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21st july 2014 at 13:13

_Jango_Fett’s first LEGO® Brick Film, Labo Escape, has an ending you wouldn’t see coming. 

“I needed to make a good story because mostly brick films are based on the animation and not on the story,” The ReBricker of the Week explains. “I directed it without budget, just my LEGO [collection] and a camera.”

The 17-year-old’s dream is to work at The LEGO Group, or become a director. Since he was three years old, LEGO products have been his favorite toy.

“For me, LEGO [bricks] are the best toy ever because it is much more than a toy,” the French builder explains. “I have always liked LEGO [sets] cause I could express my creativity and be in another world with great themes like castle and space.”

It goes without saying that his favorite theme was LEGO Studios, as it combined his love of bricks with his love of the cinema, and got him started making films. Of course, as a builder of vehicles, he is also a big fan of classic space too.

“I think the LEGO brand is very important for the society today, it makes children and adults smarter, fulfilled and happier,” he concludes. “I am a great chess player and this is thanks to LEGO products, because I have learned with the LEGO Chess videogame.”

Follow _Jango_Fett on ReBrick, check out his activity in Brick à Brack, LEGO Ideas, Flickr, and on Youtube. And don’t forget to check out the ending of Labo Escape!

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Can you hear the Friends in Space Zombies?

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Mmm, Braaaaains….

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The apocalypse inspires Captaineo. That and zombies. The ReBricker of the Week likes to take official LEGO® models and zombify them, or in his own words, “re-imagine them to exist in a post- apocalyptic world overrun by zombies!” Both of his models featured in this article have been zombified, as you can see. “They have been modified for this new world to better help...

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Strange Summer Vacations

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Batman Needs Your Help!

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No Longer a Lonely Game

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You’ll find self-proclaimed “die-hard Hong Kong LEGO® fan” 1029janet’s footprints all over the LEGO® community, whether she’s participating in local building contests, volunteering at events, or even traveling overseas to visit other LEGO user groups. “It is true that playing LEGO [bricks] seems to be a lonely game as you built it by yourself alone,&rd...

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