ReBrick Highest Rated Bookmarks best rated videos and photos from the past week on ReBrick. Click the "like" button on any of these bookmarks to keep them at the top!ReBrick@LEGO.comHighest Rated | My Unikitty Mech MOC with ice cream club, candy shield and roller boots. No o... | Webstagram<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Unikitty mecha is unstoppable...and adorable! 2014-01-30T15:52:19Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr. ReBrick at LUGPol annual exhibition in Warsaw with Zgrredek's MOC. For more info about author visit: Times Yellow Grocery #1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awesome creation by Marcosbessa2012-11-20T02:31:40Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>H0-MR2014-09-03T20:53:05Z the Sidewalk Ends LEGO Sculpture<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Images of our Where the Sidewalk Ends sculpture paired with a reading of the poem.2014-09-05T13:57:30Z Kwik-E-Mart<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Apu's business2014-09-04T15:28:28Z's Nest Monastery, Paro Taktsang<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by Anu Pehrson 2014-09-12T12:46:21Z Gallery - 020.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mecha and tanks, nice details :32014-09-11T18:21:35Z Northland - Map<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Northland - Micro Scale2014-09-04T16:05:18Z Catfish<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Catfish Starfighter2014-08-18T20:31:15Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Major Ironfist, a mark 1 battlefield titan commonly known as Chuggernaughts. Flee before his crushing grip! Enemiies of the empire beware!2014-09-05T17:27:56Z Addictive<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Turtally Addictive2014-09-07T18:37:42Z Martin DB5 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Aston Martin DB5 by MocPages user Marcus Paul2014-09-05T14:07:36Z® - Korean LEGO User Community<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Modular house2014-09-04T09:35:02Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Proteus Spaceship by MocPages user Tirrell Brown2014-09-05T14:19:45Z;s THE ODYSSEY Told in LEGO Bricks &laquo; Nerdist<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very cool....2014-07-13T14:09:32Z Walk Ferrari 458 Spider<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ferrari 458 Spider2014-08-21T19:46:22Z END<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Amazing extension of the Lowell Sphere by Bruce Lowell2012-01-10T12:39:08Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Africa I've got you!" the epic save from Iulius Caesar when he fell at the shore of Africa.2014-09-04T18:20:35Z RE20 Turbo 1979 F1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>RENAULT RE20 TURBO 1979 F12014-08-17T19:56:08Z Volkswagen Bus T1 Low : a LEGO&reg; creation by Marco Piccolo : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pimp my T1!2014-06-23T22:29:35Z For England !<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Stephen Gerrard had a great game for England tonight... On FIFA 14 that is !!!!" Built by Nick Sweetman.2014-09-05T00:36:51Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Creator 31024 set alternate2014-08-02T19:12:50Z Gwydre's Church<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Church2014-08-12T21:33:36Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>concept car2014-08-02T19:31:32Z 66&#8230;..Ring Ring &laquo; worldofminifigs<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>ET- Phone Home2013-04-22T12:23:08Z Gulf GT Supercar<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ford GT Supercar, Gulf colors2014-08-17T18:13:53Z's mini Exo-suit<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A miniature (or slightly smaller) version of the Exo-Suit built by Magma guy.2014-08-21T19:02:00Z Holmes<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sherlock Holmes2014-06-05T08:23:27Z Police Station<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Matt De Lanoy on Flickr.2014-06-27T07:34:31Z 80's 3LuG<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very realistic skates! 2014-09-09T16:55:48Z Map of Europe<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictorial Map of Europe2014-09-09T22:08:59Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mork!!2012-01-15T06:38:14Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Simply called "Room 4"2014-08-19T15:53:39Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Interesting building techniques! Great use of the laptops for roofs. Built by Karf Oohlu.2014-09-08T18:00:32Z Gate of Victory <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Uncompleted Medieval Diorama.2014-08-10T06:04:37Z, Baby Burn<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1814AD, 24th August, Washington, United States of America. Major General Robert Ross leads British troops in an attack on Washington Since 1812 the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland had been at war. The United States saw as a war in its own right, though in Europe it was sometimes considered as a 'theater' of the Napoleonic Wars. War was declared by the United States of America in 1812 for several reasons, including trade restrictions brought about by the British war with France, the impressment of American merchant sailors into the Royal Navy, British support of Indian tribes against American expansion, outrage over insults to national honour after humiliations on the high seas and possible American interest in annexing British North American territory (part of modern-day Canada), which had been denied to them in the settlement ending the American Revolutionary War. The attack was in response to an American raid in May 1814 on the Port of Dover in Canada - the port being destroyed. This build was suggested by Brick.Spartan and the scene is loosely based on the painting depicted the burning by Tom Freeman 2014-09-06T05:06:21Z Valmiera<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Peteris Sprogis on Flickr.2014-08-27T23:56:53Z You thought You were having a bad day.......<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>no, everyday is bad day 2014-09-10T05:15:00Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr. ReBrick at LUGPol annual exhibition in Warsaw with Makorol's MOC. For more info about author visit: 天壇大佛 x 1600 熊貓 - 樂高作品分享 MOCs - 玩樂天堂 pockyland <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha x 1600 Pandas) by alanboar. Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha, is a large bronze statue of a Buddha Amoghasiddhi, completed in 1993, and located at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, in Hong Kong. 2014-09-05T07:45:52Z explorer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dolphin explorer became extremely useful in researching of the utmost ends of the galaxy2014-07-31T18:54:05Z Star Wars Forum | From Bricks To Bothans &bull; View topic - MM2014SWR Final Round: markus1984 vs rolli<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Incredible Steampunk Sebulba Podracer.2014-09-04T08:36:16Z's Car<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Marge Simpson's Car2014-09-04T15:15:42Z - Gallery - Gallery - Tuner Sports Car2 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I used some time with Photoshop to give it the final look. This includes the background, and the username. Hopefully this car will be featured in one of my later stop-motion films. Comment a request if you want to see more.2014-05-31T15:49:37Z Prime , A Mini Lego Transformer by BWTMT Brickworks<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A mini G1 OP built using old style hinges and new mixel ball joints! Enjoy! 2014-09-04T20:51:32Z Trailer: IN LEGO<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The incredible INTERSTELLAR Movie Trailer . . . remade IN LEGO! Made by CBL Animation.2014-09-13T01:03:25Z MOC: Mini Cooper<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very realistic copy of the Mini Cooper...2011-02-20T08:23:40Z on Lego Ideas<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Merits to be supported.2014-09-11T05:57:58Z Micro Architecture - "It's Tea Time, Chaps"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This was created as my entry to PhLUG's 50 MOCs of Grey activity on August 24, 2014. This is the largest micro scale landscape I have ever built so far and I still plan on making expansions once more grey bricks have been acquired.2014-09-08T14:56:04Z Model Home<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bluth model home2014-09-04T17:22:23Z Wars Trident-class assault ship <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Trident-Class Assault Ship by MocPages user KW Vauban2014-09-05T14:14:51Z Dreams<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The poem "The Hollow Men" by T. S. Eliot and an old drawing by me inspired me to build the Reading Dreams.2014-06-06T19:08:08Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very cool little alien.2012-04-23T12:52:43Z The Sweat and Tears in a Single Bite of Chocolate: A LEGO&reg; creation by Mr. Cab : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An interesting MOC about chocolate2014-09-10T22:11:22Z's Gunship<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built for LEGO Star Wars Galactic Conquest: Jawa - Bionicle Style! <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very