrs Superman2014-09-26T09:49:36Z imgur: the simple image sharer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is my entry for the Bionicle villain contest. His name is Velzak, coming up with his left arm was quite a fun experience.2014-10-22T23:20:30Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Minimalist micro-scale version of the Stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas. This build only requires 17 bricks and use old train rails.2013-05-02T15:13:22Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Robin: "Jumping Jigowatts, Batman! Are you telling me that you built a Batmobile... out of a DeLorean time machine?" Batman: "The way I see it, if you're gonna to build a time machine into a Batmobile, why not do it with some style."2014-10-15T18:09:32Z Study In The Study<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nick Sweetman A Study In The Study2014-10-08T09:54:50Z 138 &#8230;.. A bridge Too Far? &laquo; world of minifigs<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.2014-08-22T19:07:34Z and bonsai<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sakura tree and bonsai on a table2014-10-24T19:39:11Z Bookends <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Annie Corder 2013-04-09T04:23:44Z first truck ! &laquo; Nico71&#039;s Creations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My first truck, manually operated. It has steering with a HOG, V6 fake engine connected to the rear axle, complex stabiliser system and pneumatic arm.2014-10-12T10:51:12Z is Halloween<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bouh !2014-10-14T20:29:49Z Super Hornet Advanced (1)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Corvin Stichert 2013-09-29T22:17:13Z; CUUSOO | X-men: The School for Gifted Mutants<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Beast and the Lab of the X-mansion 2014-02-01T20:09:47Z and Resolute<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Part of 'Flagships of the Chosen One' by simplethinker on flickr. 2013-04-24T02:49:44Z MiniFigure Anatomy Sculpture by Jason Freeny<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The inside of a Lego man are more complex than the outside, apparently. 2012-01-19T15:22:38Z GBC module : Zig-zag Lift<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Clever idea for a GBC Module done by Akiyuki! Fantastic color scheme.2013-02-15T11:30:27Z | Lego | MOC | Yodas Legacy<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Entry to TFOSW.2013-01-22T18:34:36Z Most Intricate And Realistic Lego Creations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ferrari F12011-08-11T16:40:36Z Starbot Smooth<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great instructions on how to build this robot.2011-08-11T14:15:44Z to build a LEGO Speedcuber in under 5 minutes using ARM Powered devices<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Android Speedcuber is a robot built from two MINDSTORMS NXT kits, lots of yellow Technic bricks and an ARM Powered smartphone that can solve a Rubik's Cube puzzle. This time-lapse video shows the robot being built from scratch. The software used for this design was later enhanced for use in CubeStormer II.2013-08-26T22:56:05Z NXT ATM Machine with Change Maker<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>You can build your own bank at home! This ATM not only dispenses money when you add your [RFID] card, but you can also deposit money when you need it. Accepts major cards...2011-03-21T15:49:18Z Martin Lola B09/60 LMP1 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Aston Martin Lola B09/60 LMP1 by Alexander Paschoaletto 2014-10-10T20:23:30Z Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3: IN LEGO<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Dark Knight Rises Movie Trailer By ParanickFilmz, Jedimastersoda, and Adviceversas. Movie (2012) HD. The original Media is property of Warner Brothers and DC Comics, which we have no affiliation with. Also, LEGO too. Follow Me: Jedimastersoda's Channel: Adviceversas Channel: Tags: the dark knight rises "dark knight rises" tdkr dark knight rises official dark knight rises trailer dark knight rises trailer 3 "dark knight" christian bale anne hathaway tom hardy Marion Cotillard Joseph Gordon-Levitt Michael Caine Gary Oldman Morgan Freeman Christopher Nolan batman 3 dark knight 2012 batman returns batman 2012 trailer batman trailer tdkr trailer catwoman action gotham city bane selina kyle bruce wayne warner bros warner brothers lego trailer 2 HD Lego animation stopmotion Movie Stop Motion2012-12-12T11:59:52Z Finback Class Armed Interstellar Container Ship<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Why not ?2014-10-11T05:00:31Z Titanic<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a great film using LEGO Bricks about the Ship Titanic2011-02-16T16:40:39Z