A Moment for Creativity and Play

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A Moment for Creativity and Play

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14th may 2012 at 19:42
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BRICKOFTHEDAY_COMFor this edition of The ReBrick’er of the Week, we have a British fan living in Michigan. David, known in the AFOL community as BRICKOFTHEDAY_COM, currently lives in Ann Arbor Michigan, although he’s originally from Chelmsford, Essex, in England.

David loves to build, but…

“Between work and family, I don't get much free time, so a lot of my LEGO® enjoyment comes vicariously via ReBrick, Flickr, etc.,” he writes.  “I have a Chumby on my desk that streams information at me all day long, and one of the apps streams Flickr images tagged with "LEGO" so I encounter a lot of cool projects passively while I'm working on other stuff!”

When he’s not on ReBrick, you can follow David on Twitter and on his blog (where many of his bookmarks come from).  By day he works as a software developer, so he tries to keep his building activities offline when he can.

David has been a fan all his life, although his passion waned during school when he had less time, only to resurface again after college. He started his blog to encourage himself to take a moment everyday for play and creativity (an idea we can all get behind).

“LEGO helps keep the child in me alive,” said David. “I just turned 34 last month, but the presents I received - pretty much all LEGO - looked more like that of a 7 year old!  And I'm passing my passion onto my 3 year-old - playing LEGO together is our favorite daddy-daughter activity!”

You can find many of David’s bookmarks in his favorite categories on ReBrick – Architecture & Building, Culture, Gaming,  Lifestyle & Home, LEGO MINIFIGURE, and Vehicles

Keep tabs on what David is doing – follow him on ReBrick to subscribe to his RSS feed.


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