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Welcome to the ReBrick blog! Your one-stop destination for the updates and development on ReBrick. Check back every Monday to read the ReBrick'er of the Week article, and come back Friday to find out the most popular bookmarks of the week. Of course, don't forget to stop by in-between then for any other news! Got questions, concerns, or general feedback? Leave us a comment!

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Competitions in Space? An Interview with Our Second Place Winner

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While XX_Cara_XX does enjoy the occasion large scale LEGO® model every now and again, she lives for the competitions. “I have found they help push me creatively to find solution to problems I might not have come across if I had stuck with one theme or one style of building,” she explains. “It's the journey and the problem solving along the way that I so enjoy about building...

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Pirate Mecha Spaceship Owl – Arr!

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Avest Ye, it be Talk like a Pirate Day matey! Our Most Popular Bookmarks this Week focus around t' unconventional world o' piratin', from space pirates t' pirate cats t' a parrot’s win'ed bucko. Most Viewed BRICKER - LEGO MOC – TRIDENT PRIME Yar, some booty could be gathard in this here vessel! This be built by a freeboater known as Pikachu and t’ fifth place winner o&rsqu...

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Friends Pets in Space? An Interview with Our 1st Place Winner

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Originally, DennisNahabetian goal was to get animals into space. “My daughter loves playing with her [LEGO®] Heartlake animals, and when we introduced them (the pets) to our classic space sets about a year ago, it became clear that she really wanted a Friends space station too.” So when he learned about the LEGO Friends in Space Competition, he knew right away what he neede...

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Exo vs. H0-MR

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I do believe I have the best job in the world. Every Friday it’s such a pleasure going through and revisit all the most popular models from the past week. I’m so amazed by the creativity of the LEGO fan community and yesterday when representatives from Google, YouTube and Facebook visited The LEGO Group they kept praising the LEGO fan community for all the amazing models that was share...

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LEGO Friends in Space Winners

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The judges have made their final decision after reviewing all semi-finalists, and the winners for our LEGO Friends in Space Competition are… First Place Friends Beta One by DennisNahabetian   Second Place   Friends Moon Base Observatory by XX_Cara_XX Third Place Mia’s Space Sprout by DaveMetcalf   Judging was based on: best overall coolness and ...

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Listen to Bricks

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What do LEGO® bricks say to you? “I think the bricks talk to me when I build. They tell me where they want to go.” Meet Fredsterperfect, our latest ReBricker of the Week from Manila, Philippines. The 36-year-old started building when he was seven, but only recently came out of his “dark ages” to begin building again in December 2013. Since then, he’s joined t...

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Steam Wars makes SUPER angry Unikitty friendly

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It’s always a pleasure to go through the most popular bookmarks on ReBrick. The creativity of the LEGO builder community is awe-inspiring. The LEGO brick is currently the leading toy in the world thanks to all the creative minds of our builders: You know how to turn a plastic square into colorful objects that spark emotions. Most shared STEAMPUNK TIE-BOMBER Steam Punk mixed with Star Wars ...

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