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15th september 2014 at 13:38

Originally, DennisNahabetian goal was to get animals into space.

“My daughter loves playing with her [LEGO®] Heartlake animals, and when we introduced them (the pets) to our classic space sets about a year ago, it became clear that she really wanted a Friends space station too.”

So when he learned about the LEGO Friends in Space Competition, he knew right away what he needed to build.

“I did a little research and discovered that the current trend in NASA's habitat design was basically cylindrical tubes or inflatable modules (NASA Habitat Demonstration Unit (HDU) and X HAB Loft),” Dennis explains. “So I kind of went with that as a starting point.”

Since the model was also for his daughter, playability was also important. He gathered some inspiration 6970 Beta I Command Base and 6441 Deep Sea Refuge, and started building his Friends Beta One.

“I started in early July and after a couple days had to pause because of my work and our family vacation,” he reveals.  “Thankfully the entry deadline was extended, so I returned to the model near the end of August. The design went through at least 6 different stages of change and refinement to reach what I thought to be a suitable balance.”

The biggest time hog, a large multi-windowed greenhouse, ended up being removed from the final model, as it overwhelmed the other parts of the model.

While he was building, his children were also creating a space station.

“They came up with the crazy fun kind of things only children can make while I plodded ahead with my version of what a Friends space station would look like.”

Like many adult LEGO artists, Dennis picked up playing with LEGO bricks again with his children, about six years ago. Of course, a lot had changed since he was a kid, so he had some catching up to do. It was only recently that he started creating models for display or play.

“Since I design and work with my hands daily, it was just a matter of learning the visual vocabulary of LEGO bricks and how they can be configured,” he concludes. “As a design tool, LEGO [parts] are very handy to use for quick three dimensional sketches and working on general studies in form. I'm just beginning to use more advanced techniques, and I find the process of discovery to be one of the purest joys of creating.”

Dennis won first place in our LEGO Friends in Space Competition earlier this month. As his prize, he received the first wave of LEGO Friends Jungle sets released over summer and the LEGO Ideas Exo-suit, all signed by the official LEGO set designers.

Stay tuned for interviews with our other Friends in Space Winners!

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