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18th december 2014 at 15:00
The island of Okoto is divided into six regions, each with its own elemental Master and Protector pair. The heroes are Kopaka, the Master of Ice; Gali, the Master of Water; Pohatu, Master of Stone; Onua, Master of Earth; Tahu, Master of Fire; and Lewa, Master of Jungle. Therefore, it’s only fitting that the epic Battle for the Gold Mask building competition brings six terrifying villains to bear against our heroes, one each from BZPower, Eurobricks, Rusbionicle, Pockyland, Bionifigs and right here from our own ReBrick.

This ground-breaking, first-ever-attempted competition across the six sites produced more than 1800 entries from all over the globe.  The LEGO Jury (consisting of Creative Lead for Bionicle Cerim Manovi, Junior Designer and Bionicle builder extraordinaire Nicolaas Vas and Co-Creation Manager Julie Broberg) has picked the top three winners from each site and now, the six first place winners will go head-to-head for the exclusive 14k gold spider mask.

The six semi-finalists are:


From first place on ReBrick, Hysleria by BionicleBud, looks imperiously and impassively down on Okoto. There will be no mercy. Hysleria is feeling pretty confident after beating out 469 other entries on ReBrick.

The jury loved the creative use of all of those large weapon pieces to achieve a beautiful, symmetrical build that has a very powerful, heroic appeal. They also felt that the silver and gold color combination was very well executed. They could see this guy striding into an arena to fight to the death in ancient Rome.

From BZPower, we have Akutahn by Roa McToa. This fully-pose-able winged Maktua is ready to terrorize Okoto. Beating out 865 other entries, Roa McToa proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that girls can build Bionicle too.

The jury said of Akutahn that they loved the extremely awesome level of detail, especially of the face and they were blown away by the cool way of building the wings and how they are moveable. They were also impressed with the combination of shapes used to create the limbs. Loads of pieces packed into a poseable model made this one a definite winner.


From EuroBricks comes the terrifying Terror Bite by IGU. With his toothy dinosaur head and enormous fiery weapon, he is sure to wreak havoc on Okoto. Plus, he already beat out 285 others to reign as the EuroBricks winner.

The jury said, “This is an awesome cartoonish version of a villain.” They loved the creativity of the dinosaur head with the result of the build and thought it was just generally a very creative use of pieces – old Bionicle, newer Chima, Hero Factory as well as the dinosaur. “It’s just a big crazy mix of a monster.”

Slithering in from RusBionicle comes Makuta Nakken by Launcher, an unusual, but highly sinister villain. After defeating 94 other villains on RusBionicle, will he crush the other villains in his quest for the gold mask?

The jury cited the unique, elegant shape of this alien-like demon. They felt that it expressed fully the shadowy spirit of Makuta. The repetition of elements to achieve patterns is exquisite and the creative use of parts, like minifig hands is super cool.

And from the far eastern shores of Pockyland, where he beat out 37 other villains, comes the Dark Fang Warlord by 席德. An array of terrifying weapons make this villain one to be reckoned with on Okoto.

The judges fell for the unique combination of tribal and samurai elements in this build. The necklace, choice of weapons and Japanese icons are very cool. They said they felt it was a really fresh, new take on a Bionicle villain.


The last of the evil villains vying for the gold mask and supremacy on the Island of Okoto is Diatan by Peter Bionicle from Bionifigs. He already beat 110 other entries on Bionifigs, so what’s five more where a gold mask is concerned?

The jury loved the shape language of Diatan – the way that the lines point to his strong chest, the mixture of elements old and new, all integrated and creatively connected into an aesthetic whole. They were especially taken with the use of the pod pieces. As one of the judges said, ”He just looks so extremely evil.”

Six sites. Six amazing builders. Six evil villains. But only one gold mask. Who will reign supreme? Find out right here in early January.
* * *
The LEGO Jury awarded three prizes on each site. First, second and third place. First place wins a full set of the 6 Masters and 6 Protectors, signed by the designers. Second place receives three Master-Protector pairs, signed by the designers. Third place wins the Lord of the Skull Spiders, signed by the designer. First place on each site goes into the final round and the overall winner will be awarded a one-of-a-kind 14k gold mask. The overall winner will be announced on or before January 15, 2015.

The winners by site:


  1. Hysleria by BionicleBud
  2. Kraata Beast & Makuta Tehkaa by BrickKing03 (with the win going to the Kraata Beast portion of the build)
  3. Acazel by _Yuki


  1. Akutahn by Roa McToa
  2. Helsephyr by Vampire Bohrok
  3. Pending confirmation from builder.


  1. Terror Bite by IGU
  2. Mechan’Rex, Steel Guardian by The One Veyronian
  3. Claughn by SEMI


  1. Makuta Nakken by Launcher
  2. Cepheus by The Chosen One
  3. Roodaka, Queen of the Spiders by Red


  1. Dark Fang :arlord by 席德
  2. Shura Killer by Aha
  3. Lord of Elemental Fire by Jack Hunter


  1. Diatan by Peter Bionicle
  2. Chernobog the Archfiend by Djokson
  3. Serinak by Jeordeon

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered – it wasn’t easy narrowing down 1864 entries to our top six amazing builds and you should all be commended for a job well done!

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