Say Ni Hao to ArzLanLego

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Say Ni Hao to ArzLanLego

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21st may 2012 at 13:06
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ARZLANLEGODo you remember what you were doing in 2008? Our latest ReBrick’er of the Week, ArzLanLego, does. That was the year he first started collecting castle and LEGO MINIFIGURES, as well as building MOCs, of course.

View this MOC on TwitterNow, ArzLan is taking part in exhibitions with fellow members of the AFOL Legend Bricks group, based out of Hong Kong. Within Legend Bricks, he exchanges building knowledge and helps build amazing MOCs to display, like this one.

ArzLan has a hard time picking a favorite category on ReBrick, so you’ll find his bookmarks all over the place. Since his first language is Chinese, if you comment on one of his bookmarks, he requests you use simple English.  You can view more of his MOCs on his Flickr account or by subscribing to his Facebook feed.  Don’t forget to also subscribe to his feed on ReBrick or follow his profile!


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