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27th october 2014 at 13:28

It started with a map of Hungary, but it quickly evolved into much more.

Meet our latest ReBricker of the week, Zshudak. He teaches geography and English at Wesselenyi Miklos Kozepiskola, Szakiskola es Kollegium, a secondary vocational school in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary. Last March, they hosted a 24-hour LEGO® build with over two hundred students, thirty teachers, and more than a hundred guests.

Their goal? To create a map of Hungary (designed by David Tracy) using LEGO bricks.

“Since we were given more bricks than we had asked for, we had the opportunity to build many more projects than we had hoped for,” explains Zshudak. “My group of students had the chance to build anything of their choice.”

What they built ranged from characters such as Deadpool to portraits of Scuderia Ferrari pilots to an Orc bust from Lord of the Rings. The students enjoyed the 24-hour LEGO build so much, they’ve continued on to do other projects throughout the year.

“Right now, we are working on some pictures for an Op Art exhibition,” Zshudak reveals. “We have already been given an official approval to build Steve Purnell’s Striped Water. Also, we are honored to be permitted to use Victor Vasarely's Vega by the [Janus Pannonius Múzeum] in Pecs, Hungary.”

There are no plans to stop there, either. They’ve reached out to a number of other artists whose work they’d like to “interpret” using LEGO bricks, although they are still waiting to hear back from some.

“Most of the students involved are socio-economically, underprivileged, and/or minority students,” concludes Zshudak. “What is special in them is that they all share the enthusiasm to create awesome things from LEGO bricks.”

The next 24-hour LEGO build has also been scheduled for March, but if you can’t make it to see their work in person, you can see more of the work being created by these students on their Facebook, Twitter, and ReBrick profile.

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