cool, and accurate, Bionicle Jawa.2014-09-10T10:59:29Z Gallardo LP560-4 RS<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 RS by Lego Motors on flickr!2012-05-08T12:04:10Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bill v 2.0 - This was my first attempt at using a mecha frame which includes ball joints for the shoulders2014-08-25T04:17:09Z Dirt and Pollution in a Single Second of Energy <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A 1:1 scaled computer.2014-09-10T22:07:54Z - Clouds<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>CMA - Clouds by walkerspace on flickr.2013-02-07T14:00:46Z York Base<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Petar Jurkovic on Flickr.2014-08-14T00:40:26Z Toothpaste<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice usage of parts here. 2014-07-15T08:31:06Z doesn't work<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Emmet: "Step 4: shower! ...uh, oh my gosh, it doesn't work..."2014-05-18T05:21:43Z Man (brickfilm)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A fun brickfilm about a super powered (hero?) who takes everything literally and the situations it causes.2013-12-14T01:02:42Z Tire Fire<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Springfield Tire Fire Had a 10x10 spot with low visibility to fill, so this seemed like the perfect fit. Springfield Tire Fire The fence is made up of all the 'earth-tone' 1x6 tiles I hadn't run out of yet. While it may seem like I just dumped a bunch of tires in, I actually 'built' it by using some of the largest tires to form a stable base. Smaller tires were then wedged in those and topped with others. Then I dumped the rest on.2014-06-23T20:18:14Z Salamander<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is one lovely dragon by Sean and Steph Mayo2014-05-11T18:41:50Z Krusty Burger<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Krusty Burger from The Simpsons (tm)2014-06-24T15:40:27Z Transformation Redux<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Werewolf transformation2014-09-06T13:45:00Z; CUUSOO | High Detail Cars<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>These are some great cars by SpectroniX. I love the detail. There are actually more car models (like a Lamborghini Murcialago and a Nissan Skyline GTR) which can be seen in the other pics on the LEGO CUUSOO project page. Don't forget to support the project! :)2013-09-17T21:58:51Z Gallery - 008.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A good painting MOC, interesting way of showing the paint drying. 2014-09-11T17:58:57Z, USA<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Town Hall and Springfield Church2014-09-04T14:55:42Z guy at work experiencing "Blue Screen of Death"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A guy at work in the 90s experiencing "Blue Screen of Death".2014-09-10T21:08:48Z Insect<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fleet-Footed Insect by dluders on Flickr.2013-05-01T02:41:19Z Secura's Last Stand<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Aayla Secura's Last Stand2014-09-04T10:56:34Z Fun Fair<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fabuland Fun Fair2014-07-24T11:16:58Z 2014: WIP 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is the first part of a space craft for the SHIPtember challenge. It's not the final MOC. Built by julius no.2014-09-04T08:16:10Z's Dungeon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ron: What if Snape catches us? Harry: Who cares about Snape, if Hermione catches us we're toast!2014-09-05T19:43:47Z Gallery - img_20140116_142045.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Volvo-FH750 by brickshelf keko0072014-08-13T11:28:24Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr. ReBrick at LUGPol annual exhibition in Warsaw with Karol's MOC. For more info about author visit: or Creeper & Steve<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>MINECRAFT CREEPER & STEVE BTW, I hate the green guys... (Spoiler Alert) They EXPLODE!!! XD2014-08-17T20:42:03Z Gallery - 001-p9224641z2sl.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Broken-Mended Drum Gallery: Rocket<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>spacecraft with that retro-futuristic look of it.2014-08-31T21:47:27Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Alex Eylar´s PUPPET sign looks nice with this play of light.2014-05-16T17:32:39Z Force Commercial<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I miss Lego Universe.2014-09-09T23:47:04Z V.II<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Spaceship built for the Starfighter telephone game2014-09-03T20:18:56Z Time!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Careful, though! That floor looks slick!2014-08-21T04:08:07Z Latlug meeting<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Destruction games with Lego mocs at Latlug meeting2014-09-07T17:55:10Z Mindstorms Ev3 - Gen3rator (Generator)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Gen3rator is a very unique robot! Did you know that turning Mindstorms motors generate electricity? Well, now you know! Turning the hand-generator (motor) will transmit the electricity through the long wire and turn the motor in the vehicle! Some have already tried these systems, but I optimized mine. I used large tires to increase distance traveled in one revolution of the motor, and also geared it up 1:3 to speed it up 3 times faster!2014-09-09T20:58:31Z Prime , A G1 Lego Transformers Creation<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego G1 Ultimate Version designed by me! Enjoy! 2012-08-04T14:41:15Zレゴランド ディスカバリーセンターお台場 lego land<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Captured by Norio NAKAYAMA 2014-09-08T14:15:08Z Day At The Power Plant<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>And you thought you were having a bad day !2014-07-01T16:06:53Z Eye Collector<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very interesting vignette by Simon Schweyer. I really like the walls!2014-09-11T19:47:27Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This Race truck is motorized using RC Racer Buggy components.2014-09-03T05:52:26Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very well sculpted animal, and great presentation by Schfio.2014-09-05T00:39:36Z Gallery - img_5938a.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Alternate of Creator set 5867 by brickshelf user industrialdesigner2014-09-04T13:51:42Z sculpture<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A house sculpted on a wooden LEGO block... Now what?!??2014-08-17T18:21:01Z the Clouds<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Hiccup and his best buddy, Toothless, from How to Train your Dragon 2, are high above the clouds in search of new adventures, as they map down the undiscovered "brick" world." Built by "Stormbringer."2014-09-13T00:15:30Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Raphael Maxi Fig2014-06-30T06:41:38Z SPRINGFIELD by Matt De Lanoy. Http://<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I wanna live here.2014-08-21T04:00:55Z Ticonderoga WIP 12<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Ryan Olsen, who wrote this on Flickr: I think she is pretty much finished now. I may end up tweaking some greeble bits and such things over the next couple of weeks, and then obviously will need to take some better photos. I have a bunch of green 1x4, 1x3, and 1x2 bricks left over, so maybe I have enough for a small escort ship. :) All credit to Red Spacecat for his amazing USS Saratoga, which is the inspiration for this design.2014-09-04T07:59:25Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>VVhisker2013-11-11T15:28:37Z for the boss<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Repairs in the Death Star2012-01-24T17:00:43Z's carriage ride <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hehe, I like the weels on the carriage. Nice parts usage (NPU)2012-02-22T10:06:22Z Round 3 - Glory_Forever vs Stuart Delahay <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Round 3 entry for the MocOlympics My opponent Stuart Delahay Quote: Et Tu, Brute? For my entry I built the Globe Theater. This was the theater where William Shakespeare first introduced the play Julius Caesar which is where this quote comes from. Some background info you might like to know: -The first Globe Theater was built in England around 1598. -The design was based on a Roman amphitheater so that all of the occupants could see the performance. -It could fit almost 1500 people, with just as many mingling on the outside for a total of 3000. -It was destroyed two times(once by fire and the second time when it was officially closed and demolished). -The latest Globe Theater was completed in 1996. I tried to make the first version of the theater as historically accurate as possible (within my brick supply and time given), from the two doors in which the actors emerged, to the three levels for seating, to the straw hatch roof2012-06-23T16:07:11Z Challenge Entry [A Short Lego Animation]<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My entry 2013-04-24T18:00:48Z Tile<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very cool uses of new LEGO element2012-05-22T18:03:36Z Gallery - studlesssupercarbugatti_002.