1. About ReBrick

1.1. What is ReBrick?

ReBrick is a social bookmarking platform where teen and adult users can share and discuss user-created LEGO content online. All you need to do is submit a link to get started. Since ReBrick is still in beta, you may find some rough edges when browsing content, please be patient with us!

1.2. Why is The LEGO Group providing this site?

There are millions of articles, videos and photos featuring LEGO elements on the web, and more show up every day. Clearly, LEGO fans are already out there sharing and chatting away big time.

Sadly, this activity is fragmented. LEGO fans have to visit a lot of places to satisfy their curiosity and keep up with the latest conversations. ReBrick acts as a hub, gathering the most interesting, off-the-wall and astonishing creations in one place so that fans everywhere can join the conversation.

Finding one cool piece is inspiring; finding thousands is awe-inspiring. That is the inspiration behind ReBrick.

2. Getting started

2.1. Where can I upload my image or video?

You cannot upload content to ReBrick. ReBrick is a social bookmarking community, which means instead of uploading photos or videos directly, you “bookmark” the URL of images or videos posted on other websites. This allows you to share your creations or those of others with the wider audience on ReBrick, thus creating a hub for great LEGO models.

2.2. How do I bookmark content?

There are three ways to capture a link to the site (we call it ‘bookmarking’):

1: The easiest way to capture content is to install the bookmarklet button in your browser's toolbar. When you see an image or video you want to bookmark on an external page, simply click the bookmarklet button. A new window or tab will open and you can bookmark the content to Rebrick.

Firefox, Safari and Chrome: Drag the blue "ReBrick it" link below to your browser’s toolbar. See gif-tutorial below.
Internet Explorer: Right-click on the blue "ReBrick it" link below - choose 'add to favorites' on the list.

Rebrick it!

Please note: you have to be logged in to use the bookmarklet button.

2: Another easy way to bookmark content on ReBrick is just to click the “add bookmark” button on the front page. Just add the URL you wish to bookmark and follow the steps to add it to ReBrick in 3 easy steps!

3: One final way to bookmark content is to use the “Add Bookmarks” box on the front page of ReBrick.

2.3. Where has my content gone?

Can’t find your bookmark?

First, make sure you’re logged in. Click on the ‘My Page’ button in the website menu bar (upper right corner). On your page, you can see everything you’ve captured under the heading ‘My Bookmarks’.

If ‘My Bookmarks’ is empty (and you’re sure you've bookmarked something) please try again - we might experience minor bugs and glitches while still in beta.

2.4. Wait, I can't I see my bookmark when I'm logged out!

All new bookmarks on ReBrick must be reviewed by the ReBrick team. If you can’t view your bookmark when you sign out of your account, it could be that the team hasn’t yet had a chance to review your bookmark.  This moderation process usually doesn't take more than a day or two; however, some bookmarks are set to only be visible when you're signed in because they are not appropriate for all ages This is our way of keeping the community safe for browsing, as anyone can browse ReBrick, but you must be a teen or adult to create an account.

2.5. What is a Report?

Reports are a way you can help moderate the community. If you see a piece of content, a person or a comment that is violating our Terms & Conditions please send a report to the ReBrick team.

On bookmarks, profiles and comments, there is a report button with a flag on the side. Clicking on this button opens a pop-up window where you can choose a reason why you think the content should be removed. Click ‘send’ and you’re done!

Your report will be sent to an admin at ReBrick, who will decide what to do about it. At no point during this process will your identity be revealed to the owner of the reported content.  

3. Account

3.1. Do I need a user profile to use ReBrick?

You don’t need a profile to browse through most content on ReBrick, but some content can only be viewed by users holding a ReBrick account. You need a user profile in order to share, comment, like or save your favorite content, plus you will be able to find much more content when you are logged in on ReBrick.

3.2. How do I create a user profile?

Click the “sign up” button at the upper right corner of the website. Create a LEGO ID by filling out your information, then add the additional information we ask for to add a ReBrick account. A LEGO ID can be used across all online LEGO applications: from message boards and games on LEGO.com to the VIP Program and other online LEGO shop services. Please note: you have to be an adult  or teen to create a ReBrick account.

