ReBrick Highest Rated Bookmarks best rated videos and photos from the past week on ReBrick. Click the "like" button on any of these bookmarks to keep them at the top!ReBrick@LEGO.comHighest Rated"Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Miro Dudas2014-12-12T17:55:57Z Landspeeder _ Alternate nose<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Really impressive technique to get some curves 2014-12-12T17:04:19Z Boulder LEGO Campus Opens! | <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This 18 month long installation was designed and built by 9 CoWLUG builders. It's on display at CU Boulder's Heritage Center at Old Main during regular hours.2014-12-17T00:53:58Z Box of Milk<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Kosmas Santosa2014-12-17T16:59:12Z 2015<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This version mixing classic Makuta with the new 2015 Makuta entry to the Battle for the Golden Mask contest.2014-11-26T21:18:28Z Strider<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Love the use of the handcuffs here. Simple...yet elegant.2014-12-15T15:02:36Z Miura Jota<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lamborghini Miura Jota by Senator Chinchilla2014-12-18T18:47:08Z Table<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Drafting Table2014-12-18T10:46:49Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>ArachOrangeSquare2014-12-15T20:04:02Z "Betsy"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>.2014-12-15T16:29:29Z Info på Twitter: &quot;BTR-80&#10;;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BTR-802014-12-15T06:49:10Z Mascot home 1958 01 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Isn't this something special? The mix of old and new. Old theme, new bricks and techniques! If you're over 30 YO this must bring back your childhood days!2014-12-16T15:07:48Z Ideas - STAR WARS (EU) Grand Admiral Thrawn <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>star wars grand admiral thrawn and his seat of power2014-12-09T12:59:21Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Benny Brickster2014-12-03T19:19:40Z 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>entry for spacetember "make your own exosuit"2014-12-13T01:26:16Z Liebherr Lego | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The brilliance of this one is easily visible but if you want to know what size it is just check those wheels and you'll get the idea2014-12-16T15:04:23Z _02<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cool Star Wars droid2014-12-14T08:13:26Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>862014-12-10T11:33:51Z Homer's Car<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Here is my second entry for the <a href="">"Chibi Micro Contest"</a> 2014-12-05T19:35:02Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Quote: I don't know if there is such a thing as a Dutch bicycle, in French we call it "vélo hollandais". It is the ultimate ride for me! Built for the special challenge in the DoP n°7 on Challenge is to build a 2-wheeled vehicle with the mystery part. My opponent is cecilihf The mystery part is a modified 1x2 plate with ladder in dark tan2014-12-17T09:36:29Z Info på Twitter: &quot;Light Tank AMX-13&#10;;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Light Tank AMX-132014-12-15T06:55:04Z's Ok Steve I've Helped Myself.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A creative, hungry creature...2014-12-16T18:12:08Z's Chessboard<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By \/\/\/\/\/\2014-12-12T17:47:14Z Far Cry 3 buggy mk2: A LEGO&reg; creation by Ryen Air : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Far Cry 3 buggy mk2 by Ryen Air 2014-12-18T10:06:50Z, Hardsuit, HARDSUIT!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1032014-12-19T09:01:08Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>942014-12-13T15:17:43Z GNX<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Buick GNX by Senator Chinchilla2014-12-17T21:01:37Z Autostadt<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>26000-part LEGO model based on one of the Volkswagen Autostadt car storage towers in Wolfsburg, Germany.2014-12-12T20:32:54Z warrior 3 wip<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Big Ship with a big rainbow2014-12-16T18:18:22Z 4000Gt <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toyota 4000Gt by Alexander Paschoaletto 2014-12-12T09:09:43Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>UNOS DE LOS SIRVIENTES DE LA MASCARA DEL ULTIMO PODER Battle for the Gold Mask Entry2014-11-02T21:48:23Z Rebrick runs from dragon - NELUG<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Trying to stay ahead of Linda Dallas' dragon train.2014-11-29T18:49:19Z in a box<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Great idea.2014-12-18T22:10:20Z & Earth<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Wizard Battle!2014-12-16T18:14:15Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Merry Christmas Everyone!2014-12-14T20:07:26Z Wizard<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Drow Wizard2014-12-15T20:04:55Z and the Seven Dwarves<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarves2014-12-14T20:03:54Z;s Forge [Paper Mask Archive] - General Art - BZP Forums<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>For all of you who liked my first three paper mask bookmarks, this link will get you to more paper masks and download links than you could ever want. 2012-06-12T01:56:16Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Myconid2014-12-12T15:07:49Z Transport <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Model Transport by Nick Barrett. This is a 1:40 scale (7 wide) older-style car transporter, with a few older style cars to go with it.2014-12-14T15:03:21Z Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Warhammer build2014-12-18T20:23:34Z Christmas<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Tyler Sky2014-12-13T13:18:17Z Santa<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Maybe Darth Vader isn't all bad, after all?2014-11-14T15:32:34Z Cake with Butter Cream and Cherry on top<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH BUTTER CREAM AND CHERRY ON TOP2014-12-11T12:58:20Z Muscle Car<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>.2014-12-15T19:19:04Z Info på Twitter: &quot;Air Defense Missile Systems S-300PS&#10;;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Air Defense Missile Systems S-300PS2014-12-15T06:51:06Z Info på Twitter: &quot;ANDREI TARKOVSKY’S &quot;NOSTALGHIA&quot;&#10;;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Andrei Tarkovsky’s "Nostalghia"2014-12-15T06:58:11Z Scale<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ma.k Scale Okay ... so I got a lot of Ma.k Flak over the Feuervogel ... and people were right, it wasn't very Maschinen Krieger. To help me remember, I've created this handy chart!2014-10-30T22:00:18Z vie en rose<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Rose2014-12-14T20:30:15Z Mosaic<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is the winner at BrickFair-New Jersey of the Batman Anniversary Competition. It is 128 X 80 studs (40" X 25".) This was my first attempt at a mosaic. I like the duality of the face. The "good" side is in the light and well defined. The darker side is more abstract and forces the viewer to make out the details.2014-12-16T04:53:32Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Malek the absurd2014-12-15T20:33:21Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Peter Ray!2014-12-08T22:45:52Z Rx-7 Rz <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mazda Rx-7 Rz by Alexander Paschoaletto 2014-12-16T21:34:05Z Flintstones<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Yabadabadoo + Chibi = silly stuff...2014-12-14T20:09:01Z Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Hard Top: A LEGO&reg; creation by Egor Karshiev : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Hard Top by Egor Karshiev2014-12-18T10:08:38Z LUGsing Extravaganza<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1012014-12-14T13:17:52Z Info på Twitter: &quot;Gas-Dynamic Minesweeper &quot;Warm-T&quot;&#10;;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Gas-Dynamic Minesweeper "Warm-T"2014-12-15T06:52:27Z's In Love<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Excellent use of Mixels eyes.2014-12-17T22:51:16Z Main (Northwest Corner) - CU Boulder Campus<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Old Main - CU Boulder2014-12-06T14:20:53Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is Eylu, toa of plant-life. She has the mask of shrinking, and a sword and flower shield for weapons. She also has two flower rotors for flying; they spin if you put them near a fan. I hope you like it!2014-09-23T01:41:01Z frozen fountain<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ice Skating Scene2014-12-13T15:15:04Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sesshoumaru-sama by Pascal2014-12-15T22:33:01Z Christmas<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Merry Christmas2014-12-18T21:35:00Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY Chris Maddison2014-11-29T04:00:26Z® - Korean LEGO User Community<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Incredible castle construction2014-12-19T10:10:49Z Main (Northeast Corner) - CU Boulder Campus<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Old Main (Northeast Corner) - CU Boulder Campus2014-12-06T21:31:44Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Check out my flickr for more pics! Ideas - Pikachu&#39;s Pokemon Center Visit! <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by Savath_Bunny. This brilliant recreation of a Pokemon center includes Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Eevee.2014-12-19T03:14:02Z Ideas - Mission Apollo 17 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>It's a lego design about Apollo 17, You can view the whole project in one minute here: Everybody knows the first men on the Moon. But do you know the last men on the Moon? Now whatsuptoday, GRusso & saabfan present you a collaborative project: The Apollo 17 mission out of Lego! Recreate the whole Apollo 17 Moon landing with all its features and glory. Fly the flag of the United States. Analyze the moon surface. After that take a ride with the Moon buggy to explore the Moon landscape. Finally it is time to say good bye to the Moon and fly back to Earth. Please support, comment and share! Thanks for checking out our project! We hope you like it!2014-12-19T08:22:44Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Impressive sci-fi scene2014-12-17T12:08:04Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Kosmas Santosa2014-12-13T13:21:38Z Me<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>732014-12-10T11:17:48Z House<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This MOC was originally made as an entry for the Eurobricks Winter Village Expansion. This is the house where one of the elves live. Santa and the elf's twin brother will have a quick Christmas dinner here before delivering gifts around the world. I tried to put as much details as I could on a 16x16 plate. This small gingerbread house has the following features: - A small Fireplace - Dining Area - Receiving Area with gifts - A Sleeping Loft with a writing desk. Let's not forget Santa on a Segway! :) Short distance travels are now made easy by gliding on two wheels. Rudolph and the rest of the gang are pleased as they now have more time to chill. I do have one thing I wish to had for this build - lattice windows or regular window panes. It would have a much nicer effect to the house. I hope you enjoyed viewing this MOC as much as I enjoyed building it. I have also put this MOC on display at the Dallas Cityscapes in the Galleria Dallas Mall in Texas. If you're from around the area, please visit the exhibit. It's for a very good cause.2014-12-18T07:10:19Z - Gallery - Gallery - vix the destroyer <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This my entry for the new contest for the (re-opening? Restarting?) of bionicle.2014-12-01T00:36:15Z imgur: the simple image sharer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>:D2014-12-01T23:15:02Z Gallery - singer-02.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Singer2014-12-09T14:56:31Z Autostadt<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>26000-part LEGO model based on one of the Volkswagen Autostadt car storage towers in Wolfsburg, Germany.2014-12-12T20:34:33Z Mech <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Artillery Mech 2014-12-13T13:31:52Z Droid t-58 - Imgur<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>this is a little droid qith many guns ready to fight the biggest beast2014-12-01T23:30:44Z wish you...<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A cute merry christmas. By Kosmas Santosa2014-07-01T16:15:36Z - LEGO MOC - Savage<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Concept "Savage"2014-12-15T06:38:54Z Autostadt<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>26000-part LEGO model based on one of the Volkswagen Autostadt car storage towers in Wolfsburg, Germany.2014-12-12T20:28:44Z Golf GTI<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>VW Golf GTI Mk2 by Joe Perez2014-12-11T18:40:38Z Chro, Master of Darkness - Imgur<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Once a defender of good, Chro felt disillusioned with his cause, and defected to the shadows, realizing his errors too late." My first newly-built MOC for the BFGM, and a fresh version of my self-MOC/character, Chro. Alternate gallery: Badger <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Military all terrain vehicle LAV-45 BADGER2014-04-17T08:06:40Z - Gallery - Gallery - Katuura, Controller of Darkness <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My entry for the Battle for the Gold Mask contest. Katuura has been behind every major evil plot conceived. Stay tuned for a complete backtory soon.2014-11-29T15:16:19Z Toyota Hilux - Back to the Future Style: A LEGO&reg; creation by Paul Kim : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toyota Hilux by Paul Kim 2014-12-18T10:02:24Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My Battle for the Golden Mask entry! More pictures can be found here: Info på Twitter: &quot;Viy&#10;;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Viy2014-12-15T06:59:21Z Autostadt<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>26000-part LEGO model based on one of the Volkswagen Autostadt car storage towers in Wolfsburg, Germany.2014-12-12T20:30:14Z Info på Twitter: &quot;Graverobber&#10;;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Graverobber2014-12-15T06:44:01Z vs. Black Friday- An Epic Adventure<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Batman is on the hunt for mysterious packages arriving in Gotham. Will he catch them in time?2014-07-24T18:50:50Z Race<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY Clement C2014-12-14T18:47:19Z Chibi<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Matthew Velardo!2014-12-11T00:02:56Z Theater<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fantastic build by Joel Baker2014-12-18T22:32:24Z - Porque yo lo valgo - L'Oréal Tatooine | Because I'm worth it - L'Oréal Tatooine<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>285/300 - Porque yo lo valgo - L'Oréal Tatooine | Because I'm worth it - L'Oréal Tatooine2014-12-17T23:09:53Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>802014-12-10T11:29:52Z Rehearsal<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Another circus scene by fujiia.2014-12-18T22:14:06Z' room from the 80s<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Kids' room from the 80s2014-12-14T16:08:05Z!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!" My winning entry for BrickFair VA's Batman's 75th! competition.2014-08-30T01:49:31Z Lionfish kit<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>very impressive Lionfish2014-12-12T16:56:35Z eagle small<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>the eagle small2014-12-16T17:15:51Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>gorgeous model by a fellow Lug member2014-12-11T21:34:05Z Info på Twitter: &quot;Light Tank M24 &quot;Chaffee&quot;&#10;;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Light Tank M24 "Chaffee"2014-12-15T06:53:52Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Michael Jasper2014-12-18T19:48:48Z Ideas - Mission Apollo 17 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Everybody knows the first men on the Moon. But do you know the last men on the Moon? On December the 11th 1972 the crew of Apollo 17 landed on the Moon. After 3 days doing experiments and collecting 110,4 kg stones they finally took off. So far Eugene Cernan is the last human being who set his foot on the Moon. You can find more information about the Apollo 17 mission here. Now whatsuptoday, GRusso & saabfan present you a collaborative project: The Apollo 17 mission out of Lego! Recreate the whole Apollo 17 Moon landing with all its features and glory. Fly the flag of the United States. Analyze the moon surface. After that take a ride with the Moon buggy to explore the Moon landscape. Finally it is time to say good bye to the Moon and fly back to Earth. A promotion video can be found here. Also make sure to check out all pictures in HD here. The whole set includes: •The Lunar Module LM: The Lunar Module was the spacecraft which took Eugene Ellis and Harrison Schmitt to the Moon. It consists of the golden landing gear and the depart module. Our Lego version has 718 bricks and full interior with control devices, a seat and much more. On the exterior it has many moveable antennas, an exit door and a playability access to the inside. The landing gear is retractable and there is also some storage room for the Lunar Rover and research equipment. •The Control Module CM: The Control Module was a conical spacecraft which was attached to the Service Module. The astronauts where sitting in it during their voyage to the Moon. It was also the only spacecraft of the Apollo 17 mission that came back to the Earth. Our model has 527 bricks and includes seats for all three astronauts, dashboard with