Loom Machine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A LEGO machine that can make you a scarf? yes please! :32013-02-11T18:33:27Z Hero Factory Brain Attack PSA<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awesome2014-10-15T21:21:26Z Little AT-AT<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mike Stimpson's Chibi AT-AT, in microscale.2014-09-25T10:52:21Z på Twitter: &quot;When crime fighting in Canada, Batman rides his Batmoose! #Lego #Batman;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>When crime fighting in Canada, Batman rides his Batmoose!2014-10-15T18:24:57Z Ideas - Aquamarine World アクアマリンワールド <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Discover the wonderful ocean planet with Mila, Eric, and Dr.Awanai Kurage (telekinesis Alien Jellyfish). Build, explore, and learn different types of strange marine lifeforms using Aquasub the “Sea Coral 07” I just submitted a cute little project I made on LEGO IDEAS. This one called “Aquamarine World.” A colorful underwater sea adventures with a submarine. Take a look and what do you think and support? -Thank You2014-10-07T00:58:54Z Superman &amp; Young Justice vs. Brainiac : a LEGO&reg; creation by Mr. Xenomurphy : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>After 8 weeks of daily work, I finished this Superhero-MOC. I decided to do DC comics this time and the famous Daily Planet building seemed to be the best place for a good fight.2011-12-15T18:48:21Z Gallery - acclamator1.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Acclamator Cruiser by brickshelf user 2x4bricks2014-09-05T11:45:11Z Volvo XC90 LEGO Replica &amp; XC90 - 1600x1200 Wallpaper<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>...but can it drive??2011-02-24T15:58:04Z CARTWHEEL3R (Short Edit)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>CARTWHEEL3R is a simple EV3 LEGO MINDSTORMS robot, made to celebrate the official release of 31313 today! It was done with parts from 31313 kit plus two additional 12t double bevel gears, for the version without the EV3 logo. The logo was ofc built with some extra parts. :D If you enjoyed it, just press the "Like" button! ;)2013-09-01T14:17:14Z in the corridor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cheap and fun, perfect for Hong Kongers in the 1970s.2014-10-11T19:43:57Z a MINDSTORMS EV3 robot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>TURTL3: my first EV3 MOC. It uses the parts from set 31313, with the addition of 4 Knob Wheels. I wanted to do a walking robot, and used the same mechanism I tried on a previous MOC, but using 4 legs instead of 8. This means that TURTL3 doesn't really lift its legs off the floor, and rather glides along it. Still, as long as the gears don't skip (which happens all the time), it actually works well on smooth surfaces. Besides walking, its head can retract, like turtles do. Like turtles, it retracts its head when in fear, and unlike turtles (ninja variants notwithstanding), shakes it when laughing. From the first time I saw the EV3 Infrared sensor, I thought the printed "eyes" looked a bit too aggressive, so I made sure I'd mount the IR sensor upside down for a more "cute" appearance. TURTL3 can do two separate things: it roams around the floor, and when it detects an obstacle, it cringes, backs away quickly, turns around, and resumes exploring. Alternatively, it can move towards the remote control beacon and, when near enough, stops and laughs.2013-09-30T19:53:54Z Jeep Wrangler <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Jeep Wrangler by Morten Frandsen 2013-01-13T11:49:28Z Bar and LEGO room - Craftsman - Basement - seattle - by Board and Vellum<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BASEMENT BAR AND LEGO ROOM - CRAFTSMAN - BASEMENT - SEATTLE - BY BOARD AND VELLUM2014-07-12T22:08:47Z 60059 REDESIGN<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Contest entry for ReBrick's "Be The Special" Based on set #60059 Hello Everyone!! It's my first entry here and I hope you will enjoy it. This robot was created with every brick from set 60059, so you can rebrick it to orginal truck every time you want without adding any brick. Robot have many moving parts like legs (ankles, knees, hips), yelow arm which can grab things, second hand with powerful chaingun and rotating head. Please LIKE if you think this robot should be a special force in Emmet team and will help defeat Lord Business ;)2014-03-25T00:15:49Z Z's Contemporary Retreat <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ultra modern house2012-07-06T16:32:32Z; CUUSOO | Lord of the Rings Set: Minas Tirith<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Project for a minas tirith set.2013-03-03T12:04:42Z【可愛玩偶創意賽-成人組-沉沒的小女孩】 - 樂高作品分享 MOCs - 玩樂天堂 pockyland LEGO|樂高|TOMICA|CHORO|玩具|美食|美少女|<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The gril sunk in the world by ???2012-11-28T14:09:02Z Racing Car <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>31024 Racing Car by amaman . 