Zombies Have Taken Over the LEGO® YouTube Channel!

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Zombies Have Taken Over the LEGO® YouTube Channel!

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23rd october 2012 at 11:41
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Have you checked out the Official LEGO YouTube Channel today? It might look somewhat familiar to you. That’s because ReBrick’er MonsieurCaron’s video is currently being featured on the main stage!

MonsieurCaron created his video, “The Zombies” for our ReBrick Flick Halloween Competition – and, if you haven’t heard about that, you haven’t been paying attention. This contest invites users to create a video using LEGO elements with the theme, “spooky fun” before October 29th. One lucky winner will receive a 10228 LEGO® Monster Fighters Haunted House signed by LEGO designer Adam Grabowski and a LEGO® Monster Fighters Exclusive Grab Bag. Two users will have their videos featured on the Official LEGO YouTube Channel.

In MonsieurCaron’s video, Jack McHammer ventures into a spooky graveyard to obtain the Zombie Moonstone. Of course, that moonstone is being guarded by, you guessed it, zombies. Luckily Jack has brought enough hammers to deal with this threat.

This video was chosen based on the quality of its design and storyline. If you like the video, don’t forget to “like” it, to help MonsieurCaron out in the contest!

MonsieurCaron is the first of the two users to be featured on the LEGO YouTube channel. Another video will be featured Friday, October 26th. Be sure to check back then to see who it will be! For now, check out MonsieurCaron’s video.

Note: being featured on the YouTube channel does not guarantee being in the semi-final or winning the challenge.


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