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Creations for Charity now accepting donations for the 2014 fundraiser The 6th annual Creations for Charity fundraiser is now accepting donations of custom Lego creations to sell and raise money to buy Lego for underprivileged children. The store opens from October 15th to November 30th where you can buy one-of-a-kind Lego models made by builders from around the world. Check out the awesome creations sold Continue reading → Link
A sacred shrine for sacred knowledge This pagoda built by me will be displayed at Brickcon this week. I wanted to depict a subject of Chinese architecture not often seen in Lego. The pagoda is modeled after the Big Goose Pagoda from my hometown of Xi’an, China. Link
Making a mountain out of a mole hill Not content with just one study in triangular architecture, TBB regular Ian Spacek (who I secretly hope pronounces his surname “space-kay”) created this ingenious LEGO explanation for the creation of the pyramids, as his latest entry in the 2014 MOCOlympics. Spoiler alert: They were naturally occurring, but covered in sand! Link
You have arrived at your destination Every new Apple product has it’s (well publicized) teething problems. While my older iPhone has remained un-bent, no matter how many times I put it in my industrial jaw vice, it still to this day enjoys sending me either 1 mile North or South of my intended destination. And Brick Vader clearly knows what I’m Continue reading → Link
Ring ring ring This antique telephone by Lee Young (edguy20) captures the ornate decorations that adorned such devices back in the day. However, it’s still quite a ways from the bending technology of the modern phone. Link