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29th august 2014 at 18:21

Not to be confused with the Space Ghost of course, this week’s Most Popular Bookmarks cross two genres: outer space and the supernatural. Now, if Slimer were to get his slippery hands on a spaceship, I don’t even think the Ghostbusters team would be able to capture him.

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With National Ghostbusters Day just barely over, this Slimer has gotten a lot of love – over 4,500 views! Looks like there’s a lot of appeal in a brick-built Slimer that doesn’t slime or steal your food.

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With our Friends in Space Competition ending September 1st (only four days left people), there has been a recent upswing of voting and submissions. This entry was only submitted a couple days ago, but the community seems to really “like” it! 

Stay tuned for next week’s bookmarks, and in the meantime, don’t forget to like and share your favorite ReBrick creations!

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Don’t Drop the Bomb

251 Times Viewed

Who can’t had a bomb in their hands they just can’t seem to get rid of? Our BrickFair Virginia 2014 Batman 75th Semi-finalist, Maddison Stapleton, has expressed just such a scenario in her Batman model: Maddison depicts a scene from the classic Adam West Batman with the 2.5 ft tall brick-built Minifigure trying to get rid of a lit bomb. As her prize, Maddison will receive Batma...

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Helping children become digital citizens

816 Times Viewed

"At the LEGO Group we want to make kids competent and able to have fun in a safe and proper way online. Help them become better digital citizens.” Meet this months’ LEGO® Superstar Dieter Carstensen, who is responsible for Digital Child Safety within the LEGO Group. Dieter has a really cool approach on how to work with safety on digital platforms. According to Dieter it is not ...

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Removal From the Stressors of Life

178 Times Viewed

Bunchofbricks enjoys playing with LEGO® bricks not only in his free time, but also as part of his job. “My day job is working with people after they have been released from hospital and I help them get back into their happier and healthier way of living,” the ReBricker of the Week explains. “I use LEGO [bricks] routinely to help clients plan, organize, visually see ste...

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Donations and divas - this weeks most popular bookmarks

265 Times Viewed

This weeks popular bookmarks feature a long line of hot Snow Troopers waiting eagerly to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, an awe-inspiring LEGO model of a luxurious Supercar and last but not lease a very hungry Unikitty turned diva - luckily all-time hero Benny is coming to her aid. Most Shared WHAT'S GOING ON WITH KEVIN?" "ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE?" Snow Troopers are queuing up to tak...

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A New Use for LEGO Club T-Shirts

240 Times Viewed

Our latest LEGO© Batman™ 75th Anniversary Building Competition winner made his Articulated Batman out of 100% official LEGO parts – down to the Batman logo on his chest, made out of composited bits of LEGO stickers, and his cape, made from the back of the black LEGO Club t-shirt. Paul Lee stole the hearts of the judges at Bricks by the Bay 2014, and has won: Batman...

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Audible bumble bees, assemble!

205 Times Viewed

Most shared VINTAGE AUDIO Can you believe that this functioning vintage audio system is built in LEGO bricks? When this bookmark from the Korean community Brickinside hit social media it created an immediate buzz. We understand why – it’s an outstanding build.     Highest rated   BUMBLE BEE (WHITE TAILED) - BOMBUS LUCORUM This cute bumble bee is very likeable. Actuall...

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