ReBrick'ed by LEGO Inside Tour

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ReBrick'ed by LEGO Inside Tour

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by SigneLo
30th may 2012 at 08:13
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LEGO Inside Tour groupToday the front page of ReBrick is dedicated to the 17th LEGO® Inside Tour, a very special tour, where 25 participants get a very unique experience of the LEGO Group from inside (Read more about LEGO Inside Tour here).

The Inside Tour guests have picked (or as we call it ReBrick'ed) seven amazing creations and today we high light these seven creations on the ReBrick front page.

The participants each chose their favorite creation from the highest rated bookmarks from each category on ReBrick and Mike Doyle’s Victorian on Mud Heap got the most votes. The runner up was the very detailed Beauty and Beast vignette, and one of the tour participants from Hong Kong is actually friends with the creator Vincent Cheung and was happy to see that his MOC was one of the chosen creations.

Check all the LEGO Inside Tour recommendations out on the ReBrick front page or follow these links to the bookmark:

  1. "Victorian on Mud Heap" by Mike Doyle
  2. "Lego sculpture of Beauty and the Beast" by Vincent Cheung
  3. "Nail their gizzards to the yardarm!" by SlyOwl
  4. "Duplo Apple" by Nathan Proudlove
  5. "Lego iPad" by Chris McVeigh
  6. "Angry Birds Lego Version" by Tsang Yiu Keung
  7. "LEGO 3D Milling Machine - 3D Printer" by Arthur Sacek

You can also see the images in the module on the right hand side of this blog post.


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by BruceLeesCat
This is a great way to highlight older MOCs!
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