3.3. I have created an account but cannot log in.

Please contact our customer service and we’ll help find the source of the problem.

3.4. How do I change my password?

On ReBrick we use the LEGO ID Application. To change your password you have to go to LEGO.com. If you're logged in to ReBrick you will already be logged in to you LEGO ID on LEGO.com. In the right hand corner push the 'Edit Profile' link and change your password.

Please note: When changing you LEGO ID password, the password will be changed throughout all LEGO ID services: message boards and games on LEGO.com as well as the password for the online LEGO shop.

3.5. How do I change my profile picture?

Go to your personal profile page on ReBrick by clicking on you name on the upper right corner of the site. On your profile, hit the ‘edit profile’ button under you profile picture. Now your profile is shown in edit mode and you can change the profile picture by clicking the red button under the picture. Choose one of the LEGO Minifigures® or upload your own photo. Push ‘save’ and your new profile picture can be admired by the other users on ReBrick.

3.6. How do I edit the description in my user profile?

Go to your personal profile page on ReBrick by clicking on your name on the upper right corner of the site. Hit the ‘edit profile’ button under you profile picture. Now your profile is shown in edit mode and you can edit the description by writing in the edit field next to your profile picture. When you’ve written some golden words about yourself, click the red ‘save changes’ button.

3.7. I forgot my password, how do I recover it?

Push the ‘sign in’ button at the upper right hand side on any page of the website, a LEGO ID box will pop up. Write your username and follow the link under the “forgot your password” text in the pop up window. Within a few minutes you will receive an email with a new password. Follow the instructions in the email to login.  

Note: Once you have requested a new password it is not possible to log on to your profile with the old password.

3.8. I forgot my username, how do I recover it?

Push the sign in button at the upper right hand side on any page of the website.

A LEGO ID box will pop up. Click the ‘Forgot your username?’ link and follow the instructions in the pop up window. Within a few minutes you will receive an email with the username we have registered with that email. Follow the instructions in the email to login.

3.9. Is it OK to have more than one account on ReBrick?

 If you have a couple of accounts that focus on very different aspects of LEGO products, that’s OK. However, please don’t use multiple accounts to capture the same content or troll the site. That would be against the spirit of our community and could result in your accounts being banned.

3.10. How can I change my LEGO ID information?

Sign in to LEGO ID and click on the ‘Edit Profile’ link on the top right side of any page on LEGO.com. This will take you to your administration page, where you can update your information. Note: You will not be able to change your date of birth or gender.

3.11. Why is my account inactivated?

There are two reasons why your account could be inactivated:

1) You have inactivated your account yourself by pushing the ‘inactivate profile’ link on your personal profile page.

To reactivate, login with your LEGO ID and go to your profile by clicking your name in the upper right corner of the site. Push the ‘edit profile’ button located under your profile picture. Reactivate your profile by clicking the ‘Reactivate profile’ link located under the profile picture.

2) The other reason why your account is activated could be that your profile has been reported by other users or a moderator, and your account is now being reviewed by the Super Editor. Please check your email inbox to see if you have received any notifications from the editorial team. This email with contain information about next steps.

3.12. How do I close my ReBrick account?

If you wish to terminate your account on ReBrick, go to your user profile and click the ‘edit profile’ button. From here, just click the ‘inactivate profile’ link.

When you have inactivated your profile, your information, bookmarks and comments will be saved, but your username will not be linked to the content.

You can reactivate your profile any time you want and your information will be restored to your account.

3.13. Where is the log out button?

When you are logged on to ReBrick you can log out by clicking the white button on the upper right side of the site. Come back again soon!

4. Community


4.1. How do I search for a user on ReBrick?

To search for a user all you have to do is write their username or some parts of their username in the search field located at the very top of the site. You can also search for keywords like “TECHNIC” or “Star Wars” if you are looking for a user with these interests.