2014-10-10T18:29:25Z LEGO Power Loader from Aliens<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a minifig scale Power Loader from the movie Aliens, along with a custom Ripley minifig! I saw Legolovermans exo suit and thought it would be awesome to do the Power Loader from Aliens! I had a go myself but soon gave up - it was only my second ever project and I didn't really know where to start. So I googled around the place and came across Larry Lars' amazing effort, and I bought the pieces and made it to display. But then I started tinkering with it, and one thing led to another and I ended up completely re-working the whole thing! I'm really happy with the result. The shoulders, elbows, wrists and hips are all articulated. Purists will note that I have cheated slightly - there are four maxifig hands on the back with the balls cut off(!) to create a yellow version of piece 85861. This was necessary to attach the tricep pistons and the antennae. Coloured wire was used for the flamethrower cable, leather string for the pneumatic cable and there are several custom decals to bring out a bit of detail (laser printer waterslide decal paper from Crafty Computer Paper). I used Crimson Wolf's method for the claws - they were perfect for the scale I was trying to achieve, and thanks to Billyburg for advice on the forearms. I hope you enjoy it and make sure you check out the queen as well...!2013-02-19T00:30:45Z"Micro" Manager v.2.0<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Food Policy!2014-02-14T13:46:19Z IS THE MASTER SHADOW<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>ENCOTRAR LA MASCARA DE CREACION 2014-10-21T14:03:49Z hudák på Twitter: &quot;representing our school at the #SecondarySchoolFair #Nyiregyhaza #Hungary #LEGO;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Tekerd!2014-10-17T21:50:41Z Cougar &laquo; Nico71&#039;s Creations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Xerion cougar built for contest at Features steering, fake engine, rotating front, left and right blade. Right and left blade are retractable.2014-10-12T10:38:56Z; CUUSOO | Assault on Wayne Manor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Title Page update for the "Assault on Wayne Manor" project2013-12-09T01:22:45Z LEGO Star Wars: Separatist outpost attack. (with lights) : A LEGO&reg; creation by TX-008 1998 : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hi there, this is my first LEGO Star Wars MOC I’ve uploaded here on rebrick and I think I’ll upload some of my older LEGO Star Wars MOCs too!2012-12-08T20:46:37Z Tractor MOC (Case IH Magnum) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Case IH Magnum by Jonas H 2013-01-22T11:35:18Z 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I be R2-D-Beard! beep boop deep yeargh!2014-10-18T18:12:28Z Haunted Roller Coaster (A work in progress)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Nick Sweetman2014-10-14T15:57:51Z SAFS<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Simon Liu on Flickr.2014-10-15T02:50:09Z Acceleration Combat Armor <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>.2012-12-11T16:24:34Z Airplane King Air<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Want to see this produced and others like it? Check out My project is at Description -to scale with width of minifigs (1 peg ~= 8 inches or 20 cm). This allows seating side-by-side with narrow isle. -retractable landing gear, lock up and down -airfoil shaped inner wing -accurate and customizable antenna -static wicks -accurate cockpit/flightdeck: duel control yolks, instruments, radio panel, cuircuit breakers, fuel gauges, throttle quadrant, centre console, overhead light controls and electrical gauges. -kitchenette, fold down tables, cups -rear lavatory -cargo net -safety equipment: fire goggles, oxygen masks, extinguishers -support equipment: chocks, engine plugs, wing broom, aircraft documents -custom seating: as with the real plane, the kitchenette is removable and club seating or commuter seating is available. Seating is available for up to 14 passengers with one crew member, which is what the actual aircraft is certified for (one passenger would sit in the cockpit, the plane is certified for single pilot operation). -med-bed included with detatcheable stretcher for medivac operations -fuel vents, fuel caps -accurate lighting -emergency escape window -overhead lights and air vents -detailed door with steps -optional winglets, belly pod, wing lockers, aerial survey antenna, tip tanks History: I first started the layout for this project back in spring of 2011. In the fall of 2011 I put things on hold, as I was focusing on my career. In the spring of 2012 I got my first commercial