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Technic supercar loosely based on the Bugatti EB110 - by Erik Leppen2013-04-30T23:17:29Z Vacation | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>On vacation.2014-02-12T07:18:01Z Stuff — Stephanie's Lunar Rover<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Stephanie's Lunar Rover, Image 22014-07-12T16:34:05Z Clone Halloween: Gurve Meh Teh Carndy!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>xxxFancyPantsxxx Pure brickfilming genius2011-12-15T14:36:21Z Three Virtues - 025 - "Oil-Burgers"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hey everyone, here's the latest episode of The Three Virtues Podcast, recorded on March 4th, 2012. We hope you enjoy!2012-03-15T15:29:35Z Knight<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Medieval Knight2012-09-13T02:37:32Z 540K Special Roadster <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This classic car is a thing of beauty from Sariel!2012-12-12T23:56:11Z MX811-Cargo Cruiser<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Ben Cossy!2014-06-29T12:02:34Z The Pit of Despair : A LEGO&reg; creation by Ian Spacek : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The princess bride collaboration2014-07-14T11:14:32Z Hungarian Horntail<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hungarian Horntail from Harry Potter by Mike Nieves His stuff is pretty self explanatory, so I choose not to talk much :) 2013-08-06T15:47:22Z Dune Buggy (Minifig Scale) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The 8845 Dune Buggy happens to be my favorite technic set growing up. Nils O. made an exciting minifig scale of this set! Fooled me when I first saw it. Impressive to say the least!2012-12-29T08:36:43Z;Zeta Dues&quot; <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>HUGE futuristic mech with gatling lasers.2012-07-25T13:21:17Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great woofers2014-04-16T20:03:26Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I cannot wait for super-family coming. I made my own one2014-05-07T02:55:43Z G scale (garden or LGB) size trains at Brickworld Chicago 2014: A LEGO&reg; creation by Jeff Fulara : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>G scale size Lego trains2014-08-30T12:55:18Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>KATE MIDDLETON2014-04-30T11:47:44Z Rushmore<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a sculpture carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore near Keystone, South Dakota, in the United States. Sculpted by Danish-American Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln Borglum, Mount Rushmore features 60-foot (18 m) sculptures of the heads of former United States presidents (in order from left to right) George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.2012-07-10T09:04:37Z Venusaur<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Eyes, cheeks and mouht - just perfect :) Pokemon: Venusaur by Mike Nieves 2013-08-06T15:49:22Z"IT" - Overview<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"IT" - Overview "IT ... will change everything! We're going to have to redesign cities." Such was the hype surrounding the introduction of "IT", a futuristic vehicle featured in the hilarious 5th season South Park episode "The Entity." "IT" may have been inspired by singer Enrique Iglesias, but it was really lampooning the over hyped Segway scooter. Hence, I thought it would be appropriate for Mr Garrison and Mr Hat to introduce "IT" from a Segway. The government confiscated and destroyed all "IT"s except for this prototype which can be seen on display at the Area51 Cruise Night at Brickworld next month. Note the rear flexigrip has been replaced with the more familiar seat arrangement by popular customer request.2014-05-08T18:58:32Z Gallery - mongolian.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mongolian Warrior2012-12-20T04:45:19Z and Minds<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Join the dark side, we have pretzels.2013-10-14T18:52:05Z Colosseum ver. 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Colosseum By Bricks Brothers2014-05-25T13:41:43Z Tree House: A LEGO&reg; creation by Michael Maddox : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Tree House2014-07-12T06:53:52Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Latlug, Litlug and Estlug builders at Billund, Denmark2014-09-07T17:50:29Z's Skull Crusher<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mmm, just look at those tasty colors. "Just for girls" my foot. The round plates in the dark tan base create a nice texture, too. Purple camouflage! Did you ever think you'd see that in Lego?2013-06-21T21:14:24Z tower<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My microscale interpretation of the pisa tower and the duomo,built in microcity standard. You can support it in Lego cuusoo: 2011-12-07T13:01:42Z 9 / 11<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A LEGO mosaic to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9 /11.2012-01-05T04:52:05Zörjük a legó ugart - kockagyár! | LEGO Blog | hírek | akciók |<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Rába 26.230 truck (by inazuma)2012-02-06T20:26:22Z Hogwarts<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Trying out microscale on HP.2012-08-25T02:26:37Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Sean and Steph Mayo.2013-10-31T13:29:10Z t-shirt launches - Pocket-lint<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO t-short with a car on it, put on a baseplate - Crazy2010-11-17T14:56:16Z trap<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Who' you gonna call?? Ghost trap from Ghostbusters created by Alex Aylar2011-02-07T12:50:11Z The Burrow: A LEGO&reg; creation by Matija Grguric : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>.2013-03-19T15:13:34Z; CUUSOO | Legend of Zelda: Master Sword &amp; Pedestal<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Master Sword remains one of the most iconic weapons ever. Now it has been reforged in LEGO by FlanBrosInc.2013-06-27T19:21:20Z Gallery - majak_3.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fantastic Brickwork and Detailing!2011-09-24T23:15:33Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Simple little guy with nice use of parts.2012-01-09T04:47:44Z melds Lego with Wii bowling, knocks down all 10 pins in our hearts -- Engadget<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Using LEGO MINDSTORMS Education to achieve a perfect score with Wii Bowling!2012-05-16T12:46:41Z "Snow Cat" Arctic Warfare Humvee<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>made by Project Azazel; quote: "Finally finished making my Arctic Warfare Humvee I call the "Snow Cat" which is based on the one seen in the film "Inception" with my own changes here and there"2013-08-16T10:43:09Z Fortune Temple<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Such a unique style. Love it.2014-01-18T11:37:21Z custom Lord Business<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Red & shorter legs? Because I don't have enough black bricks! :D2014-04-30T16:52:12Z UNIT 42<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A mecha inspired by the Evangelion franchise2014-06-15T03:10:46Z Gallery - zeburashi32.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Zebra2014-03-17T16:41:15Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>African Elephant2011-12-08T22:02:04Z's Facebook Choice Pumpkin 2010 (LEGO)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nifty pumpkin with the LEGO logo carved in it!2011-12-13T23:15:40Z's Peak<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>6 random LEGO minifigures attempt to climb Kings Peak. Very funny!2012-07-15T19:07:34Z 2002 Turbo _03<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>B.M.W.2013-07-23T06:31:41Z know, for teeth!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>a very big brush2014-01-15T17:45:39Z years of Doctor Who – The Anniversary<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Exterminate! by Xenomurphy2014-06-18T11:00:37Z Builders of Sound - Barrel organ - Documentary<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO BUILDERS OF SOUND - BARREL ORGAN - DOCUMENTARY2012-06-13T07:21:21Z Friends Science Class<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>junior scientists no doubt. Nice, out of the ordinary LEGO Friends build. 