The search results will first show bookmarks, to find a user you have to click on the tab names ‘user’ located in the right hand box next the search result.

4.2. How do I follow someone on ReBrick?

If you want to follow a user all you have to do is go to the user’s profile page. In the top box on the left side of the profile, you can see a ‘Follow this user’ button. If you are already following the user, the text will have changed to ‘Unfollow this user’.  Keep in mind that people you follow don't have to follow you back.

4.3. How do I find out which users are following me?

Go to your profile by clicking your name on the upper right corner of the site. On your profile, you’ll see a box you in the bottom right. Here you can see the people you follow, the users who follow you and some suggestions of interesting users who you might want to follow. Click the tabs on the top of the box to navigate through these options.

4.4. How can I stop following a user (unfollow)?

, Go to your profile on ReBrick by clicking on you name on the upper right corner of the site. At the bottom of your profile you should see a box displaying users you follow. Just click the ‘remove user’ link beside the user you’d like to unfollow.

4.5. How do I report an abusive user?

There’s no room for abusive behavior in our community. Hit the ‘Report User’ button on the user’s profile immediately if you witness any abuse, and we’ll deal with it straight away.

4.6. How do I link my ReBrick account to Facebook or Twitter?

On every bookmark, there are a variety of social media buttons which you can use to share any piece of content on ReBrick. Just click one or more of these icons and follow the directions to share a bookmark with your friends and followers.

4.7. Can other users see that I have looked at their profile?

No. ReBrick does not provide functionality where a user can see who has been visiting his/her profile.

4.8. What is a curator?

A curator is a user who has been upgraded to the next level. Curators moderate the site and make sure that nobody is violating the Terms & Conditions of ReBrick. A curator also controls what content is available to users without accounts and can set the recommend content for the front page.

4.9. Can I make my profile and activity private?

No. Your contributions to ReBrick are important to the community, your bookmarks and favorites will inspire other users on ReBrick. This is why your profile is open for everyone to see.

5. Content


5.1. Is there a difference between the word content and the word bookmark?

No, not on ReBrick. The editorial team uses both words  for variety. 

5.2. What content is welcome on ReBrick, and what is not?

ReBrick is about sharing all the cool and inspiring stuff out there created with any LEGO product. If it’s not a LEGO product, please don’t bookmark it here.

Please read the Terms & Conditions and House Rules if you aren’t sure about a particular bookmark 

5.3. How do I edit or delete content?

You can’t really edit the content you capture on ReBrick – it might belong to someone else (the builder). You can be creative with your description though, and encourage people to make comments. You description, Category and free-tags can be edited up to 10 minutes after you have bookmarked the content.

Once you have captured and published an item on ReBrick, it’s in the public domain.

5.4. How do I share content?

Sharing awesome content is what ReBrick is all about, that’s why it’s so easy. When you capture an image or video, choose a few tags that will help people find it. And if your bookmark inspires an admin, your new bookmark will appear in the ‘Related Bookmarks’ section on the front page. 

5.5. What's the best way to find interesting stuff?

The content captured on ReBrick is organized into ‘Categories’ (existing categories defined by editors) and ‘Free Tags’ (categories created by users on ReBrick).

If you start at the front page, you’ll see the most recent, most-viewed and top-rated bookmarks along with up to 6 featured items chosen by our curators.

Also check out the ‘Categories’ section in the navigation menu, or subscribe to one of our RSS feeds.

5.8. What does the “like” button mean?

The like button is an easy way to let other users know that you like the content they have bookmarked or a comment they have made.

5.9 What is a Gallery?

ReBrick Gallery is a way to organize and view bookmarks online:

  1. Instead of saving inspirational images from Brickshelf, Flickr and Mocpages in a folder on your computer, you can now add them to a Gallery on ReBrick!
  2. Find the best creations from the web and curate your own collections. Make an artistic Gallery with Street Art, Steam Punk or whatever your heart desires and share them with the community.
  3. Make your own portfolio of creations and add a slideshow widget to your blog.

