A Desperate LEGO MINIFIGURE, A Shiny Grill, and Our Favorite Scene

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A Desperate LEGO MINIFIGURE, A Shiny Grill, and Our Favorite Scene

photo of SmooreSara
11st may 2012 at 15:51
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This weekend is Mother’s Day in the US, so this is a friendly reminder to put down the bricks for a moment to call, text, IM, email, or hug Mom. After all, she probably bought you a set or two in your life, and has no doubt stepped on a number of bricks while you were growing up, she deserves a little appreciation.

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Will Work for LEGO

Okay…who hasn’t been in this situation before? Sometimes you’re down on your luck, your wallet is empty, but you still have that overwhelming need to build. After all, we all have priorities. This little LEGO MINIFIGURE is growing in popularity within the community, gaining 219 total views this week.

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FORD TT (1922)
FORD TT (1922)

This MOC has generated some discussion from the community, namely over the truck’s silver-plated grill. Clearly ReBrick users are attracted to shinny objects ;)  Don’t be shy; join the conversation with a comment.

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Another great microscale has made its way into the top bookmarks of the week! This build shows off some serious NPU while depicting that when the empire arrives at the death star.  This scene appears to be quite popular on ReBrick (note the highest rated bookmark in this blog post). Like it? Then “like” this build!


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