2013-10-18T13:45:06Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Miniland scale diorama by Dmitriy and Anna.2014-04-07T08:59:08Z Running Man<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The hunter hunted!!!, lovely...2014-06-24T15:33:30Z Pirate Captain<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is my first attempt at using Rebrick... just testing.2012-01-19T15:56:20Z MOC Western Town Ammo Store 001<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Another little building for my western town.2012-11-05T15:57:51Z EB110 SS 1991 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bugatti EB110 SS 1991 by Firas Abu-Jaber 2012-11-13T19:42:03Z GARC - 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Another fantastic GARC racer from 4estfeller2014-03-31T15:41:39Z Invaders<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Star Wars mixed with Space Invaders2014-06-24T17:22:59Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A large technic claptrap from Christian Xenyo.2014-04-04T16:16:52Z Processor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LMD Processor2014-05-20T22:22:49Z Vs The Sentinal *plus x-men dofp review*<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Steelex7092014-05-24T05:30:59Z Tumbler<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cool microscale tumbler2014-06-19T09:29:19Z Dutchman for POTC game<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Photo from Carl Greatrix2014-07-13T00:59:46Z Equestrian<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Equestrian by Retinence is a unique example of organic shaping using LEGO pieces from the three advanced building systems: System, TECHNIC/BIONICLE and the bone and cladding system from HERO FACTORY and Ultrabuild.2011-11-19T13:21:13Z Made Minifigure #21: Samus Aran<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A really cool custom made minifigure of everyones favorite bounty hunter, Samus Aran. Also, the Metroid theme plays during the video.2012-09-18T02:53:23Z Fishing<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Forest King on Flickr.2014-06-10T22:30:22Z Vs. Catwoman<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Get back here!2014-07-22T04:32:51Z HUMMER H3<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The ol gangsta car, with some really cool drivers2014-08-20T08:27:25Z (2013)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Captured from Legoland2014-06-16T13:29:03Z Front<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Picture of printed torsos and bricks that we did for the FLL Robo Rangers Team from Katy, TX. They added the fun orange legs, heads, and hair. Congrats to them on a great FLL season!2012-01-10T18:29:47Z worldofminifigs<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cleopatra wasn't sure if syrup would be quite the same as honey in her bath, however that was all there was, so it would have to do2012-02-22T17:10:27Z; CUUSOO | Level 1: Julius Caesar Defends the Roman Forum<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEVEL 1 JULIUS CAESAR DEFENDS THE ROMAN FORUM2014-02-15T01:47:04Z 7942 átépítés - K report<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Modified LEGO 7942 set.2013-02-26T10:32:14Z Steam Helicopter Mk. XXVII<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A Steampunk MOC by Raillery.2012-11-06T20:13:37Z TOY POODLE<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I have a toy poodle. The name is Elmo. very cute boy.2013-08-01T10:17:22Z X-Ray<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A simple learning test of Photoshop. There's not much to this, except that he is a minifigure-skeleton hybrid. :P The minifigure and skeleton were modeled and rendered in Blender by me.2013-10-26T14:39:29Z Monument Valley<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>We recently enjoyed playing the new mobile game Monument Valley by USTWO games. The game itself is not challenging - you'll probably complete it under an hour. But the charm of the game comes from it's rich Escher-influenced visuals and game environment. Even the game's mechanics rely on the impossible tricks of perspective that Escher used in his drawings. Fan art for the game is starting to spring up on Internet, so I thought I'd give it the LEGO treatment too! These models will definitely be on display at BrickCon, by which time I may have built some more of the game scenery!2014-05-07T06:54:15Z's the master race now?<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My entry for the EXO RAWR contest 2014-09-01T14:30:10Z Butterflies<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Butterflies by mishakitty78 on Flickr.2013-04-01T01:17:29Z; CUUSOO | Original R/C Audi A5 Coupe (Scale: 1:10)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Epic Audi A5 model by ShinnSong. It even has remote control capabilities. More pictures of the model are on the LEGO CUUSOO project page; please support the project as well! :)2013-10-09T23:36:43Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Rescue1 by Steven Asbury 2013-02-05T20:57:56Z player<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO PLAYER made by Anika and Mathias 2012-11-26T15:53:10Z Corvette ZR1 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>2010 Corvette ZR1 by Austin Nomorinfo2012-12-04T17:18:29Z Outpost with MMER<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lunar Outpost2014-07-14T09:20:43Z Arrow and black canary vs deathstroke DC<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> LEGO Arrow and black canary vs deathstroke DC by small bear films2014-08-25T10:53:50Z Bumper Cars - Brick Bashers: A LEGO&reg; creation by Sam Forker : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bumper cars controlled by NXTs using IRLink sensors2012-12-12T20:06:31Z Resources from LEGO Engineering<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Explore our activities, curriculum, podcasts, and building and programming ideas. 2011-01-11T13:15:04Z World in Bricks: Hungry? How about a LEGO Big Mac Meal?<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Almost good enough to eat. I created this LEGO Big Mac Meal piece a few months back when I was feeling a bit hungry. Cant you just smell the french fries? Completed 2009. 2012-01-23T21:47:04Z FOX 11&quot; Model <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>more mecha goodness!2014-01-15T18:28:55Z Crossmotor alternative dodgem <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>42007 Crossmotor alternative dodgem2014-02-11T21:21:32Ză<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The details, parts usage, colors and everything else in this flying craft by Theo is way too cool.2014-02-17T11:31:45Z Zombie Friends Forever (LEGO)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here is a funny zombie film I made last year-- thought it would be good for the Halloween season!2012-10-30T19:53:23Z on a Flower Thursday | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bionicle villain. 2012-12-21T00:33:34Z! <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Brickit teams website. They built two Lego Mindsorm blimps and other cool stuff with mindstorms 2013-01-14T23:08:46Z War Elephant<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very cool War Elephant.2013-03-20T06:10:15Z NXT 2.0: Dyno Test on Lego Set 8070 Supercar<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A robotic test stand for your TECHNIC Super car.2011-04-11T23:57:24Z Mario LEGO Big Size | TheContaminated - Cool Pictures, Weird Pictures, Funny Pictures<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Building Mario from pixels to real life2011-06-30T01:13:10Z Mini Chess Set<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a great mini chess set by akunthita. Any up for a game while on the road? 2011-09-15T16:55:33Z LicUse<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>zxidkc2013-07-17T13:48:10Z Last Evacuee<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pushing the envelope... And this is his older stuff.2014-02-05T06:13:49Z Take Two<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Unikitties sat for one more photo. Now with more cutiemark! Fun fact: I used fish to get the Unikitties to sit long enough for the photo, but Queasy didn't eat hers.2014-05-28T03:14:08Z Volkswagen 1600 Squareback (Custom) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Volkswagen 1600 Squareback by Dylan Denton 2012-12-12T21:27:58Z; CUUSOO | U.S. Capitol Building, Microscale LEGO Architecture<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>It's the United States Capitol building. Great microbuild. Please support the project on LEGO CUUSOO! :)2013-08-27T00:18:45Z Mindstorms Ev3 - Outland3r<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>More at: Boss <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>.2012-09-20T13:38:07Zßer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Wadenbeißer by Moritz Nolting (nolnet)2012-11-30T15:19:38Z v2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr. Kitty by Mike Nieves.2012-12-03T01:31:17Z Iron Man: A LEGO&reg; creation by Chris Roach : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>.2013-01-07T16:07:00Z's an ugly little spud isn't it?<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Best (and possibly the only) brick-built Slimer I have ever seen. 2013-05-01T16:34:24Z darth minifigure star wars<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Starwars minifigures2013-08-15T06:31:29Z Mecha<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Stormbringer. 