About me: legobrickBB
Hello! I am a young TFOL! I mostly build in castle stuff, but I like to explore in other thing too. Check out my Mocpage!

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Announcing winners of the TBB Server Downtime Contest [News] Back in March, we had a bit of a frustrating time here at The Brothers Brick, with several days of intermittent server downtime due to a software configuration issue. To have a little fun, I kicked off a brief contest. We got a number of great entries from TBB fans, which you can see in Continue reading → Link
Debumoto is here to eat your babies (and drink some sake) Huh, here’s another cool Japanese-themed something or other today. This nasty devil-guy is brought to you by Djordje, whose entertaining something-or-others we’ve featured here before. What makes Djordje’s Bionicle creations so engaging is their personality. In addition to using Bionicle and Hero Factory parts — just look at the Hero Factory logos he’s used as Continue reading → Link
How the West was really won Paddy Bricksplitter asserts, “Many historians state that the continued expansion of the western frontier was driven by two main factors . The Acquisition of land and the widespread domestication and utilization of Dinosaurs.” Who am I to question history? These gentlemen have tamed themselves a pair of velociraptors, hitched one to their buckboard, and are Continue reading → Link
Nissan Fairlady Z meets your 1960’s Japanese nostalgia needs Many of you probably grew up wishing you could own a Porsche 911 or Ferrari Countache. I grew up in Japan in the 70’s and 80’s, so one of the cars my friends and I lusted after was the Nissan Fairlady Z (sold in the States as the Datsun 240Z). Cagerrin has manufactured a highly Continue reading → Link
Fully motorized M4 Sherman Crab tank As fun as building something from your own imagination always is, recreating something from history can be particularly challenging. On top of creating a great-looking LEGO M4A2 Sherman tank from World War II at 1/18th scale, Tommy Styrvoky has added a mine flail, and then motorized the whole thing. Watch the video here to see Continue reading → Link