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Hello! I am a young TFOL! I mostly build in castle stuff, but I like to explore in other thing too. Check out my Mocpage!

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Lego ‘SA-19 Grison’ Tunguska 9K22/2S6 Andy Baumgart (D-Town Cracka) is a master of military models, and this realistic 9K22 Tunguska Tracked Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft system is just proof of that. This new model is a redesign of an earlier version, and it’s interesting to note the differences between the two. Link
The Victorian streets I’ll enjoy a good vignette any day, and this one by Jonas O. (-Wat-) is an example of one that captures ample detail without trying to be extravagant. Link
Dominating the battlefield This heavily-armed mech by Ryuhei Kawai (kwi-chang) looks ready for combat. I like the subtle red accents and the hydraulics seen in the back view. You can see more photos in this Flickr album. Link
A colorful cottage César Soares (Cesbrick) presents another vibrant depiction of medieval fantasy with this wizard’s cottage. I am delighted to find a new patch of color in each corner that blends purposely with the rest of the diorama. Be sure to visit the builder’s Flickr photostream to see more photos of this highly detailed work. Link
How the other half lives If you were a celebrity in England in the 80’s, you may very well have lived in a chintzy mock Tudor mansion, similar to the one recreated in amazing detail here by Joe Perez. And there would likely have been a supercar of some kind parked outside. Similar to the Ferrari that Joe has parked Continue reading → Link