2013-08-11T00:24:03Z Motors Futurliner Slave I - Star Wars Episode V<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>General Motors Futurliner2014-03-28T12:24:13Z Factory MOC: The Bark Knight by Rahiden on deviantART<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>how to transform Batman into a dog...2014-05-17T10:44:34Z a mysterious crater_001<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A small vignette with lots of cool smoke effects and a convincing floating effect by SweStar.2014-08-18T22:38:33Z! <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hello, this is my entry for I Me's contest! The adventurer is wandering in the forest and he's come across a dinosaur! It's a skeleton of a dinosaur! What now? (I just wanted to experiment with some techniques for the rock work and the dinosaur itself, btw!)2013-02-06T15:46:20Z Ninjago Music Video - Born to be a Ninja<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Gold Brick Productions is back with another Lego Ninjago Music Video! This is the new The Fold Song "Born to be a Ninja"2014-06-02T21:45:16Z; CUUSOO | The Crossbow<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by rfonseka87. The crossbow has the following features 1)Sturdy design-Crossbow has never broken or malfunctioned 2)Exceptional power-maximum range of around 60 feet 3)Remarkable accuracy- able to shoot down a minifigure from 6 meters away 4)Lightweight 5)Trigger mechanism 6)Weapon sights 7)Shoulder stock 8)Ammo boxes on both sides, capable of holding 3 Bolts each The following picture shows a few of these features in detail.2013-11-18T15:56:58Z Minifig Labs World Cup 2014 customised minifigures - Minifig Customisation Workshop - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A review of customized minifigs for the world cup! 2014-06-18T16:45:12Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>NED Part rusty robot, part bramble (look them up), His name is Ned cause he reminded me of Ned Kelly who was a famous bush ranger who lived near the town I grew up in (much earlier of course, look him up too). Oh and I reached 1 million hits last week yay, thanks everyone!2014-06-22T14:26:01Z Gallery - fboomdown1.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Front of the E-One Airport fire truck. Water Boom extened2014-08-12T21:29:25Z Those Balls Rolling!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>One of my bigger dioramas to date measuring 40" x 32" x 15" tall. If you look closely, you'll see a variety of building techniques including a large, studs up, diorama on the back wall. 2012-07-14T22:59:48Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>RICKY GERVAIS2014-04-30T11:56:23Z Giraffe Beetle<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A nice use of colored cockpit pieces. By Virtual Virago2011-07-27T16:48:28Z | Lego | MOC | Two Lost Droids<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The two lost droids emerge from the ejected escape pod that landed on Tatooine's sand dunes. The astromech droid was eagerly anxious about its mission to which the protocol droid had no clue about. 2011-12-16T01:43:00Z : "Birmingham Libraries Blues" [New music video] Lego brickfilm in stop motion<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The title pretty says it all ! Bolik is my band, it's my first brickfilm. Enjoy !2012-07-03T21:01:48Z回到未來 III - 經典電影由我砌作品 No. 12 - 分享園地 - 人仔倉討論區(Minifigs Forum) - Powered by Discuz!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by PrinceWilliam2013-02-05T12:52:00Z - Riven<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Rivendale There is nothing more I need to say. David Frank and Alice Finch ..just awesome...2013-10-07T19:57:17Z dreamt in pixels that night.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>author Chris McVeigh aka powerpig on flickr2013-11-04T17:48:44Z Three cylinder OHV auto engine. [Motor in Base]<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Engine2013-11-07T15:26:16Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Car with gun~2014-06-09T02:00:22Z Gallery - Kaneda Bike from the motion picture Akira<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>KANEDA BIKE FROM THE MOTION PICTURE AKIRA2014-07-08T17:22:22Z's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by James Pegrum2012-11-30T15:00:16Z Countyside<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very clever trick with the smoke! 2012-11-26T19:54:11Z Lighter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Avoid burns while lighting your candles with this nifty device. Built for Iron Builder; the piece for this round is the dark red cone.2013-04-20T08:59:42Z Lego Lost His Egg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Johnny Lego loses his egg! Oh no!2013-08-21T20:03:04Z your load<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By yours truly!2013-03-14T21:32:50Z Central Park West<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ghost Busters city By 2 Much Caffeine2014-08-05T15:24:21Z Rover<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>simple vehicle with that refurbished classic space look to it2014-08-31T21:50:02Z Wing Single Aisle Airliner<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Burt Rutan inspired, dual wing single aisle airliner with novel engine mix.2013-06-26T13:03:57Z 7 Habitat for Rocker<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Mel F. A little music band room. Minifigs Series2014-05-10T03:33:33Z Borough (2)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very nice Street layout!!2014-06-19T16:34:37Z T-34 Model 1943<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by Andrew Becraft2014-09-06T15:59:10Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Excellent and sleek MaK build.2013-10-18T17:03:27Z Modular Police Station<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is by far the best looking police station I've seen. The interior is very well done. Love it!2014-02-22T01:00:56Z & The Dragon Happy St Georges Day<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Today is St Georges Day so I thought I make a little vignette to celebrate this Thanks go out to my son Matthew for his idea to use a Hogworts Tower for the Dragon Well Done Son NPU !2013-04-24T18:19:43Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by OliveSeon2013-06-28T05:39:18Z Cruiser 44DD - (4)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Unusual large space cruiser design by Flickr user Crimso Giger. :)2014-04-06T00:35:01Z GX [Descent 2] <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Descent: one of the best computer games ever. This Pyro GX is not brand new, but it is a perfect creation. Build by Nick Narsin2014-05-28T18:25:03Z Sungnyemum and Seoul old city wall<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The MOC (My Own Creation) is restored by LEGO for the Sungnyemum and Seoul old city wall. The MOC was created 1/35 ratio to match the LEGO mini-figure size by BrickMaster lego club members(café Two BrickMaster designers(Brian Yu & Bong Jae Kim) took a month to finish the project with help of 20 participants. The designer put great effort on expressing the beautiful curves especially unique roof structure and its outstanding color that was common in traditional Korean architecture. Also the designers used actual pictures of the 1890s, customized the hanbok, Korean traditional cloth and accessories, to add realism for the diorama. Namdaemun, officially known as the Sungnyemun(literally Gate of Exalted Ceremonies), is one of the Eight Gates in the Fortress Wall of HanYang(currently city of Seoul, The Republic of Korea) which surrounded the city in the Joseon Dynasty. The gate is located in Jung-gu between Seoul Station and Seoul City Plaza, with the historic 24-hour Namdaemun market next to the gate. Sungnyemum was served as a main gate to the city of Hanyang, which was the capital of Joseon Dynasty(1392-1897). The gate is currently designated as the first national treasure of the republic of Korea. It was first built in the last year of King Taejo of Joseon's reign in 1398, and rebuilt in 1447, during the 29th year of King Sejong the Great of Joseon's reign. It was once one of the three major gateways through Seoul's city walls which had a stone circuit of 18.6 kilometres(11.5 miles) and stood up to 6.1 metres(20 ft) high. Seoul City wall was registered the potential candidate for World Heritage sites in 2012. The MOC is permanent exhibition in the Seoul City Wall Museum.2014-05-27T08:50:41Z T3 Transporter/Vanagon Westfalia. <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Vw T3 Transporter by Andy Fleet 2012-12-12T21:02:54Z; CUUSOO | XXL Rail Crane with Train Power Functions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Massive crane on rails by d-i-k. It's equipped with power functions and strong enough to lift a LEGO rail wagon. More pictures of the model can be found on the LEGO CUUSOO project page. If you like the model please support the project! :)2013-12-31T15:19:59Z Century series<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>NCR is a tech company that focuses mainly on consumer transaction technologies. This LEGO model is of their Century series from the 70s.2014-07-15T23:41:50Z Gallery - p1070260.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Technic 9398 Replica This is not a original Lego set. My own creation.2012-03-18T23:50:30Z Where Are My Pants ?<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by Nick Sweetman2014-07-12T05:05:50Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by K.N.I.G.H.T!2012-12-11T00:43:36Z Box<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Xenomurphy on Flickr.2013-01-14T10:21:52Z first look at Java and leJOS on the Lego Mindstorms EV3<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Take a look at Java and leJOS running on the EV32013-09-09T19:08:25Z Frame.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Star Wars R2-D2 built by Eric Harshbarger, weights over 20lbs. Stands almost 3 feet tall 2011-12-26T14:09:22Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fantastic display featuring plenty of nice details and realisitc portuguese trains.2013-06-20T16:12:40Z Puzzle by Rahiden on deviantART<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>cube puzzle made of technic part2014-05-17T11:01:59Z Old Ship Inn<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Old Ship Inn, Winter Village expansion2014-06-24T23:07:48Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Chevy car2014-06-28T17:16:03Z - Freebuild - Back from Endor PartI<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Star Wars role playing game on Eurobricks2014-08-10T23:56:58Z Armor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I returned to my dark bley roots for this one; unfortunately not really out of my comfort zone. With an extra weekend I could have touched up a few areas but at least it somewhat resembles a gorilla.2013-01-28T01:56:34Z Logman 2BAB-T1 Pod Racer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hilarious take on the Star Wars Podracer. 