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How are you?

I am Choisanghun, a manufacturer of Gantry Machine.
Thank you very for interests in my project.
The Gantry Machine was manufactured for commemoration of Opening of Movie since Adventure Movie will be released on Apr. 26.
There were a lot of difficulties in its manufacturing since Korea encounters with environment difficult to receive or supply bricks.
Nevertheless, we manufactured the Gantry Machine with bricks obtained only in Korea.
I hope your merry appreciation.

---------- "Description of Product"-----------

The Gantry Machine appears in the middle part in Iron Man 1 and in the initial part in Iron Man 2.

As viewers of the movie know well, the Gantry Machine is composed of machine of both arms, machine to connect the back part behind the chest part and machine to fill the head of machine and manufactured so that all the joints can be moved.

And the floor plate is composed of 2x2 white tiles and 2x4 white tiles, and the name plate (or title) is composed of 2x4 tiles wit stickers adhered.

The bottom that Iron Man stands on was worked with stickers and is manufactured with stickers adhered since there was no tile bricks after manual cutting and grinding.

The bottom consisted of 5 total parts, which they were composed of jointing bricks commonly in view of a movie and were folded or spread from time to time.

YouTube movie :

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