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Welcome to the ReBrick blog! Your one-stop desitnation for the updates and developments on ReBrick. Check back every Monday to read the ReBrick'er of the Week article,  and  come back Friday to find out the most popular bookmarks of the week. Of course, don't forget to stop by inbetween then for any other news! Got questions, concerns, or general feedback? Leave us a comment!

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ReBrick Goes to SXSW

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You know how at ReBrick we’re fans of LEGO fans? Well, so much so that we are doing a panel about it at SXSW Interactive on March 7th at 12:30PM - so if you’re in the neighborhood  you should totally stop by and check it out.   As you can see It’s called Online LEGO Fans & the People Who Love Them (In case you were wondering that would be us!) 
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Stress Relief through Droid Extermination

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Mlu4fan came into LEGO® building late…and by late, we mean he was already four-years-old when he got his first LEGO starter set. “I loved LEGO bricks since I [first] saw them,” explains the 14-year-old ReBricker of the Week. Since receiving that starter set, he hasn’t stopped creating. “I build LEGO creations from cars all the way to custom [LEGO] Minifigures.&...

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Kia Ora Mr. ReBricker! A Visit to LUG4x2

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“What makes us different is that we are 42 degrees south of the equator!” This month, Mr. ReBrick is traveling down under to visit the LEGO User Group (LUG) LUG4x2 in New Zealand. “LUG4/2 was formed almost by chance when a local toy store led a few AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO®) together,” explains Sam Butcher, the group’s ambassador. “We ended up meeting ...

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Communicating Through Visuals

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“The importance of the box design is to present the LEGO® model in the best possible way – but also to attract the customer.” We talk a lot about the LEGO models and the design that goes into creating these models. But there is a lot more to a finished set than the model itself. Meet LEGO Art Director Roberta Sandri. She is the Lead Art Director on LEGO Architecture as we...

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Ancient Bricks and Missing Links

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Dougblash is all about building historical LEGO® missing links. “As an archaeologist, my main focus is building temples and historical sites from all around the world,” explains the ReBricker of the Week.  “Whenever there are regions and eras missing from the LEGO timeline, I create them!” You can see a lot of his missing links on his LEGO CUUSOO account, where ...

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It All Started with a Big Tub of Bricks

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Imagine a pill dispenser that gave you the right medication at the right time with the help of a wrist watch. Sounds pretty handy, especially for those on regular medications who can’t always remember when to take what. Now imagine if this dispenser was built out of LEGO® bricks. When snowball1385 was in a First LEGO League team a few years ago, they designed this dispenser and took fif...

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Everything is Awesome

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The LEGO movie is here!  Also, if you’ve heard the Everything is Awesome song – chances are it’s on repeat in your mind right now. The most popular bookmarks of the week have certainly taken the movie to heart. With a feature from our new LEGO Movie Be the Special contest!   Most Viewed and Most Shared K-GLU FIGHTER 3 This awesome K-GLU fighter is really made an alt...