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29th july 2014 at 12:52

I am leaving ReBrick, as my time here has been a maternity cover contract. Thursday the 31st of July is my last day. So I wanted to write a proper goodbye to all you amazing people!

Man, has it been wonderful to work with all you guys. Seriously. You are the best. First of all, your bookmarking is amazing. You find all the coolest stuff. And I love the tone on ReBrick. You all respect each other and the builds you bookmark. That’s just cool! I’ve had the time of my life hanging with you ReBrickers.

I was hanging out with Shakespeare the other day, and he told me: “To build or not to build… That is the question” (I might be paraphrasing).

Anyway, no offense to the old bard – but I think he’s wrong. No question about it… Keep building. And bookmarking. And generally making awesome LEGO creations!

As the sun sets slowly in the west I bid you a fine farewell!

- Freddie

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Inspiration from any Situation, any Location

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"How would I do this with LEGO® bricks?" That is a question Jonathanblois often finds himself asking. “[Building] is really part of my life, and everyday life is a source of inspiration for LEGO creations,” explains the ReBricker of the Week. “When I have to build something, I start by looking for real life photos of what I want to do, then I look for special techniques al...

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Believe in the Cottage

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The theme of this week’s most popular bookmarks is animals. Well, fish and a cat. But the fish what makes the Fisherman’s Cottage come to life – and the cat is the reason why we all believe in the LEGO MOVIE. So pretty important animals if you ask me…   Most Viewed and Highest Rated   FISHERMAN'S COTTAGE This wonderful MOC is so simple yet so full of details and...

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Batman Can’t Get a Break! The Brick Fiesta Batman Semi-finalist

238 Times Viewed

Well this is unexpected; a Brick Film is the latest semi-finalist in the LEGO© Batman™ 75th Anniversary Building Competition! Anyone who has dared to shop on Black Friday understand Batman’s plight in this video. This Brickfilm made by Richard and Eve Colvin was actually featured on The LEGO YouTube channel last November. At Brick Fiesta, they displayed a few elements from...

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Orchestrating Open Innovation

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 “I think the future of great design is about harnessing the collective intelligence of the crowd.” Stiven Kerestegian is a Senior Manager, Open Innovation in the LEGO® Group. He orchestrates the Open Innovation strategy, eco-system and toolbox. The LEGO Group has been working with open innovation for a long time, but when the decision was made to actually systematize this ca...

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Being in Another World

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_Jango_Fett’s first LEGO® Brick Film, Labo Escape, has an ending you wouldn’t see coming.  “I needed to make a good story because mostly brick films are based on the animation and not on the story,” The ReBricker of the Week explains. “I directed it without budget, just my LEGO [collection] and a camera.” The 17-year-old’s dream is to work at The...

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Can you hear the Friends in Space Zombies?

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This Week’s Most Popular Bookmarks sends us on a journey to Paris and Space..And just like in a museum you can all about it through a pair of headphones: “While Stephanie is working in Space, Zombies are taking over Paris…”   Most viewed BRICKS OF THE DEAD - ZOMBIE CREATION: ARC DE TRIOMPHE This beautiful build of the Arc de Triomphe comes with a slight twist.. It&...

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