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A New Use for LEGO Club T-Shirts

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Our latest LEGO© Batman™ 75th Anniversary Building Competition winner made his Articulated Batman out of 100% official LEGO parts – down to the Batman logo on his chest, made out of composited bits of LEGO stickers, and his cape, made from the back of the black LEGO Club t-shirt. Paul Lee stole the hearts of the judges at Bricks by the Bay 2014, and has won: Batman...

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Audible bumble bees, assemble!

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Most shared VINTAGE AUDIO Can you believe that this functioning vintage audio system is built in LEGO bricks? When this bookmark from the Korean community Brickinside hit social media it created an immediate buzz. We understand why – it’s an outstanding build.     Highest rated   BUMBLE BEE (WHITE TAILED) - BOMBUS LUCORUM This cute bumble bee is very likeable. Actuall...

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Summer Christmas

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Elves, presents, candy canes…Why not? That’s exactly what Aeturnus_ had in mind when he unveiled his original LEGO® model, Santa’s Workshop (see on the left), at "Charity Winter Brick Fest" in January 11-12th. Considering it was a fundraising event for a Japanese orphanage, the model seemed perfectly fitting. He later featured his Osaka Castle, featured below on the left,...

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12% to the moon

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Taking a look back on this beautiful summer week with our most popular bookmarks on ReBrick. This is the content that you guys found the most interesting this week. Give credit to the amazing builders in the LEGO Fan community by liking, sharing and commenting on their builds.   Most Shared and Most Viewed 12% IS NOT A PLAN  This is the most real-authentic-hysterical-fake-laughing Roc...

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Stress Relief

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Before he helped to create The BRICKOREA CONVENTION 2013, it was Stickkim’s impression that adult LEGO® builders in South Korea only built official LEGO models, rather than their own original work. Now, however… “It was an amazing experience for me… Lots of Korean LEGO [fans] changed,” explains the ReBricker of the Week.  “A lot of LEGO users began t...

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Good Day, eh! Mr. ReBrick Visits Alberta

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“Our first meeting started off awkwardly.”   Saturday, April 10, 1999. Three of NALUG (Northern Alberta LEGO® User Group) paced nervously outside the restaurant. They had communicated online though LUGNET, but hadn’t yet spoken to each other in person. “It was not until someone showed up with a small LEGO model in hand that the three early birds stopped ignoring...

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Presenting the Canadian Bat Moose!

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What more do I need to say? The attendants at Brickfête Toronto 2014 couldn’t get enough of this unique Batman model. Julie Latreille is our newest semi-finalist in LEGO© Batman™ 75th Anniversary Building Competition! With her Bat Moose, she’s won 4 great LEGO Batman sets, and the opportunity to compete against the 10 other semi-finalist for the grand prize ...