LEGO sculpture of Nintendo DSi

by HathorOsiris 1225 Times Viewed 2011-04-14
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Sean Kenney does it again. A Nintendo DSi made from just over 51,000 LEGO bricks. Now that's a screen you can see! Doesn't fit so well in the pocket though....

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by Amanofett
by NintendoMan23

AMAZING!...I wonder if he can do a 3DS? :P
by JediKirby
Wow! Thats Epic! A giant Nintendo DSI built out of LEGO bricks! I bet that is more then 50,000 pieces!
by JediKirby
By the way, Madkat is happy about the image on the top screen. LOL
by cth1336
That's pretty Awesome I would love to have the bricks and time to build something that big!