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28th august 2015 at 14:25

Why would lovable WALL·E go dark side? What are Elves doing in Mad Max’s world? These mysteries can only be solved by the best counseling detective, Sherlock! Have a peek at this week’s most popular LEGO models below.

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We are all SherLOCKED this week by this amazing model created for a Sherlock Exhibit at the Canadian National Exhibition. If you’re able to attend the Exhibition, go see this build in person!

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The days of Max and the Fury Road are long past. Now, the Elves have taken over, but borrowed a few elements from history to create this beast!

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Do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side, it was strong enough to convert sweet WALL·E! What chance do the rest of us have?


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Limited Parts, Unlimited Possibilities

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“LEGO® bricks lets me regain childhood memories, and completely relax after a busy day of work.” Chihsinwei’s favorite thing is take existing LEGO sets and use the parts to rebuild something completely different, as he did with the 31032-1 Red Creatures Creator set below.   “The red parts immediately reminds me of Japanese armor, the remaining tan parts can j...

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Robots go to Theme Parks

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This week’s most popular LEGO® models focus on robots and Ferris wheels!  After all, a trip to the Happy Valley Theme Park would be a wonderful date for EVE and WALL-E, and maybe they could bring their friend Tetsujin 28 too. Most Viewed TETSUJIN28-11 Whether you know him as Tetsujin 28 or Gigantor, in post WWII Japan or the future, this robot was the first of many giant...

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Meet the Super Fan

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“I love to see what the others have to show me, or to show to the LEGO® community. I love to understand how they do [their models], and I’m happy to be part of this evolution.” Our ReBricker of the Week, Pedro_Sequeira, isn’t just a fan, he’s a super fan! At least, that’s how he’s known in his LEGO User Group (LUG), Comunidade 0937. When signing up o...

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All the Comforts of Home

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This week’s most popular LEGO® models provide basic modern needs: the need to create fire, get food, and know the time in style! Highest Rated LIGHT 'EM UP Need a light? You wouldn’t find one here with this LEGO Bic lighter, although at first glance it looks real enough to start a fire. Most Shared “INVESTIGATING THE BACK OF THE REFRIG" Scooby and Shaggy up to t...

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Always Remember to Wash Your Hands

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“As a software engineer, I appreciate the concepts of modularity and re-use; LEGO® bricks exemplify this philosophy, with their backwards compatibility that can be used to construct new, novel things from old elements.” Our ReBricker of the Week, Sparkart, was lucky enough to see Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV) in theaters in 1977. It had quite an effect on him! In additional t...

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This week we have two bookmarks that got extra attention from the LEGO ReBrick community. Both models have the same intergalactic theme– so let us take you on a journey in space with this week’s most popular bookmarks. Most Shared MILLENNIUM FALCON What you see here is the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. The spacecraft is surrounded by Tie Fighters, X Wings and Star Destroyers ...