2012-02-28T13:39:57Z, make sure the Falcon is ready.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Micro Han and Chewbacca2012-04-01T00:22:54Z Hard Ball<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hard Ball playing hard.2013-08-23T15:37:36Z Lego Police Headquarters<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Vintage Lego Police Headquarters2013-10-31T15:43:19Z Cottage<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A wonderful cottage built by snaillad.2014-03-05T03:49:34Z R1: Trojan Horse <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Trojan horse by Andrew the Jedi Ninja2014-03-08T08:34:27Z the People - Houdini (in LEGO)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is what happens when you give a 17 year old some LEGO bricks, a camera, and several hundred hours. Video by Dylan Woodley.2012-09-17T18:22:43Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGOWORLD Mindstorms Booth 2012-10-24T12:10:46Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>After avoiding for the longest to face building this destroyer droid (Technic 8002) I did a few small modifications on the external look :)2014-03-19T22:52:22Z Interview: Frankenstein's Monster<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>In your CV you describe yourself as a "combination of multiple talented people". I love it, we're always looking for such multi-talents! Also, I believe your "Special skills: Avoiding angry mob" may come very handy here at the Big Investment Bank. Consider yourself hired, welcome on board!2014-03-28T21:33:39Z the Christine - Pirate MOCs - Eurobricks Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lovely and realistic ship by Sebeus I.2014-04-09T20:27:49Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>2011-08-29T20:58:36Z Boy<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fun build that inspired my Breaking Bad figures. Thanks to Gilcélio for the suggestion.2012-11-13T22:55:21Z | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>toa of stone2012-11-14T21:51:21Z; CUUSOO | Chibi Lego builds ( CHIBO&#039;S ) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Super articulated chibi Ninja Turtles. 2013-08-18T00:37:23Z Gallery - legoworld2013-004.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>moc2014-04-25T04:12:05Z BABY<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My recently MOC "Mon, I m hungry!!!!"2014-06-20T02:15:00Z 10242 RC Motorized MINI Cooper by 뿡대디<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Youngmin Yoon2014-08-18T08:27:17Z's: Ghost (3-D)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My video on how to make a 3-D ghost decoration for Halloween. Full list of parts too!2012-10-14T21:04:29Z; CUUSOO | Hyperborea<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hyperborea, Illuminati, Mechs. Everything you could want in a Cuusoo project. And by NickRoyer too.2013-08-28T18:05:20Z by Patterson<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice use of the Chima and Mixels parts! "Mixelated by monsterbrick."2014-07-08T14:15:05Z Sungnyemum and Seoul old city wall<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The MOC (My Own Creation) is restored by LEGO for the Sungnyemum and Seoul old city wall. The MOC was created 1/35 ratio to match the LEGO mini-figure size by BrickMaster lego club members(café Two BrickMaster designers(Brian Yu & Bong Jae Kim) took a month to finish the project with help of 20 participants. The designer put great effort on expressing the beautiful curves especially unique roof structure and its outstanding color that was common in traditional Korean architecture. Also the designers used actual pictures of the 1890s, customized the hanbok, Korean traditional cloth and accessories, to add realism for the diorama. Namdaemun, officially known as the Sungnyemun(literally Gate of Exalted Ceremonies), is one of the Eight Gates in the Fortress Wall of HanYang(currently city of Seoul, The Republic of Korea) which surrounded the city in the Joseon Dynasty. The gate is located in Jung-gu between Seoul Station and Seoul City Plaza, with the historic 24-hour Namdaemun market next to the gate. Sungnyemum was served as a main gate to the city of Hanyang, which was the capital of Joseon Dynasty(1392-1897). The gate is currently designated as the first national treasure of the republic of Korea. It was first built in the last year of King Taejo of Joseon's reign in 1398, and rebuilt in 1447, during the 29th year of King Sejong the Great of Joseon's reign. It was once one of the three major gateways through Seoul's city walls which had a stone circuit of 18.6 kilometres(11.5 miles) and stood up to 6.1 metres(20 ft) high. Seoul City wall was registered the potential candidate for World Heritage sites in 2012. The MOC is permanent exhibition in the Seoul City Wall Museum.2014-05-27T08:48:40Z Batmobile <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1966 Batmobile by #8 Wire 2012-12-18T21:18:29Z Armstrong Coat of Arms V3<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pretty cool build. 2014-06-23T09:16:21Z Lego &#8211; Day 196 &#8211; Oops<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A very cold oops that is ;)2013-07-14T22:29:22Z Meets Live 1: The Return<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hey all! I thought I'd do some stopmotion for the first time in a forever-and-a-half. This is my second try at integrating stopmotion and live action/realtime recording, my first attempt linked below. Last time I only used frame-by-frame editing in gimp; this time, I heavily used After Effects black magic and a little bit of photoshop here and there. The auto-rotoscoping recognition is... beyond words.2014-05-26T06:49:06Z on Cliff <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cute little guy. :)2012-04-30T18:59:00Zレゴほんと=レゴのフォント ( Legohont = LEGO fonts ) 公開&#12290; - レゴQ - Legoと遊びとレゴポエム<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO fonts2012-05-12T05:56:16Z Hob<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Hob by Alex Jones (Orion Pax)2012-11-30T15:24:07Z"Build me a tower, worthy of Mordor!"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kevin J Walter's impressive Barad-dûr MOC!2013-04-17T08:57:52Z Me, You Cannot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An entry into the Lego Santa Yoda Contest.2011-12-17T00:38:43Z Hole<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice take on a hobbit house! 2012-07-31T15:57:41Z Foot Soldier - Bio Suit <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>a hybrid bionicle / system mech bio suit / mech built by me for my mech factory line of MOCs2012-10-13T17:37:38Z smart - Galerie - Die Community für Erwachsene LEGO® Fans<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>a smart ?2014-07-27T21:36:01Z Statue of Liberty<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>What a likiness :32013-10-25T16:51:32Z autumn festival MOC<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Wish you have Happy Mid-Autumn Festival2014-09-10T04:59:03Z Instructions<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sweet set of instruction for a battle mech.2012-03-14T06:10:01Z Gallery - quadmire_r_001_front3q.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>POV-Ray render of a small quad bike, originally built as an entry for the "Be A Creator" competition. I suppose it was a few hundred pieces short and too small to get most people's attention.2013-07-05T15:02:53Z 2014 Kit Contest Entry<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A new fan created game! Here are the rules as published on Flickr: Roll the dice, move to the color indicated. Roll a Pink & Green and choose which you would prefer to help advance you further in the game. Beware of bridges! Land on the color with a bridge and advance closer to the finish flag or slide back closer to the start.2013-08-08T19:19:23Z Marvel Super Heroes Video Game - Official Teaser Trailer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Teaser Trailer2013-09-05T20:12:40Z Gallery - 01.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A witch house2013-12-02T16:31:31Z"KRAKEN" Alien hive phantom star destroyer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Supposedly destroyed by the Amaterasu and the Poseidon at the battle of Dreytuk, the Kraken is a giant hive star destroyer. Seriously damaged themselves, the two Alliance capital ships retreated, leaving their escort ships to secure the Andromedan wreckage and wait for an Alliance towing ship. When the ship arrived, not a single piece of metal suggesting a battle was left and the escort ships are still missing. The Andromedan council, knowing the Kraken was about to fall, sent reinforcement but the hive was already shoot down and the Alliance main ships just gone when they arrived. The reinforcement fleet destroyed the Alliance escort ships and had all the ships secretly brought back to Borealis VI, a stealth asteroid-station only the active Andromedan Council knows about. There, during 3 years, the Kraken was resurrected, improved and kept secret. Now equipped with one of the biggest gravity cannons of the galaxy, the hive can create black holes dense enough to prevent other ships to enter hyperspace and crush them under heavy pressure. The Kraken is deployed to "fix" Andromedan fleets mistakes and has for main orders to remain secret and leave no survivors, Alliance soldiers as well as Andromedan units. 