NASA’s Missions: Imagine and Build

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NASA’s Missions: Imagine and Build

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03rd june 2013 at 17:28
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Have you ever dreamed of exploring space, or building your own aircraft of the future? We’ll like to invite you to do more than dream. Starting Wednesday, June 5th, we’ll like you to take part in a very special competition with NASA and The LEGO Group on ReBrick, NASA’s Missions: Imagine and Build, for a chance to win a collection of goodies from both groups.


This contest begins June 5th 2013 at 3:00 P.M. Central European Summer Time (CEST) (9:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, EST) and is open through July 31st, 2013.  Entries submitted after July 31st 2013 2:59 P.M. CEST (8:59 A.M. EST) will not be accepted into the contest. Official judging will begin on August 5th 2013 and will winners will be announced the week of September 1st on the ReBrick Blog.

This competition is split into two categories; you can enter either of them or both of them!

Imagine Our Future Beyond Earth

Builders 16 years old and older are invited to journey into space and beyond by creating one of NASA’s future missions with LEGO bricks. Builders can be imaginative as they wish, although their entry should reflect one of the missions NASA has listed on their website. These missions are planned until the 2030s so there should be no shortage of inspiration! All entries must be bookmarked to ReBrick in the “Building Challenge” category. The winners will be chosen by a committee of judges, please see official rules for details.

The grand prize includes the 21104 LEGO CUUSOO Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover once it’s available in early 2014,  21101 LEGO CUUSOO Hayabusa set, signed by the LEGO designer Melody Louise Caddick, recognition and honorable mention on, and a collection of NASA memorabilia including a personalized signed lithograph of the astronaut from the judges committee. There will also be two runner-ups, see official rules for those prizes.

 Note:  Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover photo above is the fan creation, not official LEGO set. The official set will not be unveiled until a later date.

Inventing the Future of Flight

This category is open to entrants 13 years old and older and has a stronger academic focus. Participants are asked to develop a LEGO prototype of their own aircraft of tomorrow, supported by a technical research paper. This prototype can be made out of LEGO bricks or digitally using LEGO Digital Designer. Only the prototype will be submitted to ReBrick in the “Building Challenge” category, the paper must be submitted via email, see the official rules for full details. Both prototype and paper are required to compete.

Since this competition invites participants from a wide age range, we will offer a young builders category winner (participants ages 13- 18) and an overall category winner (all participants). The prizes includes a custom made LEGO trophy, a collection of commemorative NASA memorabilia, and the opportunity for a virtual presentation of project to NASA and/or LEGO specialists (subject to availability of winners and NASA/LEGO specialists). In addition, pending approval of content and any needed permissions, NASA has the option of publishing the winning technical paper.  Details will be discussed with the winner and any legal guardian.    

Please refer to the official rules for both categories (linked above) before entering. Happy building!



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by TorontoNights
Good day!

Would it be possible to also see the research paper submitted with the winning entry from the “NASA’s Missions: Imagine and Build Competition” competition? Perhaps with Claes sundstrom’s (the winner) permission?

Thank you!
by SmooreSara
hi Moemen,

The winners have been announced in this blog post:

Thank you for taking part in the competition! We hope you'll check back for future competitions on ReBrick. :)
by Moemen

Where will you put the winner's name ,on this page or on the Home page?

And when CEST /EST ?

Thank you
by FreddieFH
Yes, your paper has been received. You should have gotten an email from us. Either way, it is in the hands of the judges now :)

Your submission has been received and sent to the judges. It will be in put into the Gallery shortly :)
by Beetle125
So I uploaded my entry, the InSight Mars Lander but I see that it hasn't been added to the gallery created by smooresara. I think I did everything right with the admission process have I been disqualified for something?