5.10 How do I add my own bookmarks to a Gallery?

In the navigation menu click on ‘Add Gallery’. You’ll get a pop-up box displaying all current bookmarks in your stash (this includes bookmarks you’ve added and bookmarks someone else bookmarked that you’ve added to your stash). When you’ve picked all the bookmarks you want to feature in the Gallery, push the “add” button. Now you can make a title and a short description. Remember to crop the cover image by pushing the large image on the left hand side next to title and description. Lastly, push the publish button.

5.11 How do I add a new bookmark to a Gallery?

Add a new bookmark to a Gallery by using the bookmarklet button or the ‘addbookmark’ page.  Type/ copy in the URL and grab the image as usual. Below the description and tagging boxes, you’ll see options to add the bookmark to an existing Gallery or to create a new Gallery.   

5.12 How do I add something someone else bookmarked to one of my Galleries?

You can add any bookmark from ReBrick to a Gallery. On the bookmark detail page, pick ‘add to my Gallery’ on the right side of an image or under a video.

5.13 Where can I see my own Galleries?

When you’ve made a Gallery, you can access it from your Profile. Just choose the Tab ‘My Galleries”.

5.14 How can I edit my Gallery?

  1. Open your Gallery via your Profile
  2. Click on the arrow on the right side of the Gallery title
  3. Choose ‘edit’ in the fold-down menu

Here you can hover over the images in your Gallery for more options. In the top right corner is your Gallery’s cover photo, which you can crop by clicking on it.

5. 15 How do I get an easy overview of the bookmark in my Gallery?

You can choose to view your Gallery as a slideshow or in a grid view. In the upper right hand corner there are two icons, select the white one to change the way you’re currently viewing your Gallery.

5.16 How can I search for a Gallery?

Uuuhm, well. Currently it’s not possible to use the search for Galleries (this may change in the future).

So to find Gallery, you need to visit someone’s Profile; or visit bookmark detail page to find a list of Galleries in which the bookmark appears

5.17 How can I share a Gallery I made?

Just push the share buttons when browsing the Gallery. They are located in the left corner of a page. 

It’s also possible to add a widget to your blog or website. The widget is similar to a YouTube widget, and measures 400x 385 px. Eventually it will be scalable/ customizable!

5.18 What are RSS Feeds?

RSS feeds automatically publishing updated works on an RSS reader or aggregator. You can subscribe to an RSS feed on ReBrick by following the steps below:

In Internet Explorer: 

1) Select the RSS feed icon in the toolbar.
2) Pick a feed (you can only subscribe to one feed at a time).
3) Pick an RSS reader for the feed (Outlook, Live Bookmarks, Google Reader, Yahoo!, etc).
4) Choose ‘Subscribe Now’.

In Firefox:

1) Select the ‘Bookmarks’ button on the toolbar in the upper left.
2) Click ‘Subscribe to RSS Feed’.
3) Pick a feed you (you can only subscribe to one feed at a time).
4) Click an RSS reader for the feed (Outlook, Live Bookmarks, Google Reader, Yahoo!, etc).
5) Choose ‘Subscribe Now’.

In Chrome:

1) To subscribe to RSS feeds in Chrome, you have to finish install this add-on (just click ‘Add to Chrome’ at the top).
2) A button will appear in the upper right of the URL bar, click it.
3) Click a feed you (you can only subscribe to one feed at a time).
4) Click an RSS reader for the feed (Outlook, Live Bookmarks, Google Reader, Yahoo!, etc).
5) Choose ‘Subscribe Now’.

You can also subscribe to a user's RSS feed by navigating to their profile and choosing their name from the list of available RSS feeds. 

5.19 What is "Author"?

Author is the original creator of the content. It is the person who has uploaded the content. Currently our grabber can retrieve this information from MOCPages, Brickshelf, YouTube and Flickr. Unfortunately we cannot grab this data from all sites but we continuously improve our grabber.

