The President’s never seen Builds like These Before

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The President’s never seen Builds like These Before

photo of SmooreSara
18th may 2012 at 13:15
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Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that that title doesn’t make much sense, at least not until you watch the Most Viewed video (it’s just a little way down, go ahead, skip ahead, we’ll wait).  This week’s most popular bookmarks are pretty outstanding (although aren’t they always), and would probably blow any unexpecting fan’s socks off.

Most Viewed


Regardless of your political opinions, it is pretty fun to watch President Obama discuss building LEGO ® towers as a kid. He sounds pretty impressed by watching seventh graders program a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot (and I imagine it’s not easy to impress the president).  At 800 + views, this video has quickly made it to the top of the Most Viewed list.

Most Commented


Pool Party


Flowers blowing, food grilling, jams playing, drinks at poolside, it’s just another day at the pool for the LEGO Friends. Stunning, beautiful, and great are a few of ways users are describing this MOC. I’d say it looks like paradise, and makes for some good inspiration for the weekend.

Highest Rated

Train Book End


This is a MOC which definitely requires a closer look. The rails, the book, the train…such NPU. And to think, this is only the first half!  Easy to see why so many people clicked the thumbs up button on this one.


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These are great builds...I love how these blog posts make me discover new MOCs, it's very helpful.

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