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27th july 2015 at 13:23

I've always had LEGO® [pieces] and have always built with them. I never out grew it because why stop something you love and are good at?”

Our ReBricker of the Week, Thirdeye88, specializes in “Constraction” models, consisting of a fusion of LEGO Bionicle elements with regular LEGO system parts, as you can see in the model below.

 Everything started when Thirdeye88 was two years old. His mother got him his first set, and told him not to put the bricks in his mouth or she would take them away.

“I guess I listened because I've always had LEGO [sets] for as long as I can remember.”

24 years after he first got his hands on LEGO bricks, Thirdeye88 has developed a unique style.

“I build on my own terms and while I'm always open to feedback, I do everything for me, the way I want things done.”

 “My very mind seems to be wired in a way that's conducive to building. [Building with LEGO elements] in a very big way has made me who I am, creative, analytical, systematic, orderly.”

Making his home in Stockton, California, Thirdeye88 is a part of the LEGO User Group, BayLUG, and attended the Bricks by the Bay convention last summer.

“I was overwhelmed by how welcoming, friendly and supportive of my work everyone was. It felt like I was attending a family reunion, except we were a ‘LEGO family’ and we were a quite large one. I loved it, it has been thus far the best experience of my life, and I'm not exaggerating!”

You can find Thirdeye88 here on Rebrick as well as on Flickr, DeviantArt, and Instagram.

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Enjoying Sushi with Lincoln on Vacation

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All of our most popular bookmarks this week have a nautical theme! If you can’t escape to the beach this weekend, you can still escape with these LEGO® models. Most Viewed [DENIL'S MOC] ITO SUSHI BAR 0 MAIN Care for some sushi anyone? If you haven’t tried conveyor belt sushi (as appetizing as that sounds), it’s something to see. This model of one captures the experien...

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Youth Does Not Mean Inexperience

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“Probably the funniest experience was on my first exhibition in Cologne. At [fan-run] LEGO® events it is typical that there are big boxes full of random LEGO bricks which are emptied out on the floor and everybody can grab the ones he/she wants. I was completely amazed when I saw dozens of adults rushing to a pile of LEGO bricks to grab the best ones. That is a sight you get nowhere else...

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Popular Bookmarks of the Week

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One of the great things about writing the “Most Popular Bookmarks of the Week” blog post is that we get to share some awe-inspiring models from LEGO builders that we have never heard about before or get to revisit some good old builders who are known for high quality builds. This week we yet again have a beautiful selection popular LEGO models on ReBrick. Most Shared 01 This aweso...

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From Heartbreak to Helicopters

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“Funny thing, it was my wife who convinced me to buy my first LEGO® set as an adult 4 years ago. I think she got annoyed at me going back and forth to the toy store looking at sets. So she was like, "Go, just buy it!" After that, it was just like the floodgates opened. I think she somehow regrets that.” That first set was a Creator Helicopter. From this one set, ReBricker of the W...

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This week we are celebrating the most popular bookmarks on ReBrick by doing a hipster robotic dance to the good old Queen hit: I want to break free! Happy Friday all! Highest Rated 2015 HIPSTER (BUSINESS DAY) Want to know what a hipster looks like this year? Take a look at Tiler’s minifigure – the perfect representation of the 2015 hipster with lumberjack beard, undercut and vin...

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Waiting Until the Weekend Before

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“I spent quite some time on McLaren's website looking at pictures of the cars and reading about the brand. My model was mostly inspired by 650S GT3 and P1.”   Once our third runner up, Marinstipkovic, started building with LEGO® bricks as a child, he never stopped, which means he was able to bring 25 years of experience to the Celebrate the Future of McLaren Competition. H...