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Welcome to the ReBrick blog! Your one-stop destination for the updates and development on ReBrick. Check back every Monday to read the ReBrick'er of the Week article, and come back Friday to find out the most popular bookmarks of the week. Of course, don't forget to stop by in-between then for any other news! Got questions, concerns, or general feedback? Leave us a comment!

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For three LEGO artists on ReBrick Friday the 13th is not an unlucky day. On the contrary! Because these three artists are being celebrated today – they had the bookmarks with the most views, the most likes and the most clicks on social media this week. Most viewed MORDOR Can you believe the scale of this epic creation? You need to go to Flickr and see some of the details of this incredible...

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Building with a Unique Style

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“I am building what most people do - space and castle. But I always try to avoid using a style that have been seen before.” Our ReBricker of the Week Disco86 is a man of few words, but many models. He couldn’t find a picture of himself, but offered a picture of his signature Minifigure,seen on the right,  since it looked so much like him. “When I was a kid I played...

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The team members on The Rebrick Team are spending our days indoor these days. While it’s snowing outside we’re enjoying browsing through all the amazing creations we find here on ReBrick. The bookmarks that the community found most interesting this week are: Most viewed BENNY EXO SUIT It’s looks like our good friend Benny from The LEGO Movie has found other interesting means o...

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A LEGO Love Story

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“I am a lucky guy who fell in love with a girl who also likes playing with LEGO® bricks… We can share the happy moments when playing with LEGO bricks together, while most other LEGO fans are being complained to by their partners about using too much money and time in building with LEGO bricks, or occupying too much space for storing the LEGO bricks etc. Love makes this change happ...

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The most popular builds this week are very different in theme and style but they do have one thing in common:  both LEGO models are ruins being rebuilt. Both the castle ruin and the fantasy world of Aurora needs to be repaired - luckily LEGO bricks are the perfect building block... Most viewed and most shared 02.STAGE5 "The once strong castle of Hrothingas has fallen into decline,” ...

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Visualizing the Brand in LEGO Brand Retail

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 “We want you to walk into a LEGO® Brand Retail Store and know that you’re in a LEGO Brand Retail Store. Our displays reflect the brand.” Meet Nancy Lennert, the Assistant Manager for the D2C Creative Visual Shopper Marketing Agency. You know displays, galleries, and other visual designs you see at a LEGO store? That’s Nancy’s territory. “Our team...

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Growing the LEGO World in the Canary Islands

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“The whole story itself is fun to tell. When I decided to go a step further and not just buy LEGO® sets at the store, but help creating a [LEGO User Group] for the Canary Islands, starting building [my own creations], organizing events, etc., I realized how big the LEGO ‘world’ is.” For ReBricker of the Week Tony_Wan, it all started three years ago, when his 3-year-old...

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