The Sky is the Limit

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The Sky is the Limit

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23rd august 2012 at 14:43
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For this week’s most popular bookmarks, we look to the skies…All of the bookmarks this week have one thing in common: flight. Whether it’s an airplane or dragon, the primary means of transportation for these creations is by air. Such creations really drive home the message that the sky is the limit!

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What’s cooler than a LEGO® airplane? A LEGO airplane with a space shuttle on top of it! TAMUMICK doesn’t provide a lot of information on this build, but if you click through to view further images on Flickr, you can see that this is actually only part of a larger station. Is it any wonder this baby received over 400  views just this week?

Most Commented


I spy with my little eye…a shovel, a pair of binoculars, and…is that a magnifying glass? There is some creative NPU on this ride.  But what people seem to be discussing is the builder, M2COM, who just came over from Flickr. Welcome to ReBrick, M2COM!  Hopefully we’ll get to feature more of your bookmarks in the time to come.

Highest Rated


With the release of The Hobbit film just around the corner, die-hard Tolkien fans (like Moi) are more than a little curious to see how Smaug will be portrayed. This version of him seems to be quite popular amongst fans on ReBrick, making it to the top of the highest rated list in no time at all. I wonder if Smaug knows most of his treasure is just gold foil?

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