About me: legobrickBB
Hello! I am a young TFOL! I mostly build in castle stuff, but I like to explore in other thing too. Check out my Mocpage!

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Ring ring ring This antique telephone by Lee Young (edguy20) captures the ornate decorations that adorned such devices back in the day. However, it’s still quite a ways from the bending technology of the modern phone. Link
Three days to BrickCon 2014 in Seattle In less than 72 hours, LEGO builders from all over the world will gather in Seattle to kick off BrickCon 2014. Eight of us from The Brothers Brick will be there, and we’ll of course be running our ChronoCon 10,000 BC collaborative display, handing out a bit of swag, and generally making BrickCon that much Continue reading → Link
Mind games Built for the 2014 MOC-Olympics contest, Delatron3000 created this LEGO self portrait that is simultaneously revealing, disturbing, and also strangely accurate (…we’ve included a photo of him so you can judge for yourself). Link
One legend, infinite SHIPs Tyler (Legohaulic) built the first modular SHIP featuring interchangeable sections measuring 10×10 studs. This idea never crossed most of our minds and here we see it executed to perfection. Link
Apple Macintosh 1984 Commercial Gets LEGO-ified. Apple cascaded its way into the public psyche with its famous 1984 commercial, directed by Ridley Scott. Jason Allemann’s wonderfully poignant LEGO version re-imagines the work with Apple itself as the all-seeing overlord. Whatever side of the fence you sit regarding Apple’s business these days, this is a fantastic piece. Link