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Hello! I am a young TFOL! I mostly build in castle stuff, but I like to explore in other thing too. Check out my Mocpage!

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Dining in style on the Orient Express Henrik Hoexbroe tends to build highly detailed minifig scale models. His latest model is a dining coach as used in 1919 as part of the famous Orient Express, which used to connect Paris with Istanbul. A single train coach may not sound like a particularly interesting subject, but this one is a bit special. For Continue reading → Link
Bionicle Gundam Mark IV I think that Gundams are probably by far our most blogged mechs, but I don’t think I can ever recall ever seeing a Bionicle/Hero-factory/System Gundam, let alone one that looks as amazing as the one Micah B (Arkov) just built: Link
Dark Wings, Dark Words Aaron Dayman gives us a glimpse into the abyss with his wickedly asymmetric Doom Blade heavy assault fighter. While the overall shape is that of your standard starfighter, the details are where it counts and Aaron shakes it up in all the right ways. Link
Deadlier Than Thou: Miss Ruby Rose Anime-style figure sculptures have become something of a trend these days, and Ruby Rose by Mike Dung is exemplary among them.  The key to good figure sculpting in this scale is to balance creating details with merely evoking them. Ruby’s face, for instance, is nearly as simplistic as possible, while the bodice is quite intricate; Continue reading → Link
Life on Pumpkonia The look of the gas mining equipment and settlement drew me in to this display by Joshua Morris (I Scream Clone). The details, and interesting part usages (I’m digging the dome especially) kept me looking at it long enough to notice the figs. The jack-o-lantern people added a nice little twist that I had to Continue reading → Link