About me: Jacob_Sparre_Andersen
I mostly build contemporary models; houses, trains, cars, animals, etc. Sometimes I work from a specific real-world construction, but most of the time I make more generic models.

A selection of my creations from the last 17 years or so can be found at http://lego.sparre-andersen.dk/

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    • Galley - Jacob's LEGO by Jacob_Sparre..
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    • Nørreport station - Jacob's LEGO by Jacob_Sparre..
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    • Lea - a LEGO Christmas portrait - Jacob's LEGO by Jacob_Sparre..
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    • Jacobs julekalender - 10. december 2007 by Jacob_Sparre..
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    • Lego MOC: Black Cat Cabaret by Jacob_Sparre..
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    • Sea kayaks - LEGO Jacob's by Jacob_Sparre..
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    • City X'er Container Truck - Jacob's LEGO by Jacob_Sparre..
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    • Stengade-Nørrebrogade - Jacobs LEGO by Jacob_Sparre..
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    • Boat house - Jacob's LEGO Building Instructions by Jacob_Sparre..
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    • Jacobs julekalender - 9. december 2007 by Jacob_Sparre..
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    • Jacobs julekalender - 10. december 2007 by Jacob_Sparre..
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    • Classic racing car by Jacob_Sparre..
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