Forget Mclovin’, Meet JPMacMillan

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Forget Mclovin’, Meet JPMacMillan

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04th june 2012 at 17:09
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If you’re a fan of micro-scale, you’re probably a fan of our latest Rebrick’er of the Week, Jpmacmillan.  Most of the micro-scale MOCs you see on ReBrick are bookmarked by him. You can see the influence of his Californian residency in many of the gorgeous dream houses he creates.

“As a life-long LEGO nut, I grew up building with them and never stopped!” writes Jpmacmillan. “Early in life, LEGO [bricks] offered me a way to express and explore concepts of spatial relations, as well as to construct objects of my dreams. The same still holds true today.”

View this bookmarkIn addition to an obvious interest in Architecture & Buildings, Jpmacmillian also enjoys Space & Sci Fi.

“I love seeing how the shapes and spaces relate,” writes Jpmacmillan. “As a human, I love to create and represent the world I see around. LEGO [bricks] are the timeless medium for my endeavors to do so.”

When he’s not building and bookmarking, you can find Jpmacmillan in Flickr and Twitter. To keep up with his latest MOCs, try subscribing to his RSS Feed.


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by jpmacmillan
Thanks for the writeup, Sara & ReBrick! More microscale on the way =]
by AgentSully78
Nice to get to know the ReBricker behind those lovely mircoscales