aviation job on a King Air 200. I wanted a model to commemorate the event, but could only find expensive wooden models online, and one plastic model of a military variation. Therefor, I turned back to Lego for a model that wouldn't just collect dust, but rather the kids could enjoy as well. I didn't finish the model until November 2012 and to my great frustration and disappointment, Lego Design by Me had already been cancelled the February before. Not to be discouraged I used the opportunity to fine-tune the design over the next few weeks. Starting in December 2012, I made orders through Replacement Part Service and through Pick a Brick. To get some discontinued or rarer pieces I made orders through BrickLink. I finally finished building the model middle of March, 2013. I started looking at a way to share my creation with the world in February, which is when I came across Cuusoo. I would like to bring the creative fun of Lego together with intrigue of aviation. My Dream: I would like to see people proudly displaying this model, or watching little children create their own adventures with this set. I would like to introduce the fascination of aviation to the next generation. The Big Challenge: The most difficult task with this project was balancing playability with detail. I wanted enough detail that a pilot could proudly display this on their desk, without it looking like just a toy. BUT I also wanted a toy that my children could play with. I wanted a model so detailed that a person could pretend to do a walk-around (pre-flight inspection) with a minifig while actually seeing details on the actual airplane. The plane is made to be highly customizable, and comes with a variety of passengers and cargo, as well as supporting personel and equipment. Compromises: Because the model is a balance between form and function, compromises had to be made. For example, the windows are not round on the sides, but rather are square. (The Beechcraft 99 does have square windows, as it is unpressurized, but the rest of the King Air family has circular windows). I could have put in the preshaped aircraft windows, but these would not fit in nicely with the side walls, which are designed so that minifigs could be placed inside with room for an isle. The preshaped windows are also a little smaller. I wanted minifigs to be visible through the windows, the smaller windows did not per2013-03-28T22:40:59Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? BATMAN! 2014-10-15T18:08:19Z Big Bang Theory Living Room by Yogi<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I like all these details.2014-09-21T08:29:10Z Sport City by HKLUG<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>awesome looking stadium and sporting facilities by HKLUG2014-07-30T18:49:48Z 4 1/2 Litre 'Blower Bentley' Convertible Coupe 1930 - James Bond<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bentley 4 1/2 Litre 'Blower Bentley' Convertible Coupe by lego9112013-01-12T23:03:09Z Cars Made of Lego | Sooth Brush<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sunday car trip2012-02-01T12:14:50Z Drum Pedal for guitar hero (made in LEGO) - YouTube<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A bass drum pedal , made with LEGO , to use with Guitar Hero 2012-11-25T23:21:12Z; CUUSOO | Assault on Wayne Manor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Wayne Manor is Modular form2013-11-19T00:57:23Z Emmet<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>In the her search for the Special, Lucy finds Doctor Emmett Brown instead of Emmet.2014-10-15T18:18:50Z Technic Motorized 1/45 SR-71 Blackbird<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Motorized technic plane by Sariel.2013-06-17T06:47:36Z 2CV Charleston <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My parents had one of these when I was a kid! it's a classic2011-09-30T11:08:38Z's astrochicken henhouse<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Astrochicken are cute, lovely and giant creatures. They represent a valuable resource for the Alpha Colony's farm, on planet XS-B2, and Stephanie is tasked with feeding and caring for them. Every day she takes a crate of fodder and jump in her exo-suit, which protects her from the dangerous atmosphere. She loves spending some time to feed and cuddle the creatures.2014-07-08T08:25:21Z 4&#215;4&#215;4 &laquo; Nico71&#039;s Creations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A famous jeep in studless construction, features AWD, steering on each axle, fake engine and suspension. By Nico 712014-09-27T12:29:45Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Creation in 2014 Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek Denmark2014-10-11T16:59:10Z Hemi Cuda &laquo; Nico71&#039;s Creations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Plymouth Hemi Cuda by Nico 