What is the basic idea behind ReBrick?

ReBrick is a social bookmarking platform where adult users can share, organize and discuss user-created LEGO content.The content on ReBrick is not LEGO sets you can buy in a shop, but creations made by teenage and adult builders, who use their creativity to build their own models called MOCs (My Own Creation).

It is not possible to upload content to the ReBrick. Instead, users can bookmark videos and images from other sites on the web, such as Flickr, YouTube, MOCpages, Brickshelf and similar sites.  Learn more

You don't have to be a LEGO builder to bookmark content on ReBrick. If you browse the web and find a fascinating creation that you want to share, you're welcome to bookmark it. ReBrick will display the source link and credit the original source.

If you build you own LEGO models you can share your creations with the world by bookmarking them on ReBrick. Or use ReBrick to organize creations from other builders - you might see a MOC with a great building technique that you want to use in your next model. Save the bookmark in your inventory on ReBrick and find it when you need it.

Is ReBrick part of LEGO.com?

The ReBrick website is made and facilitated by the LEGO Group, but ReBrick is not part of LEGO.com. While LEGO.com is for children (of all ages), ReBrick caters to teenagers and adults. There’s no commercial agenda. The site will never be used by the LEGO Group to promote LEGO sets. 

It’s your ReBrick!

The ReBrick project is a collaboration between the LEGO Group and the LEGO community. In fact, we could almost say it’s co-owned. Though The LEGO group retain ownership of the site, the content is brought in, discussed and ultimately owned by the community – that’s you!

Rebrick It


Step 1: Activate your browsers 'Favorites toolbar'. Tools> Toolbars> Favorites Bar.

Step 2: Firefox, Safari and Chrome: Drag the link below to the toolbar.
Internet Explorer: Right-click on the link below> choose 'Add to favorites'.

Step 3: When you browse fascinating content on the web, push the 'ReBrick it!' button to add it to ReBrick.

Please note: you have to be logged in to use the bookmarklet.

Rebrick it!

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