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19th november 2015 at 09:48

“I try to explore new things and develop my imagination building some model with no existing reference, just as I feel it.”


35 year old IBN_SPIROU from Charleroi in Belgium has always been interested in building with LEGO bricks. He got his first LEGO bricks at the age of 4 and has for the past 10 years been Adult Fan of LEGO. He is now an active member of the LEGO User Group Chti Lug located in Northern France.

IBN_SPIROU works as a Java programmer for the Belgian Social Security, and in his spare time he builds LEGO models from micro builds to large dioramas.

“I'm very Sci-Fi oriented but it's not exclusive. I build many things, I especially like building models from movies or animated series from my childhood, in the 80's or modern.“


For IBN_SPIROU building with LEGO bricks is more than just building, it also helps him develop other skills.

“It helps develop my patience, creativity, and my sense to find solutions.”

The building themes are very various but often it is movie themes and TV shows that are influences.

“Star wars of course, but also things like Jurassic Park, Robocop, and The Cosmocats."




"Lastly we built a Walking Dead themed diorama with 5 friends from my LEGO User Group it size 10m² with the main scenes from the TV show, I think we did a great job on it.”


“I live in a 70m² apartment. Last month I was finishing my Walking Dead diorama and the house was really plenty of LEGO bricks everywhere. Almost scary:-)”

You can see more of IBN_SPIROU’s amazing creations on Flickr.

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SNOT is what's up

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Creating smooth surfaces by building with LEGO bricks where the studs are not on top AKA SNOT is the theme of this week’s most popular bookmarks. Highest Rated LEGO IDEAS - INVADER ZIM BRICK-BUILT FIGURES This very cool Invader Zim model counts 894 pieces including the pig and is this week’s highest rated model. Most Viewed and most shared LEGO LIVING ROOM It might not be the mos...

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Designing a Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy far, far Away…

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“I was super excited to get to work on the new X-Wing since it is such an iconic vehicle in the Star Wars universe. It was definitely a challenge due to the strict confidentiality, but I think the whole design team done fantastic work creating some really awesome products.” In addition to being a LEGO Designer, 26-year-old Jordan Scott is also a huge Star Wars fan.  If you loo...

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Pushing the Boundaries

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“Building with LEGO bricks is a huge part of my life now, and has really allowed me to explore my creativity. I think more than any other building medium it is just so easy to sit down and start putting an idea into reality.” Like many people Jason Allemann aka TOUTHOMME has been building with LEGO bricks since he was a child and really enjoyed the early LEGO Technic and Classic Space...

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Dreaming of a Galaxy far, far away...

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This week we get a little spacey for the most popular models! Highest Rated GEE BEE Z SUPER SPORTSTER AIRPLANE   You might recognize this plane from the Disney movie “The Rocketeer”.  This truly unique plane was built to celebrate the legacy of Granville Brothers Aircraft and the pilot Lowell Bayles. Here’s to the “Golden Age of Air Racing”! Most Vi...

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Inspiration is Everywhere

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“I am looking for inspiration wherever it is possible and I try to build something uncommon. Something no one has built before. It causes that my own creations are various."   PRZEMEKSIRIUS is 24 years old and a law student from Poland, who loves Star Wars and is a great fan of BrikWars. As a teenager Przemek had put his LEGO bricks on the shelf, however returned to building three yea...

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Go on a Quest

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This week’s most popular models speak of journeys and quests, and some mind-blowing LEGO® building techniques! Highest Rated BRICKPIRATE.NET: LE FORUM FRANCOPHONE SUR LES JOUETS LEGO.  Can you believe this beautiful building was once the 10214 Tower Bridge? It’s quite a quest to transform parts from one LEGO set into something so different, it’s easy to see why thi...