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20th november 2014 at 20:57

“I grew up playing with LEGO® [bricks] only to leave it behind as I came into adulthood. I came back to it in 2011 after playing one of the LEGO Star Wars video games and seeing how amazing the vehicles looked in LEGO-form. One quick journey down to my local toy store saw me return with a LEGO X-Wing. I built it, was promptly hooked and the rest is history.”

Star Wars might have been the gateway theme for our ReBricker of the Week and former curator, Jedi_Adams, but he has since branched out to new themes.

“My builds typically fall into two categories; Minifigure display stands and movie poster recreations,” he explains. “I simply adore Minifigures and nearly all of my builds were built to showcase my favorite ones.”  


“The 3D recreation of movie posters on the other hand, stems from my love of film and the lost art of the movie poster. “To me, movie posters are true ART. One of the most iconic movie posters of all time has to be the elegantly simple poster for the film Jaws,” he goes on. “I took this inspiration and did my best to recreate the image of a helpless swimmer, paddling along; unaware of her impending doom, via the huge shark that is approaching her from beneath.”


When he’s not building, Jedi_Adams spends his days as an IT Reporting Consultant and his nights and weekends as a LEGO builder and active member of the Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) community.

“I am a founding member and former Secretary of Brickshire: The Yorkshire LEGO User Group,” he explains. “I am a Staff Writer at Brick Fanatics, a UK-based LEGO blog that features news, reviews and much more.”

His LUG involvement and blogging actually all started when he struck up a correspondence with Brick Fanatics owner, Richard Hayes, who is also from the county of Yorkshire. After arranging a gathering of local AFOLs, the LUG was foamed, and shortly thereafter, Richard invited Jedi_Adams to do a blog review of LEGO set.

We're only a very small team, but we've managed to always post at least one new article each day,” Jedi_Adams reveals. “To date, the highlight of my time with Brick Fanatics was when the [LEGO Community Engagement and Events] team very kindly sent us an early release of the Ideas Ghostbusters set for review. Knowing how big a fan I am, Rich let me handle that review!”

Jedi_Adams is working on a new movie poster from one of his favorite films, in the same scale of Jaws, but that he wouldn’t reveal until later. So follow him on Rebrick and Flickr to see what he’s up to!

“LEGO [building] has had a huge, positive impact on my life. Before I began building LEGO retail sets and experimenting with building my own creations (MOCs), I spent a lot of my free time playing video games and having very little to show for it. Creating from LEGO bricks not only brings me much joy, but also leaves me with something to show for my time and something I can feel proud of.”

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