A ReBrick’er of Many Tastes

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A ReBrick’er of Many Tastes

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30th july 2012 at 01:11
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If you look at Banny000’s profile on ReBrick, you’ll notice that he bookmarks a lot of Space/Sci Fi MOCs…and flowers.

Clearly a ReBrick’er of diverse tastes and talents, Banny is 40 years young and lives in Macau. He laments that LEGO bricks are making him poorer and poorer, as he keeps buying expensive sets! 

If you can read Chinese, you can look for Banny on the Minifigs.net forums. If you don’t read Chinese or just prefer to focus on his MOCs, you can browse his gallery on Brickshelf. His favorite category on ReBrick is Space & Sci Fi (of course) but you can also find some of his builds in Lifestyle & Home

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