control computers, detailed interior with oxygen tanks, four playability access doors and open able entrance/exit port for the astronauts. •The Lunar Rover Vehicle LRC: The Moon buggy was intended for making excursions on the Moon. It also had a television camera. Our version is built out of 100 bricks and has working steering, two foldable seats for the astronauts, TV-camera, steering-joy-stick and holders for research devices. •The Service Module SM: The Service Module was attached to the CM. It was the spacecraft which took the crew in orbit around the Moon. Our version out of Lego pieces has 488 bricks. It can be attached to the CM. Furthermore it features a playability access to the technical area and film storage. •The crew: The crew members of Apollo 17 were the pilot of the Apollo spacecraft, Ronald Evans, who remained in orbit around the Moon, Eugene Cernan and Harrison H. Schmitt co-pilot of the Lunar Module, who was the first scientist to be part of a space mission of NASA. Our project includes five minifigures: all three astronauts in flying suits (in the CM) and Eugene Cernan+Harrison Schmitt in space suits (on the Moon Buggy) •The stand: Is built out of 288 bricks. You can put the CSM on it. It also includes a small piece of Moon surface with rocks and craters. •Information booklet: The set will also include a booklet with interesting informations about the Apollo 17 mission. The entire project (stand+LM+CSM+LRC+minifigures) has 2084 bricks. All parts are in minifigure-scale (1:40). Of course it could be split into several projects. We're currently improving the set to reduce the piece count and make it more more affordable. That will definitely be a subject of the upcoming updates. :-) Please consider visiting our project on Facebook. Also take a look at our Apollo 11 Saturn-V project. Special thanks to: Edward, Damien & Eric from: Play-Well TEKnologies for help and support, NASA for the great informations about Apollo17, Matthew B. aka mmbace, for allowing us to use his great Lego design: Reliance Class US Coast Guard Cutter, Alan Q. for many artistic advices2014-12-17T14:26:40Z JEGAN<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A great met, got to thank LEGO for that olive green... A lot of Builder is using it really well. Great! XD2014-12-13T14:33:15Z - Kaplan<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>XR-19 - Kaplan "Love the colouring and parts use" 2013-09-08T07:58:49Z Sports Car of the Future: A LEGO&reg; creation by Sterling Knight : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice building techniques on a futuristic sports car! Built by Sterling Knight.2014-05-14T15:01:57Z Peterbilt Monster Truck<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by billyburg2013-06-15T10:00:54Z RX 78-1 Prototype Gundam in Lego<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Gundam love2014-04-16T16:54:08Z Rebrick hailing a cab - NELUG<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hailing a cab on Main St2014-11-29T18:40:46Z Chevy Camaro<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>.2014-12-04T03:41:07Z Lego Transformer Snowmobile: A LEGO&reg; creation by Cy Cannon : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is an original design for a Lego Transformer Snowmobile. It goes from a snowmobile in vehicle mode to a robot. To transform it, all you have to do is bend, pull, or twist on certain pieces. No pieces have to be removed or added to transform it. To fold the legs out, pull on the connector between the upper and lower torso. This part is the hardest, but the plus part of the connector should allow it to slide without coming apart. All the other bends are self-explanatory. Comes with LDD instructions. Check my Mocpages page for more stuff! 2012-10-10T00:14:54Z Revenge of the Circus Monkey 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built for a Comunidade 0937 Challenge!2012-11-09T11:03:09Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Goodbye, small-person" Epic build from Legoloverman 2014-04-13T20:53:04Z Raikkonen, Ferrari, Singapore, 2014 - F1 Fanatic<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Promotion for the Shell Ferrari Lego promotion2014-09-19T08:22:17Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lord of the ring2014-04-27T05:09:21Z Gunship : Drifting Shield<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Smooth and unique ship. 2014-01-16T21:01:12Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A TEE VT11.5 (BR601) in front of some nice scenery in Legoland Windsor. The train is build by Stephan Sander.2011-12-13T19:09:32Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>pretty awesome work for a first try on this mech.2012-03-06T06:07:24Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Zorro2013-05-21T20:58:56Z Arrival of a Star Destroyer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Arrival of a Star Destroyer During the night before the assault on Hoth the Imperial troops had to land a Star Destroyer to speed up the process of placing AT-AT's and massive amount of other gear on the planet surface. The icy moonlit landing site had to be inspected by foot to make sure it can take the immense weight of a Star Destroyer without cracking. These four guys were in charge of that task. Can you imagine the pressure? No wonder they don't talk much... I was going to upload this shot on May 21, the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back's official premiere. Couldn't wait, because I wanted to upload something on may the fourth, too. More fun this way. :D Looks good on black. UPDATE: There's an Avanaut Facebook page for social media cross platformers.2014-02-26T01:27:17Z Film School! Episode 2: Basic Lighting<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a break down of the most basic lighting for bricks2014-06-02T17:54:20Z Beetle...Blue Hawaiian<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Old school surfer car2014-07-01T10:47:14Z"Hephaestus"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"HEPHAESTUS"2013-03-14T09:29:07Z Silent Guardian - 3D Batman Mosaic (Details)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Art Deco meets Batman!2012-10-05T19:09:46Z King Kong vs. Godzilla 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Round 2. King Kong and Godzilla battle it out again. Who will win this time??? 2014-12-17T22:27:04Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by zizy002200222013-04-12T09:05:52Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Creation in 2014 Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek Denmark2014-10-12T09:30:44Z Ground Type <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>more mech madness!2014-11-17T11:33:46Z on 3-2-14 at 2.09 PM<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>a rebuild of 7991 Recycle Truck2014-03-30T22:07:18Z The Old Lifeboat Station : a LEGO&reg; creation by Luke Watkins : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Derfel Cadarn2014-09-21T03:13:47Z Dedication! : a LEGO&reg; creation by Luke Watkins : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>CCC X Medieval Life In the far North, a forge can be found. Owned by Balig the Blacksmith whose fame spreads throughout the land. Throughout the harsh bitter cold climate, Balig works hard at his trade and produces only the most finest of weapons, truely dedicated to his work! I've been building this during Iron Builder and was tempted to use the mystery part so I could have this as a IB entry as well, but I chose not to. I discovered many new techniques while building this, as it was a headache to get every piece of wood panalling to fit perfectly together. The stone work is also a combination of 3 techniques including literally leaving an open hole and then filling it with different bricks so that they are only connected by the shear force of being wedged in together. I'm feeling really pumped for CCC this year, so I have decided to once again compete for Master Builder....only if time permits!2012-11-13T13:05:19Z Additional Angles<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Amazing NPU for this MocAthalon entry by Nick V (Brickthing)2013-03-17T03:43:44Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Holy crap this guy is scary!2012-09-20T13:06:05Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A Display for my X-wings, a little update on the wings, the coloring is now correct.2014-02-07T21:31:16Z Gallery - carrera911_01.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>911 carrera Arvo2014-07-02T14:39:06Z"Godzilla vs. Space Needle"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Architecture meets Basic building bricks...2011-12-16T10:13:55Z Gallery - 001.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>New colors can look astonish good on simple creations, giving them a more striking look, like Al-Wahat tower made by Aliencat2013-09-22T11:50:50Z Type Truck <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>more transforming madness!2014-11-17T11:30:21Z Old Lifeboat Station<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Old Lifeboat Station2012-06-18T08:38:35Z Fringe (Walter's Lab)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Walter's lab by starsprinkles 2013-06-06T14:15:07Z Gallery - xylophone.