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  • Dragonosaurus by woo224
    252 Times Viewed
  • Mr. Rebrick is ready for his next adventure by ceshiirie
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  • Despicable Me 2 Minion's (dark purple) by oLaF_LM
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  • Druids cottage by oLaF_LM
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  • Brickworld: Chicago 2013 by SmooreSara
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  • Erebor Gold by Angeli_I
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  • MindCub3r featuring LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 by IAsemble
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  • Be The Special Entry: Steampunk Dinosaur by blueberrybri..
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  • Trouble Brewing... by imafilmfan
    618 Times Viewed
  • Lego-Turntables-4 by luis.pedro
    483 Times Viewed
  • Hobbiton4 - ECCC by Fraslund
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  • Leaky Faucet by BannY000
    306 Times Viewed
  • Commission - 221b Baker Street by brucey-wan
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  • Evil Mr. Gold - a BrickFilm by MonsieurCaron by TimCourtney
    647 Times Viewed
  • PIRATE FISH (ReBrick Film Competition) by akooberz
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  • Monsters by oLaF_LM
    353 Times Viewed
  • Animated Series Batmobile by nickminifig
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