712014-09-27T12:34:16Z Phone Booth<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Superman Phone Booth2014-07-04T13:33:49Z Housing<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Background For those of you who aren't raised in Hong Kong, you may not be familiar with many of the details included in this MOC. This is built for Hong Kong people, with a global message. Looking back at my LEGO creations in the past years, I have done some glamorous European architecture as well as sparkling landmarks of Hong Kong. I chased for splendidness and perfection in those MOC and I stop to think, why can’t life be simpler? This MOC is set in a public housing estate in Fall 1970s, the time when Hong Kong started to take flight. It was the time before PC, mobile phones and elevators, and children didn’t get to have much (if any) toys. Playing in the park downstairs provided the greatest joy to children, and using one’s imagination with existing resources to have fun was natural and the norm. Everything was simple and everyone led a humble life at the time. Families work till late night, putting plastic toys and flowers together, to earn some extras. Relationship with neighbours (especially during Mahjong time) was never better. Things didn’t come easy and everyone cherished all people and whatever they have, and they could feel happiness from the bottom of their heart. However, happiness ends with nothing more a Facebook Like these days. The many good stuff of the 70s, such as ice-cream scooter, local stores are no more these days. I acknowledge that change is forever, but I wish everyone can appreciate and value all the ordinary things and people in life, and I am sure you can discover a lot of joy in that. The design This MOC consists of 2 major bodies: the playground and the public housing block. While the building follows the design of Mei Ho House, one of the first public housing and the only of its kind that is still in existence, I meant to tell the stories of everyone living in public housing in the 1970s. While only part of the building is shown in the MOC due to size restriction, the MOC is not conformed to a square shape. The base is an irregular polygon with a rounded corner for the big tree, the building and the playground facilities are showcased on different angles. The scale adopted by official 1970s LEGO sets is used in this MOC: Each floor is approximately 6 bricks tall. This result in serious lighting problem and is resolved by displaying key interior of residential flats at where venue spotlights would shine. Most of the minifigures bear the classic smile and simple, if not vintage clothing. To fully relive the humble yet spectacular lives of the 70s, I have divided the entire MOC into 3 dozen scenes and conducted extensive research for each of them. The building alone is separated into 10 flat units, 3 traditional shops, 6 stairwell spaces, 10 major hallways. I have included key memories / scenes of the time, as well as themes such as family and neighbors, culture and heritage in most of these spaces. Some separated spaces are connected by incidents, e.g. the 4th floor burglar is a person wanted by the police and can be seen on the wanted poster at the playground, the poster happens to appear next to a child that is playing hide and seek ;-) Some scenes are meant to contrast with its neighbour, e.g. Bruce Lee, symbol of the east; and The Chopsticks, a famous Hong Kong duo that is heavily influenced by western culture. This also reflects how Hong Kong thrived in both Oriental and Western culture. This MOC is one of the finalists for the ACGHK 2014 LEGO Building Competition. Dozens participated and 14 made it to the finals. This is the first time I built something based on old Hong Kong and it’s been a real joy and learning experience for me, who also claim to be young!2014-10-11T20:16:33Z and Malice: 1960 Cadillac Coupe deVille<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cadillac Coupe deVille by rabidnovaracer2013-01-12T22:52:06Z Форум о LEGO &bull; Просмотр темы - Bionicle отдыхают!!! Встречаем Komodo from Archinto<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>NO WAY! Is this eye candy? I believe it is. Check out the Double Click Forum for more images of this monstrous MOC: The Komodo by Archinto. Made by 2012-01-12T12:32:13Z Tumbler<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>tyler's tumbler for the 2012 mocathalon 2012-04-01T04:52:03Z, Medical Center & Pizzeria<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice city combination2014-10-06T02:59:06Z Mixel Victor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"A Mixel Max MOC using the three Spikels Mixels from Series 3 (41541-41543)" Built by X Bricks.2014-10-13T19:15:35Z 935/78 Moby Dick Martini - kockagyár! | LEGO Blog | hírek | akciók |<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>While saving up for the real thing you can enjoy this fabulous build of a Porsche 935. Great details, check them out on this blog. It's Hungarian and you can use Google Translate if you want to read the description.2012-02-14T08:43:14Z Pumpkin Carvings<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Something to aspire to in my pumpkin carving adventures. 