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Welcome to the ReBrick blog! Your one-stop destination for the updates and development on ReBrick. Check back every Monday to read the ReBrick'er of the Week article, and come back Friday to find out the most popular bookmarks of the week. Of course, don't forget to stop by in-between then for any other news! Got questions, concerns, or general feedback? Leave us a comment!

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This week we have two bookmarks that got extra attention from the LEGO ReBrick community. Both models have the same intergalactic theme– so let us take you on a journey in space with this week’s most popular bookmarks. Most Shared MILLENNIUM FALCON What you see here is the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. The spacecraft is surrounded by Tie Fighters, X Wings and Star Destroyers ...

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We are Fans of Technic Fans

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All LEGO Technic fans know the endless possibilities with Technic parts, which far exceed cars, airplanes, and other equipment. But how to show some of the more practical uses? For that, an expert had to be called in. Starting tomorrow, August 5th, fans will be popping on in New York City. In fact, an entire wall of fans, at the Flatiron Plaza, all made of Technic. An accompanying fan kit has ...

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New LEGO® Technic Building Competition

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Build THE Mercedes-Benz Truck of the future! One day during the early 1920’s Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler sat down in Germany and agreed to merge their two car companies into one and start producing Mercedes-Benz cars. They had each made their own versions of the world’s first petrol-driven cars back in 1886. Within years, Gottlieb Daimler sold his first truck – almost 120 y...

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Wired for Building

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I've always had LEGO® [pieces] and have always built with them. I never out grew it because why stop something you love and are good at?” Our ReBricker of the Week, Thirdeye88, specializes in “Constraction” models, consisting of a fusion of LEGO Bionicle elements with regular LEGO system parts, as you can see in the model below.  Everything started when Thirdeye88 w...

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Enjoying Sushi with Lincoln on Vacation

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All of our most popular bookmarks this week have a nautical theme! If you can’t escape to the beach this weekend, you can still escape with these LEGO® models. Most Viewed [DENIL'S MOC] ITO SUSHI BAR 0 MAIN Care for some sushi anyone? If you haven’t tried conveyor belt sushi (as appetizing as that sounds), it’s something to see. This model of one captures the experien...

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Youth Does Not Mean Inexperience

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“Probably the funniest experience was on my first exhibition in Cologne. At [fan-run] LEGO® events it is typical that there are big boxes full of random LEGO bricks which are emptied out on the floor and everybody can grab the ones he/she wants. I was completely amazed when I saw dozens of adults rushing to a pile of LEGO bricks to grab the best ones. That is a sight you get nowhere else...

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Popular Bookmarks of the Week

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One of the great things about writing the “Most Popular Bookmarks of the Week” blog post is that we get to share some awe-inspiring models from LEGO builders that we have never heard about before or get to revisit some good old builders who are known for high quality builds. This week we yet again have a beautiful selection popular LEGO models on ReBrick. Most Shared 01 This aweso...

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