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23rd april 2014 at 17:41

A mech wouldn’t do. Neither would a car. Those were already part of the 70723 Thunder Raider set Hoshpup was rebuilding. For his entry into the Be the Special Competition, it had to be some sort of flying machine.

“However when building the model this proved difficult, since the parts included in the set made it hard to build wings,” explains the third place winner.  “I chose to use the wheels to build propellers and to use the treads as part of the engine.”

Not bad, considering that when he started, Hoshpup only had a vague idea of what he wanted his final LEGO® model, The Ninjago Battle Machine, to look like.

“After the main design was thought out the rest of the model came together quite nicely,” Hoshpup reveals.  “Some of the parts in the set really helped with the design. The driving seat already looking like the cockpit of an aircraft, and the mech legs make good landing gear.”

Once he had decided on the idea, the final model took about two hours to complete, with most of the time going to fix stability issues so the creation didn’t fall apart when handled.  

 “In the end I was really pleased with the result and had a lot of fun building it,” He adds.

As his prize, Hoshpup will receive a gold-colored Emmet Statuette, an exclusive LEGO Movie PR tin, and Emmet’s Construct-on-Mech, signed by the designer.

See more entries in the Be the Special Competition in the gallery below.

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Honey, Where Are My My Pants?

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Imagination8’s inspiration for his entry into the “Be the Special” competition came from Lord Business’s legs. “I thought it would be really cool just to give him some totally absurd legs - even more over the top than in the movie,” the second place winner explains. “And adding a bunch of weapons just seemed to be what he'd do.” Originally, Imagin...

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An Awkward Looking Torso Plus an Arm Later…

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That handy trick Master Builders have in The LEGO Movie of visualizing a build before they build it? Yeah, PeteCorp can do that too. In fact, that was how he built the Super Cycle Chase Alternative Build and won first place in the “Be the Special” Competition. “Once I can visualize what I want in my head, as I convert potential into kinetic.  However most of the...

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Congratulations to the “Be the Special” Winners!

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After much consideration by our panel of judges, the first, second and third place winners for The LEGO Movie Be the Special Competition have been selected!  So without further ado, the winners are… First Place: Super Cycle Chase Alternative Build by Petecorp Second Place: Here Are My Pants! By Imagination Third Place:Ninjago Battle Machine by Hoshpup   Thank you ev...

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It Started with River Runners

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Some kids get to play with LEGO® bricks in primary school. DarkAb got to play with them at his university in Russia. “At our university we had a Students Design Bureau of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence organized,” The ReBricker of the Week explains. “I helped to organize and teach exchange students from Germany ‘Introduction to Robotics’ ...

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Hola Mr. ReBrick! A visit to Latin America

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“We are the first and only Peruvian LUG…. we are still learning from other [LEGO user groups] around the world and from our neighbors and closest friend LUGs, LUG Brasil and ChileLUG.” For April, Mr. ReBrick has joined to South America to get to know LUG Perú. “The Peruvian LEGO club idea was born during an event on Lima Perú in 2011,” explains the...

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Building and Married Life

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Would you ever bring LEGO® bricks on a date? Okay, maybe not, but creating LEGO projects on LEGO CUUSOO is something that Buggyirk and his wife enjoy doing together. Their most recent creation is a red-eyed tree frog named Frederick. “I built the frog and my wife, CUUSOO user jiminyc, did the graphic design and photo editing,” explains our ReBricker of the Week. “She al...