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02nd march 2015 at 14:29

“I would probably estimate I became interested in LEGO® [bricks] at about the age of 5, my brother being about 3 or 4 years old at the time. LEGO bricks have always played a substantial part of our lives, especially as preteens, when every holiday and birthday was a gateway to a new LEGO set.”

Meet Tanner and Caleb, the brothers behind Krauchunas7. This ReBricker of the Week duo is 15 and 13, respectably, with a huge passion for Star Wars, as you can see from their Acclamator model below.

“Over the course of many hours spent working on a LEGO UCS Acclamator class troopship, there emerged one of the greatest creations we ever took the time to make,” Tanner explained.

Star Wars fans know Acclamator class ships normally carry near 1,000 troops to battle, and while Tanner and Caleb’s model isn’t yet up for that, at 2 feet and 9 inches it is formable, and has even seen “battle”.

 “Being such a noteworthy ship, it was a while before anyone seriously questioned breaking it down for the pieces.”

However, the day came when Caleb finally decided it was time to use the bricks for a new model.

“I put him off, but the message was clear: its days were numbered. As it turned out, my brother got his way, but in a manner neither of us had expected. I happened to be fixing a faulty set of window blinds one day that had a tendency to fall off of their supports. Coincidentally, our prized model was sitting under them. With a devastating crash, most of our demolition job had been taken care of, and in a way that was much more memorable than the standard deconstruction process.”

This exploration into building their original creations, or “MOCs” verses sets is something new for the brothers.

“MOCing has been an ever-present part of our LEGO experiences, but it intensified a few years ago as we became less interested in the official sets. We've never really considered ourselves as particularly unique builders, but our early experience in MOCing and collaborative effort will fit the bill well enough.”

To see where these young builders are going, follow Krauchunas7 on ReBrick, and check out their projects on LEGO Ideas.

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This week has been a fun and busy week at the LEGO offices. On Wednesday our annual result was announced and last year was a great year for LEGO Group. I especially enjoyed our CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp dancing and singing on stage in front of press representatives from all over the world. Now, how awesome is that!? THANK YOU very much for all your support! The Adult Fans of LEGO is the rea...

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Building in Work and Play

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“[Building with] LEGO® [bricks] has certainly expanded my ability to think critically, allowed me to picture things three dimensionally in my mind and engineer solutions to complex problems.  I sometimes find myself ‘building in my head’ to fix long-standing problems as if the pieces were physically in my hands.”  Our ReBricker of the Week, Rx79gez8gundam, ...

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As usual we have an amazing selection of popular models for you this Friday. The past week this is the content on ReBrick that got the most attention from our community browsing by. The most popular bookmarks this week is… Most Viewed BLACK ICE TEAM SIX Check out the ICC Combat Suit Series 1 made by a Philippine LEGO artist IcyCruel. The creations are super cool and so is the “pho...

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Seeing Straight and Building a Monorail in Italy

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“I love discovering talents, that is why I love being a LEGO® Rebrick curator, it allows me to look through thousands of creations and find the ones that have that special thing that makes them worth sharing.” As a Curator on ReBrick, TheBunch searches the web to find new and amazing LEGO models by fellow builders to share with the community on ReBrick. His earliest experiences wi...

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Brick Your Phone – Valentine’s Day Gifts!

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We’ve saved some special (late) Valentine’s Day gifts for our grand prize winner of the Brick Your Phone Competition. $200 USD worth or products from LEGO Shop Online…AND the 4000010 LEGO House! This very rare set is only available in shops around Billund, so here’s your chance to win it and enjoy a shopping spree! Furthermore, we’re extended the deadline for en...

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For three LEGO artists on ReBrick Friday the 13th is not an unlucky day. On the contrary! Because these three artists are being celebrated today – they had the bookmarks with the most views, the most likes and the most clicks on social media this week. Most viewed MORDOR Can you believe the scale of this epic creation? You need to go to Flickr and see some of the details of this incredible...

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