Spotlight on: "Octopus Escape!"

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Spotlight on: "Octopus Escape!"

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31st august 2012 at 15:20
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This is the third and final part in a series of posts highlighting the winners of our summer building contest, which ended last month. Today we feature the third place winner, Octopus Escape! by Sixf00t4, Josh. If you haven’t already, be sure to read the blog articles highlighting the first and second place winners as well.

Octopus Escape!

“One of the biggest obstacles I ran into with this build was time, “explains Josh. “I found out about the contest a week before the submission deadline, so that meant I didn’t have time to get more or specific parts, and since I was leaving for vacation in 3 days, I had to get something in quickly!”

Despite this time crunch, Josh put a lot of thought into the design.

“I had just picked up a couple sets that included the tentacle parts, so they were fresh in my mind and that gave me a scale to work on,” Josh continues.  “From online videos I’ve seen, I’ve been so fascinated with how smart octopuses are.  They love puzzles.  There’s a bunch of videos out there with them unscrewing containers to get to food, or even opening up their aquarium lids to get into adjacent aquariums with food!”
Octopus Escape second view

“Because I had black tentacles, the model first turned out very scary, especially against an all-black aquarium.  With some help from my wife, I redid the aquarium in red and posed the octopus in a way that made it look like it was climbing out and reaching out to the camera.  From start to finish, I probably spent 5 to 6 hours on design, build, and presentation.”

Josh knew how to promote his build.  Since he had recently won another local competition with his Cathedral of Learning Model, he knew who to reach out to. The members of PennLUG were more than happy to help, and Josh also leveraged his influence on the different online forums where he’s a member. Of course, there was also a host of friends and co-workers encouraged to go and vote.

Josh won third place in the contest with 94 likes on July 16th. As his prize, Josh won a Life of George set (21200) - LEGO® Bricks for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/ Android devices with an extra George figurine signed by the designer Cynthia Bodin. 

About the Builder
Josh has only been on ReBrick since June, although he quickly has made a name for himself. You can check out his other builds on Flickr or his blog, or by following his RSS feed.


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