2013-10-09T19:15:10Z of the Rings<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>balrog2012-10-08T15:30:57Z Arkham Asylum by Ryan Evans<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>From Brickvention 2014.... I think?2014-03-16T23:36:24Z Fiat 500 Abarth<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Lego Builders2013-03-10T00:07:19Z F40 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ferrari F40 by Jorge García 2014-10-10T18:46:08Z Tantiss - Cloning Chamber<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This scene shows the cloning facility in the Mount Tantiss on Wayland, known from the Thrawn Trilogy. I tried to combine the style from Kamino with imperial grey and black.2014-10-13T15:02:14Z Wall-E: It had to happen -<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Eeeeevaaaa!2011-02-24T11:14:25Z; CUUSOO | Plants vs. Zombies: Minifig Scale<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by mewsette25.2013-12-29T18:36:12Z[CONCOURS 23] Tracteur agricole avec chargeur frontal<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very nice agricol engine by PierroLego for the 23-th TechLUG technic contest.2014-07-02T06:16:09Z Technic MOC Trial Jeep<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a great MOC by Nico71 ( I had to made a video before I take it apart. It is as detailed as its ability to climb. Instructions available at and The modification I made (beside some color changes) are front and rear axle reinforcement and the addition of front PF lights2012-01-22T14:43:48Z Han Solo Blaster (BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Han Solo's Blaster2014-10-13T18:54:27Z is the winner? :D<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is my recent LEGO creation for Rebrick Building Challenge. If you like it , please give me a "like". i'm appreciate for your every single support. :D Thanks Chiukeung2012-06-24T19:47:35Z Arctic Food Web - shown in the AniCom Festival 2014 in Hong Kong<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Arctic Food Web includes Orca, Arctic Wolf, Arctic Fox, Polar Bear, Ringed Seal, Reindeer, Arctic Tern, Lemming and Herring2014-07-26T16:44:09Z Rig 8<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Tobias Vogt!2013-04-20T11:49:45Z Huayra <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pagani Huayra by Alexander Paschoaletto 2014-10-10T19:47:08Z;The Hobbit&#039; Lego figurines meet the real actors (adorable photos)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Must be Fili. Cute picture, so much sassy. That's right, we're all jealous you have a minifig made for you. 2012-12-06T15:36:12Z Sphere Instructions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bruce Lowell AKA brucywan has now put out instructions for his most awesome sphere in the world.2012-07-06T17:12:10Z are Groot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice 2D "sketch" build and photography featuring Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. By Chris McVeigh.2014-08-22T20:13:07Z Gallery - phantasm200.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>New cool model from Crowkillers.2014-07-15T11:18:47Z Dr.WHO: The TARDIS and Daleks <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I just Love Dr. Who!2011-12-15T13:00:28Z's Garage: AXR 400 Crossbone<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>AXR 400 CROSSBONE by sheepo2014-06-28T19:43:47Z Speeder Bike Chase - LEGO Star Wars - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by I Scream Clone 2013-01-07T15:38:18Z Hole<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice take on a hobbit house! 2012-07-31T15:57:41Z o Nuevo restaurante.....<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>House WIP2014-09-27T17:19:32Z Restaurant<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice choice of colours.2014-10-01T06:05:17Z in Peace<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The win.2014-10-16T16:39:23Z - A Large Lego Minecraft Microworld.jpeg - Minecraft Wiki<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>HUGE LEGO minecraft micro world, see if you can find the official lego set (it's in there).2013-05-02T17:31:34Z Bionicle - Rise of the Classic Toa<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bionicle is officially back! However, the original Toa are getting upgraded again, so it's not going to be quite the same.... I wonder who's going to break the news the classic Toa... A photograph my me, rioforce.2014-10-10T00:04:21Z Health House - R. Neutra<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Waga Boonga 2014-09-20T11:35:38Z Nxt Catapult<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A robotic catapult that throws balls in different directions based on their colours. you can build it too!2012-01-17T10:20:58Z house<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego gingerbread house. Christmas 2011. 