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Rock you like a Hurricane Tim Schwalf brings us the Hurricane Battlecruiser, a 155 stud behemoth made of equal parts smooth paneling and fantastic greebling. The smaller fighters and overall presentation kick the whole thing up to 11. And if you’re beginning to see a trend in our coverage this month, head on over to the SHIPtember group to see Continue reading → Link
The Tumbler LEGO Set Review (76023) We recently received a copy of LEGO’s exclusive addition to their Superhero line, The Tumbler. Official piece count is listed as 1869 elements. The actual model measures nearly 16 inches long, over 9 inches wide, over 5 inches high and weighs in at just over 4 and half pounds. The thing is huge! It currently Continue reading → Link
Time to gear up This set of mecha triplets by Izzo Yossi features a set of corresponding equipment including an aerial suit, a quadruped walker and a tank. They all look capable of dishing out a serious beating, but which one is your favorite? Link
Unidentified Friendly Object A strange alien species deserves a suitably strange and alien-looking space craft. So this star fighter by Tyler Sky is the logical runabout for those mysterious and unfathomable creatures, the LEGO Friends. And it goes great with Tyler’s Friends roadster! Link
Lego ‘SA-19 Grison’ Tunguska 9K22/2S6 Andy Baumgart (D-Town Cracka) is a master of military models, and this realistic 9K22 Tunguska Tracked Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft system is just proof of that. This new model is a redesign of an earlier version, and it’s interesting to note the differences between the two. Link