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03rd july 2015 at 11:03
If the headline doesn’t make sense to you, keep calm and carry on reading. After you’ve read this post about our Most Popular Bookmarks this week you’ll be much more enlightened!

Most viewed
Most Viewed Bookmark

Senteosan is famous for his dino models on LEGO Ideas. The Jurassic theme appeals to the finish LEGO fan. If you want to help this Indominus Rex from Jurassic World become an official LEGO set, you can vote on the project on LEGO Ideas and maybe it will become a box you can buy in the store.

Highest Rated
Highest Rated Bookmark

A fun little build with nice part usage and clever techniques is this week’s highest rated bookmark. The photo quality of this build takes it to a new level. Follow the link to see the bookmark from different angles on Flickr.

Most Shared
Most Shared

“Laugh it up, Fuzzball!” On our Twitter and Facebook pages this model of was the most shared this week. Solo (a laser brain) and Chewie (a fuzzball) Minions – I guess we are all ready for that Minions movie release on July 10th?
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Customizing: Taking Minifigure Decorating to a Whole New Level

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“I have made many friends all over the world through the LEGO® community and have even been given the opportunity to give back to the hobby!  I feel very privileged to be part of this community and to have these friends in my life…and it all started with a little plastic brick.” Xero_Fett (Michael) is all about customizing LEGO Minifigures. Adding 3D printed par...

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This week we have two awesome creations that made it to our “Most Popular Bookmarks of the Week”-list and both of them are a representation of when present and the past collide. Most Viewed 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF LEGO M-TRON ! There’s nothing like an anniversary to remind you how old you’ve become! The LEGO M-Tron theme launched back in 1990. Do you remember the red and b...

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A Lifestyle

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“[Building with] LEGO® bricks has always been a part of my life, and now I don't even consider it as a hobby, it's a lifestyle!”  TGBDZ, or Andris, is known for his spaceships and his mechas, which appear almost completely absent of studs.  The 21-year-old doesn’t limit himself to those themes however, he prefers a challenge. One of his LEGO Technic models, the W...

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The Art of Winning

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This week’s most popular bookmarks are all winners in their own right, it’s easy to see why they made the list for most popular LEGO creations on ReBrick this week! Highest Rated WHEN THEMES COLLIDE Someone took a wrong turn at Naboo! This model builds together LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Castle, two winning themes on their own, that can probably only be better by being combined. ...

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The results are finally here. After much consideration the judges have picked the winning models for the “Celebrate the Future of McLaren Automotive” building competition on ReBrick. The honorable jury: Frank Stephenson, McLaren Automotive Design Director Craig Callum, LEGO® Speed Champions Design Lead; and Kim Ellekjær-Thomsen, Community Manager and Racecar Fan Extraord...

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He might be small but he is also mighty. Mini Vader is back for another week and wants to make sure that you get his message: “I find your lack of bricks disturbing”. A message that leads to the next bookmark on our Most Popular list: Go buy some dinos! Most viewed and Highest Rated DINOS These two dinosaurs is this weeks most views AND highest rated bookmark. The models are built...

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