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Welcome to the ReBrick blog! Your one-stop destination for the updates and development on ReBrick. Check back every Monday to read the ReBrick'er of the Week article, and come back Friday to find out the most popular bookmarks of the week. Of course, don't forget to stop by in-between then for any other news! Got questions, concerns, or general feedback? Leave us a comment!

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From Heartbreak to Helicopters

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“Funny thing, it was my wife who convinced me to buy my first LEGO® set as an adult 4 years ago. I think she got annoyed at me going back and forth to the toy store looking at sets. So she was like, "Go, just buy it!" After that, it was just like the floodgates opened. I think she somehow regrets that.” That first set was a Creator Helicopter. From this one set, ReBricker of the W...

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This week we are celebrating the most popular bookmarks on ReBrick by doing a hipster robotic dance to the good old Queen hit: I want to break free! Happy Friday all! Highest Rated 2015 HIPSTER (BUSINESS DAY) Want to know what a hipster looks like this year? Take a look at Tiler’s minifigure – the perfect representation of the 2015 hipster with lumberjack beard, undercut and vin...

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Waiting Until the Weekend Before

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“I spent quite some time on McLaren's website looking at pictures of the cars and reading about the brand. My model was mostly inspired by 650S GT3 and P1.”   Once our third runner up, Marinstipkovic, started building with LEGO® bricks as a child, he never stopped, which means he was able to bring 25 years of experience to the Celebrate the Future of McLaren Competition. H...

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All about Orange

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“First I had the legendary McLaren F1 in mind, which I tried to reinterpret with details of the McLaren P1.”   The distractive orange color of Maltedorowski’s model, the 2nd runner up in the Celebrate the Future of the McLaren Automotive Competition, was actually one of the biggest challenges the model faced.   “The car was finished in a few hours - but not in ...

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When Improv Pays Off

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“This contest was the ideal opportunity for me to try building something out of my comfort zone.”   Biebab was the 1st runner up in our Celebrate the Future of McLaren Competition with the entry posted above. Normally, he specializes in ships, making his amazing supercar all the more amazing considering it was new territory for him. “I had a general idea about how a supe...

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Real Supercars Mingling with LEGO Supercars

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“The McLaren stand had one of the best spots at Goodwood Festival of Speed, lots of people were passing by and checking the real supercars as well as having a big interest in the fan-made LEGO® supercars.” As the Grand Prize Winner in the Celebrate the Future of McLaren Automotive competition, Peteris_Sprogis got attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June in West Sussex, UK, ...

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If the headline doesn’t make sense to you, keep calm and carry on reading. After you’ve read this post about our Most Popular Bookmarks this week you’ll be much more enlightened! Most viewed LEGO IDEAS - INDOMINUS REX Senteosan is famous for his dino models on LEGO Ideas. The Jurassic theme appeals to the finish LEGO fan. If you want to help this Indominus Rex from Jurassic ...