8 plasma disc turrets, 4 heavy turbo plasma cannons and 8 heavy plasma turrets complete the ship heavy artillery. Every star-fighter the hive carries is equipped with high performance communication jamming system and hyperjump sensor to follow and destroy any escaping ships before they could "talk". " Kraken by Shamisenfred 2013-12-29T07:52:13Z Gallery - fvin_hyaku-shiki_01.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>MSN-100 by Vincent Cheung2014-02-28T05:45:29Z TECHNICからくり部屋 スパイラルリフト タイプ2 を作りました<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>GBC module by Akiyuky2014-08-25T12:43:56Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>These buildings are fantastic, as are the overall layout-planning skills. I'm not sure why the builder felt the need to include stock sets, but there's still enough original content here to warrant a good long zoomed-in exploration.2013-08-29T02:49:48Z Bioshock Big Daddy & Little Sister<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>These are building instructions for my Bioshock Big Daddy & Little Sister figures. If you click over the the Instructables site you can see all the steps and parts. If happen to click over there before April 26th, please vote for it too so I have a chance at winning something in the Game.Life 2 Challenge. Thanks everyone!2012-04-21T19:40:51Z TUTORIAL | How To Build a Garden Arbor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here's a cool LEGO Tutorial of how to build a Garden Arbor! Please COMMENT, RATE, AND SUBSCRIBE! -FIND ME ON THE WEBSITES LISTED BELOW! -LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: -Flickr: -FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:!/WhacoLab -CHECK OUT MY BLOG: -Google+: -Lego Rebrick: ♥ LEGO - Google+ - Ecurie Ecosse Racing Team #LEGO #racing (via…<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ecurie Ecosse Racing Team2013-09-02T18:02:54Z the Long-Tailed Manakin<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Long-tailed Manakin (Chiroxiphia linearis) is a species of bird in the Pipridae family. It is found in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests, subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, and heavily degraded former forest. The manakin species are very interesting in their family life. Long-tailed Manakin males form a long-term partnership duo or trio. Together they sing in synchrony and, for any female who is attracted by their singing, perform a complex coordinated courtship dance. If she mates, only the alpha male inseminates her. Among many displaying male partnerships in a locality (a dispersed lek), only one or a very few males may account for the vast majority of matings in a given breeding season. As in other lekking species, the female then builds the nest and raises the young without involvement by males. By DeTomaso772014-08-05T16:22:42Z Hermes Opens : a LEGO&reg; creation by citizen piper : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Corner2014-03-05T05:06:33Z Luke VS the Rancor <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The builder did a great job on the Rancor! So imaginative. 2012-04-05T17:49:53Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Isaac Newton's Apple2014-02-03T20:51:25Z Turbolaser Turret: A LEGO&reg; creation by Gorn Veynom : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A Star Wars Turbolaser turret with detailed interior. Watch out for all the details.2013-04-23T20:24:54Z Farmhouse at Arrowford. (LCC)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>farmhouse2014-07-03T05:13:36Z 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Tasmanian Devil by Anni Diment2010-12-14T01:58:27Z Valentine's Corner 001<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A modular house made by slapthatarse (yes, that's the name - sorryyy).2012-02-22T10:21:44Z Venice Library - "X marks the spot..."<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"I've seen this window before, in Dad's Grail Diary..."2014-06-08T21:50:08Z Batman The Joker Promo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> This is a Promo for the LEGO Batman movie that I am making based completely off of the Joker's first appearance: Batman No.1! Music can be found on and the tracks are Firesong and Mechanolith.2013-10-08T00:19:52Z 600<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Full Remote controlled and detachable equipment. apple iphone5 rolls out of the new Apple store : a LEGO&reg; creation by citizen piper : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Outside the shop2014-03-06T12:28:05Z R8 SPYDER.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>IRON MAN2. AUDI R8 SPYDER.2014-05-23T12:52:29Z NMLUG ACE setup : a LEGO&reg; creation by Tim Nixon : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>AT-AT2014-06-30T15:38:11Z NMLUG ACE setup : a LEGO&reg; creation by Tim Nixon : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cloud Cuckoo Land2014-06-30T16:53:33Z | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>old fashioned time machine… can a time machine be old fashioned ?2014-07-24T18:14:21Z Buzzer blog &raquo; Canada Line stations… in LEGO!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>YVR Station, built in LEGO by the Vancouver LEGO Club! This model is now on display at Science World’s LEGO exhibition, Wheels, Wings and Waves—a LEGO® World of Transportation.2013-08-30T04:57:27Z a Basic Ship Tutorial: A LEGO&reg; creation by Paul Cantu :<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>How to build a LEGO ship2010-11-24T14:35:46Z MOC: Seahorse by Rahiden on deviantART<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bionicle Seahorse by Rahiden2014-03-08T07:52:33Z v01 feast test shot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Test scene from a brickfilm by David Pagano2014-05-22T02:45:53Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A scene from a Spider-man brickfilm by David Pagano2014-05-24T18:02:20Z Radiology With MRI And X Ray - Lego Hospital | Lurvely<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>MRI and X Ray2014-08-16T17:32:49Z LEGO Universe : Community - Creation Lab - Display Creation <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The intro to my movie introducing all the characters. Click on the creation lab link to see it. I based it off the Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes intro.2012-04-19T02:26:53Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A stylish concept car by Peteris Sprogis.2014-02-20T04:37:30Z Le Fay<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Summoning evil. Like a boss. Arthur Pendragon's half-sister Morgan was a powerful sorceress and witch. 2014-04-01T05:16:52Z Gallery - vw_pickup_peq.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Black Wolskwagen Pickup by brickshelf user nunofilipe722014-07-12T20:40:16Z Deep Cutaway 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An unusual Halm's Deep diorama, showing a cross-section of the keep and tower. Built by Flickr user Takkata1. :)2014-02-04T06:29:44Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Based on this( design by Squieu.2014-02-06T19:00:02Z Gallery - p1240316.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dragon boat event Training<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lovely scene by Lukasz Wiktorowicz.2014-04-03T19:11:55Z the Snowy Owl<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus) is a large owl of the typical owl family Strigidae. The The bird is also known in North America as the Arctic Owl, Great White Owl, Icelandic Snow Owl, or Harfang. The Snowy Owl is the official bird of Quebec. It is one of the largest species of owl and in North America is on average the heaviest owl species. The adult male is virtually pure white, but females and young birds have some dark scalloping; the young are heavily barred, and dark spotting may even predominate. Its thick plumage, heavily feathered taloned feet, and colouration render the Snowy Owl well-adapted for life north of the Arctic Circle. By DeTomaso772014-08-05T16:23:50Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>All official LEGO parts! And very shiny.... :)2012-01-09T21:31:02Z Mouse<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The builder Polywen was building a Lowell sphere but turned the MOC into Mickey Mouse instead :-D I like it.2011-06-06T13:09:44Z Deco styled corner bar<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here is a corner bar in an Art Deco style. Ground floor has the bar itself with barstools, and table booths. The first floor is for dancing and also has a singer stage. Comments welcome!2012-09-03T17:20:56Z Rebo Band<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>...time to rock out....2012-10-04T19:46:43Z Pig Carriage<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A medieval model of the UPS (back then it was called United Pig