2011-12-16T06:15:54Z man fancy dress costume brik suit<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Best lego man fancy dress costume we've seen! 2013-10-30T15:44:37Z : Roadster &laquo; Nico71&#039;s Creations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Supercar Roadster by Nico71 with Building Instructions It features steering, suspensions, AWD drivetrain including 5+R gearbox, opened doors, convertible and spoiler.2014-09-23T16:43:25Z (Disney Big Hero 6) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Meet Baymax, Hiro’s robotic healthcare assistant, and his nemesis, a soccer ball. It looks like he “could use some upgrades.” Big Hero 6 is a story collaboration between Disney and Marvel that takes place in the city of San Fransokyo, a mix of both American and Japanese culture. A boy named Hiro, his robot Baymax, and a group of friends must use their unique skills to save the city from a deadly criminal.2014-09-08T02:56:00Z; CUUSOO | Chanel inspired Lego Bag<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>you've seen the lego inspired chanel bag, now support the chanel inspired lego bag!!!2012-11-14T14:09:37Z Truck (Lego 5571)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Giant Truck (Lego 5571) by _drdesignz_ on Flickr.2013-05-01T03:11:24Z man's armor <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is the iron man's armor.Hope you enjoy it :)2012-08-11T14:28:13Z Lego Iron Man Mark V<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>If you don't know V means 5.2013-04-29T21:01:57Z Falls, tramp river steamer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Photo from JBIronWorks2014-06-29T15:19:03Z Steamer Boot V5<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cool steam boat.2013-07-05T06:49:36Z Instructions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sweet set of instruction for a battle mech.2012-03-14T06:10:01Z of Christmases Past and Present and Marley (and Marley) Wooohooohoo!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great little Christmas themed MOC inspired by "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.2011-01-13T15:22:49Z - Google+<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A GANAR 2014-10-21T13:19:44Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Creation in 2014 Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek Denmark2014-10-12T09:58:11Z' Wizarding Wheezes<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Harry Potter, Weasleys Brothers Shop.2012-09-27T05:43:11Z Gallery - dscn9980.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Technic figure safari vehicle presented for the technic challenge.2014-10-15T11:17:58Z Titanic<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Blabalbal2013-10-08T09:57:14Z LEGO Histogram Table from Nucleo | Design Milk<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>You can get the building instructions that Nucleo made in LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) 2012-08-25T09:21:59Z Stadium<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>It's my New Creation special for an exhibition about the World Cup 2014. It 's the Maracanã Stadium, a football stadium in Brazil. The stadium will also host the final of the 2014 World Cup. It took me 6 weeks to complete. It's diameter is over 1.8m ! It is the biggest sculptural building I ever made. The setup time was about 4 hours as it is very complicated ! Special thanks to my friends during the setup !2014-05-30T16:37:18Z Truck &laquo; Nico71&#039;s Creations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A 8×4 handling truck, equiped with steering, fake engine, pneumatic stabilisers, pneumatic arm and pneumatic skip (lifted and tilted).2014-10-07T11:18:49Z Model Gallery<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO DNA model.2012-02-15T06:38:57Z ANDROID Robot MENTHOR - Reconnaissance & Repair<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BATTLE ANDROID - Modified Model Robot MENTHOR - Reconnaissance & Repair Weapons: Rapid-fire weapon “LL2-Trinity Rapid Fire” Troop Type: Ground Force Build yourself the BATTLE ANDROID Robot using your LEGO® bricks!2013-01-25T07:55:50Z 3D Milling Machine - "3D Printer"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is an amazing 3d Printer!2011-08-04T21:13:11Z Technic Corner - Home<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Jurgens Technic Creations and building instructions2012-01-05T21:43:18Z with Trestle