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I build this MOC together with my son Lasse for LEGO World 2011 in Copenhagen.2012-01-03T20:14:48Z Pontiac GTO <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>1969 Pontiac GTO by Austin Nomorinfo2013-02-21T18:08:53Z Erickson Garden<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice photography with some nice parts usage and a realistic feel to it.2013-09-06T14:15:17Z shaak ti lightsaber star wars episode iii - revenge of the sith 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Please support my project on CUUSOO2014-04-15T19:03:49Z Ninjago Rise of the Snakes Stop Motion (Original Video)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The ninja try to stop Pythor from stealing the fang blades.2014-06-02T23:41:42Z Modular Bank Main View<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Highly detailed entrance of the bank2014-07-31T19:25:32Z Dark Knight Rises The Bat <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>i custom the bat from the lego serie....2014-06-20T10:53:01Z Battle of San Juan Hill<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Brian Williams on Flickr.2014-09-16T01:27:28Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Peddersen og Findus 2012-01-15T21:40:39Z Gallery<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>House with florist shop2011-06-24T04:37:31Z; CUUSOO | Modular Western Town<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Marshal Banana's 1908 Western Town would be a great re-visit to LEGO western theme! I love it!2011-12-17T13:12:25Z's Driller - Upsized<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Integrated the build with a pullback motor, spring launcher mounted on swivel base and additional seats.2014-02-12T13:33:50Z Balcony<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Beautifully built and composed town scene by Paul Vermeesch. :)2014-05-01T02:13:30Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Shall we play "Spot the watch parts"? Incredible parts usage. I'd love to see this in a non-camo, properly color-blocked scheme to really show off the shape.2013-10-29T00:39:38Z Dwarf<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>You can't really blame Emmet. Before Maggie, there were no Lego babies, so he doesn't know any better!2014-10-10T15:14:27Z 77F <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Viper 77F by Mark Stafford2013-01-31T18:34:17Z @ cloud cuckoo<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lincoln @ cloud cuckoo2014-01-28T04:15:32Z be Pirates!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Thar be Pirates!2014-07-17T10:18:53Z line on the horizon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Coldplay - A small build while I patiently wait for their new album... I copied the design from an official shirt.2014-09-01T14:51:41Z 25 (1963 spec)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lotus 25 by bobalexander!2012-12-07T20:16:35Z Marauder Mk. 7<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This model was built for the Make-A-Mech Contest on BrickArms Forums. Codenamed "????????? ?????," or Orange Cobra, the Mk. 7 Marauder was a heavy weapons mobility platform developed by both Soviet and Japanese engineers. The Soviet Union's negotiation of a Sino-Russo Alliance prior to World War II forestalled any possibility of conflict between the early Soviet Union and the Japanese Empire. Fast forward half a century and the combined technological mastery of both powers results in the development of heavily armored mechanical suits. The Marauder is equipped with a chain-fed 30mm autocannon, two HK-67 "Cougar" anti-armor missiles, and a Hellbore Plasma Cannon. Both cannons are hand carried, allowing for a versatility in operational capabilities. Especially important to the capability of the Marauder is its innovative Dual Pumped-Fusion Reactors, which provide the necessary energy for suit movement and weapons. Using special tubes, energy and plasma are conducted to the Hellbore Plasma Cannon. I haven't been a regular poster of my work on Flickr, but I'd like to change that so here is something to start it all off. Comments and criticism welcome.2012-07-22T22:29:54Z and Noble LEGO June 2012 032<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Breaking Dawn's cast made of LEGO bricks!2012-11-15T15:23:19Z scale train <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An impressive microscale train by Henning Birkeland!2013-01-04T01:29:14Z Brick Science wrap-up, Good Scientist impulse build category<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Professor Herbert Jaarkopf. Entry for "Class 1: Good Scientist Impulse Build" of the "Brick Science" contest from ReasonablyClever. Designed by Lord Pappadhum.2013-10-31T16:24:03Z Apprentice 3<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built for the merchants guild at LoR2014-09-14T11:49:47Z't Wake Up<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Aliens!2014-10-16T15:58:00Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Fantastic Robin Williams Mural2014-08-22T12:43:00Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A charming Belgian town with well-preserved medieval architecture. Apart from the buildings, I tried to depict some tradition of the town - the Procession of the Holy Blood.2013-02-19T01:25:49Z Celica ST205 - Toyota Team Europe WRC Marlboro<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Toyota Celica ST205 by lego9112012-12-09T18:43:25Z Barbecue Grill<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>lego barbecue for summer2014-08-11T20:43:09Z System Transport - LST001 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a lunar system transport ship. Constructed in the cabin architecture developed in the SST-001 craft. This vehicle uses two-deck cabins, as opposed to the SST's three-deck cabins. Crew of 6, passenger capacity of 10, or cargo capacity of 6,000 tons.2013-07-31T07:11:58Z Time<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I'm not 100% sure, but IMO a lot of people have similar emotions from time to time... 2011-06-15T00:40:45Z's not christmastime in november<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Robin: Batman, come help me decor........ Batman: *SLAP* IT'S NOVEMBER!2014-11-19T20:25:02Z Haring Dog<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Haring's work was everywhere in the '80's. Fun to see it in LEGO.2012-01-24T06:21:32Z Enlightening the World - Statue of Liberty "JULY IV MDCCLXXVI"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>self sprayed LEGO set 3450..i build it in white and then sprayed it with this nice colour...and it got a staircase inside ,and working Lego 9volt lights in the Crown - Head and in the Torch....<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>cool 2012-09-27T20:37:03Z - &#381;aliaak&#279;<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LegoFriends in space are exploring the Moon and are searching for treasure hidden between rocks. 2014-06-19T14:52:00Z Tower Showdown<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Spider-man and Venom2014-08-16T16:41:58Z LEGO Universe : Community - Creation Lab - Display Creation <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LA PIOVRA Building (The Octopus Building). Creation build for LEGO ReBrick Building Competition.2012-07-01T19:56:22Z Gallery - p-garnierpreview.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>lovely and very accurate reproduction of the famous Opera Garnier, in Paris. Sadly, this is the only picture of it.2013-12-24T16:47:09Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Check out this elegant Starfighter from Flickr user, Eldeem. Check out the video for the play features Throne Hall <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Brave Owain has returned from his quest and reports his findings to Artorious. Four Crystals must be discovered to unlock the ultimate treasure, another quest unfolds..... Built for a small scene to promote Challenge 3 over at Guilds Of Historica. built by Luke Watkins2012-03-20T19:15:00Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I Rebuilt the Manchester High Dedicated (Heartlake High) School; built in February, 2014, since after the housefire on January 10, 2014. Groundskeeper's Trailer Home, with Groundskeeper Martin Frasier and his wife who tends the Roof Gardens, Hope Frasier. And as seen on my YouTube video, with new upgrades and additions. Dedicated to Manchester High in Midlothian, VA, USA. 2014-06-24T00:46:10Z - Additional Views<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I am speechless2014-10-22T08:04:02Z Restructuring. Brick Fiesta 2013 by Devon Smith. (Lego Technic)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An amazing Technical achievement. You really need to watch the video to see the way the "nacelles" on this thing can move. 2013-07-21T19:44:48Z in the Loch<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hunting in the Loch The man grasped his spear tightly. Squinting his eyes, he peered carefully into