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18th may 2015 at 14:17

“[What I enjoy about building with LEGO® bricks is] the absence of limits – [I have] no favorite themes, no prototypes - just what I can imagine!”

Desert752 isn’t just a LEGO fan, he’s also a mountain climber, as you can see from his picture above.

“I've just returned from rock-training trip, where I filmed my new LEGO off-roader. I think it will be unusual and cool combination of hobbies, LEGO [building] + mountain climbing!”

You might also know the 28-year-old builder  from his involvement in the Russian LEGO User Group GameBrick and his role as a moderator in the group LEGO Technic Russia.

“When I was a child I had a few small system and technic sets. After ‘dark ages’ I reverted to LEGO building in my student years.”

“Now it's really my everyday hobby, I build a lot and get a lot of pleasure with design and building processes!”

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photo of smooresara

Staying Healthy with Mechas and Stormtroopers

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Stromtroopers and Mechas are what is popular this week (when aren’t they popular though), but we are also reminded to show some awareness for Celiac Disease as well, as it Celiac Disease Awareness month! Most Viewed DIA 1.2 TACTICAL FRAME This mecha is a combination of many difference sources of inspiration…the result is a stunning design as elegant as it is battle ready! Hi...

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I bring to you the three bricky blocky favorites from this week. The most popular bookmarks on ReBrick the past 7 days. The selection of content that our visitors found most interesting and likeable. Most Shared AU LIT ! PETIT MONSTRE Any parent probably knows this nightly struggle. This LEGO version of an illustration in the classic book “Au Lit, Petit Monstre!” was the most sha...

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LEGO Building Challenge: Celebrate the Future of McLaren Automotive

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LEGO® Speed Champions and McLaren Automotive presents: “Celebrate the Future of McLaren Automotive” Building Challenge on ReBrick! Do you dream of designing your own luxury Supercar? Well, now is your chance to live out that dream: In collaboration with McLaren Automotive, ReBrick and LEGO® Speed Champions ask you to build the McLaren road Supercar of the future. What supe...

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Only Perfect is Good Enough

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“I always feel proud when there’s a new product coming out where I’ve made some of the elements. Like the mini-ball joints. I worked with them from scratch.” Stud shooters, LEGO® Technic elements, LEGO® System bricks, LEGO® Chima head sculpturing, constraction elements found in LEGO® Bionicle and Hero Factory--Erland Refling Nielsen, technical element des...

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It’s Friday, you been sleeping all week and now it’s time to wake up and celebrate that the weekend is coming! Start the celebration by enjoying these awesome builds made by LEGO artists. Highest Rated TIME TO WAKE UP! It’s friiiday and it’s time to wake up because today is the last day before the weekend! Remember to switch off that alarm clock because tomorrow y...

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Travel in Style

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Don’t just go to parts unknown, go there with style, like these Most Popular Bookmarks of the Week. Highest Rated LEGO IDEAS - THE GREY HAVENS CITY Few outside of Middle Earth have laid eyes on the Grey Havens, until now. Reekardoo does justice to the beauty described by Tolkien with this gorgeous model! Remember to support it on LEGO Ideas, if you haven’t already. Most View...