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23rd january 2015 at 16:33

The most popular LEGO models this week look ahead and back. *insert inspiration quote about understanding the past to move forward*

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Castle ruins are beautiful, even imaginary castle ruins crafted not of stone, but plastic bricks. Add in some greenery (which is much needed by many in this dark and dreary month) and you have our highest rated LEGO model this week.

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This isn’t an ordinary mecha. It’s a mass production land battle mecha infantry walker mecha type-B44. I’m not sure what that means exactly, other than this mecha can do some damage to whatever crosses its path and look great while doing it.

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This is actually an encore of last week’s Highest Rated pick! Seems there excitement for the upcoming Star Wars movie isn’t dying down anytime soon, and we’re fine with that. Remember you can also support this project on LEGO Ideas.


Change the future, “like” and share your favorite LEGO models on ReBrick and they could be featured here next week!  

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LEGO® ReBrick Brick your Phone Competition

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What’s your phone case look like? Is it a LEGO Builder Case with tons of crazy designs on it? If so, we want to see! Or if you don’t have a LEGO case for your cell phone, now is your chance to win one!     To celebrate the many creative things people have been doing with their LEGO® Builder Cases, we’re conducing a competition inviting you to build the most ama...

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Reality and an Idea

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This week’s most popular LEGO® models play with what is real and what isn’t. One looks real enough at first, but at closer inspection you see the illusion. The other is just an idea, which doesn’t yet exist in physical form. Pretty niffy, huh? Highest Rated LEGO IDEAS - STAR WARS VII THE FORCE AWAKENS (BIKE FROM TRAILER) Based on the number of t-shirts, parody videos, ...

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The Grand Prize Winner in the Battle for the Gold Mask Competition

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And the winner of the one-of-a-kind 14k gold mask is... Akutahn by Roa McToa, BZPower The judges just loved all of the detail that's packed into this villain. They were impressed with the way that Roa McToa used both new and old pieces to fashion this very poseable bad guy. With that evil face, you would definitely not want to run into him in a dark alley. Overall, Akutahn just fit all ...

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Building what No One Else Does

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“Posting it on the web is not the final goal. The final goal is to make it as close to perfect as possible.” Meet Mandylion, or Vibor Cavor, as he's more commonly known, the ReBricker of the Week from Croatia who spends his time building LEGO® cars. “I tend to build vehicles no one else builds. Vehicle builders either build muscle cars or Italian race cars. I distan...