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Hi, I'm just a FFOL (Female Fan of LEGO). :) Haven't been building too much lately, hopefully that will change!!!
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Classic Space with a cup of Lava I’m a big fan of collaborative builds, there’s nothing like working with fellow builders in creating something bigger than yourself. And at Brick Expo down in Australia, three builders: Josh (I Scream Clone), Rod (intrastella), and Mark (Bricktron) came together and created a classic space layout that is just out of this world: Not ones Continue reading → Link
The Temple of Mithras Dan Harris (macsen_wledig) has built a temple with this magnificent mosaic as the center point. He’s also provided interesting history related to the obscure Roman god whose temple he chose to build. Make sure you check out the full gallery to take in the lighting effects, as well as his other Roman builds. Link
Merlin’s Beard: A new LEGO Castle site There is a new hangout for Medieval-Minded among us! Merlin’s Beard was started earlier this year and it is doing quite well. If you are at all interested in the ‘Castle’ genre, historical or fantastical, you really should check it out. There is a lot going on over there, from challenges and tournaments to convention-planning Continue reading → Link
1:16 scale LEGO locomotive is over a meter long Better known for super-accurate scale model motorcycles and trucks, Dutch builder Bricksonwheels has decided to try his hand at a train. And not surprisingly, the result is spectacular – and also huge! At 1.31m in length, this model EMD SD40-2 freight locomotive required months of building and approximately 20,000 bricks to complete. It was built Continue reading → Link