About me: Jacob_Sparre_Andersen
I mostly build contemporary models; houses, trains, cars, animals, etc. Sometimes I work from a specific real-world construction, but most of the time I make more generic models.

A selection of my creations from the last 17 years or so can be found at http://lego.sparre-andersen.dk/

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    • Jacobs julekalender - 9. december 2007 by Jacob_Sparre..
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    • Jacobs julekalender - 10. december 2007 by Jacob_Sparre..
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A. Lemur does BrickCon Hey Folks! It’s the Lemur here. Just got back to the compound after a great weekend in Seattle, at BrickCon. There were lots of tasty creations there and I was able to get my paws on all kinds of cool swag. Caylin let me check out everything on the condition that I not break anything Continue reading → Link
1966 Batmobile Let’s go a little old school for this classic Batmobile by Peter. It’s clean, simple, and very recognizable. I love the red strip and the massive fins on the back. It’s such and impractical car and I love it. The flames out the back just give it that extra kitschy feel. Link
The LEGO Tree-house of your childhood fantasies Tree-houses are fantastic. LEGO is a fantastic toy. oLaF LM has combined them brilliantly, building a LEGO tree-house into a bonzai tree. The result is whimsical. The real tree aside, this little house is a ton of fun. There’s quite a bit of detail backed into this two-story childhood fantasy. I do have to wonder Continue reading → Link
Cruising with Green T – 1923 Ford Model T Have you ever just wanted to hop into a hot rod and take off down the highway? Personally, I’d go for Highway 101 as it’s a favorite of mine, but any stretch of road will do. Norton74 give us this absolutely lovely bright green 1923 Ford Model T, complete with all of the upgrades and Continue reading → Link
LEGO Nexo Knights officially unveiled [News] Today at the New York Comic Con, LEGO officially pulled the curtain from their newest line, Nexo Knights. A cross between Space and Castle, Nexo Knights features knights in robotic power armor riding mechanical hovering horses and driving giant vehicles. The Nexo Knights theme will be accompanied by a companion app titled Merlok 2.0, as Continue reading → Link