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01st october 2014 at 08:59
“Although we do not have as many resources and bricks as others in the world, we create many attractive and professional designs with fluent skills and originality ideas. We believe that creations are not limited by resources, but the idea in mind, the techniques on our hand and persistence in our hearts.”

Mr. ReBrick is currently visiting HKLUG, a LEGO® User Group (LUG) based out of Hong Kong SAR, China. Already in its seventh year, the LUG has swelled to 23,000 fans on Facebook and 4,000 members on their website.

“HKLUG has five major objectives: information sharing, building up Hong Kong LEGO community, organizing exhibitions and projects, collaborating with local and foreign LEGO communities, and establishing communication channel with The LEGO Group,” explains CK, or Chiukeung.

This last objective is one that CK works closely with himself, as the LEGO Ambassador, or representative for HKLUG to the LEGO Group. When he took on the role six years ago, he was the first LEGO Ambassador from the greater China region.

“HKLUG organizes big fans gathering twice a year,” CK goes on. Last Easter, HKLUG’s event attracted over 200 attendants. “The most successful event organized by HKLUG was the Olympic Brick City exhibition in 2008.  We built a big town with the Beijing national stadium (bird nest), water cube stadium and Olympic village. Due to the popularity, LEGO Club featured that news on their website as well.”

“[Our] aim is to promote building hobby with LEGO bricks through creating high-quality artworks,” reveals CK. It seems like they’re doing a good job of that too, if you ask us!

See Mr. ReBrick’s tour of HKLUG’s models in the Gallery below or on the Popular Categories on the front page, and stay tuned for next month’s Mr. ReBrick article!


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