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Making History

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26th october 2012 at 09:22
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Today marks a very important day in ReBrick history…today we feature the very first female ReBrick’er of the Week, LEGOGIRL-24.

You might know LEGOGIRL-24 better from her blog, Worldofminifigs. If not, if you haven’t figured it out from the blog name, LEGOGIRL-24’s focus is on LEGO Minifigures.

“I've played with LEGO® for as long as I can remember, having to share my older brother's, so in one way or another LEGO [bricks] has been a part of my life,” She explains. “Perhaps they helped develop my practical skills as well as problem solving skills which are an inherent part of me as a person. They have certainly influenced my photography project this year.”

You can see evidence of this influence in the titles of LEGOGIRL-24’s bookmarks: most are numbered by weeks. This is because she decided to do a spin off a 365 project, in which she took a new photo every week.

“I wanted to have a theme for [the project] rather than just random photos from day to day.” She states.

“I quickly hit upon using LEGO Minifigures for my theme, as I have always loved playing with LEGO [bricks] and I've seen some other great LEGO [product] themed photography in the past.”

And the Forrest Gump Bookmark featured in this post started it all.

“[The photo] was for an entry into a photography contest where you got given the topic, in this case, film titles, and you had one hour in which to photograph your interpretation of the theme,” she explains.

“This was my effort, and I was pretty pleased I managed to not only find the right pieces, build it and photograph it and have it uploaded within an hour!”

Of course, she only has limited access to bricks for building and photographing, since her children normally use all the bricks for their own creations.

“LEGO [bricks] will always be a big part of my life, and now my kids play with it too, it's enjoyment and inspiration is being passed on to another generation.” She concludes. “Who knows, perhaps they might be the next big architects or engineers of our time and it may well be the humble LEGO brick that inspired them as much as it has for me in one way or another.”

  When she’s not taking pictures, you can follow LEGOGIRL-24 on Twitter, or just follow her on ReBrick to see her latest bookmarks.


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