Service) package cars.2013-01-09T09:59:06Z Skylanders<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Skylanders in the LEGO version2013-09-06T05:40:25Z' Mech Suit<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The third of three Lego Movie mech suits I made months ago2014-06-22T01:11:23Z NMLUG ACE setup : a LEGO&reg; creation by Tim Nixon : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bruticus2014-06-30T15:45:38Z Donald Duck cosplay | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>girl in Donald Duck costume !! by tkh / ieyasu2014-07-24T16:28:39Z Captain Rex - Right Blaster Closeup<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Life-size Captain Rex at a Toys R Us. It took 165 hours and 24,586 bricks to build.2014-08-22T22:38:13Z Village: Log Cabin 3<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My entry for Eurobricks' "Expand The Winter Village II" contest2011-12-23T18:21:10Z Exige (1)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lotus Exige by Mad physicist2012-12-07T20:12:59Z's SeaPlane<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I thought that MetalBeard needed a little flight experience... If you go to the Flickr page, you will find more picture of my Be The Special Contest entry... Including the fact that the wings can fold down for it to become a pirate ship! Thank you for your support! This is a redesign of the Lego Movie set: MetalBeard's Dueal. number 708072014-03-03T02:06:00Z Robot #2: The Shackled Jester<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>S.a.D. Robot #2: The Shackled Jester I made this a while ago, but I had forgotten to post it. Anyways, this was a quick MOC I made after I finished Harvest . Just a tablescrap that does not use black as partof the color scheme. Based off of my S.a.D. Robot . So the idea was to turn a typically happy, colorful Jester into a sad, emaciated, imprisoned creature.2014-05-11T23:28:00Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by The One And Only Mr.R Elite variants. Minor, Ranger, General.2013-03-09T00:43:19Z Circuit EV Concept <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dodge Circuit EV Concept by tony faircloth 2012-12-01T17:45:41Z's Garage: MINI Cooper Mark I<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mini Cooper Mark I (1959-1967). Scale 1-7.8, 4 speeds secueltial gearbox. independen suspension, power steering and more!!. For more information visit www.sheepo.es2013-08-29T14:23:03Z Tucker Flying Car Front 3/4<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>cool2013-12-10T23:56:56Z Who TARDIS inside<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The inner workings of my TARDIS build that allow it to light up2014-06-22T01:01:58Z City : Gallery <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>It was originally intended to be a campervan but it turned into this racing truck. It is probably around 1:64 scale, and it took me around half a day to build. 2011-12-26T09:32:22Z 2010<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This was how I "wrapped" my mom's presents last christmas. She didn't want to take them apart to see what was inside. :)2011-08-05T07:58:21Z Guy Spends 365 Days Following This Tiny LEGOgrapher Travelling The World | DeMilked<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice concept. Quote taken off the page... "This little Lego man, dubbed the Legographer, has spent a year travelling around Britain and shooting photos. Unfortunately, the pictures he took were fictional, but his big brother, human photographer Andrew Whyte, followed the little plastic guy around and documented his endeavour on an iPhone 4S. The 365 shots were included in his fun and whimsical “The Legographer” series. Whyte had to struggle with low-light challenges, capturing the Lego man from only 2? off the ground, and the drastic changes in weather over the year. “For a year, the minifigure was like my own model whom I could pose and compose – something that’s seldom needed in my real work,” Whyte told Petapixel. “So despite occasional frustrations, honestly I had so much fun and I continued to learn a lot about photography throughout.”"2014-02-21T16:24:21Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My first star fighter build after my Dark Ages. Probably my most unique Star fighter build from all that I've created so far.2014-06-16T23:02:17Z in the Arctic Area<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Dog was created by Leo Chu and the tool is created by Timothy Ng2014-08-03T15:35:26Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>First build of the summer2012-11-21T10:50:47Z Miłośników Klocków LEGO Zbudujmy to! - Zobacz wątek - MAZ 500<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Maz 5002013-09-08T18:54:29Z Ent Draught<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Did he mean "DROUGHT"?2014-07-22T05:23:14Z Gallery - 4100cat1.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mini Fig Mining shovel and Cat Dump truck. motorized shovel and air powered dump on the box2014-08-12T19:25:00Z Uncle Pennybags<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The character from the famous board game Monopoly, with his hat and cane. He took 8 hours to design on brick paper, and then about 25-30 hours to build. In this build I wanted him to look a little more human-like, rather than cartoon-ish. I was only able to find one image to work off of, which shows him in this pose. It was a lot fun to build!2013-01-24T20:43:47Z; CUUSOO | I.M.C.T.B. Module 5: Boudicca&#039;s Alignments at Stonehenge<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BOUDICCA'S ALIGNMENTS AT STONEHENGE2013-06-22T20:57:48Z Lantern<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Green Lantern by monsterbrick on flickr.2012-11-06T19:39:23Z Alfa Romeo 164 Sedan- F1 Pro-car <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Alfa Romeo 164 Sedan by Jonathan Derksen 2012-12-08T20:00:20Z; CUUSOO | LEGO PIKMIN MEMORIAL - ピクミンメモリアル<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Pikmin concept by KingArthur, based off the Nintendo game franchise. Creative application of microfigures as the Pikmin! More pictures of the Pikmin themed models (including treasures and enemies can be found on the LEGO CUUSOO project page. If you like the models please support the project! :)2013-12-30T01:24:03Z Mr Rebrick watching his SW world<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lord ReBrick is guarding the SW galaxy in my LEGOroom ;-)2014-04-06T18:18:17Z od Jovana, Marka i Aleksandra<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>T-Rex There are many talented builders in communities that are not internet oriented; one of them is Alexandar from Ruma, whose miniscale moc are full of details and life. Skeleton full of life :) His T-rex skeleton is just breathtaking. Check also his mammoth here: Trial Truck <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is my first proper attempt at a Trial Truck.2012-07-26T11:03:14Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ambulance by "Orion Pax"2013-03-26T18:18:16Z S4<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY eduty2014-01-29T14:58:06Z S.N.O.T.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>fun little build2014-05-15T19:23:02Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>L-RAV Long-Range Attack Vehicle Height: 3 1/3 bricks Track: 4 studs Body material: Carbon Fiber Engine: 2 cylinder Top speed: 130mph Built by the OFSI to infiltrate enemy fortresses and for long range scouting this light weight bike has made great advance in OFSI safety too; By fully eliminating it. The guns can pierce bullet proof vests and be removed for personal usage. The jet in the rear helps with jumping. This is the future and you cant have it OFSI Motors (It's fun to mess around with Bionicle masks, who knows what you can make!)2011-12-16T21:47:54Z Power Functions Containership<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I build a Powerfunction Containership complete out of LEGO...and its working great...the most difficult was to balance the weight of the motors and that stuff so it swims like an original containership.... Movie : the gangsta<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Jabba gets down with his posse...2014-03-10T12:36:56Z the Pumpkins Three<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An animated poem set in the Magical Land of Riigo-Faloo about the old elven tale of a woman who wanted a face.2014-07-27T18:55:35Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Pictures from our recent visit to LEGOLAND - Billund2014-08-10T19:20:28Z Hillcrest — Pool View<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Beautiful urban villa.2014-03-21T10:50:45Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A really cool take on Falling Water by Davd Hensel. :)2014-03-30T02:14:36Z Gallery - 13026126762_display.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>moc2014-04-09T03:47:04Z II 2013 clone variations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by Artanis2014-06-09T14:24:26Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Ryan Tennant 2013-04-22T00:45:59Z Off-Road Racer 5763 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Just another alternate made from the Creator Dune Hopper 5763 set.2012-01-23T14:19:52Z's Garbage Scow (Vic Viper)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A Sesame Street-inspired Vic Viper MOC.2013-11-24T13:47:02Z