BADLE0 isn’t so Bad After All

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BADLE0 isn’t so Bad After All

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19th june 2012 at 01:13
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badle0Not many people can say they’ve built an opera house and a moving castle.

However, this week’s ReBrick’er, BADLE0, isn’t like most people.

Leo is a 30-year old AFOL from Hong Kong, and another active member of Legend Bricks. The opera house he built was the famous Sydney Opera House for LEGO mall show at Citiplaza, and his moving castle was of course Howl's moving castle, which he built for the  LEGO Hong Kong official competition.

Leo’s interest in LEGO ® bricks begin in 2007, when he first started collecting LEGO MINIFIGURES and using them in comics strips. In 2009, he was invited to join a LEGO fans exhibition "Bricks Adventure 2010" for medieval house building. He was also involved in Bricks Adventure 2011, where he helped build a castle landscape and a pirate ship.

badle0Leo has also helped build a city – or rebuild. He helped with the 70s verison of The Tsim Sha Tsui City, and handled landscaping and city planning for the 2010 version, put together for “Our Tsim Sha Tsui - Past, Present & Future” exhibition in the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre in Kowloon Park.

You’ll find Leo focusing on medieval builds within the themes of Castle or Kingdom, as he finds  that world to be most diverse and dramatic. However, it’s not all about building for him.

“LEGO bricks most influenced me not about how to build, but how to communicate with people,” explains Leo.  “The process of team work helped develop great friendship with other AFOLs.”

If you haven’t already, you really should follow BADLE0’s RSS feed.


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