House Rules

House Rules

ReBrick is about sharing and enjoying all the great LEGO® content out there – it’s a place where you can browse through the amazing things that people create with the LEGO brick, and share your favorite creations with others.

ReBrick is a social media platform for adults. If you’re not an adult, please visit to share your creations.

Help us keep a fun and respectful atmosphere with a focus on inspirational creations made with LEGO elements. To make sure that everyone has a good time, we have made a few common sense house rules:

Be respectful.

Engage in the conversation and support other users by commenting, giving a thumb up, following and favoriting.  Don’t be offensive, creepy, abusive, humiliating or intimidating and don’t harass or impersonate others. Even if it’s not offensive to you, it might be to other people. This site is all about fascinating creations that can inspire people. Please don’t bore the brains out of other users by posting irrelevant content or comments.

Nobody likes spam.

For the sake of everyone: don’t be deliberately disruptive and don’t create misleading descriptions or free-tags. Don’t use ReBrick to sell stuff; commercial or advertising content is not ok.

Play nice.

Let everybody enjoy these cool LEGO brick creations in a good, clean environment. Don’t bookmark bad stuff: no content related to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex; or any kind of content containing realistic or extreme violence, or content intended to shock or disgust. ReBrick is not the venue for preaching or glorifying your political or religious views.  Content of any political or religious nature will be removed along with content that is not related to LEGO products.

Keep it legal.

You are more than welcome to bookmark other people’s work that you think is great or want to share with the world, but don’t claim to be the creator of a piece of work if you didn’t create it. Nobody likes that guy – so don’t be that guy! Don’t bookmark illegal content, misleading or violates anyone’s intellectual property rights.

We reserve the right to remove any content that is in violation of the guidelines. Repeated violations of the House Rules will result in a ban from ReBrick.

For more information, please visit ReBrick Terms & Conditions.

Remember: Have fun and enjoy the great creations, all made with LEGO elements, on ReBrick.