the dark, swirling water. Something dark seemed to be moving about under the water…or was that just a reflected raincloud? A bright flash of lightning broke through the cloudy sky, and the rain began to beat even more heavily on the hunter’s head. Suddenly the water in front of him exploded into the air, and a black, writhing shape burst out. The man never saw its head; by the time the immediate shock had passed all that was visible was its scaly back, capped with large, menacing spikes. Shaking rain out of his eyes, the man prepared to throw his spear.2013-06-21T23:17:52Z Scale Muscle Car <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Minifig scale muscle car2014-06-29T11:20:56Z Metro - Medborgarplatsen<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Escalator2014-08-23T08:07:12Z NXT STEP - LEGO&#174; MINDSTORMS&#174; NXT Blog: LEGO CUUSOO; Mini Alpha-Rex<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO CUUSOO MINI ALPHA-REX, by CUUSOO user Suzuki.2012-03-20T21:03:50Z Phantom Drophead Coup� <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice ride!2012-09-06T22:42:24Z "Hitzkopf"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>To let Maktoberfest pass without building something would be a shame!2012-10-28T13:58:53Z and Dicer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Reunited after a lifetime of separation, the twins vowed revenge on the one responsible for their plight.2013-01-25T21:12:11Z LEGO Movie building contest 2nd runner up- Adrian and Kelvin Cheng<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The LEGO Movie building contest 2nd runner up- Adrian and Kelvin Cheng2014-02-04T03:17:48Z Gantry<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Jared Chan!2013-04-07T14:07:45Z's Pillar<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I remember this moc form time when I was active in Historica - Demons, lava and trans orange - what can a Drow ask more of a moc?:) This beauty was built by lisqr 2013-09-24T06:46:35Z Birthday Karl!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A birthday tribute2014-12-15T23:29:46Z a Kid's Dream to Play With Legos All Your Life -<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Playing with LEGO Bricks is serious business. This is a great article from the Wall Street Journal2011-11-18T14:50:55Z Rabbit Lantern <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>THis Moc is also made specically for the Display on the Lego booth , during the Comic Festival 2010 in HK. Although the it maybe the simplest MOC in the series, it caught many peoples' eyes. Many people love this lovely rabbit! In fact, lantern is a "toy" plays during the Mid-Autumn Festival in old HK. A small red candle is lighted and placed inside the "body" of the lantern. So, the whole body of the lantern lights up( due to the thin paper-made body). However, children rarely play this now. This is a 1:1 scale model.2011-12-27T11:44:49Z and Chewie on the Millennium Falcon<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Han Solo and Chewie riding around on the millennium falcon2013-06-12T08:10:09Z Mars Rover<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>exploring Mars, one LEGO brick at a time!2012-08-08T15:08:34Z Neutron Lathe<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Your basic atom shaver, nothing special - probably got one in your own garage - No end of uses, spend your whole lazy Sunday afternoon shaving all kinds of atoms for fun and profit.2013-02-11T07:19:19Z Seven<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>One of the best from Angka Utama on Flickr.2012-12-25T04:12:20Z Smiley Water Tower<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Perfect microscale architecture2013-06-16T12:23:41Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>O want to play...2013-08-07T07:14:36Z Twix Bar<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nom nom nom 2012-10-08T12:48:59Z and Goose<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Danger Zone!2014-04-11T22:49:37Z[micro fighters] The BAT.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>THE BAT IN TDKR.2014-05-23T12:54:17Z Party Invite<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very colorful and sugar-filled vignette by Nick Sweetman. "I was asked my a friend at work if I could make a Invite for her sons Birthday Party using my Lego skills ! Here's the result."2014-06-10T12:33:58Z Scale Honda NSX <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Honda NSX by Nick Barrett 2012-12-08T19:08:11Z The Guyver : a LEGO&reg; creation by Gabe Moore : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Beautiful2013-11-13T13:56:06Z's desk<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Faux standing guard2013-11-17T08:02:05Z cart for our daughter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sometimes I come by creations that I have no info about; Nothing that I could offer you, but I would like you to take a look, because it is just... beautiful. Next few bookmarks will be just like that.. all taken from fvin&yan 2013-08-22T18:08:36Z Ivy<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Poison Ivy at full glory2013-09-04T20:09:36Z"Blood Lizard" X7 Cruiser<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"BLOOD LIZARD" X7 CRUISER2014-07-25T10:21:39Z iPod Speaker<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>2011-02-15T14:59:38Z Ramen Diet<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>All college students have been here before. 2012-09-06T17:01:28Z Fighters Figures<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Monster Fighters Figures2013-01-08T21:01:39Z HQ<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ghostbusters2013-02-18T01:21:48Z"Macula" Bomber<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Adrian Florea hit me with this "Macula Bomber", look at the trusters... These are castle walls... :O Amazing. And Neo Classic Space :D2014-10-04T08:56:24Z Brick Science wrap-up, vignette category<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Eureka Moment by David Runyon. Archimedes discovers the principle of displacement. Shortly after this moment, history records his naked run through the streets of Syracuse.2013-10-31T16:16:29Z se eu te apanho!!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice MOC created by LBaixinho2014-04-15T23:03:32Z;m-a gonna win!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Donkey Kong figurine from Nintendo's Mario Kart game. "I'm-a gonna win!" Created by Mike Crowley aka Count Blockula2013-08-13T01:04:21Z Number One (Not Mime Sort Of Place)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mime had a feeling he was going to be sick any second....2013-09-25T16:28:12Z the #42026<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego Technic pullback action2014-10-02T19:18:23Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>SIR BRUCE FORSYTH2014-04-30T11:50:01Z Senna's McLaren MP4/5B <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>McLaren MP4/5B by Lego Builders 2013-01-13T15:08:59Z Puzzle<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>An homage to Maurits Cornelis Escher - using the meduim of Lego!!! ( also known as the 'Penrose triangle' or the 'Penrose tribar' - apparently it was first created by the Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd in 1934. The mathematician Roger Penrose independently devised and popularised it in the 1950s, describing it as "impossibility in its purest form". It is featured prominently in the works of artist M. C. Escher, whose earlier depictions of impossible objects partly inspired it.) So now you know!2013-04-08T13:44:29Z Random Magical Girl<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Recently, Activities of cute critters offering miracles have been reported by the citizens of Mitakihara. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. They are just trying to use you for illegally dumping the Universe entropy. Report their activities to the nearest police station. Ny LegoWyrm2014-09-20T11:10:59Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Walk like a Penguin!2011-05-19T16:42:16Z Bound<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Can I keep him? Haha. By powerpig.2011-08-10T16:51:18Z Gallery - police01.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A steampunk police flyer by Legohaulic.2014-04-09T10:35:32Z M'ALE GOBROS.: 6688<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Illustration inspired by 6688 set by Surpiko2012-03-25T21:20:29Z d-r-o-n-e<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY peter ray2014-12-15T08:27:17Z Noveau inspired modular bank<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very cool MOC. 2012-01-20T01:46:07Z ARMS info from V&A Steamworks<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A new Flickr Group for Crazy Arms from V&A Steamworks.2012-11-29T13:56:35Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>scary2014-04-16T16:51:11Z Gallery - santa_claus_improved_07_1994.