All About the Benjamins, Benjamin_Hu that is

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All About the Benjamins, Benjamin_Hu that is

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08th may 2012 at 11:47
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Benjamin__huThis week’s ReBrick’er is hard to miss – many of his bookmarks are featured in the Most Viewed, Most Commented, and Highest Rated Categories. Benjamin__hu has only been a member a couple of weeks, but he’s wasted no time in making a presence in the community. Many of his bookmarks come from the LEGO Tumblr. This means you can find bookmarks from him in a wide range of categories, from Animals to Star Wars. Of course, one needs only look at his personal tumblr to know that microscale is high on his list of categories.

Since Benjamin is a rather new user, why not leave a comment on one of his bookmarks welcoming him to the community? You can also follow him, or follow his RSS feed to stay on top of his latest bookmarks.

You can also check out and find them on Facebook, although you might need Google Translate if you don’t read Hungarian.


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