Bridge<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My drop section, I ended up working on this for about 10 months, on and off. Including tearing it up when about a third done to revise the concept. Has a loop that goes under the main lines and around the back.2011-12-02T12:55:35Z Minecraftian<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Saturday night creeper! ;-)2012-09-06T20:17:54Z Spiral Staircase Tutorial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Exactly as I put it.2013-04-18T23:51:17Z Citroen 2CV Charleston By Nico71<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Citroen 2CV Charleston by Nico71 2013-09-07T16:24:13Z Ideas - Aquamarine World アクアマリンワールド <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Discover the wonderful ocean planet with Mila, Eric, and Dr.Awanai Kurage (telekinesis Alien Jellyfish). Build, explore, and learn different types of strange marine lifeforms using Aquasub the “Sea Coral 07”. I just submitted a cute little project I made on LEGO IDEAS. This one called “Aquamarine World.” A colorful underwater sea adventures with a submarine. Take a look and what do you think and support? -Thank You.2014-10-07T00:33:58Z; CUUSOO | Red telephone box (British Phone Booth)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Red telephone box (British Phone Booth)2014-03-26T19:07:07Z Charlie Chaplin<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The biggest movie star ever! (Made from Disco Dude, Businessman, Cave Woman, Magician)2013-06-20T22:27:34Z; CUUSOO | Minecraft: Desert biome, abandoned mine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This excellent Minecraft Biome was created by TheWolfpack.2013-09-01T18:02:08Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Heretic is my entire for the Battle for the Golden Mask contest. His size causes him to be rather slow, but he makes up for it with wits and a psychic ability. He his the leader of the Makuta Brotherhood of Saris Nui. He is a Makuta of Shadow who is believed to wear a Mask of Psychometry with and infected Pakari wielded to the back of it. His weapon of choice is dual arm blades. He is well known for destroying half of Saris Nui and banishing almost all of the Saris Nui Makuta to the Zone of Darkness. Heretic is also blamed for the deaths of countless matoran and for awakening a monstrous creature know as Goran. More information can be found here: Stratos 72&#8242; &laquo; Nico71&#039;s Creations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My second supercar, equiped with full suspensions, steering with HOG, gearbox, fake V6 engine and opened doors and bonnet.2014-10-12T10:45:41Z Audi R8 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Audi R8 by Axion 225 2012-12-07T18:35:34Z LEGO Movie - Building Crane (Red & white version)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The LEGO Movie - Building Crane (Red & white version)2014-01-28T04:11:30Z Viper <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dodge Viper by Henrik Hoexbroe 2014-10-10T19:14:55Z Empire Builder<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ladies and Gentlemen, Prepare to be dazzled! I give you: the big one - the largest, most powerful, most aweinducing steamcontraption that ever roamed the rails of the Legoian Empire: THE EMPIRE BUILDER! This quadruplex engines delivers a stunning 14.200 hp and is capable of blazing through the Merimoiya Saltflats at mindboggeling 72 mph. With a crew requirement as low as 5 stout men, this engineering marvel literally drives itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a new and wonderous area of railroading! Speech held at the rollout of the Empire Builder by Thadeus McCrumb CEO, Apollo Steam Works2014-09-18T15:07:49Z Intercity Train with automatic sliding doors<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Video of the functionality. Pictures of the construction on Brickshelf (bookmarked separately): 2011-12-05T20:54:23Z Empire panorama<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LONDON 1875, Capital of an Empire A collaborative build, by Brickspartan and three other builders tagged. We displayed for the first time at Steam and it'll be on show it again at You can see all the photos at our Brick to the Past Flickr group, or on our website: 2014-10-12T08:46:48Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Creation in 2014 Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek Denmark2014-10-17T12:28:57Z X'mas 2013<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Merry Xmas !! :)2014-07-24T02:01:56Z Lauda's FERRARI 312 T2 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>FERRARI 312 T2 by Greg 998 2014-10-10T20:20:47Z Dodge Charger Custom (The Fast And The Furious) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1970 Dodge Charger Custom by welliAR Wellinger2012-12-01T17:30:18Z