About me: legobrickBB
Hello! I am a young TFOL! I mostly build in castle stuff, but I like to explore in other thing too. Check out my Mocpage!

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Lukas the Blue Wizard Tim Schwalf has run out a rather unusual rendition of one of the relatively unknown blue wizards from Lord of the Rings. The entire build seems to be controlled chaos, made of random bits, colors and juxtapositions that I would never have imagined would work together. However, when you stand back and look, it really Continue reading → Link
Dealing with the Death Star can wait When the Rebels are not busy fighting the Empire, they’re lounging on their cruisers. Eric Tung (Ninja_Nin) knows what I’m talking about. Link
Upside down Galaxy Explorer 826 77 We’ve seen some pretty crazy Galaxy Explorers over the years, including Jumbo flashlight sized and Neo Classic style. But I think this one turns my world upside down – literally. Dave Lartigue (daveexmachina) has built the entire Galaxy Explorer inverted: Yes! Studs DOWN! Here’s how it would look if we were to orient it the Continue reading → Link
Gundam + X-wing = Gundam X? I’ve seen a lot of mash-ups, but this is the first time I’ve seen a Gundam crossed with a Star Wars ship. This hybrid by Kevin Ryhal (MDSWIM) look useful to the rebel resistance, but I’m not sure how it can bring down the Death Star. Link
Faerie drake This adorable little dragon by Deus Otiosus is too cute for words. I love the use of transparent doors for wings and the use of a “studs-out” technique somehow makes it look fluffy. Link