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27th august 2014 at 08:41
"At the LEGO Group we want to make kids competent and able to have fun in a safe and proper way online. Help them become better digital citizens.”
Dieter Carstensen, LEGO Group

Meet this months’ LEGO® Superstar Dieter Carstensen, who is responsible for Digital Child Safety within the LEGO Group.

Dieter has a really cool approach on how to work with safety on digital platforms. According to Dieter it is not enough that children are safe on the online LEGO platforms – The LEGO Group consider it our responsibility to educate children on how to navigate on all digital platforms.

“Online experiences are 99,9% fantastic. We need to help children understand what that 0,1% could represent “, he says.

“Children are the most vulnerable people in society and in our consumer groups so they require my full attention.”

Today's digital trend seems to be trying not to include children on online platforms but rather exclude the young users by closing them out of digital experiences.

“In my opinion, that’s the wrong approach. Children like to explore whatever they can, so the only thing a company or you as a parent can do, is to help them understand what they are entering”, Dieter Carstensen explains.

“Safety for us means first and foremost: get the basis right by following current laws and setup guidelines and policies for internal use. Then help the kids become expert navigators while they’re having fun online.”

In the company Dieter Carstensen is placed in the Marketing & Consumer Experiences department and works between the legal department and marketing. He is the bridge between the rigid law and the creative idea from a marketer. Together the three of them have to find an innovative solution that fits all parties’ interest and at the same time ensures a good consumer experience.

“Sometimes I need to convey the same message in four different ways. And some might find it limiting to their creativity” Dieter Carstensen explains and adds

“I don’t have the role of being a policeman. I’m an advocate for good and safe experiences. With law you can and cannot do certain things – it’s very black and white – I work with the grey areas where ethics come in.”

The protection of children’s data is a burning issue. The LEGO Group uses the COPPA Rule [an American law that protects children’s personal information] as its global minimum standard, but often the company standards are above and beyond the such laws.

“I give my input to what might be risky and if we have this feature then we have to put in these certain measures in place to counter any problem that could arise from such an experience or even go further and say: this is so risky that we don’t want to have our brand associated with such an experience”

The most recent product he has been working on is LEGO® Fusion – a digital experience combining LEGO bricks with an app on smart phone or tablet. When the consumer buys the end product, it has been through many loops and one of the loops is Digital Childs Safety.

LEGO Fusion

“Most of what we do is behind the scenes. We ensure all the mechanisms are safe and ethically compliant and COPPA compliant” Dieter says and continues “I’m a flavor of a total experience rather than the experience itself.”

Every day when Dieter checks in to the LEGO headquarters in Billund he has the children’s best interest at heart.

“The best thing about my job is that I have an enormous amount of responsibility towards our consumers and to children. I’m here trying to help the company deliver fun and safe experiences. Every day when I go to work I know I’m doing something meaningful”

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