5.20 Will The LEGO Group use content from ReBrick as marketing material? 

Bookmarking content to ReBrick doesn't mean that the LEGO Group has the right to use the image or video. Not for marketing material or in any other form. The ReBrick Team has on several occasions reached out to the creator of a MOC and asked them if their creation could be used for marketing material. But we always ask permission to use the content and we always ask the original creator of the content, since the person bookmarking content can be someone else than original creator of the creation.

The LEGO Group will not produce any creations you have bookmarked to ReBrick. Please go to LEGO CUUSOO if you are interested in having your creation made into a product.


6.1. How do I make a comment to a bookmark?

There are two ways to comment on a piece of content:

1) Next to the image or video, there is a small ‘add comment’ link. Clicking this will cause a box to pop up, where you can write your comment.

2) Under the image or video there is a box with the headline ‘comments’. If other users have commented, scroll down to the last comment. Here you find a button with the word ‘comment’. When you push this button a box will pop up, where you can add to the discussion.

6.2. How can I delete comments?

Once you’ve written a comment, it becomes part of the conversation on ReBrick. There’s no delete button, so make sure you’re happy with your comment before you submit it. If someone is being abusive in the comments, please let us know by hitting the ‘report’ link below the comment.

6.3. Are users allowed to change the titles of bookmarks?

No. When you bookmark a piece of content to ReBrick, it has been uploaded by the content owner to another site. The content owner chose the name for the piece of content. ReBrick users cannot edit the original title.

6.4. When I submit my link it says it’s already been submitted. Why doesn’t it submitting?

To avoid duplicate content, we do not allow users to submit exact URLs. It’s possible you’re submitting a link that has already been bookmarked. You may be submitting the basic URL rather than not a specific page. Please submit the most direct link to your content to ensure accuracy.

6.5. Why do I get an error when I try to submit an “https://” link?

Links with an “https://” in the URL use a secure connection, and because of this, it is not possible to bookmark links from an https address. Try removing the “s” from the “https://” to see if the page still displays properly, then you may be able to submit the bookmark.

6.6. Is it ok to submit a bookmark twice?

It is not OK to submit a piece of content twice. If you try to bookmark a link that has already been bookmarked, you’ll receive an error letting you know that the bookmark is a duplicate.  However, since many pieces of content appear on several websites, it is possible to share the same image or video from different websites.  

If you come across a duplicate bookmark – please use the report button and let the editorial team know.

6.7. How can I report an offensive comment?

To notify the editorial team of an offensive or abusive comment, just click the ‘report’ button beneath the comment. Please provide us with information about why you think the comment is violating our site rules. The team will take a look at your input and determine whether the comment should be removed or stay visible.

7. Search and tags

7.1. How do I search for a piece of content?

At the top of the page you’ll find a simple search bar you can use to search for users or bookmarks. Just type in the keywords you’re looking for and click ‘search’.

On the search results page, you can narrow your search down even more by picking a category on the list on the right side of the site. You can also search for the most recent or highest-rated content in the results by clicking the tabs.

7.2. What are categories and tags?

Categories are used to organize the content on ReBrick. Each category has several tags, so you can browse specific sections. These categories and tags are defined by the ReBrick team.

7.3. How do I add a free tag?

When you bookmark a link to the site you will follow three simple steps for submission. The third step offers you to add your own words or tags to the bookmark.

When you start writing the tags, a list of suggestions will appear. If the word you want to add is on this list, just click it to add it to your bookmark’s tags. If the word has not been added to the list yet, simply hit enter after the word, or separate your free tags with commas.

8. Technical issues

8.1. Is there a mobile version of ReBrick?

Not yet! But you can still use ReBrick on your mobile phone or tablet.

8.2. Are there any new features coming up on ReBrick?

We are at the drawing board all the time at the moment, so if you have any ideas for a new feature, or for making a feature work more intuitively, please let us know.

9. Contact

9.1. Where can I find other resources for adult fans offered by the LEGO Group?

You can follow ReBrick and the LEGO Group on the following channels:

Follow @_ReBrick on Twitter    

9.2. What if I have a question you don't list here?

Ask us! You’re always welcome to contact us and let us know what’s on your mind. Just go to the Customer Service Portal on LEGO.com