What Happened to the Recommended Bookmarks?

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What Happened to the Recommended Bookmarks?

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13rd june 2012 at 08:08
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LEGO Inside Tour 18 2012Don’t worry, the normal stream of Recommended Bookmarks hand-selected by ReBrick editors and curators will return shortly. Today however, we feature builds hand-selected by the 18th LEGO® Inside Tour. If you missed the last time the Inside Tour took over the front page, read all about it in this blog entry, or learn what the LEGO Inside Tour exactly is here.

Inside Tour guests were asked to pick their favorite bookmark from the highest rated bookmarks in each ReBrick category and the votes are in. There were several ties –  a couple guests had a hard time choosing a favorite! First place was tied between Daniel Z’s Phrean and LEGO Anatomy by Jason Freeny. Not to be outdone, second place had three ties: LEGO Pac-man by Matt Wagner, LEGO Pneumatic Head by BruceWayneLEGOToysHanSolo , and Phallus Palace by Rocko (which sadly can’t be included in the Recommended Bookmarks on the front page due to its size).

View all the recommendations on the front page, or check out the list below:

1.  Phrean – A Medieval City
2.  LEGO Anatomy
3.  LEGO Pac-Man
4. LEGO Pneumatic Head
-Phallus Palace (not included on the front page)
5. Mr. Kitty
6.  Deity of the Temple
7.  Bantha –II Cargo Skiff

Do you agree with the Inside Tour’s picks? Voting doesn’t have to be over, be sure to make your favorites from this list by clicking the “like” button or adding any build to your favorites!


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by PeterEsp
Thank you so much guys - it was so much fun talking with you and getting your input!

Hop to see you here on ReBrick!