NASA’s Missions Winners

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NASA’s Missions Winners

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03rd september 2013 at 15:27
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After much review and consideration, our judges have tallied the results of the NASA’s Missions: Imagine and Build Competition. All in all we have five lucky winners!

Imagine the Future Beyond Earth

Grand Prize Winner: Hoshpup’s Sunbeam

This was the creation most admired by LEGO® designers Raphaël Pierre Roger Pretesacque, Frédéric Roland Andre and the NASA judges Tony Springer (NASA Aeronautics Subject Matter Expert), and Leland Melvin (former NASA Astronaut).

As his prize, Hoshpup will receive the 21101 LEGO CUUSOO Hayabusa set, signed by the LEGO designer Melody Louise Caddick and the 21104 LEGO CUUSOO Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover when it’s available in early 2014. He’ll also get a collection of NASA Memorabilia including a including a personalized signed lithograph of Leland Melvin. Help congratulate Hoshpup!

Runner Ups:

Epic185’s LEGO Asteroid Initiative

And VoyagerAdastra’s Oracom

Both of these builders will receive the 21101 LEGO CUUSOO Hayabusa set and a collection of NASA Memorabilia including a including a personalized signed lithograph of Leland Melvin. Nice work guys!


Inventing the Future of Flight

All Ages Winner: Claessundstrom’s Hydrogen Powered Regional Airliner and accompanying paper


This creation was selected by NASA judges Leland Melvin, Tony Springer, and LEGO judges Tormod Askildsen, Senior Director of Community, and Designer Lee Magpili.

“Here is an example of our more modern design in flight, with true smooth lines and aerodynamic curves.  The builder here did an excellent job in making a radical wing design.  We can see this type of plane flying through our skies in the near future. We believe that the builder truly understands what it takes to build such a plane with the amount of work it takes to place such protective panels as seen before in the space shuttles.”

-Lee Magpili and Tormod Askildsen


Young Builder Winner: Wnodvik’s FE-400 Fishing Eagle and accompanying paper

“We were really impressed by the level of detail and thought in this model.  We could easily see the VTOL engines noted and the pontoons for landing and water storage.  The length and shape of the wings were cleverly and beautifully designed with nature in mind.”

-Lee Magpili and Tormod Askildsen

Both winners will receive a LEGO Trophy, a collection of commemorative NASA memorabilia, and the opportunity for a virtual presentation of their project to the NASA judges.

Thank you everyone who took part, here on the ReBrick Team we were very impressed by the enthusiasm this competition brought from fans and those who hadn’t build with LEGO bricks in years.

We’ll be publishing interviews with the winners shortly to give a detailed look at these winning creations. Stay tuned for further competitions!



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