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Santa2014-10-22T23:22:43Z Warrant Officer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Interesting - whau!2012-04-21T11:35:49Z Orleans Shotgun House<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>created by Dave Lartigue2014-08-25T14:30:06Z space flower<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>techno-flower... beautiful but I hope it's not the future of nature.... by Benlego2014-10-29T01:05:17Z Rocket Bike<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>David Roberts is tearing things on the dark side of the moon with his all new creation, the All-Terrain Rocket Bike. Those big spiky wheels, my favorite part of the build, provide the necessary gripping power in this low-gravity lunar environment.2013-06-08T03:45:50Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Designed for heavy duty combat, the Golem's thick layers of armor allow it to take a tremendous punishment from its opponents. The oversized outer arms allow the Golem to excel in close-in slugging matches, while the smaller arms stay free to manipulate weaponry.2013-10-31T06:25:32Z Horse vs Red Bull<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Epic scene done by MortalSwordsman! Prancing Horse vs Red Bull2013-03-08T23:45:22Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Extremly posable robot, with emotes on the face thanks to clever pieces usage.2013-07-01T06:09:55Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Hero Factory goes hazmat.2013-07-17T20:26:56Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Ma.K Inspired. By Devid VII2014-10-12T08:58:45Z and gromit penguin!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Instantly recognizable! by BrickPeace2013-04-13T02:20:36Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice scuplture2014-07-21T02:25:06Z Sweeper 3V<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Solar Sweeper 3V My Vic Viper variant for November 2012. Made by tardisblue2012-11-14T13:57:41Z Batman<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bruce Bat is one of the most wealthy citizen of Fabuland City. During the day he has parties with Fabuland's high society, but what nobody knows is that at night he dresses up like a man (the natural enemy of any animal) and becomes the feared Caped Crusader, the Bat-Man! Together with his feathered friend Robin the Bird Wonder, they fight villains such as Celina the Cat, Killer the Croc, or Oswald the Penguin. Here you can see him stopping one of his most notorious enemies from robbing the Fabuland Bank: The Hopper, a rabbit whose brown fur got turned white after he fell into some chemicals, driving him mad. Will the Bat-Man be able to foil his plans? Tune in next time to find out - same Fabu-time, same Fabu-channel!2013-04-04T22:35:36Z Microscale, Church on the Corner (by agrahmann)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Church on the Corner2012-05-02T19:13:57Z!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by Walter Benson on Flickr.2013-01-29T21:40:34Z 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built entirely from 2x4 bricks!2013-08-30T17:38:07Z Rebrick at Youngstorget<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr. Rebrick at Youngstorget2014-01-30T20:51:21Z a Restaurant, Part 5<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Life couldn't get much sweeter than this. He had such a wonderful time, and this restaurant clearly served the best fugu he had ever had! His only concern was the dude in back who kept staring at him.. was he just jealous of his date or what?!2013-03-23T21:19:50Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr Rebrick at Lego World Utrecht 20142014-11-02T09:08:39Z Chinese Wedding Cake<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/> Please feel free to have a look for my album2012-12-15T03:30:24Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Manta2014-03-10T07:40:01Z Star Wars MOColympics<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The birth of Darth Vader2014-05-01T11:29:33Z TECHNICからくり部屋 レゴ GBC 螺旋階段モジュール<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Spiral Staircase gbC.2014-06-28T13:46:56Z : Graphic Planimeter &laquo; Nico71&#039;s Creations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Integraph, Graphic Planimeter by Nico71 with Building Instructions. An Integraph is an instrument used in mathematics for plotting the integral of a graphically defined function.2014-09-23T16:42:15Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>.2012-11-08T16:55:05Z RA272<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Honda RA272 built by biczzz 1965 - Mexican Grand Prix Winner2010-12-11T18:55:57Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a great little build of a Vespa by edguy20 Have a look at the different angles of Flickr I'm sure you will agree this is a sweet ride 2014-01-15T17:00:11Z Day Of School<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A yellow school bus, based on more newer models.2012-10-24T22:33:17Z Gallery - king.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>king of Jerusalem2014-02-12T18:11:57Z Red Modular Love<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Amazing build by Dave Sterling. Notice the firemen helmets as ornaments on the balcony. Great choice of colors!2014-02-22T00:48:21Z Polling Shot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bubble Spaceship2014-06-02T20:58:21Z Macintosh II | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Introduced in 1987, the Mac II was Apple's first fully expandable Macintosh computer to compliment the booming Desktop Publishing industry. The case design was an example of the Snow White design language which has vertical and horizontal stripes for decoration, ventilation, and the illusion that the computer enclosure is smaller than it actually is.2014-11-15T10:51:34Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Turtles!2014-03-31T06:47:48Z Dalradae<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A nice looking castle with a very "classic" feel to it.2011-07-22T15:15:55Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Interesting construction.2013-07-21T18:27:22Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My son made this guitarist. 2012-01-19T19:45:19Z RX-013 Nova - pose03a<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Very impressive Gundam2014-12-19T03:53:24Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A flying boat I built for the LEGO MBA program.2012-01-20T19:14:36Z alien tank<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I made this tank from old mars mission parts. Unlike my other hybrid themed tank sadly this does not split into two vehicles (unles you break it in half :P) but in combat the two tanks would be nearly even. Who will win? (leave in coments)2013-01-30T03:40:08Z Sydney Harbour Bridge<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Ryan McNaught2014-08-24T20:36:39Z Channels and Nothing On<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>author Chris McVeigh aka powerpig on flickr very beautiful TV Screen2013-09-09T17:53:33Z Godwin's Hollow May 2014<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>We recently had to move so our city - Godwin's Hollow - had to move too. We're just starting to get things where they need to be.2014-06-06T10:48:33Z LEGO MOVIE ReBrick Competition<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My entry for the ReBrick Film competition. The evil Lord Business is going to destroy the entir LEGO world. Emmet inspires all of the citizens of the LEGO world to go out and create cool stuff that will stop him.2013-04-27T10:00:20Z Blade Heavy Assault Fighter<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Really liking the asymmetric design here. Another wonderful addition to the starfighter fighter telephone game. Built by Aaron Dayman for team Pascal's Pony Express. Make sure you check out the evolution R Us box model<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Ryan McNaught2014-08-24T20:39:43Z - Building Sideways Part 6<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>One of many fantastic window techniques by Larry Lars.2014-03-10T18:22:16Z Pineapple fro-yo shop<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Green Pineapple fro-yo shop Summer is here, and the frozen yogurt shop is open for business! 2014-05-19T08:17:10Z lost a wheel...<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Batmobile lost a wheel... Part of a classic Christmas carol presented by Si-MOCs.2012-11-29T13:58:40Z 2012<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Brickworld 20122014-03-16T18:16:56Z Dolphin<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Robotic dolphin - clever animal!2011-04-12T00:04:35Z Technic Container Crane<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Really great building with PF on LEGOworld The Netherlands. Good job, Barman!2011-11-14T15:45:04Z (ReBrick "Show us an AFOL" Competition)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Entry for the ReBrick "Show us an AFOL" Competition Imagine (somedudenamedmilan films) 2013-08-28T16:46:39Z DC Super Heroes 2015 sets pictures!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I really like the bat mech.2014-09-29T19:38:06Z have failed me for the last time.