Defense Beacon

by Space_Odysseyer 900 Times Viewed 2011-12-02
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By Legohaulic (Tyler Clites).

I landed...well...not really landed...more like crashed...but I'm here! Nobody has ever managed to land here due to the planet's mysterious defense system. I was fortunate enough to land in the one area which was undefended due to a faulty defense beacon. The landscape is incredible. It's like nothing I've ever seen. It's like an amalgamation of metal, crystal and plant. Roots extend from metallic crystals which grow across the planet's surface. Though the landscape is mesmerizing, I must now turn to survival. I can put away thoughts of rescue since everyone will assume that I am dead...which may be truer than I know.
Space & Sci-Fi


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by obendega
Love how this doesn't look like it's built with Legos at first glance.