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  • DinoBus for ReBrick LEGO Movie contest by forthofer
    4,655 Times Viewed
  • Here Are My Pants! - Lord Business' Evil Lair 70809 Redesign by Imagination8
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  • Rebrick Lego Movie Entry - Beaver Outpost by kbrick2001
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  • Lego: EV3ized Dolphin Cruiser (41015) by -Vuurzoon-
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  • Garbage Man by dmp285
    3,247 Times Viewed
  • rebuilt (front) by boxyman123
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  • Lego ReBrick Competition: Garbage Mech. by hoshpup
    1,370 Times Viewed
  • The LEGO Movie ReBrick Competition Entry by bodville
    4,997 Times Viewed
  • Lego ReBrick Competition: Samurai Mech by hoshpup
    1,324 Times Viewed
  • Gorgy wants a Horse by Keladin
    3,964 Times Viewed
  • Lego Movie Competition by fremanga
    1,699 Times Viewed
  • Lego ReBrick Competition: Mars Mission Crash Landing by hoshpup
    1,728 Times Viewed
  • JEEV3S - a LEGO Mindstorms "Sticker-Into-Flyer-Robot" by SmooreSara
    3,128 Times Viewed
  • Super Cycle Chase Alternate Build by petecorp
    959 Times Viewed
  • Creative Campers (ReBrick LEGO Movie Contest Entry #2) by repellingspi..
    1,492 Times Viewed
  • SORT3R, a MINDSTORMS EV3 brick sorter (updated video) by philoo
    3,642 Times Viewed
  • Build-a-Base (ReBrick LEGO Movie Contest Entry) by repellingspi..
    1,699 Times Viewed