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A nice vignette, with the mining head i like the most... "The scared, i don't even know what i'm running for..." "The scared, AAAAAAAARGH!!!" or also called the "Ruuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn!"2014-11-11T14:14:58Z | Lego | MOC | Boba Fett Escapes Sarlacc<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Though no one in recorded history had ever escaped from the Sarlacc, Boba Fett was able to escape, although not entirely unscathed. Thanks to his iron will and Mandalorian armor, he was able to fight his way out of the beast's belly, killing the Sarlacc. Back in action, he continued his work as a bounty hunter. 2011-12-16T01:45:39Z Skellington Lego Mosaic<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A step by step guide and template on how to build a Jack Skellington mosaic. The mosaic can hang on the wall by using two sided take on the back of the baseplate.2012-11-05T14:05:43Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Additional Photos of my friends in space entry2014-09-01T05:08:28Z Magical Workshop 02<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Remake of the Lego set 6048 Majisto´s Magical Workshop.2013-02-08T12:18:06Z Gallery - ryujinmaru-01.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>ryujinmaru2014-04-16T17:32:30Z Old Forge<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Derfel Cadarn won the Classic Castle as the Master Castle Builder! This is one of his amazing creations.2011-03-01T01:29:09Z Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version - Official<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The famous Rube Goldberg from OK GO, LEGO magic is throughout, but espicialle from 1,17 in.2011-12-14T08:54:54Z the raptor<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>aka Scout Cabin aka Blåhytte aka bon-fire cabin for the local FDF (scout) group. mind the raptor!2012-01-04T18:04:50Z's hut, interior | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Yoda's hut, interior by my 7 yr old son2012-01-19T16:48:37Z F1 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>McLaren F1 by Roberto ....2013-01-13T15:16:23Z; CUUSOO | Rebel Assault Frigate Mark 1, version 2<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO model of the Rebel Assault Frigate from the Star Wars Expanded Universe by georgeowain. More pictures of the model can be seen on the LEGO CUUSOO project page; if you like the project please support it there! :)2013-10-31T21:07:27Z APE &laquo; Nico71&#039;s Creations<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Piaggio APE by Nico712014-09-15T18:22:13Z Doctress (And Mini Tardis)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>782014-12-10T11:26:21Z Orrery by V&A Steamworks<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Orrery, a mechanical model of the solar system that shows the relative motions of the celestial bodies. By V&A Steamworks2014-02-05T17:39:48Z I n t e r i o r .....s p a c e s / LEGO LEGO<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>That's it - I'm BUILDING all my furniture from now on!!! 2013-02-12T15:29:07Z Key<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>By Mihai Marius Mihu2013-12-02T22:15:08Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is Cheesers the mouse. I was just fooling around with some pieces and came up with him. I'm especially happy with how the head turned out. :)2014-12-04T21:11:18Z Creations | Cooper McHatton<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Showdownn in Felice by Michal Herbolt2013-08-01T21:19:48Z me<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The character of the kid's movie, Gru, and one of his minions2013-09-15T19:46:02Z The Hive<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A display of part of my collection of S10 Bumble Bee Girl minifigures, which was designed to fit a LEGO store display.2014-07-30T14:36:24Z Delicatessen<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is my LEGO TECHNIC BLOG Check it for news curiosities and awesome technic mocs! and other not technic delicatessens.... ;-) LEGO Squid Attacking a Ship<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO hobbyist Evan B. (aka “Lego Junkie”) has created this giant squid attacking a ship completely out of LEGO. This is a science fiction remix of a scene found in the 2006 film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.2013-03-06T00:31:34Z Gallery - sdc12106alt.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Small LEGO Mosaic of the logo of the sports club where my LUG has been hosting events lately.2014-06-23T15:47:12Z BIGHEAD<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Go little fella, Go!2014-01-21T10:06:27Z Rebrick is not feeling well...<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Poor Mr. Rebrick. After all that sightseeing in the cold here in Oslo, he wasn't feeling too well, so I had to call him an ambulance... Ambulance is based on a classic Norwegian ambulance.2014-01-29T20:38:07Z Birthday to me<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by @fgr622014-10-07T15:38:10Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>D'aww...Look at the little Darth! Very cute. 2013-12-12T20:00:53Z vs Mysterio<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>sider man2014-05-01T04:39:25Zá &mdash; Scarab (by ted @ndes)<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Space Marine Speeder Bike2013-01-10T21:59:19Z putting green.<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>LEGO Friends Olivia's putting green2012-04-08T19:00:27Z 3<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Koen Van Der Biest2014-09-25T15:08:01Z Outpost #002<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A fort of the readcoats known from old pirates series2014-06-08T21:50:25Z那須ハイメイキング その③「ドラゴン」の画像 - レゴビルダー直江和由のプライベートブログ - Yahoo!ブログ<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A Monster Dragon in miniland scale2013-12-29T15:38:51Z - Gallery - Gallery - Destroyer of Stone <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>My final entry for the battle for the golden mask. More information and pictures can be found on the link as with all my other creations.2014-11-27T04:08:05Z spikewing<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This diorama is a reason, I haven't posted any MOCs since... Last year actually. It's also an entry for the Lego dragons contest on flickr. I hope you like it! Constructive criticism is also welcome. Oh and it's not my last entry in this contest so watch out :)2013-03-08T07:49:15Z Golf Mk1 GTI<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Volkswagen Golf Mk1 GTI2014-05-03T07:32:55Z Days of Lego Day 45<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>I built you a Sandcastle2013-02-15T03:04:13Z Gallery - dsc00945.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>fully remote controlled mobilecrane2012-02-11T18:56:01Z Suffolk<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by birgburg2013-02-28T00:53:35Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mr Rebrick at Lego World Utrecht 20142014-11-02T08:57:38Z Ideas - Santa&#39;s Steampunk Sleigh <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by Ranger-Elegost. If you like it, please consider supporting it on LEGO Ideas. 2014-11-29T23:44:19Z of the Frying-Pan into the Fire<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>OUT OF THE FRYING-PAN INTO THE FIRE2013-02-13T23:17:03Z based on mini MOG <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A nice mini Technic car!2013-03-27T21:43:05Zļi-114<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Off road 4wd rc action at BalticLUG meeting in Latvia2014-10-02T18:15:52Z Arm<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This minifig is in for a suprise.2013-04-17T20:59:06Z My Airplane &laquo; Nuts About Southwest<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lego My Airplane &laquo; Nuts About Southwest2013-09-01T13:49:22Z and Godnesses in Hong Kong - shown in HKACG 2014 - Jul 2014<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Created by SK Cheung, who is one of the 14 finalists in 2014 Lego Building Contest in Hong Kong. 2014-08-03T17:07:20Z's deviantART gallery<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>nothing2014-11-02T18:04:59Z the Macaroni Brick<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice technique to fill the big macaroni brick! Great Job!2014-12-13T15:46:48Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Anne Diment, seen at Brickfair 2013.2013-09-30T20:05:09Z Gallery - farm.