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24th april 2015 at 10:09

Don’t just go to parts unknown, go there with style, like these Most Popular Bookmarks of the Week.

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Few outside of Middle Earth have laid eyes on the Grey Havens, until now. Reekardoo does justice to the beauty described by Tolkien with this gorgeous model! Remember to support it on LEGO Ideas, if you haven’t already.

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There’s no description for this model here or on Brickshelf, so it’s hard to say where this is located. However, this model captures the hassle, bustle, and excitement of travel perfectly.

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Don’t travel somewhere new and exciting without a new ‘do! Interestingly enough, all hair in this model is made from Unikitty tails, how cool is that?

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photo of smooresara

Gaming on Your Phone (but not the Way You’d Expect)

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“I made this piece to grant my smartphone with the best time of my life, and hoping the memories will not be forgotten.” Cid1943, our third place winner in our Brick Your Phone Competition, has always been a big fan of video games. When he did well on an exam growing up, his parents would give his reward him with cash. “After I got the money, my friends and I would visit the...

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Go Back to the 80s with this Brick Phone

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“These types of big phone from the 1980's where always called bricks, so it seemed an obvious choice; bricking my phone meant kickin' it 80's style.” Kritch’s LEGO 80’s Brick Phone took second place in our Brick Your Phone Competition, which ended earlier this month. Our second place winner has been playing with LEGO® bricks for somewhere between two and a half and...

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Give this LEGO Model a Hand

916 Times Viewed

“We spend hours a day on our cell phones and treat them as our new best friends. They are not embarrassed to cry or laugh with us when we send text messages. They are also like our hands which cannot be cut off. Most importantly, they can assist us when we need help.” Chihsinwei’s model, “Give me a Hand” won first place in our Brick your Phone Competition earlier t...

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Why be a “Real Grown Up” Anyway?

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“Well, people have always told me that I was a bit odd. This I take as a compliment. Who wants to be normal? Sounds boring to me. I try to inject humor into my builds when possible.” Three years ago, our ReBricker of the Week, Paddybricksplitter, found himself seriously ill with food poisoning, which lead to an infection in his brain. “The first Christmas after I came out of...

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It’s Friday and as usual we take a look back on the past week by showing you the most popular images on ReBrick. The most liked, viewed and shared artwork made by artists in the LEGO fan community. Highest rated 【手機積木殼賽】GAMER CASE - 樂高作品分享 MOCS - 玩樂天堂 This week we announced the winners of our most recent building competition. Last month we asked users to build some creations on their i...

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Brick your Phone Winners!

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We might be a few days short on announcing this, but after careful review we have our first, second and third place winners. Drumroll please…   First Place: Give Me a Hand by Chihsinwei The judges felt that this was an impressive build, very playful and well executed. It shows the billions of options the LEGO® bricks offer in an inspiring way - it really makes you want to b...