DinoBus for ReBrick LEGO Movie contest

by forthofer 5344 Times Viewed 2013-04-30
author: brickshowtv   URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxkR8yWWOdI

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For the LEGO reBrick Building Challenge competition.


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by mthcrn300mag
Bravo my brother! I love the bus!
by Pedro_Sequeira
GOGO ! Nice job my friend, help me on my video too :)
by MonsieurCaron
Thanks you everyone. I really appreciate your help. Good night!.
by bodville
Great show. Worth the wait, so cute.
by sax-fr
Très bonne animation M. CARON ;D j'avais hâte de voir ce que tu présentais.

Bien joué ;)

Very good animation M. CARON, ;D I was eager to see what you presented.

Well done ;)