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A cute little farm house and barn.2014-01-18T01:54:50Z and his family<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is from the LEGO Ideas project of Pingu.2014-11-23T22:44:54Z a 6 Legged NXT walker<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Quick video of the construction of a very simple 6 legged walker.2011-02-18T10:52:26Z Gallery - 0.jpg<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Another breathtaking Bionicle MOC by Johnny-Dai.2014-04-09T14:43:00Z Bug Thingy's Face<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>just making some fun bug things lately... this is a close up of her face.2011-12-02T04:06:38Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Even LEGO NINJA's hate Mondays....lol2013-08-20T04:04:22Z to Aedificus<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Carson Hart on Flickr.2014-11-20T05:11:13Z Clone Wars<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nomming on the Troopers. Photo by Piutus2011-02-21T01:28:05Z Police Comic page 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is a page from a Space Police Comic I did for the Club Magazine. The space ships depicted belong to some members of my LUG and other AFOL friends. The green ship in the middle of the first panel is one of nnenn's ships. I also put "nnenn" in the swirls of the planet behind them. It was my little tribute to a great man.2011-06-08T18:34:00Z; CUUSOO | Back to the Future<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Back to the Future My dream is to create "LEGO(R) CUUSOO DeLorean" as an official product.  Please support my dream! Brickshelf?Sakuretu? (&quot;Heartache&quot;) County Highway Patrol <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>County Highway Patrol by Marcus Paul 2013-02-21T19:26:09Z Keep<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by CheesySlopes 2013-08-23T01:51:20Z <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This guy looks dangerous! His head can move, and his mouth can even open and close!2012-04-11T14:16:55Z Pilgrim Lego Mosaic<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Scott Pilgrim Mosaic by brickwares on flickr!2012-04-30T13:02:17Z Awesome Lego Creations -<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Check out these 50 awesome LEGO creations - they are awesome eventhough you might not agree on the order!2011-02-07T11:38:29Z 1<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Sleek job on this multi-layered space MOC by Lukas Sogor.2012-08-05T04:51:09Z Band<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>BY Misha Mishin2014-01-29T14:59:48Z - Doctor Who<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This is how LEGO® Cybermen could look like, thanks to the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” Sets. I usually don’t post just customised minifigs, but in this case, I liked the idea so much that I decided to go without a vig. The PotC part I’m talking about is the new bucket handle which I found in the Whitecap Bay set. Finally the perfect part to build a cyberman. It doesn’t really stick to the head, but it’s okay if you use it in a vig or dio. The next problem is the colour; it comes in dark tan, but for a cyberman we need it in bley, preferable light bley. So in case some really cool LEGO® employee reads this post, I hope he’ll think about it. Oh and in this case, a light bley sumo hairpiece would be great for a Miss Marple MOC and a black bowler (like the one from the clown in minifig series 5) for an Avengers MOC. One more word about the cybermen in my picture. Those are digital decals on their heads and torsi and they definitely need more work.2011-12-18T14:18:02Z[呂布ACG小天地][Vocaloid] 2014魔法少女雪初音~ - 樂高作品分享 MOCs - 玩樂天堂 pockyland <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Japanese character by Taiwan MOC creator Mike Dung2014-02-20T04:46:21Z the Birds<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>For the birds. One of the Pixar masterpieces in LEGO version.2013-06-30T18:46:26Z shot<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice action shot! 2014-06-05T13:16:15Z Island - The Attack<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Based on the scene from R.L. Stevenson's Treasure Island, when the pirates are attacking the remains of the crew at Flint's fort.2014-09-11T04:15:30Z's Hot Rat Rod <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Stephanie's Hot Rat Rod by Marcus Paul 2013-02-21T18:19:32Z of Darkness by ~Machop-Fan on deviantART<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A Rahkshi of Darkness, capable of snuffing out any sort of light except that of a Toa of Light, like Takanuva.2011-12-18T03:16:46Z Star Wars<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Another star wars video where it isnt good to be trooper TK-421,. Also a special guest......................................................Lego Keychain Batman.2012-10-17T23:19:44Z Silence of the Lambs: A LEGO&reg; creation by Arthur Gugick : <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Nice mosaic2012-12-11T03:27:59Z Captain<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The captain just got a fish after many days on sea... Caution you will loose it!2013-10-24T12:41:52Z Rim<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Awesome built by MOKO2014-01-08T08:08:15Z Stelzebein<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Lightly armed Gans derivative. By Pasukaru76 2014-10-12T08:56:18Z's Soda Shop<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>"Ever since I saw the Butcher and the Mechanic from the Collectable Minifigures, I've wanted to do a 50's era soda shop. The MOCathalon on MOCpages provided the perfect place venue with the Vignette category. (I know, I said I wasn't going to do it this year...but I had a change of heart). This is also part of my iron builder competition with Bruce." LEGOHAULIC2012-11-08T11:32:47Z GT-R R35 N�rburgring Nordschleife Edition <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Build by Alexander Paschoaletto2014-09-30T17:18:37Z Dirt Rover<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Life is hectic on Mars. Sometimes you just need to let off a little steam and go fast.2013-02-06T19:14:04Z Battle Droidship " A'Tuin "<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>The Battle Droidship " A'Tuin " 2013-07-02T06:48:13Z Miłośników Klocków LEGO Zbudujmy to! - Zobacz wątek - Napad na bank - Bank robbery<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Bank Robbery.2013-10-27T19:47:13Z Nova SS (Death Proof) <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Chevy Nova SS (Death Proof) by Nosaj Nos 2013-02-05T21:10:33Z 2013<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>This Halloween Bob spook the neighborhood as an investment banker who would, in a blink of an eye, plunge the world into a financial crisis and destroy their life savings 2013-12-12T11:03:18Z Workshop<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by yours truly, displayed at BrickFair VA 2014!2014-07-31T13:19:11Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Mecha Robot2014-08-24T18:41:20Z Iron Throne<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Game of Throne's chair done by Jacob Nion!2013-03-23T19:04:11Z By Eck Oh<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Eck Oh of ToroLUG!2013-01-28T15:07:59Z making of McQueen (further updated #41) - 分享園地 - 人仔倉討論區(Minifigs Forum) - Powered by Discuz!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>by skcheung.2013-02-05T12:34:53Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Classic firestation2014-03-31T14:54:47Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>One of several animals this MOC (called a Multimal) changes into... very cool!2012-01-07T04:59:54Z gatehouse <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A great and very well built Medieval Castle gatehouse.2014-02-07T03:34:45Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Cool little starfighter by flickr user Adrian Florea2014-01-29T14:59:19Z<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Interesting SNOT use of brackets in this figurine by Flickr user the_jetboy. The same photo without the technique shown was earlier bookmarked on ReBrick:レゴでウ〇コ作ったった! : レゴ道―LEGO way―<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>What is it?2013-10-26T14:10:00Z"It doesn't work"<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>A small detachment of stormtroopers, looking for a way to abandon the tíny planet they are trapped in with no ship available and being unable to communicate with their mothership, investigates a crashed vehicle just in case it could still work. But it is not the case. "It does not work - Its a complete wreckage!!"2014-03-18T22:56:13Z[7] The invaders must die!<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Built by Henrik Zwomp!2013-01-19T14:01:29Z Iron Maelstrom<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>That is a serious starship2013-12-31T15:31:29Z OLAF<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Let it be, Let it be!2014-07-22T05:28:19Z Destroyer Destroyer<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>KR-KN Destroyer Destroyer2013-03-09T09:38:22Z & Kodos<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Just got the Simpsons house and had to make these guys (well in micro scale).2014-02-02T01:09:00Z title<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Groundskeeper: Mister Martin Frasier2014-06-24T01:30:32Z 601 <img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Convertible car by MocPages user Joao Campos2014-06-30T18:23:59Z camera build<img align="left" hspace="5" src=""/>Anatomy of an Architecture2013-08-27T17:26:42Z